Vacation to Valencia Ch. 01

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This.. is where I needed to be.


A long needed vacation was in store for the scorned female, and she was finally getting it. Too many nights she had spent, mourning over her now-past four year relationship with her ex, Broderick. All of his gifts that he had given her had either thrown in the trash, or burned ruthlessly. Her naturally tanned face and emerald eyes had been a Coke can shade of red every night for the past three weeks from crying non-stop. But, her wallowing in self-pity had recently ended from another tragedy. A distant relative in her country of descent, Spain, had died and she of all people was the only one who was reached. Obviously, she couldn’t count on anyone else being there, and a trip away from everything in America is what she needed.


Longest flight of my life, she sighed to herself while finally getting off the plane. Regardless of the fact that it was night time, the scene of the country was beautiful, as were the people. The wandering female made her way through the airport, taking notice of the looks of the natives. The majority of the women looked like models, or at least it seemed like it. That’s the kind of woman Broderick would’ve gone for, she thought flustered. Her cheeks turned a bright shade of pink from thinking of her ex-lover, and quickly went to the Coke can shade after a fairly attractive stranger walked past her. He got close enough to touch, which made her whimper out of nervousness. His scent was one of grass after it rained, his hair was a combination of black and chocolate brown, and his eyes matched. They met with her’s momentarily after he thought he had run into her. A smile broke at the corner of his lips as he held up a hand to say sorry.

“Lo siento, señorita.” the stranger apologized in his thick accent.

Ay dios mios. She smiled and tucked some of her layered hair behind her ear as if to say everything was alright, then continued heading to baggage claim. Maybe I should permanently move to Valencia, the female thought positively for the first time in ages after reaching baggage claim. Conveniently, her suitcase was in view, along with a second bag of her’s, making a wave of relief wash over her temporarily. Now I just need to find a hotel, she thought once more after grabbing her bags. Of course, she didn’t think it’d be difficult, she could clearly communicate with the natives, but Valencia was an entirely new territory for her.

“Ay dios mios..” she sighed, letting her Spanish roots show a little more while heading towards the doors.

After leaving the airport, she looked around, obviously lost, and it showed on her face. The worst had yet to come, as it had begun to rain violently.

“No umbrella, nowhere to go..” she groaned under her breath.

Vacation’s going great, she thought sarcastically. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her shoulder, making the unsuspecting female squeal as she turned around. Her nerves calmed down somewhat, seeing the slightly familiar face of the man who had apologized to her.

“Señorita, are you lost?” he questioned curiously, of course with a polite smile.

“Not really lost,” she began to explain.

“but I don’t have anywhere to go, and if I did, I couldn’t get there in the rain and no mode of transportation. ..How did you even know to ask me something?”

A tiny chuckle left the stranger as he stood in front of her.

“I’d hate to sound rude, but you just don’t look like a native of España.” he explained as nicely as he could.

Now that she thought about it, she really didn’t. Her skinned was tanned from her father, a native Cuban, but wasn’t light like her mother’s a native Spaniard, nor the people who inhabited Spain. I stick out like a sore thumb, she thought, feeling slightly embarassed.

“I’m not..” she admitted.

“I’m actually from America, from New York to be exact..”

A look of intrigue fell across the man’s face as he cocked his head to the side.

“I’ve never met someone from the United States before,” he blinked while holding out his hand.

“Amador De Sancha.”

She shook his hand with a weak smile and shaky eye contact. Even his name is sexy, she thought bluntly.

“Nikolina Castilla.”

“Well, Señorita Castilla,” the polite male smiled, kissing the back of her hand.

“I would be glad to open my home up to you for however long you need it.”

I wonder how red my face is right about now, she spoke mentally, knowing she was blushing furiously.

“I’d really appreciate that..” she grinned, feeling a lot better.


The pair had departed from the airport in Amador’s quite expensive car, a silver Lamborghini Diablo. That had tipped her off that he had some sort of large amount of money, which make her feel uncomfortable for some unexplainable reason.

“So, Señorita Castilla,” he began to speak while watching traffic carefully.

“what brings you here to Valencia?”

To stop thinking about that prick altyazılı porno of an ex who left me for some whore caked in clown make-up, I believe, she harshly thought.

