Vickie’s Abduction part 3

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Vickie’s Abduction part 3


Three of the Gentle Rapist victims have discovered who he is and he has taken one of them a second time, breaking his rule of not raping the same woman twice. Vickie, Julie and Tina wants him to keep taking and raping them forcing them to orgasm more, harder and longer than any man ever has. They like that he takes what he wants and makes them like it.

It has been two days since the rapist kidnapped and raped Tina for the second time in three months. Vickie is nervous and excited thinking she will be next to be taken for the second time. She is hoping that he will do as he did with Tina and Julie and be a little rougher with her if he takes her again. She is doing her daily jog wondering if he will take her again, will he take her as she leaves the gym like the last time or will he find a way to be waiting in her home when she gets there from the gym. As the thinks about it she feels chill bumps, pussy twitch and leak with the thrill of being kidnapped and raped again. She giggles thinking to her self. “It is not really rape if the victim is willing.” She almost laughed out loud thinking. “So rape me. I will help you.” She took a shower after her jog and went to the coffee shop arriving as Julie arrived.

Tina took a break joining them for coffee as the three of them have become very close friends with the rape in common. Naturally the topic of their conversation is about the Gentle Rapist about who his next victim is, when, where and what he will do if he strikes again. Vickie told them her pussy stays wet all the time with anticipation of him kidnapping her again and that the fear and thrill of the abduction keeps her excited. Julie told them. “Girls, before I heard about the abduction and rape of the women and then me experiencing the same. I did not have kinky sex desires.” “Now regular sex just does nothing for me. I can watch porn videos and it does nothing for me unless it involves bondage, forced sex or some other related activity.” “I have browsed rape stories and nothing I have read so far compares to our Gentle Rapist.” I just hope he keeps at it with us.” They laughed together.

Tina asks. “Julie, you watch porn too?” “I am surprised even though I have many times. Like you though until he kidnapped and raped me it was your run of the mill fuck and suck porn.” “Now it has to involve what I now know is BD/SM or I do not get aroused enough to play with myself.” “Thinking about it after the other night I don’t think I will need to play with myself for a few days. I am still a little sore from my last rape.” “I still get wet when I think about what he did to me.” They all agreed that he had introduced them to the world of exciting kinky sex and like it very much.” Vickie said. “All this talk about him, kidnapping and kinky sex has got me so wet and my pussy is tingling.” “I do hope he does not make me wait too long before he takes what he wants again.”

Mean while Cowboy is checking on Teri, one of his earlier victims, knowing that she told Julie she would like for him to take her again, he feels comfortable with the idea of kidnapping and raping her again. Teri is a petite, blond haired, blue eyed beauty with medium size tits, small waist, pretty firm round ass and legs of a dancer. He thought back to the first time he took what he wanted from her and enjoyed it very much. He feels his cock harden as he thinks about her and him raping her. She is a nurse at a local clinic and if nothing has changed she will be the last one to leave the clinic after dark. He went in the clinic as she entered the lobby. She saw him and ask if he needed any help. He told her he was just looking for someone, thanked her and left trying to conceal his erection in his wranglers.

He drove to her home finding no vehicles, he decided to investigate to determine if she had a hidden spare key and any dogs. He rang the door bell getting no answer, walked slowly around to the back yard fence. He was greeted by a large German Shepard dog that acted more friendly than aggressive. The dog acted pleased to she anyone, panting and wagging his tail. Cowboy spoke softly to him and the dog reared up putting his front paws near the top of the fence. Cowboy held his hand out letting the dog sniff and lick it. Cowboy smiled thinking this fellow is not going to be any problem. He opened the gate stepping in the back yard and played with the dog finding a tag on his collar “Boner” on it.

He walked to the back door with Boner jumping around him. Cowboy checked the locked back door and looked around for a hiding place for a spare key. He saw a painted white rock at the corner of the patio, picking it up he found a tin containing a key under it. He used the key to unlock the back door. Boner followed him in the house and Cowboy found the canned dog food and fed him. Cowboy found Teri’s bedroom and rummaged through her dresser drawers and found her bondage magazines, rope, ball-gag, blindfold, dildo and vibrator. He smiled as he opened a couple of the magazines finding pages dog eared. These pages were of bound women getting spanked or flogged. He thought to himself. “Teri likes a little pain with her pleasure.” He went out the back door as Boner followed him, replaced the key, and walked out of the yard as he patted Boner telling him he would be back.

