Well… Ch. 09

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Amsterdam was a real buzz for the six who went for some ‘shopping’, Mary and I, Ann and James and Tanya and Brian, and I expect that those of you who have read my tales will know that after we visited the sex club we had returned to the hotel and showered.

Lots of the initial showering, after the actual water stuff, had been of sperm over our ladies and, almost asleep, I left the girls entertaining the other two boys, James and Brian.

The girls had been quite inventive in their purchases during the day and they were all laid out now with new vibrators, dildos and various lubricants being put to very good use in keeping James and Brian interested.

They were sat in easy chairs as Mary, Ann and Tanya played with the new toys on the bed, which fortunately I could see from where I was dozing in the other room.

Mary had Ann sitting between her spread thighs with a double dong inserted in them both as Tanya sat alongside them playing with their clits and eliciting wonderful moans and groans from them both.

James and Brian were both fairly shortly sporting very considerable erections and, although my eyes kept closing, I was finding it difficult to actually drop off. In the end I decided it was a waste of time with all the noise going on next door so I made my way back in to join the revellers.

As I have mentioned before I can’t compete with the other boys in size and staying power but that doesn’t seem to matter to them or the girls, and I soon had a hard on from watching the girls sinuously writhing about on the bed.

Ann had removed the double dong from her and Mary and was now thrusting a massive black dildo in and out of Mary’s quivering pussy, but kneeling on the bed beside Mary put Ann’s perfect backside in prime position and Brian couldn’t resist any longer and placing himself quietly behind her began to push his huge prick against her cunt.

Ann was very amenable to Brian’s nudgings and spreading her thighs a little further apart put one hand back between her legs and grabbing his cock pulled him into her. ‘Go on you big bastard, stuff that magnificent cock into me’ she cried as Brian’s huge size filled her and they settled down to a nice easy rhythm without Ann missing as much as a beat with the cimcif gaziantep escort dildo in Mary.

Tanya had until this point been in what you might call ‘a supporting roll’ but all the action going on around her had warmed her up nicely and when she beckoned for me to join her on the bed I really couldn’t deny her.

She spread her lovely thighs and as I crawled up her body to pay homage to her amazing breasts she was whispering all sorts of wonderful things to me. ‘Bring that superb cock here you naughty little boy, let me show you what to do with it’ and all manner of other things. I suppose because she was a bit older than the rest of us she thought she could get away with this and I replied ‘ I’m on way, you gorgeous bitch, don’t rush me’ at which she positively purred with delight.

I stopped for a short while at her exquisitely trimmed bush, thrusting my tongue in and out of her well-lubricated slit and nibbling gently on her very erect clitoris, which brought forward more moans from her filth spouting lips, and then I travelled further on, pausing at her tummy button, and finally to those wonderful tits.

I told you all before how big Tanya’s nipples were and tonight they seemed to be excelling themselves, pushing towards the heavens as though they were fit to burst. Sucking on them was a major turn on and the more I sucked and squeezed around the base of the nipple with my lips the more Tanya moaned and writhed on the bed.

‘Fuck me now’ she hissed grabbing my almost painfully erect prick, and placing me between her sopping wet labia grabbed my arse and pulled me into her.

I pounded her cunt for all I was worth, [a good by-product of having cum earlier in the evening was I could last longer] but Tanya wanted more and told me ‘I want to ride your beautiful cock’.

We flipped over and off she went until James, whose self control up to this point had been remarkable, settled behind her and started to fondle and finger Tanya’s arse.

This slowed her down considerably so she could get the benefit of his finger slowly intruding into her ‘secret passage’ and every now and then I felt him as he scooped some moisture from her drenched cimcif gaziantep escort bayan pussy which I continued to plough into as hard as I could.

Up until now Tanya had been kissing me deeply whilst moaning and sighing into my mouth but now she turned her head to look at James and ordered him in a hoarse voice, ‘ Fuck my arse James, and fuck it good’.

Did he really need encouragement? I don’t think so, because he pushed into her arse very easily and I could feel him on the other side of that thin membrane penetrating her with some ferocity as I slowed down to let her have the benefit of his bigger cock for a while.

We fell into a good rhythm, I pushed in as he withdrew and then he pushed in as I withdrew and fairly soon orgasms were ripping through Tanya like never before. My balls and upper thighs were awash with the juices overflowing from her as James and I gave her body the attention she demanded.

Tanya was now shouting at us both to ‘fuck my brains out’, ‘make me come again’ and the like and James, probably because of the tightness of her arse, yelled ‘I’m going to come!’ ‘On my tits, on my tits please’ was Tanya’s reply so we both withdrew and as she threw herself on her back James blasted a fountain of white cum all over her left nipple. He spurted a good 4 or 5 times eventually covering her whole breast with his sperm and as I settled next to her right side Tanya grabbed my slick cock and squeezing it only once made me cum all over her right breast.

What a sight; two magnificent tits covered in cum and a look on Tanya’s face of extreme pleasure. James and I sat back on our heels just gazing at her and then she cradled first one breast and then the other and licked as much of our juices off herself as she could get to!

I nearly came again! What a wonderful sight and what a change it wasn’t one of the other girls doing it for her.

So how was Brian I hear you ask! He was in heaven! Ann’s slick cunt was like a velvet glove, gripping him in a wonderful way as he pushed in and out of her and Mary was playing with his balls and tickling his rectum all the time.

‘How’s the dildo?’ asked Brian and Mary, looking up at him escort gaziantep cimcif with glazed eyes, could only whisper ‘Wonderful’ as Ann slid it back and forth in her sloppy pussy.

‘I’m glad you’re enjoying it ‘ he continued ‘ how would you like to try the real thing!’

I hate to say it this early in a story but, Well…I have known my wife for a long time, but her reaction was astonishing! I thought the dildo was going to disappear so strongly did she drag it into her and then it was literally pushed out of Ann’s hand as Mary had an orgasm that caused her to arch her back like I have never seen before and shoot the dildo onto the bed. ‘Oh YES’ Mary roared as she continued to come throughout her entire body, ‘I want a big black cock, and I want it nowwwww’.

Obviously we couldn’t deal with Mary’s ‘request’ but Brian, the gentleman he is, withdrew from Ann and almost threw himself into Mary’s gaping pussy, pounding into her like a jackhammer and promising quietly into her ear, ‘Leave it to me my darling, leave it to me…’

How Brian got away from my wife I will never know, she would not let him go and that huge prick took a toll, on her soft flesh, she told me afterwards, that she would remember for a long time. But she came.. She came like a banshee, screaming to Brian, ‘Fuck me you monster, stick your huge prick in me, make me come like I’ve never come before’ and Brian did.

I thought my lovely little wife was going to throw him and herself off the bed we were all on so strong was her orgasm and Brian flooded her pussy at the same time. I thought they were never going to stop; Brian hurling himself at Mary and her thrusting back with such ferocity I thought they would hurt each other.

The sweat on the two of them was incredible and we all settled down in a big cuddle until Ann said ‘I haven’t come yet, and all you other buggers have’.

All of us laughed and Mary and Tanya watched as us three boys moved Ann to the other side of the bed and started to satisfy the cravings she had.

Brian straddled her chest, sliding his amazing prick between her tits, as I licked and sucked at her drenched cunt while her husband watched from the side offering her his engorged dick.

You know what happened next don’t you?

You’re right; all three of us arranged ourselves so that as soon as Ann came we did as well, covering her face with a veritable torrent of cum.

Did she enjoy it? ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ she shouted as our offerings hit her and Yes, Yes, Yes her female friends helped her clean up.

So what do you think? Did we all get up and go and look for some black guy for Mary?


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