“A distant relative of mine died,” she informed him, looking out of the rain covered window.

“he apparently knew me, but I never knew him.. So, I’m here for the funeral, out of respect.”

The story sounded a little odd to the concentrating male, but he didn’t question it.

“Leaving anyone back home in New York?” he smiled, momentarily glancing over at her.

A small scowl came across her face as she knew exactly what he was talking about. Her honesty trait was pushing her, and the fact that she hadn’t talked to anyone about the break up yet.

“Actually, I don’t have anyone waiting back home for me.” Nikolina nearly whispered.

Another thing the driver found strange, making his eyebrows furrow in slight confusion.

“No one? No parents?” Amador questioned, beginning to become even more curious.

“No, my parents died a while ago..”

“No friends?”

“They’re all spread out across the country.”

“Pets at home?”

“I can’t keep pets in my apartment.”

“Significant others..?”

The tone of voice he used was something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It was almost like he didn’t want her to have one, but was ready to console her if his wish was granted. A hard lump developed in her throat as Nikolina was about to explain what happened to devastate her love life. No one else knew about it, and now she was about to share her most intimate feelings with a complete stranger.

“..No. I did have one, but we broke up about three weeks ago.” she sighed hastily.

The car came to a stop once more from the constant traffic, giving Amador the opportunity to look at the woman on the brink of tears in his passenger seat.

“Lo siento, bella,” he sighed, stroking the top of her thigh to comfort her.

“I’m sure he missed out on a real keeper, whoever it was.”

Obviously, she didn’t know how to take his physical “comforting” skills. It could’ve been an attempt to check her body out, as she was wearing a skirt, but that was the last thing she wanted to think about. On the other hand, she had always heard Europeans were very touchy people, which was her voice of reason in some sense. To Amador, her gentle carmel toned skin was the softest thing he had ever touched. His only thought at the moment was if he’d get to touch her again. At that point, Nikolina could’ve sworn his hand was going higher and higher, nearly reaching in between her long legs. She panicked, putting her hand on top of his and clearing her throat while moving his hand to her knee. His face turned a light shade of pink from embarrassment, which made her want to giggle. He is too cute, Nikolina thought with a mental smile.

“Well, he kept me for a while..” she mumbled subconsciously while directing her attention back out the window.

“Long term relationship, huh?” he blinked, eager to learn more.

“How long did he keep you, señorita?”

“Four years.”

The longest four fucking years of my life, she bitterly said in her mind.

“I know this is rude, to ask a lady her age,” Amador began to say apologetically.

“but how old are you, might I ask? Just curious.”

“No, it’s not a problem at all,” she smiled weakly, dismissing his apology.

“I’m 23.”

“19 seems like a young age to have such a serious relationship. I’m 25, by the way.” he smiled at her briefly.

“But, we can talk about this more inside. We’re here.”


The rain had halted long enough for them to get into Amador’s rather large home. The pair had hauled their luggage inside, the female standing in general awe as the male headed upstairs casually.

“You can follow me you know,” he smiled, announcing a rule of his living space.

“you’re a guest, nothing’s off limits.”

She nodded spacily, following him the flight of stairs. Examining surroundings was a habit for her, as she looked at expensive artwork lining the cream colored walls. Into his room the pair went, which was a lot more casual looking than she had anticipated. The walls were nearly the same color of her skin, only slightly darker. His king sized bed had dark brown sheets and pillow cases, which made her want to get into it from the thought of warmth. Her grey, mid-thigh length skirt, black blouse and stilletos did anything but keep her warm that day. She had followed suit, setting her bags against the drawer. As Nikolina was standing back upright, a picture of a very attractive female, much prettier than her, caught her attention.

“Is this your girlfriend?” she asked nervously, her eyes cutting over to him.

“Oh, no,” he chuckled at her, making her assume he got that question a lot.

“it’s my mother, that picture’s from quite a while ago.”

Another wave of relief washed over the slightly shaken female as she watched the elusive male head downstairs. She followed nervously, seeing him zenci porno go into the kitchen.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, leaning against his counter.

In all honesty, Nikolina had lost any previous hunger after the talk of her ex came up in the car. There was really only one thing she wanted as she wandered over to Amador. Her sweet smile appeared instantly as she held her hands behind her back.