As he rounded the corner of the house a beautiful red haired woman approached and ask. “May I ask what you are doing in Teri’s back yard?” He smiled. “I am Mark Brown and Teri forgot to feed Boner this morning and I volunteered to do it for her.” She smiled.”I am Alice, Teri’s widowed neighbor and friend. Happy to meet you, Mark. It was very nice of you to do that for her.” He chuckled. “It was no problem and Boner appreciated it. It was a pleasure meeting you Alice. I will be seeing you again.” “Teri told me where her spare key is and I put it back where I found it under the white rock.” Alice laughed. “We hid a spare key in the event that one of us needs help.” He replied with a smile. “So you have a white rock too?” She laughed. “No, mine is blue.” They laughed together and he left making plans to take Teri again.

He drove by Julie’s office finding that her car was parked at the back of the parking lot as usual on his way back to his place to wait for the cover of darkness. Late afternoon he showered and packed a tote bag with bondage equipment and toys, waited until dark and drove to Teri’s home parking in the alley. He entered the back yard greeted by Boner. Leaving Boner in the back yard he waited in the house for Teri to get home. He put his tote bag in the hall closet just as she parked in her drive. He waited hidden in the closet as she dropped her purse on the hall table.

He watched through the cracked door as she removed her shoes and top revealing a sexy black lace bra and she squeezed both breast as she walked past the closet into the kitchen. She saw the empty dog food can on the corner of the counter thinking “I don’t remember leaving that there.” She picked it up opening the cabinet door under the sink to discard the can. When she raised up she screamed into the hand clamped over her mouth and nose as her arms were pinned behind her. She struggled unable to breath until gaziantep escort tanıtımları she blacked out. When she came to she was naked, arms tied behind her back, rope around her arms and body below and above her tits pressing them into swollen globes of sensitive flesh, blindfolded, gagged with her panties stuffed in her mouth with duck tape holding them in. She tried to move finding that her knees and ankles had been tied together.

Cowboy saw her struggle in her bondage from his sitting position on the couch. She heard movement then felt his hands on her sides at the top of her hips lifting her to her knees forcing her head and tits to press on the carpet with her ass up. She moaned as he smeared lube on and in her ass inserting a finger deep inside her butt hole. Her moans got louder as he finger fucked her ass and squealed into the gag as two fingers invaded her wet hot pussy. She pushed on his fingers in her pussy and ass squealing, grunting and moaning as her first orgasm rapidly grew in her body. Her pussy was twitching and her nipples erect and tingling from the sexual assault in her nether region. He felt her juices covering his hand and gripping his fingers with her pussy and ass. Suddenly without warning the powerful orgasm seized her body forcing her to scream, shake and gush cum down her legs.

She was still shaking, leaking cum when he untied her legs and ankles pulling her to her feet by the hair making her squeal into the pantie gag. He forced her to the kitchen table laying her on her back and bound arms. He used rope to pull her feet up and out over her body as he tied them to the table legs above her head leaving her hips raised slightly off the edge of the table. Her pussy, ass and tits are exposed and accessible for his pleasure. He smiled as her pussy twitched leaking cum.

He got his flogger from the bag sat in the chair facing her pussy and started slowly tracing her labia with his finger and tongue forcing her to moan with the intense pleasure in her pussy and body. She screamed, humped on his finger and mouth when he rammed three fingers in her cunt and lightly bit down on her protruding love button. He crooked the fingers mauling her G-spot as his teeth held her clit letting his tongue work it. She could not hold back the tidal wave orgasm blasting through her cunt forcing her to squirt in his mouth. His sucking and licking up her cum forced the orgasm to control her shaking body for several minutes before she collapsed out of breath on the table.

