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I remember the time I first kissed Vanessa so clearly; I can almost feel the sensations, the anticipation, the fear, the excitement. It was such a fabulous experience. I was about 21 had invited several friends over for a party to my house to celebrate the end of semester and we were quite drunk. Most people had left and only Jack, Caroline and Vanessa were still here at the house. They were keen to stay a little longer and I pulled out a deck of cards.

“How about a game of circle of death?” I asked – it was a pretty standard drinking game. Lots of tricks that were difficult to perform while drunk that required you to drink if you didn’t complete them right. That’s when Jack suggested that we make it a little different.

“It’s a good game, but it’s a bit old and boring. How about we mix it up a little?”

“What do you mean?” Vanessa asked.

Vanessa was an ex of one of my friends, but that was ages ago and it was well known that Jack had the hots for her. She was one of those cheeky girls who liked to make a double entendre, but was a bit coy when it actually came to doing anything.

“Well, rather than having standard dares, how about we make them up as we go along?”

Jack had been a buddy of mine for years. We played football together back in high school. He was one of my few high school friends who I still kept in contact with now I was at college. He was loud and boisterous, but actually very bashful.

“Sounds good to me.” I said.

“I don’t know.” said Caroline. I had met her in some college drama production that I had work in as a stagehand. We had fucked in the back seat of my Mitsubishi Mirage after the cast party. We have never talked about it since but I still have scars from her fingernails scratching my back while she screamed that she was coming.

“Come on, honey.” Vanessa said to Caroline “I am sure it will be kept safe.” She winked.

“Okay then.”

I shuffled and dealt.

Caroline got the first trick card, the Queen of Hearts.

“Alright, Jack. You made this game up. What does this mean?”

“I think you need to call a massage parlor and ask them how much for a little suckie-suckie.” he replied.


Vanessa started laughing.

“Yeah, pretend you are getting something for your boyfriend.”

“No!!” Caroline shouted.

“Come on, babe.” Vanessa encouraged her. “It’ll be fun.”

“They can’t admit that they do that. It’s illegal.”

“You just need to ask.”

She picked up the phone and asked directory assistance for any massage parlor.

“Hello, Golden Temple.” the lady said when she picked up.

Caroline’s face went bright red.


“Yes, honey?”

“I need to ask you something.”


“I want to get a birthday surprise for my boyfriend. How much for a BJ?”

“Okay honey, you are looking at $75 for the massage, $90 as a tip for the extra and another $50 if you want to watch. $215 all up. If you say that Lin sent you we’ll do it for $200 flat.”

Caroline just hung up.

“That was terrifying!! I can’t believe she just admitted they do that over the phone. What if I was a cop?”

“But your not, babe.” Vanessa reassured her.

Jack got the next card tick card. We decided that he had to drink a cup of beer standing on his head, which he did gleefully. He did a headstand against the wall and I fed him the beer, which mostly went up his nose and through his hair.

“Alright!” he shouted when he stood back up. “Who’s next?”

We just pulled drink cards for a while until Vanessa got the Jack of Spades.

“Oh!” Caroline shouted “You have to do a body shot off Jack!”

Jack looked a little shocked, but quickly took off his shirt and lay down on the table. Caroline laid a trail of bourbon from his chest to his navel where she made a little pool. Vanessa came over and after a brief moment’s hesitation licked all the way down and sucked up the liquor. She stood up and wiped her lips.

“I’m starting to get this game.” Vanessa said.

I got the next trick card.

“You have to kiss the next person who gets avcılar üniversiteli escort a trick card.” Vanessa stated calmly.

“What!?” I exclaimed “What if it is Jack?”

“You would expect me to kiss Caroline, wouldn’t you?”

“That’s different.” Jack said.

“Just do it, Steve.” Caroline said, giving me a steady stare.

I had a two out of three chance of making out with a girl, I thought.

Caroline drew the next card and slowly turned it over to reveal the Kind of Diamonds. I smiled.

Caroline looked up at me and I stood up and walked over to beside her chair. I knelt down and gently cupped her jaw. I leant in and kissed her, softly at first, then firmer. I felt her tongue flick over my lips. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into her mouth and soon her tongue was caressing the underside of mine. I slid my hand down her chest and cupped her breast. She kissed me harder and I squeezed her soft large tit.

“Hey!” Vanessa shouted “Hey you too, stop that!”

I let go of Caroline’s tit and pulled my lips away from hers. Then went back and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

“I’ve missed you.” I whispered.

She stared at me longingly for a moment afterwards.

Vanessa pulled the next trick card. Caroline and I whispered to each other for a moment, and then I announced “You have to do a lap dance for Jack.”

