Warm Afternoon

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I shifted slightly in bed, barely moving. It was neither the dream nor the breeze flowing over my body that tugged at my sleep. It was a distant sound like an echo. A voice… or something else? I tried to focus. No… multiple voices, vague and indistinct. My mind scrambled to process meaning as these voices pulled me slowly, inexorably toward consciousness.

I rolled onto my back and was greeted by familiar objects. Ceiling, walls, bookcase, pictures, posters, even the sunlight streaming though the open window were all reassuring. I was home again. Time away in college had not changed a thing. I had changed, but my room remained the same.

The window curtains rose and fell gently in response to unseen currents of outside air. Light ebbed and flowed into the room with each tiny gust and the rhythmic movement of the cloth fabric was almost hypnotic. I sensed that it was a beautiful, warm afternoon beyond the curtains. Yawning, I turned and glanced at the clock. It was already past noon.

Loud laughter followed by two muted voices drifted down the hall from my sister’s bedroom. I strained to recognize the second, soft and feminine. Its familiar tone clearly belonged to my cousin, Lisa. Jennifer and Lisa were together again. Generally, they were always together. Being born within a week of each other, living in the same town, attending the same schools, they grew up treating one another more like twin sisters than cousins. Everyone in our family treated Lisa like a sister.

Jennifer and Lisa’s conversation quickened and became more animated. I heard them giggling hysterically. Their voices emerged from Jennifer’s bedroom, and then faded, moving far away toward the front of the house. Each spoken word seemed to elicit renewed laughter from the two girls. I heard the front door open and close, followed quickly by the solid thump of the storm door. Their chatter evaporated and the house was still and silent.

Fully awake now, I contemplated what remained of the day. I didn’t have anything important scheduled until a series of job interviews set for the following week. I had submitted resumes to numerous large companies before graduating and those submissions were beginning to pay dividends. Today, however, was mine… and I had no immediate plans.

I reached down and plucked one of my stroke magazines from under the bed and sat against the headboard. The cover displayed a totally naked, stunning blonde with a seductive smile. Also, on the cover was a listing of articles found within the issue. I rarely read the articles, but the photos were first class! I perused the menu of leading stories before choosing Sorority Girls of the Southeast.

Thumbing through pages of southern beauties, my eyes fell upon a group photo of coeds from Florida. The next few pages included individual shots of each girl and short biographies. One characteristic they all shared was a rich golden tan. Two were brunettes while the others sported long, blond hair. I flipped to the next page and found that the girls were miraculously beginning to lose their clothing. I knew exactly how this particular summer day was going to begin and turned the page.

“Hey, sleepyhead!” A voice shattered the silence.

My eyes darted up from the magazine and toward the voice. Lisa stood perfectly framed in the doorway. My cousin’s unexpected appearance shocked my ability to respond. Lisa immediately read my surprise, smiled broadly, and leaned against the door frame.

“Gotcha, didn’t I, Jason?” Lisa was amused that she had startled me.

I was finally able to answer, “Dammit, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought I heard you and Jennifer leave.”

“Well, everybody’s gone… except me.” Lisa took a small step inside the doorway while glancing curiously at the open magazine on my lap. “Jennifer had to go down to the college bookstore and buy a textbook for the summer session. Can you believe it? She failed Psych 102 last semester and now she has to make it up!”

“She failed? You mean totally failed, like with an F?” This was a revelation. My sister never failed a single class in her life. She always took great pleasure in pompously announcing her A’s and B’s. Now, it seemed, she had finally met her match in college.

“Oh, yeah, a big-time F.” Lisa seemed to take a perverse delight in Jennifer’s fall from grace. “And, your parents were really pissed.”

“Well, what happened? Did she blow the final?”

“She blew off everything, Jason. She submitted a sorry research paper, skipped lectures, just plain didn’t study. She knew the final exam was a lost cause and didn’t even show up. I don’t know why she didn’t drop the class earlier.”

“That would have been the smartest thing to do.” I quickly closed the open magazine. “What was she thinking?”

Lisa noticed my unusual movement and gazed suspiciously at the magazine. She fell silent and began to survey the bedroom. A puzzled expression izmit escort transformed her face and she turned her attention to a cluster of pictures on the dresser. I took the opportunity to surreptitiously place the magazine face down on the bed beside me. I watched as Lisa silently toured the perimeter of my room. Stopping to touch and examine various items, she seemed preoccupied…consumed in thought.

