Vacation Hotel Ch. 02

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They had showered off and toweled dry, now sitting in the chairs around the wide screen television, Don and Amy were horny as teenagers. It probably had to do with the porn they were watching and the fact that they were both touching themselves over their clothes. Amy wore a short red skirt, it rode up at the way to her ass-cheeks. And a tube top that only covered a portion of her breasts. Don was wearing his shorts and t-shirt again. He didn’t have anything to dress up for, he thought, as he gazed at Amy. She was the one that was going to get it. He smirked. It was going to be so good.

They had come on the vacation to relax and let off the steam of the daily grind. So far it had been successful. They had already licked each other senseless and now they were going to get it on with another guy. Don stopped. Yeah, he had finally given in. Another guy. Well, only after Amy had said that they could do another girl too. That, he was going to dress up for. Later today, anyways. And then there was the couple coming over tonight. He could all but taste the pussy he was going to be getting. Just a little uncomfortable to get through, he mused, and all the pussy he could fuck.

Amy positioned her tube top again. Letting her almost D’s slip out the bottom of the white cotton and spill over it a lot. She could hardly wait for Alex and his cock to be riding her. She was happy with Don, sure, but every once in while you needed a new cock to relax with. Thinking about Alex’s six pack and shining blonde hair made it all the better when the knock came at the door.

Don got up, his erection plain to see through the kaki shorts. Door knob in hand, he exhaled as he opened the door and smiled at Alex. He was built, he thought, but not like Don. Alex was built like a buff teenager, but was hung like a stallion. It was hard to imagine that Amy could want this guy’s in her. He had winced at the picture Alex had sent to Amy. Winced in fear for Amy’s health and maybe, he sneered as he shook hands with Alex, because he didn’t like ateşli gaziantep escort to be over shadowed.

Amy stood up quickly. Her breasts bouncing. Alex could tell that Amy’s nipples were hard and, he took a quick look at her, he whistled. “Shit you look sexy.” He was already getting hard. Amy walked over to kiss him on the lips, letting her tongue peruse his mouth. Their tongues twisted as Don closed the door behind Alex. Amy felt Alex’s hands run along her flat stomach and up to pull down the tube top. Filling his hands with her breasts, Alex squeezed hard and had Amy moaning in pleasure.

A strange pleasure was gliding through Don as he watched his girlfriend French kiss Alex. He was also taking pleasure in how excited Amy was getting. Sitting down in the chair before the television, Don glanced at the screen where three people were fucking each other. Each dick fucking a whole. The uneasiness that he had felt moments ago fled as Amy walked over to sit in Don’s lap. “You ready lover?”

Amy took Don’s lips into hers and fire boiled in Don’s stomach as she slipped a hand down to unzip his shorts. Don’s erection spiked and Amy felt it reaching on her ass. “I think so.” Amy chuckled and kissed Don again.

Her top hanging around her waist, Amy walked to the bed and sat. “I’m ready.” She licked her lips as Alex pulled off his shirt and reached for his pants. “Do you want some foreplay or anything?” He asked while unbuttoning and unzipping.

Amy looked at Don. “I’ve already had it.”

Alex let his pants slip down to the floor and watched Amy’s eyes blink wide. She gulped now, looking at the monstrous dick before her. It was amazing, she thought. Don was great, but, she looked at the thick and long cock. This, this was mammoth. Alex walked towards Amy, her hands reaching to stroke the meat. Don trailed Alex and watched as Amy barely got her hands around the guy’s cock.

Amy looked down at the monstrous dick in her hands and ateşli gaziantep escort bayan reached down to put it into her mouth. She could fit it in her mouth, without an inch to spare and Alex’s dick, she was delighted, felt like it would burst already.

“Excited?” She asked Alex.

“Hell yeah.” He held his dick out to her waiting mouth and Amy sucked the tip.

“I want you in my ass.” Amy said between licks.

Alex nodded and Don grabbed the KY from the unpacked belongings in the bathroom.

Amy stood up and pushed Alex onto the bed. Don came around her and put a finger goopy with the glaze on her ass, pushing it through her sphincter and massaging it around her ass rim. Alex stroked his cock, awaiting Amy’s tight ass.

Amy positioned herself over Alex’s cock and slowly moved her ass until her rosebud was pressed against Alex’s monstrous cock. Amy let out a breath and sunk slowly down, so the huge bulbous head could pop through her sphincter. Pain worked it’s way through her body until Don put his lips on her pussy and sucked on Amy’s clit. In an instant Amy’s ass released and Alex’s cock moved slowly up Amy’s ass.

“Fuck.” Alex felt Amy’s ass tighten around his cock. His blood bulged.

Gulfs of sensations filled Amy as her ass was being filled with Alex. She felt like she was ready to explode when her ass cheeks finally reached Alex’s body. His fat cock sitting in her anal cavity. “Oh my god.” Amy let out. “Get inside me.” She motioned to Don.

Lining up, Don pushed his penis into Amy, her pussy tight and full. He could feel Alex’s cock in her ass. He liked the Amy’s pussy tight.

“Fuck.” Amy yelled as Don started plunging in her taut cunt.

Waves of sensations flood through Amy. Her ass was on fire, and that pleasure made her pussy quiver. She felt like she was stuffed full. Movements from her ass made her arc in pleasure as Alex’s hands pushed Amy up and down his long shaft. Her ass lips followed ateşli escort gaziantep each movement until the two cocks were in a fluidity of thrusts.

“Fuck me!” Amy could barely manage as her body was tossed into another uncontrollable chasm of pleasure.

Don’s cock thrust in tune with Alex’s so both cocks were plundering Amy’s holes at the same time.

Alex laid there, his hands pushing Amy up and down, and climbed the mountain of pleasure. Amy’s tight ass wrapped around him as he thrusted in hard and dropped Amy on his dick.

Amy let out a moan as she was pushed and dropped faster by Alex and plunged deeper and deeper with each drop by Alex’s cock in her ass and Don’s cock in her pussy.

Wave after wave of heat rushed through Amy, her breathing becoming fatigued and fast. She could feel her body rising for a climax, a climax that would shutter her pussy muscles as well as her anal muscles. As her brown hair clung with sweat to her forehead, Alex’s cock sunk deep in her ass.

“I’m gonna-” She arced on their dicks and Don looked into Amy’s face. Pure pleasure. He thrusted his cock deep into her pussy as Alex dropped her body hard onto his cock. He dove into her anal cavity and his cock spurted with hot cum.

Don’s penis thrust again and Amy moaned wildly. The moan threw Don’s prick into a spasm of its own and Don’s body clenched fast as his cum spurted into the depths of Amy’s pussy. Amy smiled and fell back on Alex’s stomach, her ass still full of cock and cum and her pussy, as Don pulled out, full of cum. She felt the warm liquid seeping out of her cunt and felt Don thrust inside Amy once more as the last gush of cum hit her anal cavity. Rolling over, Don’s cock limply slipped out of Amy and he laid back on the bed. “Holy shit!”

Amy blinked and pressed a hand to her stomach. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” She looked down at Don as he sat on the floor, his back to the wall. He was breathing hard and his face awash with pleasure.

Crawling from the bed, Amy took his soft penis into her mouth and tasted her own cum on his cock. She licked it off.

“I’m spent.” She finally said as she laid across his lap, his dick fully clean.

“Only an hour until Mandy comes over.” Don lips met Amy’s.

Cum oozed out of her ass and down her pussy. She looked at Alex sleeping on the bed. “Let’s get in the shower and then we’ll toss him out.”

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