Wake Up Lisa Mitchell Ch. 22

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Chapter 22

Lisa and Mark embraced for a brief period longer before Lisa went to go clean up. Mr. Lipscomb went to his phone and saved the video he recorded.

Mrs. Mitchell re-dressed and tried her best to fix her hair and makeup. Lisa’s lover had already put on his boxers and was getting some things out of his carry-on when he heard the door to the bathroom open.

She walked towards her heels and strapped them on before standing up again. Mark embraced her, hugging the busty brunette and giving Lisa an affectionate kiss.

“That was amazing, you are special,” he told her

Lisa smiled blushingly before leaving his room. Mrs. Mitchell opened the door to the room she shared with her husband and stepped inside. Ryan had decided to shower due to the accident that had just happened. Not knowing that her husband was already in the room, Lisa semi-panicked.

“Oh my god, did he hear me?” she thought to herself while shuffling through her clothes.

Once Ryan finished his shower he stepped out and dried off. He had the towel wrapped around his waist when heard some noise in the room.

“Babe! Is that you?” he asked

“Hey, yes, sorry it got late, just changing,” Lisa replied

“No problem, I thought to shower and will meet you in bed,” Ryan said

Mrs. Mitchell quickly changed into some bedtime clothes before using some wipes to clean off her makeup. Lisa finished just in time as Ryan exited to look for his clothes.

The couple had a brief conversation about the evening before going to bed. That night Ryan dreamt of fucking his wife based on the sounds he heard from the other room.

Early morning the next day, Mark ran into Ryan on the way to the elevator. Mrs. Mitchell was still asleep. The young man thought he could have small talk and be cordial with the man whose wife he was fucking.

“Good morning. How are you?” Mark asked

Mr. Mitchell leered in his direction and then gave a sigh of annoyance before responding back, “Don’t talk to me, we have nothing in common and we are not going to be friends.”

Just as he finished his statement, the elevator dinged and the door opened. The two men entered and Mark pushed the button for them to go down to the lobby. Mark Lipscomb took in the words from his lover’s husband almost chuckling to himself.

Ryan Mitchell on the other hand was still a little perturbed and followed up his initial statement with a little more anger and emphasis, “Just stay the fuck away from me and my wife alright.”

“Okay,” Mark responded with a neutral and calm tone. He waited for Ryan to exit into the lobby before making his way out of the elevator. The former bank manager spotted Charles Grant sitting at the bar eating breakfast.

Mark Lipscomb went to get his own complimentary breakfast and joined the VP.

“So, how’d it go?” Charles asked. He was smiling and curious to know if the young man had come through on the challenge.

“I got with her last night,” Mark answered as he pulled out his cell phone. Mr. Lipscomb was livid with Ryan and didn’t think of the repercussions it could have for Lisa.

“Yeah, right,” Mr. Grant laughed, taking a sip of his orange juice

Mark paused and then made a request to see if Charles would be willing to up the offer, “That promotion, I want to be in a position where I’m Ryan’s boss.”

Charles stopped laughing and looked at the young man to try and gauge where his intent was coming from.

“I would have to pull some strings for that, but do you even have proof?” Mr. Grant replied

Mark Lipscomb played the video of Lisa walking in front of him from the night before. He shared that if Charles wanted more he needed to give Mark the guarantee of a promotion.

Again, Charles looked at Mark trying to see if he could find a “tell” on why Mark would want to be Ryan’s boss.

“Well, let me get back to you on this, but this is impressive,” Charles remarked, laughing again to keep the conversation somewhat light-hearted.

He engaged the account executive in sales talk with his mind drifting at the thought of how he could use what he had learned to his advantage.

The morning went by very quickly for the employees and their guests. They were given an afternoon of relaxation. Some opted for a spa treatment at the hotel and others decided to go to the pool. Mark Lipscomb was relaxing on a sun lounger by the pool. He hadn’t had contact with his former employee today but would be in for a nice surprise.

Charles Grant was at the bar inside the pool chatting and joking with some coworkers. Both men noticed Lisa and Ryan Mitchell entering the pool area.

Neither man cared much for Ryan. The busty Mrs. Mitchell had all of their attention. Lisa had taken off her tunic and was standing in her bikini. Although Mark had seen Lisa in the Jouse de Ris-k Hiatus Bikini, the mature woman looked very sexy to him in public wearing the coral-colored two-piece.

Ryan and Lisa made their way to a few sun loungers and settled in. Ryan applied some sunscreen to Lisa’s back and almanbahis proceeded to join the men and some women in the pool. Mark was still on his lounger and decided to text Lisa.

