White Trash

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I was born and raised in the hills of Tennessee in an old share cropper’s house. It was on the edge of a farm but we were not sharecroppers. My mom, my aunt, my cousin (a female), and I lived together in the old house. We lived on a little welfare and food stamps and what little bit money my Mom and Aunt could make whoring in town. The little old house had four rooms, 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The kitchen had a wood burning stove for cooking, but it also served to heat the house in the winter time. Cooking? Well, if you could call it that, because most times, we didn’t have a lot to eat. Many days, we had breakfast of biscuits and gravy and dinner of biscuits and gravy, because flour was cheap and the milk we got from the farmer we rented from.

Our moms took turns going to town and hitting the bars and picking up a ‘John’. Both women would have been very good looking women and would have made great moms and wives under different circumstances.

The truth of the matter was that my Grandfather got drunk one time too many, on moonshine whisky and went on a killing rampage because someone kicked his ass for fucking with his daughter. As the story was told to me, grandpa was then about 30 yrs old and had found a neighbor farmer’s daughter out in a pasture field, chasing butterflies and caught her and raped her. It just so happened that the girl’s mom was watching her from the kitchen window in her house and saw the whole thing. The girl was in her early teens then. Grandpa killed four people in that rampage. He killed the man who had kicked his ass, the man’s wife and daughter and the first deputy sheriff that arrived on the scene.

Back in those days, women stayed home and kept house and cooked and canned and sewed. The men went to school until they needed to go to work. My grandmother had a 3rd grade education. Of course grandpa was killed in an ensuing shootout with the county sheriff and his deputies. My grandmother then was left with no support and two daughters to raise. They had by then made it to the 6th grade and the other children were so mean to them that they had to leave school for fear of being beaten everyday by different students. Of course the teachers didn’t care either. Everyone hated them for what grandpa had done. Of course they had nothing to do with that at all, but the whole family was condemned for it. Grandma had a cow and some chickens and little garden plot that she owned. They grew as much food as they could and the state gave them some staples. When the two girls were old enough to know what was going on, they started whoring in the bars in town for some money for clothes and some food. Of course some of the men treated them badly, knowing who they were and all. So Mom and Aunt Bette grew up angry at the world and especially at men. They never married, and of course Pam (My cousin) and I have no idea who our fathers are. Our mothers don’t either. Pam and I grew up, basically, in a whorehouse. Many times we were sent out in the yard to play, while someone had his way with one of our mothers. Even at night, if two men showed up at our house, Pam and I were put on mats on the kitchen floor so our moms could use both beds.

When Pam and I got a little older, we would fake sleep until they got in the bed and then we would sneak in and watch them. Pam and I ‘grew up’ earlier than most educated kids do.

Our moms had spent a lot of time teaching us about the world outside our house since we had turned 17. The farmer that owned the house we lived in had been kind enough to let me hang around the farm while they worked. Now and then he would give me some spending money for helping him. I learned a lot of common sense things from him. I learned how to work and how important work was to a man.

I already knew that my mom and my aunt would pay the rent by ‘taking care’ of him and his wife and not telling anyone. Back then women didn’t go to bed with other women. But the farmer’s wife seemed to love it a lot! She would bring a basket of vegetables to our house about once a week. Then one of them would take her to the bedroom and ‘take care’ of her needs. The farmer was there once each week too. The women took turns ‘taking care’ of him.

Many times Pam and I would sneak and watch the women at work.

