Vacuum Man

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Inspiration came in many ways for Mike Williams and he discovered it a few months ago after visiting a prospective customer’s home. As a client sales rep, Mike’s duties required him to visit clients’ homes often. What Mike usually would do was surmise a situation and either fix the appliance or suggest something new or refurbished for that person. It could be a number of different household items including vacuum sweepers, microwaves, ovens, or even refrigerators.

Mike’s specialty was sweepers. He worked with them for years. His dad repaired them and he always hung around with his dad when his dad tooled with them; that’s how he came to know them well. But he had a gift in sales, so he followed that path. He knew everything anyone needed to know about them. He even offered free visits. He was supposed to charge for them, but it was something he didn’t like doing and one woman had multiple problems with her sweepers. He cut her a break and it was well worth the trouble of giving her a break on his services.

Visiting her at her home during the day, the 25 year old young man with a congenial personality came to take care of business. Once there, his client a recently divorced Claire Monett anxiously awaited his arrival only because she despised her home being the least bit dirty and she couldn’t afford new sweeper anyways. She had to get on with cleaning her dirty carpets before it began to drive her nuts.

Not an extraordinary looking woman, Claire was 39. Sporting long stylish hair, average eyes, but a mature slender figure, she was sweetest and most polite woman he ever met. It showed immediately. She wasn’t bad looking however she wasn’t gorgeous. That day Claire wore a becoming outfit which caught his fancy quickly. She was obliging and offered him a drink and snack shortly after he arrived.

Mike behaved respectfully saying “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am” often. He was very courteous. It was how he was raised. It was part of his demeanor. Mike was a weak-willed man in some ways and that trait led him into trouble he didn’t expect.

In other words, the recently divorced Claire didn’t intentionally trying to hit on him, but he made her feel like a young woman again. Those feelings which were almost equivalent to the emotions her daughter who was 20 might have were successfully summoned in a short period of time upon Mike’s arrival at her home. She felt youthful, exuberant, and extremely attractive because of his attention towards her.

She never expected a house call to turn into an exciting, exhilarating, fun-filled day of fulfilling sex with whom she considered good looking if not an incredible looking man almost 15 years younger then her. But when Mike walked through her front door, the craziest bells went off in her signifying something wild and exciting about him.

Mike saw her nice cheerful smile and that put him at ease quickly. Soon enough he impressed her saying “yes ma’am, no ma’am.” He used the manners he was taught to use. She loved his approach. He liked being around her because she reminded him of his mom and also his aunt; they were similar in nature to Claire. After he explained what was broken, after fixing her sweeper, they sat and chatted away the morning. He forgot his duties back at the office. Before either realized it, he began to notice her supple cleavage. It wasn’t his intention for it to be an object of his desire, but it became a distraction for sure. Her nice smile and sweet personality were both the initial bait, although it wasn’t her intention to bait him at all. It just happened.

She noticed his eyes visited that area more often then not. She tried hiding her cleavage and breasts too when she noticed they were becoming a distraction to him. However, deep down Claire was a little flattered. It was coincidence that she decided to wear something nice and comfortable for the day. The sweater looked and felt nice to her when she got dressed for the day. She thought to her self after watching his eyes, “If I wanted to meet a man, I’m going to the club with friends and go about it that way. This isn’t appropriate at all. He’s here on a professional level and I should know that.”

That’s what she wanted to believe. But she began to have other ideas soon enough. As a young man with hormones to spare, he started to believe she was actually flirting with him because she looked sexier the more they chatted. She looked sexier especially in a button down sweater like she had on.

To top it off, it was a short sleeve Betturkey button down sweater and it looked cuter then cute on her average sized frame. Her tummy was quite flat and it made her look even more adorable because of the sweater she wore. Overall, she wasn’t perfect looking but her sweet personality, her magnetic cleavage, and her flattened tummy captivated him a little.

Her appearance made him begin to think there was an attraction between them. So he wanted to see if there was and asked her about other appliances. He was smooth when he asked as if he was drubbing up extra business. Oddly he never charged her to look at them. There was something in the fridge which he fixed for her. She recalled one other old sweeper in the back room and inquired about it.

“Bring it out or show me where it’s at; I’ll take a look.” She led him down the hallway. He followed closely. She smelled awesome. Whatever it was she wore, the scent of it was something he never anticipated to distract him.

Mike had to say something about it. He had to tell her but he didn’t want to over step his boundaries. “How can I say she smells great but not be rude” he asked himself. He sniffed the air around him after the two sat down by the other sweeper. He continued, in a pronounced way, to sniff the air. Not once did he sneeze.

“What’s wrong Mike? Is something bothering you” assuming her sweeper bothered him. He said no and left it at that. “Then what is it you smell in the air?”

He looked up from the sweeper, looked at her, but looked back down and tinkered with it some more as he took it apart. Still, he continued to sniff the air. Finally he looked up and he looked directly at Claire.

“Ma’am may I say something without sounding umm too, I don’t know, umm forward?” She said yes. “Te reason I’m sniffing, well I assume it has to be your perfume; whatever you wear ma’am well, well it drives me, well ma’am it’s awesome!” He smiled but quickly looked away and then down at the sweeper. He started repairing it.

