What I Learned in College Ch. 04.2

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The idea for these narratives started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences, what it all actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

What I Learned in College- Chapter 4.2 – Liz visits us –

From the last chapter:

“Don’t think. Just get my cock in your ass. We’ll both like it.”

Liz had come in through the side yard gate and caught us fucking. And not just fucking…I had been nearly balls-deep in Janice’s asshole. Janice sat up on me with my cock still in her ass, somehow strangely unembarrassed being caught in such a position by Liz. Rather than address Liz, she looked at me and said, “Good thing we got that done when we did.”

I had an inkling that I was about to learn a thing or two. There was no way I was going to be the “bashful” one in this situation. Janice rose up of me, gently handling my half-hard cock as it slipped from her sweet, tight ass. I was covered with a mixture of our juices, the coconut oil and sundry other substances.

Liz had come right on up to us and was watching us disentangle with a more than mild interest. She looked me in the eye purposefully and said, “Hi, Mal. I’d ask you how you are, but I see the date went well.”

I sat up as Janice asked me to “Please get Liz a glass and open another bottle. Okay, hon…”

I toddled off and just as I got to the door, I heard Janice ask, “What the fuck, Liz…”

I was torn between ease dropping and staying out of what might become a catfight. I bet on the little one because Liz was small, but very feisty. Thinking it would be best to give them a little time to talk, I found my way to the guest bathroom and freshened up a bit. It felt good to wash the “fuck” off my cock, balls and thighs. A shower would have been nice, but I made do some soap and a hand towel. I got a giggle at the thought of Janice’s Mom finding that towel in the laundry.

Stepping out the door with the third glass and the opened bottle of red, what I saw surprised me. Liz had lost her sundress and sat almost naked. She and Janice were draped over opposite ends the couch chatting as if it was nothing out of the norm for Liz to catch Janice with a cock up her ass.

What did I know? They were roommates and maybe I was wrong about Janice’s experiences? Nah…

The other part of the picture that I tried to not be shaken by was the state of Liz’s undress. Sure, she was with true old friends who had just been fucking, why not get yourself almost as naked as they are? After all, it’s a beautiful early summer evening warm enough to be pleasant and breezy enough to discourage mosquitoes. We were all friends, after all.

Liz had removed her tie-dyed hippy sundress, bra and sandals and sat in that way women can, with her legs folded underneath. She was the one with the all over tan. I could see that they had about the same size breasts, but I got a real look at how fantastic 34Cs looked on her petite torso. Liz’s areoles looked twice the circumference of Janice’s and were capped with engorged nipples that reminded me of caramel drops.

I had just fucked the shit out of Janice, cum twice and I was about to be bizimkent escort hard again. I was fairly sure that I needed to avoid getting what might be a useless erection, how exactly to do that was the question.

I poured Liz a glass of wine and as I handed it to her, it was obvious she was checking out my cock. As she thanked me for the wine, our eyes made contact and she read my mind. She fixed her gaze on my eyes, as long I would look at her. It was like a stare down and who’s going to laugh first standoff at the same time.

I gave in, looked at her tits appraisingly, blowing her a kiss when I was done.

Janice interrupted our mutual admiration party. “Are you two done?”

Liz beat me to the draw by saying: “Sorry…I was just thinking what a lucky girl you have been tonight.”

“Is that why you came over…to check on us? How sweet…” Janice said sarcastically.

Liz tried to get things on a different path by asking, “Mal, what do you think? Was she worth the wait?”

“Very much so. I’m sorry we waited so long to be together.” I answered, mustering all the sincerity and chivalry I could at that time.

Janice’s mood seemed altered by my take on the evening. Seemingly ignoring Liz, she said, very sweetly, “I’ve always known you are a very nice guy. I’m sorry too. And I’m sorry that I have been a tease and a bitch with you before.”

I could have been more chivalrous and made one of those placating “It’s okay…” remarks. That’s not a thing I was good at then or now. I just sort of nodded and waited to see where this was going, if anywhere.

Liz spoke directly to me, “Malcolm, you know how I feel about you. I think you have feelings for me too…”

I interrupted with a loss of composure that was measureable. “Look Liz…we’re okay, right? I mean…you sort of helped this happen. You told me I should call.”

She cut my blithering off by telling me, “Relax…you need to be able to wrap your head around what Janice and I want to tell you. Okay?”

I took a visible deep breath and nodded for her, or one of them to go on…

Janice took over at that point. “You’re liable to hear this anyway if you run into the right people this summer.”

She paused, looked at Liz who gave her a hand gesture of “go on…” before saying out loud, “Tell him, or do you want me to?”

Janice blurted out, “This is hard, Liz…”

I wanted to ask, “What the fuck is so hard?” but I kept my mouth shut.

Liz had always tended towards being to the point in all matters, so she clued me in.

“Janice and I are lovers…sometimes. We’re not lesbians, it’s more like we take care of each other when things aren’t good…or sometimes when they are good. What Janice really doesn’t want to tell you that her shithead fiancé caught us…not exactly 69ing each other, but in bed asleep, butt naked under the covers. He lost his shit over it. It was really ugly.”

I was stunned. Liz was resolved in her usual way and had the start of a wry smile. She seemed to be very sure how I would react. Janice, on the other hand was nervous and petrified. I thought that was a funny reaction for her to have since my cock had just been all in her several ways. Her fearfulness had always been covered by sarcasm bostancı escort and snottiness. She must have felt exposed in more way that just one.

I opened my mouth to speak and paused for anther breath before saying, “I think that’s wonderful. You two have always been close.”