My cousin was a beautiful young woman. Gorgeous, according to most, would be a better description. She was casually dressed in a pair of bright red summer shorts and a contrasting snow white top. The top was brief enough to reveal several inches of golden tanned skin on her flat stomach as she moved about the room. I considered her slender, athletic build to be one of pure perfection. Lisa paused for a moment in front of the open window and concentrated on something far away. A brief gust of summer breeze gently lifted the curtains and her blond hair as she continued to stare straight ahead. A few seconds passed before she turned in my direction and spoke.

“It’s nice to have you home again, Jason.” I could see her smile return and her deep blue eyes brighten.

“So, I haven’t seen you since Christmas break. What’s new besides your diploma?” Lisa moved to the side of my bed and playfully slapped my leg. “Scoot over and give me some space. I want to hear what you’ve been up to lately. Have you landed a job yet?”

I shifted my sitting position toward the middle of the bed. Lisa sat down on the edge, leaving one foot on the floor.

“No, but I have prospects” I gave Lisa a rundown of the upcoming interview schedule.

As I recounted the mundane details of the past few months I noticed Lisa began to mindlessly finger the edge of the magazine at my side. All the while she looked into my eyes, rarely blinking. Her blue eyes seemed to search my face for some reaction that never came.

“So, here I am.” I concluded. “Back home for a couple of weeks.”

“It should be fun.” said Lisa. “We always had fun didn’t we? I mean…you, me, and Jennifer. We did a lot of things together.”

I nodded in agreement and watched Lisa look directly at the magazine and deliberately pull it toward her.

“And what’s this?” Lisa flipped the magazine upright and scanned the cover. She looked up with a devilish gleam in her eyes. “Oh, I see… now you’re working on a graduate degree in anatomy?”

She began to thumb through a few pages while perusing the photos. I stretched, leaned back, and used the moment to visually rediscover my cousin. The undulating curtains allowed sunlit patterns to wash over the room and highlight Lisa’s golden hair. She continued to study the pages with more than passing interest.

“These girls are really beautiful.” Lisa abruptly closed the magazine and broke the stillness.

“Yeah, they are.” I remained stationary, not really knowing how to take her comment.

“Do you have more of these?”

What was this question all about? I casually leaned toward the edge of the bed and motioned toward the floor. Lisa bent at the waist, and peered under my bed.

“Wow, you have a sizeable collection under there.” Lisa seemed intrigued.

“A few.” I replied.

“Jason, can I ask you a question?… It’s kind of a personal question.”

“Sure” Now I was intrigued.

“When guys read these magazines,” She tapped the cover with one finger. “do they… you know… get turned on?”

Damn, I didn’t expect that kind of interrogation from my cousin but I realized any denial would be useless and silly. Lisa was intently waiting for me to offer an answer. And, I was curious about her motive and getting a little turned on by her question.

“Well, yeah…” I chuckled. “A normal guy can’t look at a naked woman without some reaction.”

“And what kind of reaction would that be?” Lisa edged slightly closer.

“Lisa! You know damn well what kind of reaction I’m talking about. You know what happens. What kind of a question is that anyway?”

“Well, yeah…” Lisa fumbled and cautiously searched for the right words. “I know that certain things cause a guy’s… you know… penis to get hard. I know all that stuff. Kissing, hugging… those things. But…”

“But what?” Lisa momentarily averted her eyes and I detected a rosy flush invade her cheeks.

“Jason, give me a break. This is difficult for me to do.” Lisa was genuinely struggling. “You’re a guy and… I just want to ask you about some things.”

“Alright, ask me and I’ll do my best.” I smiled and Lisa positioned herself more comfortably on the bed.

“When you read a magazine like this,” She grabbed the issue and held it up for me to see. “do you get turned on?”

“Well, yeah… It’s natural.” I nodded and Lisa seemed to relax a bit.

“Now we’re getting somewhere! Thank you, Jason.” She exhaled before continuing. “So… are you… izmit escort bayan hard now?”

“Am I what?” I couldn’t believe what I just heard from my cousin’s lips. I sensed exactly where this line of questioning was moving and I wasn’t sure I wanted to venture there.