“Thank you Mike; that’s a very nice thing to hear.” They both were silent. “Mike you are one nice young man in my opinion, do you know that?” He said thank you and smiled. “Do you have a girlfriend” she asked out of nowhere. Surprised he looked up and said no. Her sweeper was fixed. Then she said without being asked “You know I don’t have a boyfriend either.” He wondered what the hell that meant, but didn’t give any immediate indication.

Finally he looked at her, once he finished putting the sweeper back together, and let her know he wondered where that came from. Being a bit facetious he added “Really now, isn’t that a coincidence? I suppose that makes us two peas in a pod, doesn’t it” and he smiled comfortably for the very first time.

She laughed at his sarcasm. “Yes it does Mike, yes it does but Mike I don’t understand one thing. How is it such a good looking, handsome guy like you does not have a girlfriend?”

Joking around since he was more comfortable with Claire he sarcastically replied again. “Ma’am the real truth is because I love and prefer an older woman. That’s why and these days it’s so hard to find an older woman whose company I would enjoy from every aspect.”

He knew he was being facetious but she took his word literally. He even thought about the sexual side of the sarcastic remark but so did Claire. Since Claire took him at his word, and also since Claire thought about the sexual side of his remark, she seriously was more interested in him. The situation was askew. Mike never meant a word of what he said actually.

Claire took him for his word did; she sat up straight. Her chest stuck out a little, and she smiled into his brown eyes. All of a sudden she made him uncomfortable; he realized what he said, she took literally. She liked his tastes in women based on what he said.

He added “If I was older ma’am, you’d be the type of woman I’d ask out. You’re nice, sweet, and well umm very pretty too. I mean you are very pretty ma’am.” She thought he was serious about what he said initially and his last remark confused her a little. Still she was attracted to him and his courteous nature.

He stood up, turned around, grabbed the sweeper, and carried it to the utility closet in the hallway. When he turned around and walked back in the room, she stood up too. She shocked him at that point.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Claire had unbuttoned her sweater. Leaving it Betturkey Giriş opened up, it was draped over her shoulders but partially shrouding her full sized mature tits.

Yep, Mike was stunned! His eyes opened up wide. He gawked at the partially cloaked tits. They were practically jumping out from underneath her sweater and bra! They were crying out to have sex! He said “Ma’am, umm I umm can’t. I uhh can’t do this with you. It uhhh would be completely out of line and unprofessional of…ohhhh shit ma’am, ohhh god.” He didn’t look at her. His eyes were totally locked in on her full sized tits underneath the sweater.

“Mike, sweetheart, ohh honey, when you told me you liked older women, and when you said to me you if you were older I’d be that type of woman you’d go out with, ohhh Mike, Mike, well to put it simply, I can make you a very, very happy man!”

She appeared to have puppy dog’s eyes. She stared him down. He fell apart. The way she looked made him horny.

Still smiling and looking right at him, Claire slid her sweater off her shoulders exposing her bra covered boobs and upper body for him. His cock got hard.

She hoped it would too. Claire took a step closer. Mike too shocked to move, didn’t back away. He watched her tits give off an illusion of seeming larger then life after she stepped closer. They even seemed sexier to him. She seemed sexier all of a sudden. Her face gave an appearance of a younger woman in her 20’s. There was a sense of vigor, excitement, and desire throughout her. “Oh shit” he said in desperation. She smiled upon hearing his response. She wanted his clothes off. He said it again, “Oh shit; ohhhh shit!”

“Yeah, oh yeah I sure like to hear that Mike. Let me take off your shirt so I can rub these against that naked manly chest of yours Mike” she said in her tone of voice which felt like honey to his ears. She stepped another step closer and undid the buttons of his shirt. She took it off and then she removed her bra.

Claire rubbed her naked tits against his bare chest. He fell apart. His eyes circled, closed and his head moved about bobbing and weaving as he broke down emotionally. Mike was weak-willed.

“Oh shit” he said again. Oh my god ohh shit Mrs. Monett I wasn’t very honest with you. I didn’t mean it when I said I’m uhhh I’m attracted to older women, but ohhhhhh shit, I guess maybe I was wrong! Ohhhh god maybe I am wrong!”

“Hush Mike, I might get a complex from all your ‘oh shits’ you keep saying. I hope you don’t mean them when you cry out like that.” She smiled as her tits continued to press against his chest and she leaned in and kissed his lips. When she backed away for a moment and looked into his eyes he said it again, “Ohhhhh fucking shit ma’am, kiss me again” and he said again, “Ohhhhh shit!” She did as he asked and also grabbed his crotch. Carefully securing his crotch in the palm of her hand he mumbled pleasurably “Ohhh yeahhh, oh yeahhh!”

“Mmmmmmm Mike, you’re starting to get me really horny! Every time you say oh shit, I get a little hornier and you know something else? I think you are so, so sexy too! You want to know something else also? I love the size of this cock, mmmm” as she squeezed it once she said so. “Oh do I and I just can’t imagine you leaving now, at least not without me getting some of it! Ohhhhh yes baby that’s right, I mean now baby!”