It was time to stop talking while I was ahead. Liz looked satisfied that she had come to the right conclusion where I was concerned and Janice looked like I had said, “Great…you two are lesbians. Let’s party!”

I cared a lot for both of them, but at that moment I knew who I wanted to be with, if it was possible. It was better not to think like that and spare everyone the hurt. Yeah, I’m that dark about things in general.

Liz had to change the mood, or she could read my mind yet again…or both?

“Don’t think you’re about to get a live lesbo sex show. You fucking men are all the same…”

“Hey Liz… wait ’til I have a camera handy. I need money for school. We should go into business…”

Liz cleared the air with, “Mal…shut the fuck up…really…”

Janice got in on the act saying, “Come over here and sit between us. You can be our bitch.” as she patted a spot on the sofa.

I got up and did her bidding. What would you have done?

They looked at each other as I sat done. After I got another sip of the wine, they both converged on me and kissed my cheeks simultaneously. I had other ideas immediately about a task or two for both of them.

The funny thing was, so did Liz. After the cheek kissing, she snuggled into my side sighing. I could feel her tits against my upper arm. She was taking her turn teasing me. How hard is to tease someone who wants you very badly?

I found out quickly. Liz looked at Janice with a gaze that said, “It’s my turn.” Janice shrugged as if to say, “Fine…whatever…” Her tits bounced invitingly as she did so.

Liz slung her legs over my lap and pinned me to the back of the couch with a probing, opened mouth kiss.

Here I was 6″-4′ and about 225 lbs. and little Liz has me “captured”. She knew I would have done her anytime she had asked and we all could smell how aroused she had become.

Not to be left out, Janice kissed my shoulder and neck while having a hand on Liz’s tight but cuddly ass.

For a few minutes we were a tangle of limbs and lips before the inevitable happened. As they were kissing my neck and cheeks at the same time, the girls ended up face to face.

Not being able to stop myself, I said, “Oh, for fuck’s sake…please kiss!”

Looking at me, they both grinned and then gave it hell with the kissing. I had a ringside seat with a hand on both of asses. I was as hard as I had been all evening and very likely to last a while. The last year had taught me that I could usually get hard 4 to 6 times in an evening, but the likelihood that I would cum and/or produce any evidence of an orgasm decreased markedly with each attempt.

Liz had been just short of fucking me for a while. When she got up to drop her frilly panties, Janice went down on me with authority, pumping my cock into her mouth with fresh enthusiasm. Maybe she was showing off in front of Liz?

I was a bit surprised when Liz grabbed a handful the hair at the back of Janice’s büyükçekmece escort head and pulled her of my cock, saying, “You can clean him up when I’m done…it’s my turn. You’re are such a slut…”

I would have liked to gauge Janice’s reaction to Liz’s dominant behavior, but I was distracted with Liz sitting on my lap and impaling herself on my erection. She sat down on my cock and sunk it in herself as far as possible and wasted no time rocking her pelvis and grinding on me. Not being and idiot, I let her.

This was my first time to fuck a petite girl. My size, height and attractions usually lead me to medium height to taller girls with at least a medium build. For a smaller girl, she had what could politely be called a “child bearing” build. It also worked great for fucking.

It wasn’t long until she was bouncing on my cock saying, “Fuck me” and other sundry dirty talk. What surprised me was that she stopped suddenly, saying, “I want you on top of me. Fuck me hard!”

Okay then. It was my turn to surprise us all. I basically picked Liz up off my cock, motioned for Janice to sit back against the arm of the coach and positioned Liz face up laying between Janice’s legs and draped over her torso.

Liz looked a little concerned as I positioned my self between her legs. I all but slapped her hand away from helping me get back in her, saying, “I got this…”

What a pushy little bitch! I sort of knew, but hadn’t even thought about her “take charge” tendencies and sex. This was my second time of the evening to fuck a girl that I would have never expected to fuck.

Looking at Janice, I told her “You’d better hang on to her…”

Janice did the best thing possible. She cupped Liz’s tits from underneath which both steadied Liz’s ample bosom and made her nipples poke out even further. I did have a passing thought amounting to, “I wonder how many times…”

I picked Liz up by the bum cheeks and gave her a few trial strokes before beginning to hammer her cunt.

A few strokes after the pounding began she opened her eyes and mouth wide before saying, “Do it…make me cum.”

I looked at Janice who read my mind. The moment Janice’s hand reached Liz’s mound on the way to her clit, Liz came very hard with a wailing sound ending in an “Oh, Fuck…”

As I continued to stroke her with my cock, albeit more gently, we began to hear wet, sucking, squishy sounds, which told me that had flooded herself with her juices as she came. I wanted to eat her pussy!

I eventually pulled out, still hard like a guy in his early 20s. Liz looked down incredulously saying, “You didn’t…”

Not letting her finish, I said, “Liz, hon…I came twice already…it’s cool…”

“Janice and I could…”

I wanted to cool her out. “Liz, I can’t even feel my balls now…it’s okay…”

Smiling at me coyly, she stated plainly, “I owe you.”

“I’m not counting.” I stopped talking because I had a flood of needy questions that made me feel like 13 all over again. I’m still working on figuring out what’s “enough” and when to stop the party with no answers in sight.

Liz helped me considerable by asking openly to no one in particular, “So…what should we do the rest of the summer?”

That was good for a laugh.

Liz and Janice stayed together that night. It was tacitly clear that I could have stayed as well. I took my fucked out cock on home and got a good night’s sleep. In fact, I hadn’t slept that well for more than a month. I was pretty sure I’d need the rest if that were how the summer played out.

– To be continued –

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