Veronica’s First Erotic Massage Pt. 02

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The following morning, Veronica woke slowly from her deeply satisfying slumber, feeling thoroughly invigorated and ready for whatever the day had in store. The previous night, the group of friends had sat outside under the twinkling stars and bathed in candlelight. In the warm evening air, they had all enjoyed another of Stuart and Sandy’s delicious meals, accompanied by even better conversation until the very early hours. When Veronica had eventually slipped between the cool cotton sheets beside George, the two of them had simply snuggled up tightly after a long, pleasure-filled day, luxuriating in the feel of their naked, intertwined bodies which always fitted so perfectly together.

‘Are you awake, beautiful?’ murmured George, his fingers naturally reaching out to stroke the warm curve of her hip.

‘Mmmm,’ sighed Veronica, as his hand slowly circled across her ass before returning once more to her hip. She was aware of a pleasurable ache across her entire body, where Claudia’s deep massage had thoroughly relaxed all of her muscle groups. The more George’s hand explored, the more Veronica was also aware of another ache inside her as her pussy started to gently throb. Why was it, the more regularly she made love to her husband, the more her body craved him? Lazily, Veronica allowed her hand to drift behind her, reaching for George’s thick cock.

‘You’re obviously awake,’ she giggled, as an unexpected pulse of desire darted through her body. The thought of him slowly yet deeply entering her relaxed, sleepy body was such a very sexy thought.

‘I am,’ confirmed George, wriggling his way down the bed until his head was hovering above her wide open legs. ‘And now it’s your turn.’


Giggling like a couple on honeymoon, George and Veronica eventually escaped the confines of their bedroom to be confronted by a very pleasant and relaxing day which miraculously opened up before them. After a late breakfast, they strolled through the nearby market town to browse the antiques, their fingers lazily intertwining at intervals, as they naturally drifted together. Later, they returned to the retreat to partake in an exquisite lunch followed by some much welcome relaxing beside the pool. The warm air once again drifted teasingly across their naked forms as they reclined partially in the shade within their own personal corner of paradise, eagerly awaiting the moment when their second set of massages would start.

As previously agreed, George and Veronica were due to switch masseuses today; Jeannie would provide Veronica with a standard massage, whilst George was destined to enjoy the delights of a sensual massage, to be provided by Claudia’s soft, gently exploring hands. At last, the agreed time arrived and, tenderly kissing each other on the patio, the happy couple made their separate ways to their individual appointments.

‘George! Welcome!’ grinned Claudia, as he cautiously knocked on the door before entering. Striding confidently across the room, she brushed her lips against his. ‘Please make yourself comfortable, face down,’ she requested, guiding him towards the large massage table that filled the centre of the room.

Obeying the instructions provided, George climbed onto the bed, carefully positioning his face in the cradle to obtain the most comfortable position. There he lay quietly, listening to the sounds of Claudia moving around the room as she prepared for his treat. His slightly apprehensive body slowly untensed as the aromatherapy oils that filled the air, slowly entered his lungs and worked their magic. The quiet, gentle music playing in the background only added to his sense of peace and wellbeing.

By the time Claudia’s warm, oily hands made first contact with George’s toes, the majority of tension he had unexpectedly been holding in his body had all but dissipated. With smooth, confident strokes, she navigated purposefully across his sensitive feet, leaving a combination of mild arousal and extreme relaxation in her wake. Eventually, her focus switched, as she moved across his ankles and calves, to focus in on the backs of his well-muscled thighs, where she set about expelling any remaining stresses from the lower half of George’s powerful body.

Gradually, Claudia’s hands began to reach down between his legs, occasionally brushing against his resting cock. Each seemingly innocent nudge had the effect of slowly waking his latent animal instincts. By the time Claudia had completed a thorough massage of his back and shoulders before returning once more to his upper thighs, George’s cock was aching with a need to be held and teased, before being permitted to come. Fortunately, due to the fact he was laying on his front, the extent of his arousal had been kept largely private…although he acknowledged this wouldn’t be the case for long. Claudia clearly read his thoughts, as her hands left his body.

