Weak Uncle

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This is stories about an event unlike any I have had before, and have only hoped and dreamed. I am a mid forties black guy with average looks, slim build and a more than healthy sex drive. After my divorce I moved into town with my brother and his family temporarily with his wife and two adopted kids (Boy and Girl ), which makes them my nephew and niece.

This story is about this niece I’ll call her Dee (not her real name) for this story, she is really hot, nice body and cute and sexy as hell.

Well as fate would have it the room I’m put into one of two bedrooms on the upper floor, which happens to be next door to the girls room and the bathroom. She being a typical teenager, she stayed mostly in her room with the door closed.

So after I’m there about two or three weeks, I had been doing without any sex and was feeling the neglect, not dating or seeing anyone. Unfortunately I was without my supply of adult reading material or even a VCR to view some x rated tapes. I was reduced to trying to watch the scrambled sex channels on TV to get off, so all I had left was my imagination and my hands to try to get me through the nights, mostly unsuccessful.

Well one night I came in after 11:00 pm needed to pee real bad, I ran upstairs heading for the bathroom when I ran into Dee coming out the bathroom after her shower with a towel wrapped around her body leaving very little to the imagination, still dripping wet and looking sexy in fact good enough to eat on the spot. Meanwhile I standing there with my dick already in hand, we were both shocked and surprised which almost made me piss right there on the spot, she jumped and threw her hand up falling back against the door jam which caused her towel to drop to the floor along with all the items she had in her hands saying uncle you scared me. Standing before me was this sexy as hell young girl with breast that were about a size 34C with perky upturned nipples, she has a tiny waist accented by a navel ring. She had the thickest, curliest and longest bush hairs I have seen. While she tried to regroup from our encounter, I instinctively went down to my knees to pick up the items she dropped which put me at eye level her lush bush, I was so close that I saw actual water droplets still clinging to the hairs. Meanwhile, I still had not put my dick back into my pants and it would not have gone in if I tried because it was as hard as a rock from my need to pee and seeing a young hot naked girl. Well after me apologizing and her saying that it’s okay that I just surprised her she just laughed and headed for her room.

After she went into her room and I finally had that much needed piss, it took forever waiting for my hard on to go down so that I could without pissing everywhere. I went to my room not even bothering to turn on the lights or TV.


I just laid back onto the bed and closed my eyes with my dick in hand savoring the sights that I had just witnessed, when I heard this moaning and groaning coming from the closet area of my room. I went over to the closet to see from where the noise was coming. I was able because I had not turn the room lights on I was able to see a light coming from a hole in the wall. I went closer and peered into the hole, which was about the size of a dime, what I was treated to because of the position of the hole, I was able to look directly onto her bed. There for my eyes to see was Dee laying naked, with her legs wide apart, nothing but her beautiful pussy staring back at me not more than three feet away, she was rubbing her pussy and clit like hell if she had the lights off I’m sure I would have seen sparks flying from her pussy. Needless to say I was instantly hard again my mind racing and heart pounding and brain in the tilt manavgat escort mode.

I later found out that the headboard of her bed was up against the wall opposite side of the back wall of the closet in my room, giving me a clear view directly into her hairy wet pussy, Dee had put both her feet up on the headboard, I could almost smell her I was so close. I stepped back in shock for the second time of the night, so I went to my toiletries and got my petroleum jelly and a towel out, this opportunity I was not going to pass up. Well this girl proceeded to give me the show of my life better than any video I have ever seen.

Dee would part her pussy hairs with her left hand to expose her swollen clit and with her right hand she would use her middle and pointer fingers to rub her clit from side to side, up and down, in circles. She had gotten so wet that bubbles where being formed by her constricting pussy and cum was oozing out of her young hot pussy like lava from a volcano, forming a pool at the crack of her ass and bed, she was driving herself and I crazy with lust, that’s when I lost my first nut which was mind blowing. While I tried to clean up and regroup and find my senses, she flips over onto her stomach and threw her legs open wide hanging her lower legs and feet on opposite sides of her single bed still giving me an unobstructed view of her beautiful ass, inner thighs and throbbing young hot pussy. I am able to see her pussy well enough to give her a through exam, which I did.