She was still gasping for air and convulsing with orgasm after shock when he pushed his hard cock deep in her ass forcing her to squirt more cum on him. He started fucking her hard and deep like he was trying to rip her ass apart making her grunt with each slam of his cock in her. She met each thrust with one of her own until he felt her milking his cock with her anal muscles. She screamed bloody murder when he clamped her nipples one at a time with clover leaf clamps sending pain and pleasure straight to her clit. Another orgasm was pounding at the door for release when she felt the shock of more pleasure on her clit as the Hitachi came to life on it. When he felt his cum boiling in his balls fighting for freedom he pulled out of her ass with a pop, plunging balls deep in her cunt forcing her to erupt with another squirting orgasm.

He could hold back not longer and rammed deep in her pussy releasing the raging warm cum deep inside her. She screamed, shook and squirted more cum to the floor below them. After he emptied his balls in her he pulled out of her convulsing body, untied her legs , pulled her from the table letting her collapse to her knees, arms tied behind her, blindfolded, gagged and nipple clamped. She sucked air through her nose in long gasping breathes trying to remain conscious. He removed her gag making her squeal as he ripped the tape from her face. She gasp deep breaths of air a couple of times before her grabbed her hair in both hands forcing his semi-hard cock deep in her throat. She moaned, sucked and licked his cock clean of the mixture of her cum, his cum and shit.

He pulled her by the hair to the coffee table, forced her to her knees, removed the nipple clamps making her squeal and moan with renewed pain as the blood rushed into her nipples. He forced her to lie on the table face down, tied her legs apart to the table legs, tied rope around her neck with a knot keeping it from getting any tighter and tied it to the table to keep her against the table top on her spread knees. He pushed a buzzing vibrator in her ass making her leak more cum from her cunt. She jumped and screamed from the pain of the flogger lashing across both ass cheeks. He forced the wet panties back in her mouth and whipped her with the flogger across the ass, back and arms until her screams turned to moans of pleasure and cum flowed from her cunt. To his amazement this made his cock hard again and roughly pulled the plug out and fucked her ass hard, fast and deep until he dumped a huge load of cum in her. She grunted, squealed and squirted as he raped her ass.

He pulled his limp dick from her cum filled ass letting cum ooze from her ass hole down through her pussy lips to the carpet as she collapsed on the table top exhausted. He watched as she recovered and started to breath normal again, taped the panties in her mouth as she moaned with pleasure. She heard the back door open and Boner rush in straight to her cum coated ass and pussy. She tried to scream for him to go away and pleaded for her rapist not to let him lick her. Boner licked her legs, pussy from clit to ass hole in rapid succession forcing her to moan and squeal as the unwanted pleasure took control of her mind and body. With her juices leaking more as the pleasure grew Boner mounted her making her scream and plead for him to stop. She arched her back, strained against the neck rope and screamed when Boner found his mark and forced his hot hard cock deep in her wet cunt. She grunted and pushed back on his cock as her fucked her like a jack hammer hitting her cervix sending shocks of pure pleasure through her each time he hit bottom. She started to continuously orgasm leaking a steady flow of cum down her legs.

She screamed trying to raise from the table top when his knot forced past her cunt entrance and started to swell to the size of a baseball. It hurt so good as it mashed on her G-spot with each thrust. Suddenly he became very still and she felt the hot doggy cum from his pulsing big cock fill her womb forcing her to cum harder than ever. Boner tried to pull from her tight pussy making her squeal with pain from his knot unable to pull out causing her pain and pleasure. Boner lay his head on her shoulders and they waited for him to shrink enough to exit her love hole.

Cowboy smiled, gathered his toys and left Teri knotted with Boner. He looked at his watch finding it is about 11:00pm, smiled and said to himself. “Time for one more quick rape before calling it a night.” He drove to Vickie’s home parking in the alley. He saw no lights or movement in the house, moved through the back yard and found the back door unlocked. He quietly crept through the house to her bedroom, peeked around the open door frame barely gaziantep escort telefonları making out her sleeping body from the dim light of the moon. He put his toy bag down, removed his boots, moved silently to the side of her big four poster bed, gently pulling the covers from her naked body. She did not move sleeping restfully until he move on the bed behind her. She felt the movement on the bed, opened her eyes, raised her head and screamed into the hand suddenly clapped over her mouth. She struggled to get away from the arm around her neck choking her air off. He pulled her body on top of his as he choked her kicking struggling naked body until she went limp unconscious laying stretched on his body. He moved his hands down to her breast feeling her hard nipples standing straight up. He caressed her nipples with his left hand while moving his right hand down her body to find her hot pussy leaking juices down through her ass crack.