“Got any alcohol?” she questioned bluntly.

Now, in the back of her head, it seemed like a good idea, even though she couldn’t hold alcohol very well to save her life. He simply laughed at her and nodded, heading to a cabinet to retrieve an expensive looking bottle of wine.

“I like women like you,” Amador spoke to Nikolina while popping the cork on the bottle.

“the ones that know what they want.”

Do I really, she thought, a bit confused. She had her dream apartment back home, which she wanted. Her career as a geneticist, which she wanted. Basically, Nikolina had the perfect life, with only one aspect lacking: love. Momentarily, she thought of Broderick, wondering if she could get back what they had one day. How she got hurt didn’t matter to her at the time, she just wanted someone there for her at that very moment. A tightness in her throat came back as if she were about to cry, until a glass of wine had been offered to her. She zoned back in, focusing on Amador’s inviting smile before taking the glass.

“Thanks..” Nikolina sighed quietly, forcing a smile to come out.

“De nada, señorita.” he grinned, heading to the living room.

Once again, she followed, sitting down next to him on the black leather couch.

“So, this man who left you,” Amador blinked.

“does he happen to have a name?”

No, not anymore to me, he’s..

“His name is Broderick.” she quickly answered.

The mentioning of her ex-lover made her take down half of her glass of wine, causing him to look at her astonished.

“I can tell you don’t really want to talk about this,” he thought aloud nervously, not wanting to offend her.

“lo siento.”

“No.. I really do, actually..” she admitted.

“It’s been almost a month and I haven’t talked about this to anyone.”

He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but a reassuring smile formed at his lips instead.

“I’m here to listen to you.”

For the next hour, more or less, she vented to him about every aspect of their relationship. From what he did to piss her off, what she loved about him, even their sex life, which seemed to become pitiful towards the end of their relationship. Amador turned his entire body to look at Nikolina after she had explained their sex life in just enough detail, which made him furrow his eyebrows in confusion again.

“He didn’t try very hard. Not for me anyway.” she mumbled.

“When we were together, it was basically get in, unload, and pull out. Sorry to sound so blunt..”

“No, it’s fine..”

“Pero.. por claraficación, you’re basically telling me that you’ve never had an orgasm before?” he asked, looking at her as if she had three heads.

Not by any guy, she thought bitterly. For some reason, his foreign accent seemed a lot more mocking than understanding to her from paranoia. She nodded, not without the feeling of embarrassment of course.

“But, he always tried to make it up to me with oral,” she avoided the question, feeling as if she was defending her ex.

“but that sucked too.”

Amador chuckled a little while lifting Nikolina’s chin up with his index finger, making their eyes meet.

“That’s really a damn shame,” he whispered, leaning in closer so that his voice could be heard clearly.

“because a woman like you should be pleased in every way.”

Her face became hot, and her cheeks flushed the color of a fire hydrant, making her feel as if she’d pass out. The words he spoke, they way he acted towards her, he wanted to be the man who could please her. What exactly did she have to lose if she did hook up with him? Nothing was the answer.

“..Is this the part when we kiss?” Nikolina asked innocently.

Amador smiled at her bluntness and nodded. Their kiss began as something experimentative and playful, but gradually became serious and romantic. His tongue met her’s casually multiple times, turning their harmless kiss into a heavy French kiss. She started to feel light headed from the passion he was giving off from that one kiss, making her pull away.

“Umm, maybe I should..” the blushing female began to stutter, getting to her feet.

“I’m going to put this glass in the kitchen..”

She quickly shuffled into the kitchen and put the wine glass on the counter.

“Okay,” she began to whisper to herself, fanning her face with her hand.

“calm down, it was just a kiss..”