She was humping her hand and fingers as if she was fucking, the way her hips and ass was moving and shaking, her thigh and ass muscles were trembling, I knew she would not be long before she came again, which is just what she did, but just before she came, she pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy and grounded her pussy onto them like there was no tomorrow, shit she was rocking from side to side, grinding up and down until she just kind of quaked, her butt cheeks and inner thighs started to tremble even more and twitch, what happen next is no lie and I will not soon forget, she came so hard that her cum actually squirted out of her convulsing pussy with such a force that I am sure some of her cum must have sprayed the wall that was between us, in fact I blinked to avoid her cum hitting me in my eye.


I have never seen a female shoot cum out so far like that, it was so intense that I thought she would pass out or something. I lubed up again and was jerking my dick for all I was worth. This was the must stimulating sight I have ever witnessed which had me hard again in no time flat. I was having the time of my life and I wanted to chew a larger hole through the wall to have at her pussy.

What she did next really shocked and surprised me and made my night, she curled up on her left side in the fetal position holding her pussy with her right hand as if trying to hold the cum inside, but her cum was just oozing out between her fingers as she laid there basking in her ecstasy I guess she was trying to catch her breath. I feared that the show was over and just focused on getting off admiring her beautiful body which I had a full view of her ass, legs, tits and face.

I though she was about to go to sleep so I curse to myself thinking the show was over for I wanted more, when she then lifted her right leg and planted her right foot on the bed next to her left knee still laying on her side giving me once again me a outstanding view of all her beautiful body.

I just marveled at how her pussy just seemed to glow and pulsate and just continue to ooze cum down her ass and thighs. Dee now seemed to settle down a bit having just came two or three times, she now went manavgat escort bayan much more slowly as she played with her long shiny black pussy hairs, twirling them around her fingers and pulling them apart which opened her pussy for my gaze. With her other hand she was squeezing and teasing her nipples and breast she had this beautiful look on her face, and her eyes were sparkling. This was truly a sight to see, a girl just after having cum you know that just well fucked look.

I was once again hard, ready and primed to let loose a monster load of my own cum, but she continued to slowly build up again by putting her pointer and middle fingers around her clit and just slowly exposed and massaged her sensitive clit. Every now and then she would moisten her finger inside her juicy pussy and tease herself more until suddenly she just rolled over onto her back, lifted her knees into the air and spread open wide her thighs while plugging her two fingers so deep into her pussy that her hand was flat against her bush making smacking sounds, she was pumping in and out of her pussy so fast that her hand became a blur, I could even hear the slurping noises coming from her heated young pussy sucking on her plunging fingers. Then her legs shot together again with her wiggling fingers still inside her pussy when she opened her thighs again I saw her cum oozing out down her ass crack again, I came for the second time of the night. I would have been totally happy with all that had happen up to this point and was ready to leave my little peep hole when I noticed that show was still going because without taken a breather, she threw open her legs and started smacking her pussy with her open hand, she was smacking it like it was a bad girl or did something wrong (I loved it).


What she did next, really blew my mind, she grabbed one of her stuffed animals (I latter found out it was a dinosaur) and reach out of sight for a few seconds and came back into view with a condom, which she opened and rolled onto the stuffed animals tail. She then guided the tail of the stuffed animal into her hot pussy as if it’s been there many times before.

This was no novice at work here but a real pro. She rolled over onto the stuffed animal with its tail buried at least 8-10 inches inside her young pussy, this girl rode that poor thing into the mattress, she had her back to me, so I saw each stroke of the tail going deep within her pussy. I was also so jealous of that stuffed animal I could not begin to tell you. I mean she fucked the shit out of that lucky stuffed animal. All of this was too much for me, I shot my load for the third time and still could not tear my eye from this dime size hole in the closet, so as I am just getting my breathing back she shocks me yet again, after she has cum again with what looked to be a mind numbing orgasm she gets off and sits on the bed facing the hole where I am with my eye plastered to it, dick in hand, mouth agape, Dee give me this sexy as hell wink and little wave as if to say I hope you enjoyed the show.