(Mark): You look so fucking sexy in that bikini. I want to rip it off you and just take you now

Lisa picked up her phone, visibly turning red as she looked at his message. Her phone received an immediate second message from her lover.

(Mark): Lick your lips if you can’t wait to feel my cock in your tight pussy.

Mrs. Mitchell was glad her sunglasses hid her gaze. Her bag was in the same direction as Mark was. Looking that way, Lisa reached down and grabbed her sunscreen before licking her lips.

The busty brunette felt naughty by this act as she had never done something that felt so forward before. With her focus a little scattered, Lisa sat near the edge of the recliner and reached between her legs to grab her towel. The act wasn’t meant to be sexy, but the mature woman captured the gaze of a few of the single and some married men.

Mr. Mitchell’s back was to his soulmate as he was busy working himself up to his own boss.

The busty brunette turned back and laid her towel down on the lounger. She opened the cap of the sunscreen and squeezed some on her legs. Lisa bent towards each leg and rubbed the white lotion into her silky smooth skin.

Having to lean over to lotion her calves and shins gave a nice view to the people at the pool bar of her cleavage, barely constrained by her top.

Mark texted her again, this time with a very forward message.

(Mark): Squeeze some of the lotion on your chest. You are turning all these men on so much. Even I can’t hide the tent in my pants. Do it for me, baby.

Mrs. Mitchell smiled at the fact that at her age she was still seen as attractive by the young man. What she didn’t want to do was what he’d requested, but she also didn’t want to disappoint Mark. The mature woman squirted a little sunscreen onto her mid-chest.

Some of the young men watched, scooching closer to the bar to hide their erections. A few elder men bit their lips and some others whispered to each other. They were enjoying the show Lisa Mitchell was putting on.

Lisa rubbed the white lotion on her upper neck, tilting her head slightly back and to the side. She finished with her arms before laying down on the lounger. Her smooth skin felt the heat from the sun as Lisa tanned while relaxing at the pool.

Charles Grant meanwhile had watched Mark and Lisa during this and was sure that the two had something going on. The savvy VP felt he had just enough to add another notch to his belt.

As an hour and a half went by, the pool was starting to become less busy. Mark left a few minutes before Ryan asked Lisa if she was ready to leave. She put her tunic on and they made their way to their room to get ready for the evening.

The couple made it downstairs to the ballroom. Lisa entered the hall wearing her new black City Studio’s Emma bodycon dress. The sheer long sleeves gave the dress an elegant look. With a lace-up back and openness across her neck, Lisa’s tan lines from earlier today were visible.

Her smooth sun-kissed long legs were on display as the hem came to mid-thigh. The busty brunette wore her favorite black four-inch red bottoms to finish off the outfit. Lisa sat down next to her husband at their designated table.

They enjoyed a three-course meal and a nice show put on by the company. This was followed by a live band giving people a nice full evening of fun and relaxation.

Charles Grant had kept his gaze towards the busty brunette and waited for an opportunity to get her alone. Halfway through the function, the VP noticed that she was leaving and excused himself as well.

He followed her from a distance until she went into the lady’s room. Then he waited a few minutes until she came out, acting as if he was on the phone and had just looked up.

“Hey, Lisa! How’s it going?” Charles asked

“Great! This is a wonderful show!” She replied smiling. Her blue eyes twinkled in the warm lighting. Mr. Grant almost lost himself in her gaze.

“Can we chat in private real quick?” he followed

Lisa wasn’t sure why he would want to talk to her, but obliged. The two walked to the bar and stood near a corner, secluded and not easily visible.

“Look, you are a gorgeous woman,” Charles started, “But I wonder, why you are doing what you are doing.”

Mrs. Mitchell looked at him with confusion, “What do you mean?” she asked

“What I mean is that I want to have sex with you,” Mr. Grant said, his poker face on full display

Angrily, the beautiful brunette responded, “Yeah, that’s not happening, don’t harass me, Charles.”

Just as she was about to walk away, Mr. Grant grabbed her arm and raised his eyebrows, implying for her to listen to his next comment.

“I know you are fucking Mark. If you don’t want your husband to find out, meet me tonight in room 632,” he told her, stern and to the point.

The busty almanbahis giriş brunette’s eyes widened in shock. She was horrified at what she had just heard. As much as she wanted to reply back, she couldn’t.

Charles watched and knew that he had her.

