Violated and abused – Part 4

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Faith collected herself and found that her bra was broken and her blouse wouldn’t do up as the buttons had been ripped off, plus she noticed that her uniform had various smatterings of ejaculate that no amount of wiping could disguise. She knew she had to go home and work out what was going on and why she had just let two of her friend abuse her and use her like a cheap slut and why she actually enjoyed it.

The journey home was a little bit worrisome as sitting on the bus covered in cum and smelling of sex made the odd stare more intimidating than normal. She nearly bolted from her seat when a middle aged man sat next to her and he spent a bit too long staring at her and she was sure he knew what was going on. She tried to push down her skirt and close her blazer even further; make herself as small as possible.

Luckily, her stop was next and when she moved to get out she was sure he touched her leg as she went past. She didn’t stop or look back but the hand touching her bare skin sent a strange tingling through her groin. She was sure she could feel his stare while waiting for the doors to open and was relieved when the doors opened and she could escape.

A quick two minutes walk to her house gave her some time to think through a few things and she ran upstairs without a thought of who was in the house. She threw her bag and blazer on the bed and stoped to look in the mirror and she was a little surprised by the state of her reflection. She looked like a fucked whore.

She was got undressed and went directly into the shower, the shower felt good as she washed all the day’s activities away. She dried herself and changed in to a pair of joggers and a exercise top which did show quite a bit of side boob. She went down stairs and started to get some lunch together when the door opened and her brother and two friends walked in from college.

“What you doing here? You should be at school”, he stared at his little sister and wanted a reply. “I am not feeling well and I was sent home”. He looked at this sister and noticed what she was wearing and his two friends also noticed. He shifted uncomfortably but accepted her response and pushed his friends into the lounge to play the game they had planned on.

Faith was feeling a little strange lying to her brother but didn’t think much of it until she heard the phone and then a muffled conversation in the next room. She heard the voices stopped and then her brother’s voice bellowed through and demanded she come into the lounge. She knew something was wrong as he never shouted at her and walked in to the lounge and instantly she was put on the spot.

“That was the school, and they informed me that you are currently missing and went off site without permission.” Like an expert interrogator he left the statement in the air and watched his sister instantly squirm. “Oh…oh, they must have been mistaken. I told Mrs Baldwin that I was ill…. and she sent me home.” Her body language was classic, showing that she was lying like crazy.

“Don’t lie to me again Faith, that was Mrs Baldwin on the phone”. It was almost like she had been slapped as she knew she was in proper trouble. “Mum and dad are going to kill you and the school are going to expel you.” Faith started to cry and nobody could understand her as he babbled away trying to cover her tracks. She managed to get back control and stopped talking and just lowered her gaze to the floor.

Tyler looked at his sister and knew he had her, his pendik escort mates could see that she was very vulnerable and their tiny little minds were going wild. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world but she was a girl and 18 year old boys morals go out of the window quickly. Much like a pack of hyenas they smelt blood or more like it smelt teenage pussy and they hoped their perverted imagination were going to come true.

“I am really disappointed in you Faith… I think that you need to think about what Mum and Dad will do to you.” She didn’t more and tried to hug herself, trying to disappear. “Please don’t tell Mum and Dad, they will kill me – please Tyler, help me out. I will do your homework, I will do your jobs for every”, she was pleading and begging and Tyler was enjoying watching her struggle.

As a final blow Tyler went in for the kill, he sat back and waited for her to squirm a little bit more. He smiled, “I am just thinking of all that money they are spending to educate you in that amazing school and you let them down”. She didn’t move and didn’t look up and then Tyler got his phone out and started watching a video.

Faith noticed the silence and finally looked up to see Tyler and all three of his friends watching a clip. She couldn’t really hear anything but it was obvious that the clip was sexual in nature and she got angry that they were watching porn. She moved over to grab the phone and she heard something which panicked her. She heard herself giving a blow job to David and Brian.

Faith stopped dead and she just froze, Tyler carried on watching his sister being abused and his friends were mesmerised as Faith took another thrust into her mouth. Peter the taller of Tyler’s two friends couldn’t help himself and blurted out “fuck me, she is amazing. Look how well she takes that cock down her throat”. Faith just sobbed, decimated by the embarrassment and the shame.

“Oh I think this is so much worse for you sister and I think that unless you want me to give this to mum and dad you will do exactly what I say. She knew she was powerless and knew that she was going to do have to do exactly what his brother wanted. She nodded and waited.

“I want you to come and make sure that me and my friends are comfortable. I think a drink and some food and then you can service our needs.” She timidly went into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with drinks and sandwiches for all three of them. She placed them down on the table and noticed all three of them where looking down her top.

‘Don’t move’, Tyler instructed her – his mates stood up and almost instantly they laid hands upon her. One pair on her arse, the other on her back and her brother went straight under her top to grope her tits. She couldn’t move and so she just let it happen, she wasn’t scared and deep down it seemed that she wanted it to happen.

Their hands felt amazing and Faith was now calm and she felt like she could take anything on – even three cocks. She relaxed her body, her legs, lips and she was ready for the boys. The hands on her breasts where rough, the hands on her nipples where even rougher and she felt every inexperienced moment. The hands on her arse moved to the top of her leggings and she knew they were coming off and without a word she soon felt the breeze on her arse and legs.

A finger moved over her pussy and it was flooded with her juices – she groaned as the first digit entered her hole and easily and it wasn’t alone for long escort pendik as another slipped inside of her. She moaned again, and this emboldened her assailants. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the third male undo his trousers and without hesitation he shoved his cock in to her mouth.

