What Goes Around Comes Around Pt. 05

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What Goes Around Comes Around Part 5

Hey guys and gals, we made it! As the title says, this is the fifth and final part in a five-part series. As usual, all characters are at least 18. If you haven’t read parts 1-4, I strongly suggest you read those parts before trying to understand this one.

Story codes for the entire series are: incest, mt/F, mt/ft, mt/mt/F, mt/ft/F, group, forced, consensual, oral, swallow, cream-pie, 3-some. Some codes do not apply to all parts.

The following story is FICTION! It never happened and never should happen, to anybody, anywhere! You should read this for amusement, to brighten your fantasy life but NOT for ideas on how to screw up your life and that of your family and friends. In this fantasy world from a different dimension, STDs don’t exist and nobody gets pregnant, unless stated, and emotional scars never appear. Also, things work slightly differently there compared to our reality; so if something seems ‘wrong’ to you, tough! My story, my rules. If you actually try to do this or something like it, your future cell mate, Bubba, will ream your ass out by about ten times the normal opening. If you do something stupid, I truly hope you can somehow handle the consequences. So remember, enjoy, but don’t try it!


Over the next month or so, no opportunity arose to ‘invade’ Bernie’s family home, in spite of our best efforts. He told me once at school that it figured that would happen. He reasoned that since in gym class when teams were picked, the team captain with the last pick, looked at him standing there all alone and wanted to skip his pick. So he figured that his invasion would be super hard to do. I knew it was bugging him that he still didn’t have any at home pussy to satisfy his cum filled balls.

But the two of us hooked up several times with Tammy and fucked the night away for several hours. I always let him get more action with her as I still had my mom and sister waiting for me at home. On three occasions we brought Max along and found that Tammy absolutely loved getting ‘air-tight’ as we each filled one of her holes at the same time! (She never let me in her ass, that was a dead end for me.) We all knew that Chad and John were also taking their turns with her, but we never seemed to make it a five on one gangbang. She did keep asking for it, though. Maybe over the summer.

Yet the school year was fast coming to a close, and each of us wanted to have the invasions completed before then. But the fifth of May (AKA Cinco de Mayo) was coming up on Friday. Bernie’s mom and sister swore off that celebration as they had both gotten a bad case of upchuck city trying to celebrate it two years ago and vowed ‘never again’! So Bernie picked up some movies each of his women liked and they planned on a pleasant night at home. Little did the females know, heh, heh.

It helped that Bernie’s sister Carrie had dumped her boyfriend two weeks before. Otherwise we didn’t think we could pull this off. But here we were, masks on, cell phones turned off and in the hidden duffle bag. Max knocked on the door when we were certain there was nobody who could see us. Bernie’s mom, Helen answered the door and nearly fainted when Max grabbed her and put the fake knife to her throat. It looks completely real and she was certain it was. Carrie came to see what the commotion was and I grabbed her, then we marched them both into the livingroom where we soon had the three of them captive on three kitchen chairs.

Max looked at Carrie and said, “Okay, sweet cheeks, who are you, and who are they? Is he your boyfriend?”

“My boyfriend!?!?!?!” she snorted in disgust. “God no, he’s my little brother!”

And then she just sat there glaring up at him. I guessed he must have counted to ten before he growled through that synthesizer, “So none of you have names!!”

“Oh! I’m Carrie, and my brother’s Bernard …”

“It’s Bernie, you bitch!” Bernie said with attitude.

Such a nice, happy family!

She continued, “Like I said, he’s Bernard, and that’s our mother. Oh, her name’s Helen.”

Max leaned down to look her in the eyes and said, “Gee, you must really love your brother, right?”

“Ehhhh, he’s all right, for a brother. But he’s a fucking guy, so who cares?”

John laughed at her from across the room saying, “Oh, oh, sounds like somebody got dumped!”

“Nope!” she nearly screamed, “I dumped his cheating ass, that fuck head!”

“Carrie, watch your language,” Helen said softly.

“Fuck that shit!” Carrie said angrily.

Max was fed up by then so he put the knife to her throat and snarled, “Okay, you are quite pretty, but that only goes so far and I’ve heard enough! So from now on, shut your mouth unless we ask or tell you something. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” she said timidly and very softly.