“Here’s a key. Tonight, at midnight, Cinderella,” Mr. Grant said, smiling as he left his key on the bar top before walking away.

Still in shock, Lisa stood there before turning toward the bar. Mrs. Mitchell grabbed the cold top of the bar to help her balance. She could feel her legs starting to get a little weak. Multiple thoughts scrolled through her mind. The one thing she didn’t have was her phone or clutch to text Mark. About fifteen minutes later and a shot which she charged to her room, Lisa re-entered the event.

Once she sat down next to Ryan, Mrs. Mitchell snuck the keycard into her purse. She then grabbed her cell phone and texted Mark to meet her. About twenty minutes later, Lisa met Mark at the same spot where she had spoken to, or better yet, been told by Charles about what he wanted.

“Mark…. Charles knows,” she expressed to him with fear and shock

“Knows what? What are you talking about?” Mr. Lipscomb asked, slightly confused

“He knows we are, you know…” Lisa followed

Mark thought about what she was saying, trying to give her some confidence, “I don’t know what he’s saying but he doesn’t have any proof.”

The two discussed this some more with the conclusion that Lisa would meet him but let him know she knew that he didn’t have anything on her.

As the evening proceeded, Mark ended his night early with the thought of meeting Lisa in his room once she spoke with Charles. Meanwhile, Ryan had a few drinks and engaged his wife to do the same. Near midnight, she told Ryan that she was going to bed as she felt tired. Her husband gave her a hug and a kiss before she left.

Lisa Mitchell had enough drinks to give her some liquid courage, but she was also teetering the line between tipsy and drunk. Mrs. Mitchell had accepted a few more than she would’ve liked to help her calm down before meeting Charles Grant.

The busty brunette stepped into the elevator and made her way up to room 632. Lisa stepped out and looked down the long dimly lit hallway of the sixth floor. Mrs. Mitchell could also feel the effects of the alcohol starting to take a little more control of her mind.

As she made it to the door, Lisa took the room key out and slide it into the card slot. Once it unlocked, Mrs. Mitchell pressed down on the handle, hearing the echo through the hallway before pushing the door open.

Charles Grant had dimly lit his room and ordered some wine for the two of them. He was wearing his suit from earlier, but his tie was loosened and collar unbuttoned. At that moment, his back was to the door and when he heard it open, the VP ensured to face away.

Mrs. Mitchell took a few steps in and listened as the door closed behind her. She waited for the man in the room to respond. Mr. Grant sent a text message and waited a few more seconds before asking for Lisa to place the key on the nightstand.

Lisa walked over to the nearest nightstand and put his key there, waiting for the next instruction.

“So tell me, do you fuck all your husband’s coworkers?” Charles said, looking to get a reaction

“I’m not fucking him, you don’t have any proof,” Lisa replied, snarky in manner but with a normal pitch.

“You aren’t? Is that why you were in his room last night?” Mr. Grant added.

Now Lisa was really wondering how she would get out of this situation.

“I went to my own room last night, our rooms are next to each other,” Lisa added, she was sure this would help her.

Charles listened and knew she had won that argument.

“That’s not the door you went into. Also, I noticed what you did at the pool after Mark texted you. How long has this been going on?” he replied, still not sure if he was right

Mrs. Mitchell didn’t have a comeback as she was at a loss for words.

“Charles, Mark didn’t text me,” Lisa said, ignoring his statement about what room and how long.

“Look Lisa, I’m not dumb. I just texted your husband right now to call me. He will find out about all of this soon,” Charles added.

About ten seconds later Mr. Grant’s phone rang.

“Hey Charles, everything okay?” Ryan asked on the other end. Charles had put him on speakerphone.

“Well, I have something I need to share with you, it is very important,” Mr. Grant said, looking at Lisa.

Her eyes were fixed on the phone when she noticed the end of Charles’ statement, looking at him.

“Sure what is it?” Ryan asked

“It’s about something I just found out,” Mr. Grant said, leering towards the busty brunette

“What? What do you mean? Is something going on?” Ryan questioned, now wondering what Charles was talking about

Mrs. Mitchell made eye contact with the VP, mouthing the words, “Okay”.

He mouthed back “Okay what?”

Meanwhile, Ryan was wondering if Charles almanbahis yeni giriş was still there.

“I will do, I will have sex with you,” Lisa mouthed back before Charles got back on the line.

“Everything is good, I just received an e-mail to clear it up,” he told Lisa’s husband. The two discussed this briefly before Charles Grant hung up the phone.