Vickie slowly came to as he finished tying her ankle rope to the bed post at the top of the bed. She tried to move to find that he had her blindfolded, ball-gagged, hands tied together to the head board, pillows under her hips elevating her pussy and ass for his pleasure with her feet spread and tied to the top corner bed post. She moaned with pleasure realizing she is about to get raped and made to like it once again. She felt the pressure of the ropes binding her boobs making them bulge and become very sensitive with her nipples tingling hard on the crown of each tit. She moaned as her twat twitched leaking juice on down her ass.

She squealed arched her back and leaked more juice when she felt his mouth suck hard on her clit. She is feeling the fire of pleasure flame up in her cunt as he pushed two fingers in her ass which he had apparently lubed while she was unconscious slipping his thumb in her hot wet cunt at the same time. She squealed, jerked and released her first orgasm of the night gushing cum from her snatch as he forced her to cum harder and harder sucking, licking her clit as he finger fucked her ass and pussy. She could not stop the orgasm from his expert assault on her sex.

She screamed louder and longer as he clamped her right nipple with a clover leaf clamp sending an intense shock of pain and pleasure through her nipple directly to her clit forcing her to squirt in his mouth and soaking the pillows under her ass. Her body violently shook as the devilish orgasm seized her mind and body. While she convulsed sucking as much air through her nose as possible he slowly moved up her body caressing her stomach and tits with his hairy chest. His hard pulsing cock head touched her clit sliding down the slit of her pussy to her ass hole making her moan with more pleasure and anticipation of the intrusion of his love tool in her ass.

She raised her ass up to give him easy access to her sphincter and squealed into the gag when the hard intruder pop through her rose bud into her ass. Vickie steadily moaned as he slowly forced his big hard cock deeper in her ass until his balls pressed against her ass cheeks. He paused letting her relax and accept his cock buried deep inside her. When he felt her anal tunnel relax and move on his cock he started fucking her ass with long fast strokes with her pushing back on him with each thrust. Her grunts turned to moans and her rectal muscles massaged his cock as another orgasm grew in her core. She screamed with new pain in her left nipple as he put another clamp on to have both nipples clamped now. The pain and pleasure firing through her body to her clit forced her to stiffen up and squirt hard and clench his hard cock so hard he thought she would pinch it off. The pressure on his cock and her orgasm had his own orgasm rising through his balls and he pulled from her gripping ass to ram his cock hard and deep in her cunt.

The pain in her nipples, his ramming cock in her cunt and her gaping ass hole forced her to squirt longer and harder. He fucked her cunt as he licked her sore sensitive nipples making the orgasm seizing her mind and body to grow in strength releasing more cum. She was having difficulty breathing and slipped into subspace. He pulled from her twitching gushing pussy, moved up her body removing the nipple clamps making her scream louder and shake harder. He lightly rested his hips on her tits as her removed the gag and forced his hard cum covered cock in her throat and releasing torrents of cum down her throat into her belly. She moaned, sucked and licked his cock clean as he slowly pulled from her mouth.

She slumped to the bed exhausted and semi-conscious, breathing hard attempting to recover some composure as she shook every few seconds with orgasmic after shock. He untied her ankles from the bed post letting them drop wide spread to the bed. She grunted as he turned her on her stomach with the pillows under her pelvic area holding her ass and pussy. He spread her legs tying her feet to the bottom bed post keeping her leaking pussy and ass gaping open. He moved between her legs making her squeal with pleasure as his tongue slid in her gaping ass and licked in and out. She humped and screamed at the contact of the buzzing Hitachi on her sore sensitive clit. He tongued her ass hole, buzzed her clit and finger fucked her pussy forcing her to erupt with another volcanic eruption of an orgasm. The pleasure was too much for her exhausted mind and body and she passed out.