Jack’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. Vanessa stood up and seductively danced over to his chair. She hitched her skirt up so she could straddle his legs. She leant in close and stroked her cheek along his face. He was still not wearing a shirt. Vanessa ground her pelvis against Jack’s crotch. Soon she stood up, pushed Jack’s legs apart, turned around and then sat on his package. She wriggled her ass against his jeans and her skirt soon worked its way up over her ass revealing a little yellow G-string and the smooth cheeks of her bum. God that was a beautiful sight. Caroline came over and sat on the arm of my chair to watch the show. Jack was clearly enjoying the dance, his head lolled back and he groaned in pleasure. Suddenly I felt Caroline’s hand on my thigh. I put an arm around her waist and held her. Caroline wolf-whistled.

“Yeah, Nessa! Show them how it’s done!” she encouraged.

Vanessa took hold of the hem of her top and slowly lifted it, then pulled it over her head. Her large tits were cupped beautifully in a black lace bra.

“You only had to do a lap dance, no a strip tease.” I said.

“I know.” Vanessa replied with a wink.

Jack moved his hands to Vanessa’s waist. She slapped his hand.

“No touching without paying!” she shouted.

Jack looked surprised and took his hands away, but Vanessa quickly grabbed his hands and placed them firmly on her butt. She squeezed his hands forcing him to squeeze her soft behind.

“Oh, that feels good.” she said.

Caroline’s hand was creeping up my thigh and had then arrived at my crotch where she started to stroke and squeeze my hardening cock through my jeans. Vanessa turned around again and then knelt in between Jack’s legs and keeping her eyes focused on his she licked the material over the growing bulge in his pants. Moving higher she lay kisses on his bare belly, then his chest. Jack’s hands rose up and cautiously slid up her sides eventually rested on her voluptuous breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them through the fabric.

Caroline continued to rub my cock as I leant in and kissed her back. I slipped a hand under her top and worked my way towards her tits. Jack slipped one strap off Vanessa’s shoulder, then the other. He scooped Vanessa’s’ beautiful tits out of her bra. She didn’t seem to mind at all. I held both Caroline’s breasts with my hands and pulled the cup material out of the way, so I could pinch her nipples. They hardened under my touch and she responded by unzipping my fly.

My God! Is this really happening? Could it be possible that I would fuck a chick with other people in the room? The possibility that Jack and Vanessa might get it on as well filled my mind with avrupa yakası escort startling images.

Caroline’s hand slid into my fly and soon fished my cock out. She softly stroked the head, and then squeezed the shaft with her hand. Vanessa looked over at us, and whispered to Jack. He giggled and they both stood up and went into the bedroom.

“Hey, Caroline?” I whispered to her “Do you want to go through as well?”

She stood and we walked through to the bedroom where Jack and Vanessa were. When we got there, they were already pulling each other’s clothes off, passionately kissing in between items. Caroline pulled me in for a passionate kiss. I pulled her top off quickly. Her bra cups were still pulled under her tits and her nipples stood out proudly. She slowly knelt in front of me and licked my cock once before sucking the whole thing into her mouth. I looked over and Vanessa was lying on the bed, Jack was sucking on her breasts like the fate of the world depended on it.

I picked Caroline up and lay her on the bed. I pulled her skirt off and her panties followed quickly. She had the most beautiful snatch, I dove in and stuck my tongue right in. I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue. I slowly introduced a finger and stroked her upper wall while I sucked harder on her clit. Caroline was writhing in delight, with Vanessa in ecstasy lying right beside her. Jack got down between Vanessa’s legs and started to eat her out as well. The two girls took each other’s hand and held on tight. Caroline was soon screaming out.

“Ah, ah, AH, AHHHHH!!! Oh, fuck! I’m coming!!!!”

I swirled my finger around inside her as she subsided.

“Oh, fuck Steve. That was great. Let me do you.”

I complied by lying down on the bed while Caroline crept down toward my throbbing pole. As soon as her lips touched it, I was filled with electric sensations. She expertly ran her tongue over my cock and took me inside her warm mouth, slowly pulling me out. It was divine!

I looked over at Vanessa, and she looked back at me. Her face was aglow with the sensations of an oncoming orgasm. Jack was still working at her pussy and Caroline was greasing my pole. I looked into her eyes and found myself wanting her more than anyone else in the world. I reached out and touched her face, her smooth beautiful cheek. She continued to look at me and encourage me. We slowly came closer and closer together until our lips touched – I am sure a little spark of electricity jumped between us. I dove into her. Our lips pressed and our tongues roamed each other. I was filled with a need, a passion that I had never experienced before. I was also terrified of what Caroline would think of me kissing another woman while she was sucking my dick.

We pulled apart.

“I can taste Caroline’s juices on you.” she said.

I smiled and then quickly sat up and lifted Caroline from my aching cock. I flipped her onto the bed and poised my cock in front of her sopping pussy. She looked me right in the eye with an expression of wanton lust. I smeared her juices over her pussy lips with my cock head and then slowly pushed in. Caroline squealed in delight, but I was looking at Vanessa.