‘You’re as delightfully modest as your beautiful wife,’ observed Claudia with a wry smile. ‘Although, I’m guessing sex izle that once you turn over, you won’t be quite as proficient as she was at hiding your arousal. Onto your back now, please,’ she added, her obvious grin seeping into the tone of her voice.

In an utterly relaxed state, it took a great deal of effort to reposition his body in order to comply with Claudia’s request, but at last George managed to shuffle into place, his now obscenely hard cock rising skywards in enthusiastic expectation. Feeling slightly embarrassed, George cast a swift glance towards Claudia, only to find her smiling contently back at him.

‘Now you’ve turned over,’ she explained cheekily, placing a cover over his eyes to assist George towards total relaxation. ‘You should know that I’ll be doing everything in my power to help you come.’ Slightly taken aback by her direct words, nonetheless, George felt his cock thicken still further as a result of her words. Whilst he was still processing what had been said, she continued. ‘So, I’ll repeat to you what I told your wife. My advice to you from the start is to relax; sigh, moan, groan. Basically do anything you want, but please just enjoy yourself. The entire purpose of this experience is your pleasure. Nothing more, nothing less.’

George nodded slightly to show that he understood Claudia’s words, but he wasn’t sure he shared her optimism. Having come yesterday, as well as once again this morning, quite spectacularly as it happened, it felt like a relatively tall order to manage to achieve the feat yet again. However, as Claudia’s talented hands started to work on his feet once more, and his cock twitched in response, even George had to admit that Claudia might be able to back up her confident claims with actual physical results.

As Claudia’s hands edged ever further up George’s legs, her fingers eventually trailed tantalisingly along his long, swollen length; first up one side and then the other. At first contact, he impressively managed to swallow a gasp that had threatened to escape, but as time wore on and Claudia’s hands became ever-more insistent, George knew he was fighting a losing battle. The effect she was having on his body was evident for all to see and went way beyond his impressive erection. Not only could he feel a hot flush of sexual arousal across his chest, but despite the warmth of the room, a flurry of goosebumps had broken out across the sensitive skin on his legs, which couldn’t fail to be noticed.

As Claudia migrated still further up his body and worked on his arms, neck and chest, George was also hyper-aware of his erect nipples, as they were given a thorough massage. Then, using sweeping motions with her magical hands, Claudia moved from the top of his chest down across his abdomen and back up again, each time moving closer and closer to where he needed her to concentrate on the most. Deciding to take Claudia at her word, George simply surrendered and began to allow the pleasure he’d been attempting to withhold to flood his body. The physical result of this decision was an exhaled breath so deep that it ended in a pleasurable groan which rumbled from deep within his throat.

‘That’s more like it,’ she murmured with approval. Suddenly, her hands moved to encircle his cock, as though providing a reward for complying with the original advice she had given.

George moved into a surreal, light-headed phase as Claudia, her hands never ceasing in their seductive movements, drove him slowly yet surely out of his rational mind. With light butterfly strokes, she began to work her way along each leg, each time finishing up at George’s throbbing cock, before returning back to the ankle of opposite leg and working her way back up once again. His extended state of relaxation was only broken when, with a clear statement of intent, Claudia suddenly applied a healthy amount of oil directly to George’s throbbing cock and began a slow, steady massage which would undoubtedly result in his utter loss of control.

To his great relief, with her spare hand, she encompassed his aching balls which had started to draw more tightly towards his body in preparation. George couldn’t deny he was ready to explode. Hell, he was becoming increasingly desperate; he needed to come. It was literally all his mind was capable of concentrating on. However, it seemed that although Claudia was well aware of his predicament, she wanted to extend the fun a little longer and with slow and steady hand movements, held George on the brink of his release for longer than he knew Veronica would ever have made him suffer for.

A slight movement at the back of the room caught Claudia’s attention, as she cruelly held a shaking, panting George on the precipice. Glancing upwards, she caught sight of Veronica hovering on the threshold. With a conspiratorial wink and grin, Claudia indicated their visitor should remain quiet, before beckoning her to join George at the massage table. With the cover still in place across his eyes and his mind entirely fransız porno on his colossal, impending orgasm, George was oblivious that his wife was now in the room beside him.

