What I Always Wanted Ch. 02

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As always this story is a copyrighted work of destinie21 please don’t reproduce this story in any way shape or form. Also please note that this is a story that involves incest so if you don’t like that aspect of erotica then for God’s sake bugger off. To every body else Enjoy…

* * * * *

Dinner dragged by and I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. I barely touched or tasted the food Mama had prepared. A fact that didn’t escape anyone’s notice. All three of them took a turn telling me in one way or another that I was skin and bones and some good solid home cooked food would be the best thing since sliced bread.

I shrugged it off pretending indifference, because I couldn’t very well tell them that the reason my appetite had disappeared was because I couldn’t wait to fuck the hell out of my father’s sister. I picked over my food some more and managed to actually eat a few more bites. Abandoning the food completely I sipped the wine that had been set out in crystal glasses at dinner time. Mother always did have a knack for laying out a perfect table, and she took pride in her domesticity as well as the extensive knowledge and talent that made her a best selling author many times over.

Still taking tiny sips from my glass I watched Josephine over the rim of my glass, she saw me looking and winked at me before running her tongue over her full upper lip,, her actions sent a shiver through me and the pit of my stomach felt hollow, as if I were riding a roller coaster. Without thinking I tightened my crossed legs beneath the table I could feel my pussy lips slide against each other, all slick silky and wet. Although my Aunt couldn’t have seen my thighs flex she smiled as though she knew what she was doing to me and truth be told she probably knew just what she was doing to me. I hadn’t had the occasion to ask her but I knew I wasn’t the only woman she had ever been with; the way she had made me tremble had absolutely nothing to do with beginners luck and everything to do with skill and practice.

I wondered just who else had the pleasure of her lips and hands. I felt almost jealous but shook the feeling and the thoughts away, before taking one final sip of the wine and setting down my glass. Mama started to clear the table and I rose to help her but she dismissed me saying that she was perfectly capable of clearing the table all on her own. What she was really saying is that she wouldn’t let me wash a few dishes while I was on vacation. I shrugged my shoulders not really that hell bent on doing housework anyway.

On the spur of the moment I decided to go for a drive because sitting and being patient had never been my forte, and now with the added excitement and desire coursing through me I felt practically ready to explode. Heading into my bedroom I grabbed the keys to the car I’d rented and a pair of comfortable sling back sandals to put on. I announced my departure loudly before grabbing my cell phone and heading out the door. Before I got to the corner of our street I realized someone was following me, or at least I thought so, of course whoever was behind me could have very well just been driving along on the same street and riding my bumper just for the hell of it. I glanced in the rearview mirror but couldn’t quite and sped up slightly because the closeness of the car behind me made me slightly nervous, the car behind me kept its distance and I relaxed.

My cell phone rang on the passenger’s seat beside me and I reached for it, I hadn’t taken the time to connect the hands free set and to do so now while in motion would have been more dangerous than just picking up the phone. I answered the phone without even glancing at the gaziantep escort numaraları caller id screen. Steering with one hand I pressed the phone to my ear and spoke. “Hello” For a second there was silence then an unmistakable laugh. “Slow down love, where the hell are you going anyway?” Josephine asked. I giggled realizing that she was the one following me. “I’m just driving. Did you have a place in mind?”

“Yeah mine.” she said without even a hint of flirtatious laughter. I didn’t even bother to respond instead I hung up the phone and tossed it onto the passenger’s seat. Glancing in my rear view mirror I smiled and pressed my foot on the gas and drove to my aunt’s house. I was waiting at the front door when she pulled her car up next to mine moments later. She moved past me and unlocked her door and entered the house. I followed behind her running my fingernails lightly over the curve of her ass. She turned to me and reached behind me to push the door shut, and then she pressed my back to the cool wood with the weight of her body, resting her hands on either side of my head. Her lips were on mine sucking gently as she moved her hips in a hard circle and ground her pussy against my thigh. I moaned and met her thrust for thrust. I kissed her hard tangling my hands in her auburn hair and pulling slightly. I inhaled her smell, she still reminded me of fresh water. I took one of my hands from her thick hair and unbuttoned her pants before dipping my hand down the back of them and caressing and squeezing her bare ass.