Vanessa reached for Jack’s head and pulled him up.

“Fuck me, big boy.” she commanded.

Jack got in between her legs and pointed his cock at her waiting slit then drove it home. Vanessa’s face was exquisite.

Four sweaty bodies writhed on the bed, groaning and swearing. I thrust myself deep into Caroline’s pussy as she purred in my ear. I could hear Jack grunting beside me, pounding Vanessa while she encouraged him on with vulgar language. She slapped him on the ass with a loud smack!

“Oh yeah, Jack-o! Fuck me with your big cock. Slap me with your balls. Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Ride me cowboy. Fuck, yeah. Ah, Ugh, Argh, Oh. Grind me, you fucker. You dirty pervert, deeper, harder, faster. Fuck! Yeah! Oh yeah! Don’t stop! I’m getting close. Do me Jack-boy. Yeah, yeah, arrrrrgh!!”

Vanessa arched her back and screamed as her orgasm washed over her body. She finally bağdat caddesi escort subsided trembling. Jack had slowed his pace while she came but now sat up, pulled Vanessa hips in towards him and drove his cock into her like a steam train. Sweat poured over his brow and his back. His face tightened and he grunted, suddenly pulling his cock out and shot a great stream of come over Vanessa’s belly. He raised his head and roared as his come shot from his cock like fire.

I could feel Caroline tightening under me, her tension building as she got closer to her second orgasm. She dug her nails into my back, just like she did before.

“Oh, Steve! You make me come so good. Oh, it’s coming. Here it is. Oh, it feels so good. Arrgh!!!”

She pulled me in close to her, hugging me like she needed my whole body inside her. I ground against her clit as she toppled over the edge and fell into bliss.

The sound of her orgasm was so exciting to me I began to feel my come boil in my balls. I thrust deep and hard into her then pulled my cock out.

Before I could do anything Vanessa had taken hold of my engorged cock and pumped it with her fist. Jerking me off onto Caroline’s belly. I couldn’t take it any longer. I arched my back and shouted out as my boiling hot come shot from my cock.

Vanessa screamed with surprise. The first shot had flown right into her face, across her cheek. The next one covered one of Caroline’s tits. The rest landed on Caroline’s belly.

Vanessa wasted no time. She bent her head and licked my come from Caroline’s tit, spending extra time cleaning her hard raised nipple. Caroline just looked stunned and surprised, but enthusiastically returned the favor licking my come from Vanessa’s face. She finished with her lips and the two girls licked each other’s lips and tongues for a good while before we all collapsed into a sweaty, exhausted heap on the bed and went to sleep.


About three hours later, I woke up and went down the hallway to pee. I had to extract my arm from under Caroline, who was nestled against Vanessa, who was spooning with Jack. I walked down the hall naked. Moonlight streamed in through the windows. After I washed my hands and splashed water on my face. I could hardly believe what had happened. I came back out and ran into Vanessa waiting in the hallway. We looked at each other for half a second then grabbed each other in a tight embrace. Our lips met and we kissed furiously. I picked her up and pushed her against the wall. My cock was hard in a moment and found its way into her wet pussy right away. I pushed against her and ground my throbbing cock deep into her soft folds. I could tell she wanted to cry out in delight but she bit down on my shoulder to stop her shouts – she did not want to wake Caroline or Jack.

“Oh, Vanessa. I need you.” I whispered to her “I don’t know how I could have not noticed this before, but you are everything to me. I have never felt a want like this. So clear, so defined.”

“You talk such poetry, Steve.” she whispered back “Now fuck me.”

I leant into her and pressed her between me and the wall, thrusting deep and hard into her pussy. My pubes pressed hard against her clit. Soon I could feel her pussy start to twitch. I keep thrusting steadily into her, feeling her use my rhythm to get herself off, angling her pussy to grind against my cock. She pulled harder on my shoulders then bit my shoulder and groaned through her teeth as she came.

As she subsided she relaxed, then put her legs down.

“Let me down, Steve.” She whispered in my ear.

I slipped my cock out of her pussy. She was immediately on her knees in front of me. She took my cock in her mouth urgently and sucked on me vigorously. I had to put my hands against the wall to keep myself steady. Very soon, I could feel my orgasm building deep inside me.

“I’m going to come soon.” I said softly to her.

Vanessa just looked up at me and winked. She kept sucking on me, moving my cock deep into her mouth, lingering at the tip with her tongue.

“Argh, arrrgh.” I grunted quietly as my orgasm finally totally overcame me. Shot after shot flew into Vanessa’s mouth. She swallowed them and kept right on sucking. Good god this woman was a machine with her mouth. After I had shot more come than I ever though I could, she pulled my cock from her mouth. Vanessa just stood up and walked down the hallway, the moonlight playing across her beautiful butt as she walked away from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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