‘You okay?’ mouthed Claudia, before they leaned towards each other to share a kiss. Knowing that Veronica had just finished her massage with Jeannie, she would have expected her new friend to look a good deal happier and more relaxed. Veronica nodded bravely in response, understanding exactly what Veronica was querying. The massage she’d just enjoyed had been pleasant in a non-sexual way, but quite unexpectedly, she had found herself yearning to be touched in the same way as Claudia had done the day before. As a result, Veronica felt a strange combination of relaxed, yet enormously sexually frustrated.

Claudia’s attention focussed back on George whose hands were now clenched tightly around the sides of the massage table as his throbbing, increasingly desperate cock continued to be toyed and played with. Veronica watched in amazement as the smallest twist of Claudia’s knowing hand, or her moist thumb flicking across the swollen, throbbing head, sent visible shivers of pleasure throughout her husband’s entire body.

‘You think it’s time to come yet?’ smirked Claudia, clearly enjoying the control she was exerting over George.

‘Yes!’ he almost cried. It was clear to Veronica that he’d been asked that question a number of times previously, without it leading to the conclusion he clearly desired.

‘As you wish,’ agreed Claudia, manipulating his balls in one hand, whilst setting up a steady, unerring, constant rhythm with the other. ‘Come now.’

‘Oh fuck!’ groaned George, as he threw his head back and his hips automatically began to rise up from the bed. ‘OH FUCK!’

Reading him like a book, Claudia continued to push him forwards until he was seconds from release. As he gulped in a breath in preparation for the inevitable eruption that he knew would shortly follow, Claudia bent down to whisper in his ear.

‘By the way, your wife is standing right beside us, watching. And she had a huge smile on her face.’

That information was all George needed to hear to completely let go. As his body buckled, he came spectacularly, as jet after jet of come exploded across his chest and abdomen.

Veronica watched her husband being pleasured in silence, aware of a surge of arousal spreading across her naked skin. She could feel tingling in the tips of her fingers, her palms, her breasts and her swelling pussy lips, so desperate was she to experience a similar sexual high. Expecting Claudia to immediately release the hold she had on her husband, Veronica was surprised to observe their incredible masseuse continue to gently stroke George’s slowly lowering cock. She was even more surprised to watch the obvious pleasure the act was continuing to provide him; he looked as though he might float right off the table. Veronica made a mental note to ensure she tried something similar, once she had George back home to herself once more.

At long last, Claudia released him, removed the cover from his eyes and turned to start to clean up. Veronica couldn’t help but place her fingers in the sticky mess on her husband’s heaving chest, gazing lovingly into his half-open eyes.

‘That was so, so sexy,’ she murmured in his ear. Despite desperately trying to recover, George somehow found the strength to manoeuvre his hand towards hers and squeeze tightly.

‘Did you enjoy Jeannie?’ queried Claudia, as a shaking George slowly floated back down to earth.

‘Of course,’ replied Veronica diplomatically. ‘She’s very talented.’

‘But…?’ smiled Claudia.

‘But nothing.’

‘But you’re already getting addicted to the high of a sensual massage?’ suggested Claudia knowingly. Dropping her gaze to the floor, Veronica bowed her head and nodded. She couldn’t deny it. Having experienced that earth-shattering massage with Claudia the previous day, a standard massage was always going to feel like the poor relation in comparison.

‘Lock the door,’ murmured Claudia, nodding towards her friend. Without questioning her, Veronica turned to do as she’d been instructed. ‘Don’t tell anyone, but let’s see if I can do anything to help.’

‘You won’t get in trouble?’ breathed Veronica, her body already fizzing with excitement, sure in the knowledge of the pleasure to follow.

‘Not if you don’t tell,’ grinned Veronica. ‘When we say goodbye, I need you to be as starry eyed and vacant as your husband is right now.

‘Uh! Wha’s happenin?’ slurred George, clearly still gathering his senses and quite unable to string more than two words together. The realisation caused Veronica to giggle with happiness.

‘You are going to be a dutiful husband and switch places with your wife,’ explained Claudia, cheekily raising her eyebrows towards Veronica.

‘K,’ agreed George, allowing the two women to help him shuffle off the massage table before flopping down on their adjacent teen porno king-sized bed. Having quickly changed the towels over, Claudia looked meaningfully at Veronica, patting the massage bed.

‘Come on, young lady. Your turn.’

