Waking the Princess

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This story is about a friend of mine. I only wish that something like this could come true. I call it Waking the Princess.

Did this just happen. When you know someone for a long time they almost become non sexual to you. People talked about how sexy she was and I thought she was a beautiful woman but it didn’t cross my mind until that night that she turned me on. She was going through a lot in her life and I didn’t want to seem like I was taking advantage but I shouldn’t have worried because she had plans of her own. It was last weekend and probably a weekend I will never forget.

I hadn’t seen her for quite some time but I got an invite to come drink and hangout in the hot tub. I figured it would be the regular cast of people but when I pulled up it seemed empty. I am usually the first one or last one to arrive so I thought since it was only 10 and had just gotten dark maybe I was early. As I rang the doorbell I started to think how I do love long summer days. The nights are never cold and everyone seems to be in a good mood. I could hear footstep, when the door opened I was surprised. I hadn’t seen her in a while but she looked amazing in her sexy mono-kini with a beautiful new smile and a drink in her hand. I gave her the traditional hug hello, she smelled so good that alone almost gave me an erection.

As I followed her into the house I started to hear music playing and she started to dance, watching her move make my cock rock hard and hiding it in a bathing suit won’t be easy. I quickly suggested that we get in the pool. “hold on, you don’t even have a drink yet and you need to dance with me” she says. She backed her tight little ass into me and she must have felt my throbbing cock because she glanced back at me with a dirty little smile and pressed harder into me. I knew she was teasing me but what I didn’t know is how much I could take. We danced a little as she made me a drink and then stepped outside.

“where is everyone at?” I said. She told me they all flaked on her but she didn’t care. She was happy to see me and we needed to catch up. We both hopped in the pool and talked at length about what was going on in our lives and what would make us happier. I she caught me trying not to stare at her amazing breasts. It wouldn’t have been hard. She had them on display and made them nice and wet, what man could resist a peek. But her response wasn’t what I expected. She moved closer to me and our legs began to touch under the water. She moved very close to me and I looked her in those beautiful brown eyes. She was pressing her whole body up against me. And wrapped her arms around me. She started to move in for a kiss but then stopped short and said “mmm we need another drink.” Then turned and walked to the edge of the pool where she had left the drink mix.

At this point I was so hard I couldn’t take much more teasing. I either needed a release or a cold shower until she turned back suggested climbing in the hot tub. Of course I got in. She sat very close as our bodies began to overlap until she was sitting in my lap sideways. I was thinking here it goes I have got her now. She wants me. She wants to feel that throbbing cock she is sitting on deep inside of her. I was ready to give it to her she had no idea what was in-store altyazılı porno for her. I told her she looked tense and started to rub her shoulders. She melted into my hands. My lips kissed her shoulder and her soft moan indicated that she liked it. I moved up her shoulder to her neck. She turned around and straddled my body our lips and tongues met. She was rocking that little pussy against my hard cock. She whispered in my ear “I really want that cock deep inside of me”. Finally, this was it. She had been teasing me all night. She climbed out of the hot tub and motioned for me to come inside.

“I need a shower first to get this chlorine off of me.” She says. I ask her “do you want company?” She said that she could handle it herself and to wait in the living room and have another drink. WTF is going on I can’t take this anymore. Why can’t I go in the shower with her? She said she wants it. I hear the shower turn off and I start to get excited. She comes out wearing only a towel and says to me. “I’m sorry but the drinks and heat from the hot tub got to me and I’m not feeling well.” “You probably have had one too many drinks to drive home so please sleep on the couch” I can’t believe it I am not getting anything after all of that.

As I laid there on the couch trying not to think of my still rock hard cock my mind started to race. Did she do this to me on purpose? She is such a little fucking tease. The longer I thought about it the angrier I got. I can’t believe she would tease me and not get me off somehow. At this point I had enough. I got up and very quietly walked back to her room where she was lying in a cute little panties and just a t-shirt up top. She looked like she was out cold. I couldn’t believe it, I started to tie her wrists and ankles to the bed posts with what looked like straps that must have been left there with her last sexual encounter. Now she is going to get what she deserves.

I quietly look though the drawers looking for toys to use on her. I find what I am looking for in her panty drawer. A tiny little clit massager and a good sized vibrator with some lube. I am going to have fun with these. I hear her attempt to roll over and she must have woken up because I can hear her start to try and move around.

“There is no need, I have you tied pretty tight.” She looks at me trying to register what is going on. Her eyes trying to focus. “You teased me all night and now it’s time for the teasing to end” I am ready to play with her. “What are you doing? This isn’t you untie me please and we can have fun.” She says. “You have been in control all night and all I have to show for it is a hard cock and no relief. It’s time for me to tease you.”

I strip what’s left of my clothes off and climb between her legs. She still smells amazing. She looks at me “You don’t have to do this, untie me and I will do whatever you want.” I whisper in her ear “You’re going to do what I want you nasty little slut, I am going to take that dirty little mouth of yours and put it to good use. Probably the rest of you too.” My hand firmly grasps her neck so she can’t move and I start to kiss her deeply. To my surprise she doesn’t put up much of a fight and is kissing back. I squeeze harder and I can tell she is starting to have trouble zenci porno breathing.