“Ah, Jason, come on! You already know what I’m asking.” Lisa pulled the magazine tightly against her abdomen and leaned slightly closer to me. “So, please tell me the truth.”

I reversed myself and became very interested in this voyage of exploration. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and see where this conversation was headed. Lisa was obviously nervous and I seized the opportunity to make her squirm a little before answering.

“Can you be a little more specific about how you define hard?”

One brief moment passed before Lisa’s perplexed expression dissolved away when she finally realized that I was toying with her mind. She shot me her best fake-angry look and then hurled the magazine at me in mock disgust. I shielded myself from her playful assault and broke into loud laughter.

“Gotcha, didn’t I?”

“You rat!! You had me going.” Lisa scrambled to the middle of the bed and sat Indian-style against the footboard facing me. With her fingertips, she expertly pushed her blond locks over her shoulders and waited for my laughter to subside. “I suppose you’re having a great time at my expense, but I’m not finished yet because you haven’t answered my previous question.”

“And that question was…?” I acted forgetful.

“Does looking at that magazine give you an erection?” Lisa paused, swallowed, and pushed herself to continue. “No, what I really wanted to know is… are you hard right now? There… I said it, Jason.”

Looking deeply into Lisa’s questioning eyes I began to feel a tingling sensation in my cock. I decided to be truthful instead of avoiding her inquiries.

“I really didn’t have enough time… you did surprise me a little.” I smiled and waited for Lisa’s reaction which came instantly.

“How long does it take?” Lisa was obviously on a mission.

“Do you mean how long does it take for my cock to get hard? Is that you’re asking?”

“Yes, sort of… I guess… so how much time does it take?”

“Less than a minute.” Honesty seemed to be the best policy.

Lisa’s eyes widened. “Wow… that’s pretty fast.” She leaned slightly toward me and rested her elbows on her knees.

“Would you have… done it… if I hadn’t come in?”

“Done what?” I responded. I felt my cock pulsate in my boxers.

“Jennifer told me she saw you do it once.” Lisa’s voice became softer. “She saw you… masturbate in the woods on a camping trip.”

“What!… I’ve never… she’s never seen…” My voice trailed away to nothing. I suddenly felt like a trial witness under withering cross-examination. “She said that??”

Lisa waited for a moment and then proceeded.

“She told me that she secretly followed you downstream from our campsite one afternoon. You were going fishing alone and she saw you do it in a dense grove of trees next to the stream.” Lisa paused and her voice fell to a whisper. “Do you still do it, Jason? Do you still masturbate?”

“Sure.” I wasn’t going to lie and Lisa seemed somewhat relieved.

“I’ve never seen a guy masturbate. I’ve never seen a hard cock.” Lisa swallowed and took a deep breath before continuing. “Will… will you do it for me? Will you let me watch?”

Lisa placed one hand on my bare leg and I felt my cock stiffen. I sensed the tension mounting in both of our bodies. She paused and attempted to summon up all of her courage before continuing.

“If you show me how a guy does it… if you let me watch… I’ll show you how a girl does it. I’ll do it for you, Jason. And, I’ll show you everything. Please, I want to see what Jennifer saw in the woods that day.”

I knew it was wrong and I knew it was close to incest. But, I had quickly passed that ‘point of no return’ and simply nodded.

Lisa exhaled and smiled nervously. “I guess we should take our clothes off now, huh?”

“That might be a good idea.”

I pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it aside. I reclined back against the headboard clothed only in my boxers. Lisa followed by removing her white top, revealing a simple white bra. She reached behind and, pausing only slightly, unclasped it and allowed it to fall to her lap. Lisa’s breasts were fully exposed to my eyes for the first time. It felt deliciously sinful to view my cousin. They were small, perfectly matched, and beautiful. Their creamy light color contrasted with her darkly tanned body. Her light brown nipples protruded and pointed directly at me. Lisa immediately removed her athletic shoes, pushing them over the side of the bed. She continued with her anklet socks and playfully flipped them in my direction. She leaned back against the footboard and tickled the bottoms escort izmit of my feet with her toes.

“Your turn!” A wickedly sweet smile transformed her face.

Lisa’s blue eyes penetrated my soul. I slipped my thumbs under the waistband of the boxers, lifted my hips, and became totally nude in front of my cousin. I could hear Lisa exhale as my engorged cock came into view.