Josephine moved faster against me and dropped her hands to my breasts, pinching my nipples hard through the thin material of my dress. Sliding my hand around to the front of her body I ran the tip of my index finger over her slit parting her lips with the slight pressure pf my finger. I was teasing her and playing with her just because I could.

Her beauty and the reality of what was happening still stunned me but this time I was planned to make my Aunt shiver and scream for me. The tip of my finger brushed Josephine’s clit and danced over the bit of flesh lightly as her hips moved chasing after the teasing digit that wouldn’t settle down and fully stimulate her. The way her breath caught in her throat made me almost relent and take her fast and hard but I held back, I liked the control of it truth be told but it was ,a feat which took nearly all my self control.

Slipping the straps of my dress down my shoulders she grabbed a hand full of bare breast she squeezed hard, oooh did I ever like it rough. Just the feel of her soft hands grasping hard enough to almost hurt me mad my pussy slick and I could feel myself swelling and opening up for her. I was still taking her slow and easy but it looked like she planned to ravish me.

I understood immediately that she was trying to make me lose control and get her off right then, we were having a slight battle of the wills. It never fully dawned on me that Aunt Jo had never been in any other role except for the dominate one not that she necessarily wanted me to submit she just seemed to want to be in control, but she wasn’t, not this time.

I quickened the speed of the one fingertip pressed against her clit and just as suddenly as I had sped up I slowed way down smiling even as she kissed me. She slipped her tongue past my lips kissing me softly, the contrast of her lips and her hands was almost enough to drag me over the edge and bring her with me.

Josephine moaned and rolled her lips from mine. “Come on love, don’t play. Fuck me.” Her words sent a shock through me and I almost complied but only almost. She gaziantep escort bayan numaraları was close to the edge as I slipped my finger downward and entered her. She was hot and impossibly tight. I swirled my finger around gently then began a slow long outstroke. She moaned my name when I added a second finger and pushed into her. My lips trailed down her neck and my tongue swept in a tight circle over the slightly perfumed skin. She growled low in her throat sounding like some kind of powerful jungle cat. I could feel my pussy dripping and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could come just from pleasuring her.

I moved my fingers only a bit faster drawing out the strokes and twisting my wrist slightly in a spiraling motion as I fucked her, she was definitely trembling although I couldn’t tell if it was with desire or just the effect of so much pent up arousal. It didn’t matter really and so I put the thought from my mind and continued to tease her. With my free hand I tried to unbutton her shirt, when I had struggled too long for my liking I simply grabbed the starched white cotton and pulled hard.

I could feel the strain of the threads seconds before I heard the material rip. I heard her whisper “Damn” before I slipped my hand beneath her lacy bra and cupped her breast, damn was exactly the word I’d have said if my lips weren’t pressed to her neck. Her nipple hardened under my palm as I cupped and caressed her breast, and she arched her back pushing her body closer to mine.

Josephine moved under my hands as if she were dancing, and I was the choreographer, I could make her move her hips faster and harder with just a curve of my fingers inside of her. I did too I stroked hard and fast and she moved with me, one hand still squeezing my breast as the other twined in my hair, her long nails made my scalp tingle as she dug them into my head. Pulling my lips from her neck I put my head back against the door and watched her through half closed eyes.

There was sweat on her hairline and her eyes were closed, and her lips were parted letting moans ease out. Damn she was sexy.

Very suddenly I wanted to taste the flavor of her passion on my lips. It was a craving that I had to indulge. Taking my hand from her bra I placed it on the middle of her chest pushing my Aunt back slightly and pulled my hand from her sex with a wet sucking sound.