By then I was quite unhappy kastamonu escort that I had ‘won’ the coin flip to have the right to fuck her. I thought at first that was a good thing as she is smoking hot. But now that I had been around her for about five minutes, I couldn’t stand her. I was already trying to figure out how to get out of doing it. She was becoming one major turnoff!

Chad was busy making certain the curtains were fully closed to keep our adventure a private affair. And then it became another boring fifteen minutes before Max complained that their movie on the TV was a super boring chick flick. He looked at Helen and asked, “Hey mom, do you love your son?”

“Of course!”

“How about your daughter?”

“Good grief, YES!” she said emphatically.

“Wonderful,” he said then looked at Carrie. “Hey, princess bitch, do you love your mother?”

“What the fuck?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Yes, fucking asshole.”

“You need to cool your attitude, or it will be a very long night for you. New question, do you love your brother?”

“He’s okay.”

“Good grief! That was not the question! Do … you … love … your … brother?”

“He’s okay.”

Max moved to Helen and put the knife to her throat as he said, “Okay, princess bitch, we need some entertainment. So one of us will uncuff you and you can give your brother a blowjob.”

Helen gasped but flinched as the blade touched her skin. Carrie said, “Fuck you!”

“Later. You have one minute, or mommy won’t be very happy with you.”

“Fuck!” Carrie mumbled as her arms were released and she stepped to her brother. After giving a look to her mother, she sighed and started kneeling.

Chad spoke up saying, “Wait, top off. Bra too. With your bitchy attitude, might as well give Bernard some eye candy.”

She glared at him while Max said, “Hurry up, clock’s ticking.”

Angrily she pulled her top up and off then popped the front clasp on her bra as she glared at Chad. She worked slowly at Bernie’s belt and shorts clasp, then slowly zipped down his zipper. “Mom, I don’t think she really loves you,” Max said then counted, “Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, good girl, just in time. Now don’t piss me off by doing a lousy job like you did for your boyfriend.”

Carrie had only sucked Bernie’s cock about five seconds when she pulled off and looked to Max. “I gave him great head!” she said before quickly returning to Bernie as Max had threatened with the knife again. I thought Helen was going to faint.

We all watched for a few minutes before Max said, “Hey, Bernard, does she give good head?”

“Honestly, I’ve had lots better!” he replied as he looked his sister in the eyes. I could see she wanted to tell him off, but didn’t dare. But then again, she did start trying harder. Well … slightly.

Fifteen minutes later I leaned down next to her and said in that crazy sounding voice, “You either can’t give head for shit, or you really aren’t trying. You have three minutes to make him cum. If he

hasn’t pumped your foul mouth full by then your mother will get sliced and diced. Your choice.” Then I grabbed a battery powered clock off the wall and set it on Bernie’s lap, right in front of her. I pointed to the second hand, then stepped back.

Suddenly Bernie started moaning from pleasure, the first moans from him in quite a while. Finally, I could see her tongue actively moving on him through her cheeks which were also finally being sucked in quite effectively. Just to keep her motivated I stepped up to them and tapped the clock face cover as the second hand moved by and said, “That’s one.” Carrie stepped up her efforts a bit more.

It was obvious to everyone there that she hadn’t been trying as he still wasn’t close. Again, I soon stepped up and tapped the cover again signaling that was the second minute. She had a frantic look which I guess meant she actually did love her mother. Not so much her brother. Sucks to be Bernie. Carrie’s head was moving on and off of him rapidly now as she sucked like a tricked-out Hoover vacuum cleaner. On top of that her hand was jerking the shit out of the bottom part of his cock that she couldn’t handle in her mouth.

I couldn’t help myself, so I stepped back and pointed to the clock as I said, “Twenty,” soon followed by, “fifteen,” and Carrie had a frantic expression on her face. Moments later I said, “Ten,” and she really started trying.

I didn’t count down each second as they went by, but it was on ‘two’ when Bernie gasped, “Oh fuck yeah, Carrie, cumming in your mouth, oh fuck yes!”

He kept on mumbling as he came in blast after blast, while I shoved her face closer to him to make certain she got it all. I noticed that she stopped working for it the moment he stopped cumming. “Damn girl, be nice to him and keep working that cock and then bring him down nice and slow. Just pretend you like him a little bit.” She followed my instructions, escort kastamonu which actually amazed me. In the end, I had to tell her to stop. I think Bernie would have preferred I let her keep sucking until he shot his wad again. We didn’t have that much time, and we had all night!