With a shiver of anticipation, Veronica didn’t need to be told again, and was face down on the massage table within moments. As Claudia’s warm, oily hands began to tenderly cradle her feet and work their steadfast way up her body, even hearing George’s gentle snores couldn’t break her focus on the excitement building inside of her. Before this weekend, she had absolutely no idea that sensual massage would provide her with such incredible, indescribable pleasure. Thanks to George helping to introduce this new experience into their lives, Veronica now wanted to savour every single moment. They might never be lucky enough to meet with Claudia again; she wanted to make some memories which could be relived over and over again.

Unfortunately, by the time Claudia’s exploring hands had started to nudge tantalisingly along her swollen, trembling pussy lips, now dripping with a hedonistic mixture of warm massage oil and sweet arousal, all of Veronica’s best intentions had disappeared. Entirely in the very capable hands of her new friend, she was incapable of doing anything but accepting the indescribable pleasure being very willingly bestowed upon her. The feel of the other woman’s nimble fingers slipping and sliding within her tightly clenched body, as she was driven closer and closer towards orgasm, whilst watching her husband sleep peacefully beside her, was one of the most intense experiences of her life.

George was eventually awoken by his wife’s cries of deeply concentrated pleasure. Lazily opening his bleary eyes, he took a moment to fully appreciate the scene; his fantastically sexy partner was lying on her back, jaw clenched, eyes tightly scrunched closed, hips grinding upwards against Claudia’s teasing hands, orgasming both hard and noisily. With a flushed face, trembling body and increasingly desperate tone, Veronica seemed to have moved well beyond words by this point and it was immediately clear to George that the current scenario had been in play for some time. He was starting to appreciate Claudia’s modus operandi; she clearly enjoyed the slow, teasing build-up.

Astounded to feel the blood rushing to his swelling cock yet again, George immediately wanted to join in the fun. Forcing his relaxed muscles into action, he shuffled off the bed with obvious effort and hovered beside the massage table.

‘Mmmm,’ acknowledged Claudia. ‘About time!’

George shot her a knowing grin and Claudia swiftly moved to one side, making way to allow him to lower his head to his wife’s raised pelvis where her stomach muscles were clearly defined as her body was put through its paces. As Claudia gently retracted her hand, moving instead to Veronica’s erect, sensitive nipples, George sank his mouth down to encompass as much of his wife’s delicious pussy as he could reach. Feeling his moustache teasingly tickle around her throbbing clit, Veronica was immediately aware of what was happening and found herself squealing in delight, as George’s wonderful mouth was accompanied by a divine pressure from Claudia’s knowing hands.

‘Oh no!’ gasped Veronica, as she rushed headlong towards her next impending orgasm, unable to prevent herself from grinding her hips, encouraging George’s tongue to enter her more deeply. Knowing she needed more, he began to bring his fingers into play, producing an increased level of volume from Veronica.

‘Go on,’ encouraged Claudia, whilst her hands gently tugged against the nipples she held trapped between her fingers. ‘I know you can do it.’

‘No! But…oh…help…’ babbled Veronica uncontrollably, as her arms were flung out to her sides and her shaking body capitulated. With a trembling rush of desire, her final release was utterly overwhelming. Within moments, her noisy shrieks had filtered down into silence. Veronica had reached the very pinnacle of pleasure that her body was capable of enduring. She had passed out.


Thanks to the great enjoyment and earth-shattering pleasure they’d experienced at the retreat, Veronica and George said their goodbyes later that evening with more than a twinge of sadness; they would have happily stayed another week without even batting an eyelid. Unfortunately, however, real life had to be returned to once more. As George accelerated onto the main road, Veronica’s fingers entwined tenderly with his and caused his cock to twitch. There was no doubt that a combination of a stay at the retreat and their sensual massage experiences had fanned the spark of their relationship into a serious flame. Just like Veronica had no idea how many times she’d orgasmed during their stay, George had lost count of how many times he’d made love to his wife in the past couple of days, yet he wanted her again right now. He thought he’d grown out of feeling like a randy teenager year ago but was very happy to discover that simply wasn’t the case. George was just contemplating whether he could find a quiet spot to pull the car over, during their drive home, when his wife’s soft tones cut through his musings.

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