Still wide eyed and shocked, he looked at her and asked “Really you and me? You and me uhhh have sex? You want me to, to uhh you know, fuck you ma’am?”

“Ohhh yes Mike yes, yes I do! I sure do want you to fuck me” and then she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Upon opening them, she smiled immediately! She grabbed his crotch again, but when she did it that time he put his hand over hers. He held it firmly against the large bulge in his slacks. He closed his eyes after he pressed her hand against his bulge. He took another deep breath.

“Mmmm yeah Mike this is good! This is very good indeed Mike!” She proceeded to put her other hand on his hand and pressed down even more firmly! “Mike, ohh Mike honey, let me take these off! Please let me take them off!”

He looked at his customer, trying to smile, and undid his belt. Starting to unzip himself and moved her hands out of the way, he removed her jeans too. She saw a look in his eyes so crazed to fuck her she jumped on him and began kissing his upper body all over.

“Now Mike, now baby now is the time to fuck me everywhere honey!” She pulled him to the floor and he slapped his dick all over her upper body that she could have thought of; he was good, she thought. He was very good indeed! He was the sexual mastermind she so desired in her wild imagination. He never expected he could ever great sex like this with an older woman but he was doing it and he was great too!

“Ohh yes Mike that’s so good Mike, keep slapping my face with it! Ohhh yes, yes Mikey ohhh slap my tits too Mike! Oh god yes that’s good, oh god that’s so sexy! Yes ohhh god yes I love it! I love your cock Mike! I love your body too!”

“Damnit Mike why do you have to be so damn, ohhhh so damn sexy baby? Shove it between my boobs baby! Shove it up between them Mikey! Yes, yes that’s it honey, ohh yeah just like that” and Mike and his hard cock and horny body went up between her full sized mature tits, going up and down, and then back up and down repeatedly, until he toyed with her hard sexy desirable nipples!

He was mesmerized by her gracefulness! He was mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and lips! He was stunned by her beautiful body including her curvy frame and flat tummy. He adored her hips and sexy thighs and her legs too.

“Oh Claire you are so freaking sexy! Wow you sure are a helluva woman!”

“Thank you, ohh thank you sweetheart, but you’re the sexy one! Mike, ohh Mike, fuck me Mike! I wanna be fucked so hard and I know you can fuck me good and hard too. I’m sure of it. Fuck me baby, fuck me from behind” and she got on all fours so he could.

With her on her knees, he went inside her hole. Banging her from behind she pleaded and screamed shortly after to be on top and he let her! Bouncing rapidly on his cock, Claire was ravishing. Her body pumped wildly up and down! She screamed passionately as she enjoyed every single moment for the first time in over a year and a half. Her hair paraded wildly as her tits danced around pleasuring the young man who hadn’t had as much fun with an experienced woman like Claire!

Mike rammed his cock deep into her hairy mature pussy as often as she sprung off the floor and descended back down quickly Finally, he sat sideways on the floor. Remaining in that position, she climbed into a similar position so he could jam his cock upwards into her and arouse her to the max!

Moaning, she cried for more an more of him! On a roll, he put her flat on her back and rocked back and forth plunging deep into her until Claire screamed loud and enjoyably while she climaxed uncontrollably! Mike couldn’t take it any longer either. He never had sex like that with any one ever before! He was so proud of himself and without her he never would have the confidence he had when he walked out of her house that afternoon. She summoned a reservoir of hot cum from him that blasted inside her mature endowed hole.

Claire was so thrilled and impressed. He was her fantasy for days, weeks, even months to come. She asked him to make sure he’d come back soon and repair more of her appliances, including hers too. He fixed more then the usual amount of gadgets including her needs often.

“Oh shit for you Claire, I’ll come all the time.” He dressed and left but not with out a long kiss and making sure he copped a feel first. Mike often stopped in for a quickie and she always left her door open for him.

Mike met a girl. She was sweet, like Claire, and fine looking too. She never knew he was seeing a woman on the side. He never let on either. The woman who was older then them and more importantly she was the girl’s mom. Mike didn’t know and Mike didn’t care.

Finally after several dates, it was time they went to meet the girl’s mom. When they arrived in the neighborhood, it began to worry Mike. Could it be Claire? He wondered if Claire was her mom.

He didn’t know because Amber used her dad’s last name. Claire, once she was divorced, changed her last name back to her maiden name.

“Mom, mom hi it’s me” Amber called out. “I have someone here I want you to meet.” When Claire saw him, she tried not acting too surprised. She smiled, held out her hand to shake his, and winked too. Mike blushed feeling bad all of a sudden. He didn’t know what to say.

Amber didn’t see her mom wink, but Claire asked Mike “Dear do we know each other somehow? I sure feel like we’ve met before” and smiled.

Amber turned away checking a couple of things out while the two chatted. Claire seeing that Amber’s attention was on something else, turned towards Mike, blew him a kiss, and winked again.

All of sudden, Amber developed an odd feeling. She turned around and looked at the two in a strange manner. She began to interrogate them. This would all pass once Claire straightened her out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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