After another lull of about ten minutes John said, “Hey, Bernie, you ever eat pussy?” We all knew he had. It was a tossup as to whether his mother or his sister was more shocked when he said he had. “Good man, so who should we have you go down on? Mom says she loves you, sis, not so much. But then again, she did finally make you cum. Sorry mom, looks like the princess bitch gets some payback.”

“Do I have to?” Bernie asked, even though I knew he had specifically asked to do that last night as we planned this out. The four of us moved out of the room to the kitchen where we had a low voice discussion about it. Then we returned and John said, “It’s your lucky day … yeah, you do.”

Bernie had broken out in a smile towards his mom only to suddenly turn a sour look to Carrie as he grumbled under his breath. Once he was free to move, he stepped to her and angrily worked on her shorts then her sheer lace panties. They were really sexy. Anyway, that left her totally naked and she was just as I thought, one smoking hot girl. But still pretty much a bitch. John cuffed his hands to the legs of Carrie’s chair then said, “Make us guys proud of you and show her how to make someone cum.”

Bernie looked up at his sister’s face only to see her eyes closed as she chewed on her lower lips. “Fuck,” he said then started working his tongue.

“Oh god,” she moaned within five seconds of his first slurp. On one of our nights with Tammy, once us guys were fucked out, he went down on her for well over an hour and made her cum at least seven times. She was screaming her head off until her voice failed finally. I wondered how he would approach this task.

His face pulled back making her eyes look at him. He looked to me and said, “Hey, would you tell me when fifteen-minutes are up?” I nodded my head and he went back on task. I held the wall clock and counted down each minute for him.

I said “Fifteen,” when he slid his tongue into her again. Just after I said, “Eleven,” her hips shoved up at him as she cried out as a powerful orgasm slammed through her. I have no idea what words she was saying, but it was clear he was ringing her bell. When I told him that he could stop he shook his head and kept right on licking.

As I prepared to call out, ‘eight,’ she shook hard as her hips pumped upwards rapidly while choking out her pleasure. He was certainly taking John’s challenge to heart. She screamed in release just before I counted ‘four’. Bernie let her come down for a short time then attacked as if his life depended on her cumming in two minutes. Instead his timing was perfect as Carrie’s body was lurching and shaking violently as she came once more just as I said, “Zero.” He eased back on his efforts and gently brought her back down over about a minute or so. I stopped watching the clock and just put it on the wall again.

Bernie couldn’t really move until we released his cuffs, so we left them on. He just looked up at his sister and waited for her to recover. It took her a long time. Carrie finally lifted her head and looked down at him with a dazed expression. Finally, she managed to say, “Damn, thanks. That was amazing.”

“Sure,” he said then looked at us to release him. He was halfway back to his chair when I stopped him and motioned for him to lie on his back on the floor.

He gave me a weird look as I released his mother, then had her strip and then straddle him in the sixty-nine position. “Mom, you need to get in on the action by making your son feel better than Princess bitch did. We all know he can work wonders on you, so don’t let him down.” Even as she complied, I cuffed her wrists to his legs then his wrists to her ankles.

Helen had moved as if hypnotized, not seeming to notice anything. And then she was on top of Bernie and she snapped out of it. “You can’t be serious! I’ve never done this before! Not even with my husband, that rotten bastard! I won’t do this to my … OOOOOOOHHHHH god! Bernie, NO! you can’t do this! Oh god, I guess you can!” Her body shook from end to end, then she struggled to gain oral control of his cock before she started giving him a rather amateurish blowjob.

I had already started wondering if this wasn’t going to be a dud of a house. But then I noticed the transformation taking place in Helen. First, she was adamantly against sucking Bernie’s cock. Then she started attempting to do something reciprocal to what he was doing. And after about four minutes, she was acting like a woman who loved the taste of cum and hadn’t had any for a year. Wow, she was really attacking him and it was clear he was enjoying her efforts. Neither of them lasted ten minutes before they exploded in a kastamonu escort bayan seemingly well-timed orgasm the likes of which are usually reserved for long time lovers. And this was their first time giving the other sexual pleasure!