Vickie came to blindfolded, ball-gagged, tits bound, hands tied to the headboard, pillows holding her ass elevated, feet tied spread to the bottom bed post, a crotch rope holding a buzzing dildo her her pussy and a vibrating plug in her ass. She felt the large wet spot on the pillow under her. She struggled but the restraints held her face down on the bed with the vibrators driving her insane. She tried to beg him to stop everything but he was gone. She had one mini orgasm after another until she had no more cum or juices to lube her cunt.

At the same time Vickie was enduring the devilish painful pleasure forced on her Teri is going through her own little pleasure hell. After Cowboy left her knotted with Boner his knot stayed lodged in her cunt for about ten minutes before slipping from her followed by a river of mixed cum. He licked her clean forcing her to orgasm again before moving off to lick his cock. Teri lay face down tied to the coffee table and dozed off then she felt Boner mount her again. She screamed into the panties lodged in her mouth and pulled against the ropes holding her in place when Boner rammed his hot hard cock deep in her puncturing the opening to her cervix. She lost control of her body and started to orgasm over and over as Boner knotted her again filling her womb with hot dog cum. Again she waited having mini orgasms with each movement of Boner’s cock in her pussy until he slipped from her cunt with a loud squishy plop letting another stream of cum pool on the carpet between her knees.

Boner was enjoying his new bitch and fucked her four more times during the night. She had cum so much and long she dried up making her orgasm painfully pleasurable. The last time he fucked her his pre-cum was the only lubrication for her and she was thankful for that until he missed his gaziantep escort videoları mark and rammed deep in her ass fucking her screaming body to total exhaustion. She passed out with Boner knotted in her ass.

Julie awakened to the ringing cell phone. She sat naked on the edge of the bed opening her text message from a restricted phone. “Vickie needs your help ASAP.” She looked at the time. “5:30am” She quickly slipped on a jogging outfit and drove to Vickie’s place found the house key and rushed in the house calling her name. She heard a muffled scream from the bedroom, rushing down the hall into her room. She found Vickie tied face down, ass elevated, pussy leaking cum, blindfolded, ball-gagged, tits bound, legs spread tied to the bottom bed post, vibrators in her cunt and ass with her moaning from exhaustion.

Julie hurried to the bed and removed the gag asking “Vickie are you alright?” Vickie yelled. “Get those damn vibrators out my pussy and ass. They are driving me insane.” Julie untied the crotch rope and slowly pulled the plug from her ass as the other one in her pussy slid out onto the bed. They were vibrating weakly with low power batteries. Noticing the low batteries Julie asks. “How long have these been in you?” Vickie replied. “Don’t know but seems like hours. I have never cum my self dry before but if I were to cum right now it would be a cloud of dust.” they laughed. Vickie said “I am so exhausted from all the pleasure and what he did to me I could kill him if I had not enjoyed it so damn much.” They laughed hard as Julie’s phone rang with another text. Again she opened a message from a restricted number. “Teri needs your help ASAP”

Julie held the phone up for Vickie to see telling her she got the same message telling her that Vickie needed help. Julie quickly untied Vickie telling her she had to get to Teri’s. Vickie slipped on a cotton house dress telling Julie that she is going with her. On the way to Teri’s Vickie said. “I was not sure it was the Gentle Rapist while he was raping me.” “I tried to smell his familiar after shave but he smelled like sex from another woman. Now I know why.” “He raped Teri again before raping me last night.” “Wonder what predicament he left her in making her need our help?”

Julie’s car came to a sliding stop in front of Teri’s home, they jumped from the car hurrying to the front door. “Locked! She hides a key to the back door.” said Julie. They rushed around the house to the back door, Julie went for the key when Vickie told her the door was unlocked. They rushed in toward the bedroom stopping in their tracks when they heard a moan from the living room. They froze in their tracks at the sight of Teri tied bent over the coffee table, rope around her neck, arms tied behind her, tits bound, legs spread tied to the table legs, blindfolded, gagged with a rag with tape over her mouth and the rag, with her dog fucking her.