When Pam and I turned 18, our moms told us it was time to learn how to take care of ourselves, as we would soon be leaving home and would be on our own. Our moms took us in the bedroom one night and told us that it was time to learn the facts of life. We were both stripped naked and since I was the only male in the house, they used me for training both myself and Pam. First, Aunt Bette stood me by the bed and had Pam sit on the floor in front of me. There was no shyness because we bathed together all the time and slept together too. Aunt Bette then gave Pam lessons in how to give a ‘proper’ blow job. When I orgasmed, I thought I would explode from the inside! I was exhausted kırklareli escort and didn’t understand why. Then mom got Pam on the bed and taught her how to ‘properly’ take care of a woman. That made me so horny that in minutes, I was stiff and hard again. Aunt Bette came up with a condom and put it on me and then both moms made sure that I ‘properly’ fucked my cousin. She was a virgin, of course, and they helped me get through hurting my cousin. Both Pam and I sure liked that feeling! We were given lessons nightly for about three weeks and then they told us that they thought we were ready to be on our own. They gave us two old suitcases they had picked up at the Salvation Army and we packed our rags in them. Our moms gave us what little cash they had managed to scrape together and on Saturday morning Pam and I kissed our moms goodbye.

We walked for the couple of miles to the main highway and started hitch-hiking. We had heard that if we went to the right (east) when we got to the highway, we could go to North Carolina. So that is what we did. Soon a farmer picked us up in his pickup truck. We had to sit in the back, because his wife was in the front. But we made it to North Carolina and ‘the other side of the mountain’. The kind farmer dropped us off in the middle of a town. We walked around town and when it got close to dark, we found us a place in stand of trees at the edge of town and sat down and ate the cornbread and slice of ham mom had packed for us. When it was dark, we laid down together and for the first time in my life, Pam cried on my shoulder. I held her and promised her that I would always take care of her. She took off her jeans and spread her legs and said “Ok, but I hope it don’t hurt any more. Seeing her take her clothes off this time did make me feel different and I got a hard-on watching her. We made love there on the ground and then she put her clothes back on and we snuggled up and went to sleep.

On Sunday, we walked around town some more and someone directed us to the Salvation Army shelter. We spent two days and three nights there. That was where we took our first shower. We had never seen one before. It was pretty neat!

The kind and loving people at the Salvation Army gave us some decent clothes and let us select a city that we would like to go to. It was difficult faking it with them, because it was all I could do to read simple words and reading a map was something I had never even seen before. I told them we needed to go somewhere where I could get a job and earn a living. The lady was very nice and talked about a town in South Carolina and how it was warmer there and there was plenty of farm work.

She thought Pam and I were married because we had the same last name. We never told her different because we thought it was a good idea to be married. Anyway, the people at the Salvation Army gave us bus tickets to South Carolina and we went to the bus station and they put us on a bus. I told the driver to tell us when we got there because we had never been there before. He looked at us kind of funny but said he would.

We traveled through a few big cities and then the next evening we stopped at a gas station and the driver told us this was the spot. It was a little village and there was a lot of farm equipment around. We got off and decided it was too late to go looking for a job so we walked till we found a building that looked like a barn, but there was no house close by. So we went in and bedded down and slept for the night.

The next day, we went looking for farms to work on. It was springtime so there should be plenty of planting work going on. It took us two days to find me some work and we bargained for the job, and to let us sleep in the loft of the barn until I got my first pay. The farmer was a good man and agreed to that and also gave us food to eat too. Pam asked the farmer if his wife needed any help with her household duties. The farmer, his name was Mr. Johnson, said that he would ask her about that. The next day, I woke up and met Mr. Johnson at the barn door as he was coming to feed the livestock. He sent Pam up to the main house and then we went to work.

That first week, I earned $20.00 and Pam earned another $10.00. It was more money than we had ever seen! I asked Mr. Johnson if he knew where we could rent a house and he smiled at us and said “Listen, I know you are not from around here, and you need a place to live decent. But you can’t rent a house and buy food and furniture on $30.00. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I have a corn crib over yonder beyond the tobacco barn. I’ll buy the lumber and you can finish up the walls and live there till you have some money saved up. You can eat at the main house till then. We’ll fix you a place on the back porch to eat. How’s that?”

“It sounds great to us sir! We thank you for your kindness.” So we took our clothes and moved into the corncrib. I found a broom and swept kırklareli escort bayan it out and Mr. Johnson brought us two cots that fold up for us to sleep on.