The four of us, well, five if I include Carrie, thought they were trying to bring their partner down from their powerful orgasm, but that isn’t what happened. Oh no, Helen kept on attacking her son’s cock as if it was the giver of life and she really wanted to drink from his fountain of cock juice. As it turned out, Helen made it another 7 minutes before she struggled to pull her pussy away from him as she couldn’t handle the sensations any more. But her mouth remained around his cock and pulled her second load of cum from him about a minute later.

Once she knew he was drained, her head sagged to his right thigh and laid there as she breathed around his shaft that remained within her lips. John finally moved over and uncuffed them from each other. Helen slowly pivoted a 180 and leaned down to kiss Bernie and thank him for giving her those orgasms. It sounded as if she hadn’t had very many of them before. They talked quite softly and it was hard to hear everything they said. Then John broke up their family moment and had them return to their chairs with the cuffs on once again.

Almost acting in tandem, Chad stepped to Carrie while I moved to Helen as each of us demanded they suck us off. Helen was obviously in no mood to argue with us anymore and was soon doing her best to suck my shaft. She is better at it than I had expected, after the way she started with Bernie.

Chad complained twice about Carrie’s teeth before she adjusted her attitude and began trying to make him happy. Helen was making my cock very happy when I looked around and said, “Hey man, how is the Princess at sucking your cock?”

“Personally, I think she sucks at sucking,” he said making Carrie frown up at him.

“Sorry man, I’d trade places with you, but mom here sucks damn good and I don’t feel like moving right now.” Helen really sucked onto me hard as her tongue went nuts around me and I groaned, “Oh fuck that’s good!”

I figured that made Carrie try more as Chad suddenly gasped, “Oh god, that’s how to do it!”

Helen worked harder and harder along the first half of my cock and after a very enjoyable 12 or so minutes I gasped in pleasure as she ripped my load out of my balls. Once she was certain I was well drained, she pulled off of me and looked up at me. “If my husband had this dick, I would have sucked his cock for him, too. But then, it looks like all of you have him beat as far as that goes.” Then she just leaned in and went at me once more! My hips had started pulling away from her but she leaned forward as far as she could so I looked to my masked buddies. They gave me signals to just let her do it, so I did. Helen wasn’t anywhere close to as good as my own mother is, but then again, this wasn’t something she had done before, so I was impressed. And my cock was very happy when about fifteen minutes later she swallowed my second load. I thought that a weekend alone with her might be a very interesting adventure, but not something that was likely to happen, damn it.

Once I finally stepped back from her and pulled my shorts and boxers up, I noticed that Carrie was now riding Bernie’s shaft and had been for several minutes. I hadn’t even heard her but she was certainly getting noisy now.

“Oh god, I can’t fucking believe this!” she cried out. “Oh fuck! Yes! My god, I’m cumming!” and then she went wild, her hips rocking and rolling violently as her pussy fucked her brother for the first time ever. I watched as she suddenly stopped with her pussy as far down on Bernie’s cock as she could get, her breathing rapid but her body limp as she recovered from a very powerful climax.

I had a smile on my hidden face as I watched the surprised girl struggle to recover. Finally, she lifted up and looked in her brother’s eyes. “Damn, Bernie, I never expected to cum from that! But you didn’t cum yet, did you?” Bernie shook his head. “Good. That’s the first time I’ve cum from a cock and I can’t wait to make you cum inside of me!”

Maybe she is coming around to actually loving Bernie. Who knows? Tomorrow is another day. But for the next ten or so minutes, she gave it her all to make them cum together. Okay, so what if she came after about six minutes had passed. In the end, they enjoyed a glorious mutual orgasm that rivaled any that Sandy and I had shared lately!

Carrie slumped down onto Bernie’s body as a limp, muscle lacking mass, his still throbbing cock stuffed completely inside of her. Max was about to tell her to return to her chair, but I motioned for him to let her be. I couldn’t help but wonder if she even knew that she had both arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she clung super closely to him. It took her, according to the clock on the wall, over twelve minutes before she pushed back and stared at him for several seconds.

“Damn!” she said in a voice that even shocked her in its loudness. “I sure didn’t expect that to happen. Thanks. You were the best fuck I’ve ever had. Shit, you still feel good in me!” She slowly lifted up and off of him, pausing as they separated it seemed to regain her strength.

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