“Oh, Jason, it’s almost purple!” Lisa’s voice was raspy. “And, it’s so big!”

Lisa understood what came next and, eyes never leaving my cock, she unzipped her shorts. In one smooth, practiced motion she pushed her shorts over her ankles and kicked them aside. Only one barrier remained. Outside, a warm afternoon breeze lifted the curtains and flooded the room with sunlight. Lisa looked up at my face and hesitated only a moment before deftly inserting two fingers under the elastic of her white panties. She wiggled them over the curves of her hips and cast them off the bed. She instinctively attempted to partially cover up with an open hand and kept her knees together as if modesty were still an issue. We were both completely naked.

Lisa’s breathing was labored and audible. “Okay, Jason, please show me what you do… and…” Her voice trailed away to nothing. She hesitated one second before removing the hand that shielded her pussy and revealed perfectly smooth mounds on either side of her moist slit. Lisa’s body was on fire as both hands moved upward to caress her breasts. My cousin’s cheeks were flushed and her voice was ragged with passion.

“Do it for me… please… and I’ll do it for you.”

It was far too late for either of us to change our minds. I reached for my throbbing cock. When my fingers wrapped around my rod, Lisa moaned softly and parted her legs. The visual effect of her beautiful body, open and unshielded, was electrifying. I began to slowly stroke up and down my shaft.

“Oh, Jason, that’s so hot.” Lisa’s eyes became liquid. “You don’t know how many times I’ve wished for this moment. I want to watch you come… I want to help you come.”

Lisa’s left hand remained on one breast while her right hand slid smoothly across her flattened stomach and down the length of her inner thigh. She pulled her knees up and spread her legs wide across the bed. Lisa kept her promise to show me everything.

“Yessss…” It was the only response I could muster. I had never seen a girl so openly display herself to me. My heart was racing and each pumping movement of my hand brought a heightened tingling in my balls. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. “Lisa… I’m so close.”

Lisa’s fingers descended toward her shaved mound and she began a slow, circular movement above her pink slit. With each motion she edged lower until her middle finger engaged the tiny nub of her clitoris. In one swift instant she recalled her hand to her mouth, added moisture to her fingertips, and resumed her frenzied pleasuring.

I purposely slowed the jacking of my cock in an attempt to delay the eruption building deep within my body. I kept my eyes on Lisa’s pussy and saw the most erotic scene I have ever witnessed. One finger delicately explored the cleft between her legs before completely disappearing inside her wetness. A deep, sucking sound was emitted as she rapidly probed back and forth. I watched her insert a second finger and her pelvis rose to meet her hand. Lisa’s eyes were glazed, her face contorted, and she gently bit her lower lip.

“Now, Jason… please do it now!” Lisa focused only on my pulsating cock. “I want to see you shoot your white stuff… Oh, please, do it now!!”

I finally let go and feverishly began to masturbate more rapidly in the presence of my cousin’s naked body. My dry throat allowed only a croaking sound to emerge as Lisa watched. I pumped furiously and grabbed the edge of the headboard for support. My cock began to uncontrollably spew semen. The first surge splashed upon my chest, the second on my leg, and the third on the bed sheets I shared with Lisa. I continued to pump until only clear fluids dribbled over my erection and onto my hand. I was gasping for air.

“Oh, jeez!” Lisa witnessed her first male orgasm and her rapid breathing increased.

Her eyes closed as she neared her own orgasm. Lisa’s middle finger expertly strummed the swollen bud under its protective hood. Her hips pushed up against the palm of her hand. Every few seconds she dipped into her juices to moisten and continue. Finally, her facial muscles tensed, she clenched her teeth together, and a deep sound developed in her throat. In one motion, Lisa covered her pussy with both hands, squeezed her knees together, and rolled onto her side. We both remained quiet for several minutes.

“Lisa, that was wonderful.” I was spent and at a loss for any other words.

“Yes…” Lisa’s breathing returned to normal. “I love you, Jason.”

“I love you, too.”

Lisa rolled off the bed, quickly gathered her clothing together in a ball and abruptly headed toward the door.

“I need to take a shower before Jennifer gets back.” Lisa paused in the doorway and produced a huge smile. “Next time, Jason, I want to do more!”

“More? What do you mean more?”

“Oh, you’ll find out.” Lisa waved, and was gone.

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