Ryan Mitchell was slightly confused by the discussion with Charles but didn’t give it much thought, instead continuing to socialize.

Mrs. Mitchell stared lasers at Charles Grant. There he stood, a towering six feet five inches, with broad muscular shoulders and bald. She hadn’t paid much attention to the tall man before. At fifty-six years old, Mr. Grant actually looked ten years younger. He felt that his disciplined gym routine after the end of his semi-pro sports career had a lot to do with his appearance.

Charles looked back at Lisa with his dark brown eyes, smiling almost Grinch-like at the beautiful brunette.

“So, I know what I know, and I know that right now, I want to fuck you,” Charles said as he walked over to her.

Lisa’s eyes welled up as Charles Grant firmly grabbed her by the waist. Mr. Grant looked hungrily at his prey. His height caused Mrs. Mitchell to look up at him as he leaned in and kissed her soft lips.

Mrs. Mitchell closed her eyes, a tear rolled down her cheek as this stranger embraced her. His hands moved from her waist to her back, bringing the busty brunette in closer. Lisa’s tits pressed up against Mr. Grant’s chest as he continued to kiss her. She felt his strength as Charles squeezed her ass.

Lisa took a deep breath, the room starting to spin as the man continued his affection for her. She didn’t want this or need this but had no other way to get out. Charles kissed her neck, licking and sucking his way up to her lips. His tongue slowly broke down her barriers. Mrs. Mitchell was starting to feel a little warm from the affection mixed in with her drunken haze.

Mrs. Mitchell’s dress inched up higher as Charles gently pushed Lisa up against the wall. Mr. Grant took off his blazer, dropping it onto the floor as he kissed her chest. The temperature rising for both of them due to the closeness of their bodies.

He moved one hand to the outside of Lisa’s smooth, tanned thigh. Charles caressed her upper leg, as he continued to enjoy the busty brunette in front of him. Mr. Grant breathed in her floral perfume as he moved his hand to the inside of Lisa’s thigh.

Without being told what to do, Mrs. Mitchell parted her legs slightly more than how they were at that moment. Charles Grant continued his affection on Lisa’s chest and neck.

Lisa closed her eyes, breathing deeply as she knew what was to come. Mr. Grant could feel her chest moving as he roamed her inner thigh. As Charles touched Lisa’s panty-covered mound, she gasped, “Ah”.

Her head leaned against his broad shoulder, eyes closed as the VP felt her wetness soaking through her undergarment.

Charles smiled briefly before playing some more with the busty woman. He grabbed both her wrists, pinning them above her head. The submissiveness aroused Lisa. She inhaled Mr. Grant’s cologne, the muskiness enhanced her incoherent state.

Her blackmailer pressed in closer, kissing her deeper while his erection grew. Mrs. Mitchell could feel his member stiffen up against her right leg.

Thoughts of Mark crossed her mind. How he felt in her mouth, his girth, and how full her pussy felt with him inside her. With her mind occupied by thoughts of her lover, Lisa returned Mr. Grant’s affection a little more this time before he broke the embrace. Charles kissed the mature woman’s right ear and neck again.

“Mm,” Lisa moaned quietly but enough for the VP to hear.

He released her wrists and stopped rubbing her panty-covered mound. Charles gently grabbed Lisa’s 34F tits, squeezing them in a circular motion. The busty brunette gasped again, resting her head against the wall. Mr. Grant leaned in and kissed her parted lips, this time getting more of a response back from Mrs. Mitchell.

They continued to make out for a brief moment before Charles stepped back, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his member. The VP unbuttoned his shirt dropping it on the carpeted floor nearby. Lisa opened her eyes and caught herself biting her lower lip as she eyed his strong upper body.

Mr. Grant was muscular and in a lot better shape than Ryan or Mark. Mrs. Mitchell noticed the definition in his build. Her blackmailer stepped in close again, gently grabbing her wrist and guiding it to his member. Charles kissed her deeply again just as Lisa’s hand made contact with his warm cock. As if in a trance, Mrs. Mitchell wrapped her soft fingers around his shaft and started to caress his manhood.

His girth didn’t match that of her lover but his length was plenty. Lisa slowly started to stroke his seven-inch member, feeling it stiffen with each pull.

They kissed some more before Charles led her to the side of the bed. Once she sat down, Lisa looked up at the VP noticing his eyes were directing her to his cock. Mrs. Mitchell made eye contact with his manhood. Overtaken by a mixture of drunkenness and sexual excitement, she leaned in cupping the head of his manhood before gently kissing his cock.

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