When there was room I fell to my knees in front of her, and put both of my hands on her hips pulling her to me, and pressing my lips over her pussy she tasted warm wet and salty like ocean water. I ran my tongue along her slit using slight pressure and long strokes. I could feel her getting wetter beneath my lips and I smiled against her for a moment. I nibbled at her swollen lips lightly enough to make her beg then hard enough to make her shiver and purr.

Using my fingers to spread her lips apart I flicked the tip of my tongue over her clit, making the muscles in her thighs tense and loosen. She moaned grinding her pussy all over my face as she gripped my hair. I sucked and nibbled at her clit and ran my tongue around the little bit of flesh in hard tight circles. Josephine screamed as she climaxed all over my lips, I sat back with my ass resting on my heels and grinned. I always did get what I wanted from my Aunt.

When she was fully spent aunt Josephine stepped back releasing her grip as she did. She stood over me with her hands on her hips smiling. “Well damn love.” Was all she said before turning to walk deeper into the house. Even in her bare feet she made music as her soles smacked the hardwood floors. I followed escort gaziantep numaraları the sound of her feet and caught up with her in the kitchen. She was drinking a glass of water with the small of her back resting against the edge of the sink as if she had all the time in the world.

If she were any other woman I would have been insulted that she took a water break but the way she gulped the liquid down made me feel as though I’d done everything absolutely right. She drank the water and put her glass down on the counter before coming to embrace me. The feel of her skin against mine sent a tremor through me, then without warning she put her hand between my legs and plunged two fingers into me easily. That definitely made me tremble, she had only stroked in and out of me a few times and I was already cumming, I had been right on the edge of climax for a long while just touching had almost taken me over the edge, so I wasn’t surprised but Aunt Josephine seemed to be. She didn’t let up though not even for a second she pumped in and out fast and hard without breaking speed, before my first orgasm was over I could feel another one starting and my knees went weak as her palm pushed against my clit with each in stroke.

I was panting like a bitch in heat by the time she finished with me and soaked with sweat. I had to sit down in one of the chairs before my legs gave out. She straddled me and pressed her lips to mine. “So love” she said after she’d kissed the hell out of me. “Maybe you should stay at my place.” I laughed although I knew she wasn’t joking in fact she was dead serious.

“I’ll let you know.” I told her before licking her full lips. “Want to put those lips to work” I asked with my mouth pressed against hers. She didn’t say a word but I could feel her smiling moments before she moved off of my lap and knelt between my legs.

With a hand on each knee she pushed my legs apart then lifted them and rested my bent knees over her shoulders. Her eyes never left my face as she positioned me. She held my eyes for another beat before using her fingers to spread my lips apart. Her touch was purposely rough and I loved it. I could feel my muscles trying to clench at nothing and for a moment she watched me tighten. Then she put her lips against me and sucked, my hips rose to meet her lips and I moaned as she traced tight circles around the dripping opening of my cunt with her tongue.

Her fingers rolled over my clit and I lost it all over again, when she felt me coming she moved her lips up to my clit and sucked hard as she pushed three fingers into me. I felt myself stretching for her. I felt so full it was unbelievable. Just as I reached the peak point in my climax she wiggled her pinky into my asshole. I went buck wild then grasping my legs around her head tight as my back arched in the chair, I could see technicolor dots dancing in front of my eyes and although it had never happened before I knew I was going to pass out.

When I came to I was still shaking and trembling with aftershocks and Aunt Josephine was still kneeling between my legs holding my thighs down against the chair. Somehow she had gotten my feet back on the floor and she was just sitting there looking smug.

“Well damn.” I said even my voice was a little shaky. She smiled and stood grabbing my hand and pulling me up onto my wobbly legs.

She kissed me lightly on the lips before heading out of the kitchen and dragging me with her. We ended up in her bedroom and she laid down pulling me onto the bed with her. Wrapping her leg around my hip she leaned over and kissed me again. “You’re staying the night.” She told me before leaning over a little further and turning off the lamp on the nightstand.

I smiled in the darkness. Goodnight Auntie I whispered.

“Night love.” Aunt Josephine said with a laugh as she rolled my nipple idly between her fingers.

* * * * *

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