Well I just lost it then, not knowing if she did this show for me or if she just happened to catch me peeking in on her and wanted to let me know it was okay, so I left the peep hole on shaky legs and went to shower.

I would have been happy if this was all that happen that night, but it was not, after my third come I went to the bath room to take a much needed shower, as I walking back to my room after my shower as I had to pass my niece’s room she jumps out scaring the shit out of me again, my towel come undone and my dick laying out in the open. She had on a big tee shirt now that said “hotie”, my heart pounding out my chest, escort manavgat Dee licks her lips as she stares at my hanging dick. I cover up and excused myself went into the safety of my room and fell back onto the bed, leaving her outside my door laughing her head off. I soon drifted off to sleep with her laughter ringing in my ears and the sights of Dee on my mine.

Later during the night while having a dream of pussy, I guess because of my earlier experience my dick was hard and felt better than when I was stroking it earlier in fact too good for a dream, I had the most warm feeling all around my dick, then I heard slurping noises coming from further down on the bed as I got my wits and cleared the cob webs, I reached down for my dick and felt a head of hair which scared me not knowing who’s head it was. I sat up and was surprised to find that it was Dee my niece who was sucking my dick for all she was worth like a real pro.

I mean this girl, she had all the tricks down, she was swirling the head with her tongue, pumping the shaft with her hand, while sucking like an industrial vacuum cleaner, and she was doing her best to suck my nuts up through my dick.


I wish I could tell you that I did the mature thing and made her stop, however, I did say a weak stop that not even I heard and the next thing I knew she was climbing on top of me, guiding my raging hard 10 inches dick into her well lubed pussy, it felt great as each inch was engulfed into the hottest pussy I have ever felt. She fucked me like she did the animal’s tail and taking all of me which, most older women have trouble taking it all not Dee she took it all and then some. She would rise up until just the head was at the entrance of her gapping pussy then she would slam down, and I do mean slam down so hard that I thought she would hurt herself.

She was saying thing like she wanted me every since I moved in and that she has been looking at me to jacking off at night through the hole she made in the wall for weeks now and when she saw my dick, she knew she wanted it, she said she is glad that I finally found the hole she put in the closets wall so that she could see me and now I see could see her. She said “ And now you are mine”. I said I guess I am, with that I pulled her off my dick and spun her around so that I could get a taste of her juicy pussy, she straddled my face, and before I could lick her, droplets of her cum dropped onto my forehead which only made me want to lick her all the more, and I did. I flatten my tongue and licked her from her ass hole to her extended clit. She spun around into the 69 positions over me. I then sucked her thumb-sized clit into my mouth and flicked it with the tip of my tongue and while I’m doing this she went back to sucking my dick. Dee starts to hump my face and grind her clit deeper into my mouth, I grabbed onto her ass, spreading her ass checks apart, I then stuck a finger into her ass and a finger into her clenching pussy, she let out a squeal and flooded my mouth, nose and face with her hot sticky cum that I drank, lick until all gone. I then moved her off me and put her head into the pillow in the doggie position and plowed her young pussy from the back in doggy style for a long time, I had came three times already so coming again was far off. Dee moaned and groaned and came and came shoving her quivering ass and pussy onto my rock hard dick until she said she could not take any more and gave me a hug and a kiss then crawled out my room after promising to enjoy more in the future.

Needless to say she is my favorite niece now and gets her way and any thing she wants from me. I still enjoy my view as a tune up for her nightly visits to suck and fuck. There has been an extra treat for me this past weekend, she had two of her girl friends stay overnight, these three girls sucked, and fucked each other all night, they nor I got any sleep that night. She tells me that when her parents go away in a few weeks, she and her friend are planning on turning me out (what ever that is) I’ll be ready. I write you all about that experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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