Vickie removed the gag as Julie tried to get Boner off her. Teri yelled. “Don’t pull him off. His knot is locked in my ass” she screamed and shook with another orgasm as Boner filled her ass with the fifth load of cum of the night. She lay quiet to let his knot deflate in her ass telling them to let him be still until he pulls out on his own. As she lay quiet Vickie untied her from the table, removing the blindfold and tit ropes before removing the leg ropes. Boner pulled out of her ass with a squishy plop and dog cum flowed from her gaping as. Julie and Vickie gasp loud seeing the torrent of cum gushing from the exhausted woman. They helped her to the shower, Julie stripped stepping in the shower to support her and clean her sweaty cum covered body.

Vickie found and made coffee after she fed and watered Boner. She had to push him away from her crotch several times as she made coffee. She poured three cups and set the table as Julie showered Teri. Julie helped her from the shower drying her off making her feel stronger and she put a house coat on as they went into the kitchen with Vickie. Vickie smiled and said. “That is one damn horny dog. He will not keep his nose away from my pussy.” Teri replied. “He should not be able to get it up now. The horny bastard fucked my pussy and ass five or six time in the last few hours.” “Too bad men can’t do that. The only one I know that kept me cumming so long was the Gentle rapist. I don’t know who the ass hole was that raped my brains out and left me to the dog. I am beginning to think this town is full of rapist.”

Julie giggled and said. “No just one serial rapist in this town.” Teri looked at her. “I thought he only raped a woman once and moved on to the next one.” Vickie smiled looking at her. “That has changed since he has discovered we like all the thrill and pleasure he forces on us.” Teri looked at Vickie. “He has raped you too?” Julie laughed. “He raped her the second time last night after he left you with the dog.” “He left her tied to her bed with vibrators in her vagina and ass.” “Early this morning he sent me a text “Vickie needs help ASAP.” Teri asks.”How did you know I needed help?” Julie smiled. “He sent me the same message about you.” Teri laughed. “How considerate of him. I would kill him for what he did to me if I had not enjoyed it so damn much.” “At least I know now that if I need some hard cock I can call Boner in.” Vickie asks with surprise. “You would let that dog fuck you again?” She replied.” I would have never considered it until he fucked me when I had no control and made me like it.” “I tell you the truth the rapist and that horny damn dog are the only two that can make me cum so much and hard giving me absolute pleasure.” “Yes, I will let Boner fuck me again and hope the rapist keeps coming back for more taking what he wants and making me like it.”

“Seriously though I hope neither he nor Boner fucks me again for at least a week. I think it will take that long to recover.” Vickie giggled. “Same here.” Suddenly Vickie looked hard at Julie. “You know who should be next.” Julie laughed. “After fucking the two of you last night it should take him a few days to have the need for any pussy, unless he is not human.” They all laughed together. Julie said. “Teri, you said you know three more of his kidnap rape victims. Will they welcome another rape from him?” Teri thought for a second. “I know two of them stay wet all the time thinking about what he did. The third one still gets wet when she remembers her kidnap rape but she has a live in boyfriend now.”

Vickie laughed. “Too bad for her. Unless he changes his M O he only rapes single, frustrated older women.” Teri excused her self telling them she was going to get dressed. They drank their coffee and talked in the kitchen waiting for Teri to return. They heard her hurrying down the hall to the kitchen saying something. As she came in the kitchen with a magazine in her hand she looked at them and said. “I wondered if it was the Gentle Rapist why he used a flogger on me. Even though I like the pain and pleasure.” She pitched the bondage magazine open to the picture of a bound woman getting flogged. “He was in my house for a while. My pantie, bra drawer is messed up with this on top of my panties when it is usually hidden under my panties.” “I knew I did not leave that empty dog food can on the counter. He fed Boner before I got home.”

Julie laughed. “What a nice considerate man to be a serial rapist.” “At least we know how to let him know if there is some kink we want. Just leave a magazine with what we want marked.”

The big surprise coming in part 4 if anyone wants me to continue. Rating and comments will determine if there will be a part 4.

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