Much like the previous experience her jaw relaxed and she took his cock deep in her throat, but this time she had two fingers raping her pussy at the same time. She knew that one more cock inside of her and she would tick off another of her assignments. She adjusted a little and allowed her to take more of his fingers and more of his cock at the same time.

Her top was ripped from her body and she felt empty as the fingers left her body. Faith was shocked as she was picked up and moved to the low level table in the lounge. She tried to look at the boys as they carried her but they were focused on placing her on her back with her legs spread. It didn’t take long for the same cock to be placed back inside of her willing mouth. He thrust his cock into her and at the same time grabbed hold of the back of her head and that meant he could get amazing purchase on her and jack hammered her face.

She was shocked, nearly lost her breath and the following panic meant that she didn’t notice her legs being spread wider and a seven inch cock slowly spreading her pussy lips. After his bulbous head entered her she was more than aware that she was being raped – thank god he wasn’t too rough and slowly he pushed more of his cock inside of her.

Her hymen broke without too much fuss or pain and nobody noticed a small smear of blood as it was mixed into a good amount of her pussy juices. He pushed through and filled her up and just felt the warmth and the tightness of her amazing pussy.

The slamming of the cock in her mouth and the cock in her virgin pussy made for an overwhelming experience for Faith, one which started to build in her groin and the panic dissipated to be replaced with a growing need for more cock in her mouth and her pussy. The rhythm was starting to build and waves of pleasure where making Faith receptive to more and more hard cock. Her reluctant groan just gave the two rapist more encouragement to fuck her holes harder.

Faith literally didn’t care about anything at the moment and was actually pawing her brothers trousers so she could get hold of three different erect cocks. He let his fly open and it took a little while for her to release his fully stiff cock and slowly she started to wank his cock. He was very stiff already and her gentle hand made his lust grow.

Her brothers spare hands went straight to her breasts and he grouped and grabbed her ample tits. He wasn’t very gentle and paid particular attention to twisting and pinching her nipples which reacted quickly to his touch and became almost bullets. She couldn’t really feel what was going on with her tits but she did feel a warmth growing in between twinges of pain as her brother got bolder and more harsh.

He twisted and pinched her nipples and they puffed up and they felt amazing in his mouth and even gave them a couple of slaps. It didn’t stop her wanking him, it didn’t stop her sucking the other cock but she did let out a big moan as her orgasium took over her body and she shock as the pleasure waves ran through her body.

The boys noticed her orgasium and really let rip, more twisting, more trusting and holder her head as the cock rapes her holes. It didn’t take long pendik escort bayan for the boy in her mouth to reach his peak. He seemed to slow down and with one final trust filled her mouth with his come. She spluttered and choked a little and even though she tried a decent amount of come spilled out of her mouth.

He staggered backwards and watched his two mates fuck and abuse this girl and he knew that he wanted more. He caught his breath and saw that Tyler moved around to fill her mouth with his cock. She didn’t complain and even though she still had come in her mouth she took all of his cock. He moaned as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him.

Tyler moved quickly and started to face fuck her, her tits weren’t left alone and he just twisted them harder and harder as his pressure grow. Slaps came down on to her breast and he grabbed them hard to allow him to get more purchase fucking her face. He could see that she was gagging a little but his rage was such that he just drove deeper and harder into her mouth.

It didn’t stop her coming again but she panicked a little and she felt her legs being tightly grabbed as a load moan meant that she was going to her her pussy filled with come. His face was red, he was pumping away and pushed harder and deeper into her very wet pussy. He froze and slammed all of his come into her pussy, and this sent her over the edge as she could feel the ropes of come fill her up.

He nearly fell over as he finally withdrew and was dump struck watching his come slowly leak out of this freshly fucked pussy. He was in heaven and felt like a real man. He sat and watched his two friends and was just calm It didn’t stop him from getting his phone from his pocket and start taking photos and films of her pussy for later on.

Tyler knew that it was his turn so with one last twist of her nipple he withdrew and quickly moves between her legs. he grabbed his stiff cock and mounted his sister, he really didn’t care about her pleasure and just started fucking her. His friends watched him fuck her and started to get hard again.

They didn’t really know what to do but they got a bit braver and presented themselves with their newly stiffened cocks either side of her hoping she would service them – which after a while she did. Without too much prompting she grabbed both cocks and went to work. Her brother was manic and fucking her hard as he finally filled her hole with his come. He came, and then she came with a loud screaming orgasium as his come was pumped into her.

He just panted and laid on top of his sister and if he was more with it he probably would have moved a lot quicker as two young and inexperienced teenagers where being wanked and could come all over him at any point.

It didn’t happen but it was close as he finally withdrew and a moment later both boys let rip all over Faith’s tits and her face. Being typical boys they didn’t help her clean up, they didn’t even check to see if she was okay, they just got their stuff and went upstairs to play Xbox. Faith was exhausted, covered in come and she ached as the full extent of how they used her body made itself a little more obvious.

She didn’t move for a while as a wave of pain met every movement but between her trying to move and the pleasure still warming her body, she just laid there with cream ozzing out of her with not a care in the world, she was contented and actually happy. She nearly feel asleep but was confused and dazed when she heard the front door and didn’t react quickly enough as her dad stood in the door way seeing his daughter’s abused and come-ridden body spread eagled for everyone to see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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