I pull my face back and can see it in her eyes, she is starting to change color. It’s at that point I let go and let her catch her air. We have a long night in front of us and I want her to keep her energy up. I start kissing her again and she kiss back. I kiss down her neck, I push the shirt up around her breasts and start to suck and lick her nipples. My rough hands on her sides as I kiss her stomach and keep moving down finally my head is between her legs. Her legs already spread, my mouth kisses her inner thighs. I tease her, getting close to her tight wet little pussy but not touching it, not yet. I can smell her pussy; it smells so good I just want to put my mouth on it.

I slid her panties to the side and start to run my tongue up as I spread her pussy lips apart. “I know you want this you fucking whore, you’re soaking wet. Your panties are drenched.” My mouth moves up to her clit, I start sucking and kissing around it. Then licking the clit, itself. She starts to press her pussy into my mouth. I pull back a little and say “Oh no you had your chance to get it your way and you were a tease, this is my way.”

I reach for the vibrator and press the tip against her soaking pussy. She is so wet it slides in without much force. Its moving in and out of her as my mouth teases her clit. She is moaning as she can feel the vibrations deep in her body. She can feel every inch of it slide inside of her. Every moan is making me want her more. She starts to really move and starts to scream as an orgasm is racing though her body. Her breathing slows and she sinks back down and continues to shake off and on.

The vibrator is soaked as I remove it from her pussy. I press the vibrator against her lips and tell her to clean her toy. She opens her mouth and takes it down her throat sucking and then licking it all up. “how do you taste?” I ask her. “I taste fucking amazing; I always taste amazing” I give her another deep kiss. She wasn’t wrong her pussy tastes so good. “Now it’s time to put that dirty fucking mouth to good use.”

I re-positioned her to where she was still tied up but her head was laying of the edge of the bed. “Open your mouth you fucking whore, if you do a good job maybe I will do something for you”. My cock slides into her awaiting mouth. I start fucking her throat, she knows how to take it. She has probably done this a few times before. I knew she was a freak in the bedroom when I met her. I am finally putting her to good use. My cock drives deep in and out of her throat. I press it all the way in and hold it there. “you like my fucking cock don’t you bitch? You like when my cock chokes you.” I pull back and let her catch her air. She only utters one word “more”. I grab the vibrator and push it back into her pussy fucking her with it as I start thrusting harder and faster, my cock fucking her sexy little face. I stop and hold my cock in her throat about every 10 thrusts. I can hold it for a second or much long depending on what it looks like she can handle. I can feel it building I am about to explode. I pull out of her mouth and start to cum all over her face, she opens her mouth eager to get any drop she can aldatma porno inside.

Her face still covered with cum and the vibrator still in her pussy I start to untie her. She has proven she can handle the type of things I want to do to her. With her hands free she wipes the cum off of her face with her fingers and sucks each one clean. I look at her in the eyes and she says “I love it, I am a naughty little cum whore and I need as much as I can get.” She is dirtier than I even thought. I can’t wait to get my hard cock inside of her.

I pull off her soaking panties and stuff them in her mouth. I tell her to get on her hands and knees. She puts her face on the pillow and pokes her ass in the air. I spank her sexy little ass and she lets out a whimper. I position myself behind her as slide the tip of my cock inside of her. She starts to push against me trying to get it in faster. “No, you dirty little fucking slut. You hand your chance now it’s my turn.” I do it slowly to tease her. She can feel every inch slowly moving deep inside of her and she loves it. I start pushing faster and harder deeper and deeper inside of her. Her tight little pussy feels amazing and it tries to squeeze the cum out of my cock. But I don’t want to cum yet so I slow down. I see the vibrator laying on next to me with the lube and I get an Idea.

The vibrator is completely lubed up and I press the tip of it against her tight little ass. I am gentle as I press it in side. It feels so good; I can feel the vibrations from the vibrator now deep in her ass as I fuck her dripping wet pussy. She is moaning so loudly. She reaches her arms up deep into the pillows to grab onto the bed, or so I thought. She pulls a dildo out that she must have been hiding and takes it down her throat. This dirty little slut wanted all of her holes filled up. It’s so fucking sexy watching her suck on that dildo as I am fucking her. My cock pounding up against her pussy and the toy in her ass sends vibrations throughout her body. I can see she is about to cum. She arches her back and I can feel her pussy start to convulse on my cock. She pulls the dildo from her mouth as she screams out “I’m fucking going to cum, I am going to cum don’t stop, I am Cumming.”

She looks back at me. “Fill my tight little pussy with cum. I want to feel it deep inside me.” This sends me over the edge as I grab her hair and pull her head back as I thrust my hard cock deep into this nasty little cum slut. “I’m Cumming you dirty fucking whore, feel that cum shoot deep inside of you.” It feels so amazing I slowly pull my cock from her dripping pussy. The vibrator still humming deep inside her ass. She slowly pulls it out. “I love being filled with toys and your cock” she says as we lay back down towards the front of the bed.

She spreads her legs and looks down at her dripping pussy. She moves her finger down and start to wipe it up just like she did from her face. She licks every drop off her finger that she can. “mmm we taste good together” as she licks the last bit of your mixed cum from her finger. I kiss her deeply. “yes we do, we taste amazing.”

As I got up to get a drink of water she said. “I’m really glad this plan worked, I didn’t know if you were willing to force yourself on me or not”

She had been hoping that this would happen. I was glad to hear it because that weekend was amazing. I don’t know if I will ever have sex like that again. If you’re interested I can tell you more of the stories later. But for now I need to get some rest she is insatiable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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