As she turned around, she saw him walking towards her. Not a word was spoken between the two as he had attached his lips back to her’s when he got close enough. His right hand gently came to the left side of her face and his free arm went around her aldatma porno waist. Her heart began to race as they resumed their passionate kiss exactly from where they left off, his tongue running along her bottom lip. Resisting just seemed futile and unnecessary at that point, but it wasn’t like she was planning on it at the moment. It was just a kiss, for now, at least. She decided to go along with what was happening for the time being, gently placing her hands on the sides of his face. If there was any kind of guy that would get her panties off, it was a good looking guy with 5 o’ clock shadow. That’s how I ended up with Broderick, she thought, then quickly dismissed it from her mind. Amador fit that description perfectly, which Nikolina obviously liked. But, at the same time, she had standards. Looking like a complete whore to someone I’ve recently met is not my goal here, she thought. As their kiss began to falter, he moved his hands to her hips and sat her up on the counter. That was a huge relief, making her quickly pull away to sigh contently. He smiled at her, happy to sense that she was satisfied for the moment. They both looked each other over for a moment, her stilletos catching his attention.

“Those shoes look painful,” Amador observed, slipping them off of her feet.

“do your feet hurt? How tall are you?”

She shrugged with a tiny whimper as she rubbed the bright red soles of her sore feet.

“They do a little..” she lied, knowing those shoes made it feel like walking on hot coals.

“I’m pushing 5’9.”

It was clear that he was way taller than her, probably 6’2 at most. Thinking of heights caused Nikolina to think of figures, which was purely subconscious. I wonder what he looks like with his shirt off, she pondered. She obviously couldn’t tell what he looked like under his tailored dress suit, but she definitely wanted to know. Her shoes were tossed into the living room by Amador before he pulled her closer and picked her up.

“Where are we going?” she blinked absently, putting her arms around his back and head to his chest.

“Back to my room,” he answered while going through the living room and up the stairs.

“I didn’t want you walking anywhere else, I know your feet hurt.”

Amador’s kindness wasn’t going to be mistaken for a want for sex by Nikolina, she knew better, or she at least she thought she did. Like a small child sitting on a bench, she swung her legs back and forth from his sides as she began to think. What if we do end up together by the end of the night, she thought, no one back home would find out. The positives did seem to outweigh a lot of the negatives, which was only one, and that was maintaining her self-image of not being a slut. They entered his bedroom and she was laid onto the bed cautiously with him laying next to her. His chocolate brown eyes met with her emerald green eyes, sending a chill down her spine.

“Would it be okay if I kissed you again..?” questioned Nikolina, scooting closer to Amador.

“I’d be thrilled if you did.” Amador replied, leaning in to kiss her.

Again, their lips met, even more impassioned than the previous time. This time, she began to warm up to him even more physically, even climbing on top of him while they kissed. By the time the dominating female was settled, she was fully straddling the totally willing male under her. His hands went to her slender hips while her’s went to his broad shoulders. After a few more minutes of their continuous make-out session, she sat upright, realizing what she was doing.

“Estás bien, Nikolina?” he asked while rubbing the small of her back, sounding genuinely concerned.

“Estoy bien,” she nodded, running her hands down his chest.

She took a moment before asking what she wanted of him to notice that she had gotten a good feel of his abdomen. Someone works out, she cheered inside her head, now I just have to get the shirt off. Playfully, she circled her index finger around one of the buttons on his shirt and smirked.

“pero.. Puedo tener tu camisa, por favor?”

Moving her finger aside, he smirked along with her as a yes and sat up to get to her eye level. Once looking at Nikolina, Amador removed his beige colored jacket and unbuttoned his navy blue shirt, tossing both of the items onto the floor.

“Better?” he asked, seeing the smile tug at her lips.

Much better, she deviously thought. He laid back down against the pillows, putting his hands on her sides. She couldn’t help but stare at his amazing figure, telling that he valued self-image to a certain extent.

“Your’s comes off too,” Amador winked, fiddling with one of her buttons close to her navel.

“just to make everything fair, verdad?”

I might as well not even be wearing a shirt, Nikolina thought somewhat disgusted of herself, looking down at her ridiculous amount of cleavage. From her point of view, she could see the corners of her bra, making her wonder what he could see that entire evening. Might as well, she thought. Nikolina nodded in agreement, unbuttoning her blouse and tossing it onto his clothes. A black push-up bra was settled against her chest and her pink barbell navel piercing was revealed. Before Amador could even think of touching her, Nikolina stood at the edge of the bed and unzipped her skirt. It pooled at her feet, showing off black lace panties.

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