As time passed and Mr. Johnson got used to us, and got to know us, he also learned that we had almost no education. He had two teenage children that were going to school. He brought them out to the ‘house’ and we talked for a time and the kids agreed to teach us as best they could. Especially some math and reading and writing skills. The kids were Jim, he was 17 years old and Mary, and she was 16 years old. They came by every night and gave us lessons and we talked about kids stuff too. Soon, Jim had me doing a check book, which he said was very important to learn. Mary taught us how to read better and we taught her how to sew and make clothes. We soon became good friends. Time passed and we had soon converted the corn crib into a house. We even dug and built an outhouse behind it. Mr. Johnson bought a new watering trough and gave us the old one and we made a bath tub out of it, and put it on the back porch.

Pam and I had always been best friends, and we could easily talk to each other about anything. After all, we were the only kids and we had no playmates and no one would associate with us back home. So it was only natural that we would be so close and loving. Even when we were little kids, if she got hurt, scraped her knee or something, I was the one to hold her and kiss it and make it better for her. We were always together. So now we were living as husband and wife. Aunt Bette had taught her about her cycle and she knew when she was fertile and when she was not. When she was not, she would ask me to ‘take care of her’ before we went to sleep. As we got used to making love and acting like married folk, we started liking this sex thing. In the evenings, if we weren’t too tired, we’d play games with each other. She would give me blow jobs, I would eat her out, and we would make love. One night after we had done our oral sex, she was bent over making the bed straight and her butt was facing me and I saw how her pussy was showing in the back. So I got up and put my dick in her pussy from the back and she was shocked but said it felt good like that. So then we started experimenting with different positions to fuck in. Looking back on it now, some of the things we tried were pretty damned funny. Like one that I remember the best, was she wanted to suck me from the back, since I had fucked her from the back. She sat behind me and tried to pull my hard dick back between my legs and suck me. It didn’t work too well. When we were kids, we used to stand on our heads and hands a lot. Now since we had fucked standing up, Pam thought we should try it standing on our heads!! I couldn’t even enter her in that position. But it was fun to try.

A year passed, Pam and I now had a bed and even had electricity to our house. Mr. Johnson was good to us. Jim was getting ready to graduate from high school. He knew, of course, that we had never seen a graduation, so he talked his Dad into buying Pam a new dress and shoes and me a new pair of jeans and a shirt and shoes so we could go to his graduation. Pam cried and cried over the new clothes and shoes. Then we went to the graduation and when they called Jim’s name Pam cried again. She already knew that he would be leaving for a time to go to college to learn more about farming and business.

We worked hard that summer and Pam and I had a coffee can filled with almost two hundred dollars!

Jim was going to be leaving in a week to go to college and he came by to give us his last lesson. Now understand; I am a man! I am 20 almost 21 years old now. Men don’t cry where I come from. I did not want to say good-bye to Jim. He had become a very good friend, in fact, my very first friend. We sat and talked for a while and then I looked at Pam and said, “I’m going to check the livestock. Take care of Jim while I’m gone, ok?”

She smiled at me and said she would be sure she took good care of him. I left and walked the pasture and cried at the loss of my friend. No one could see me out here. I sat down under a big oak tree and cried for a time. I guess I went to sleep, because when I woke up and went back to the house, Pam was alone and asleep. I crawled in my bed and slept.

Pam woke me the next morning by pulling on my dick to get it out of my shorts. She gave me a good blow job and then she fixed me some breakfast on the hot plate we had bought. I said “Did Jim leave happy last night honey?”

“As a matter of fact, he was crying when he left. He didn’t want to leave, but I made him go home. He had never been with a woman before. He liked it so much, he wanted to stay all night with me, but I told him that you would be back and he needed to leave.”

“That’s good, as long as you took good care of him. He has been good to us.”

About a month later, Mrs. Johnson’s mother escort kırklareli took sick and Mrs. Johnson had to go stay with her for over a month till she died. Mr. Johnson asked Pam to come and cook for him and Mary, and keep the house clean. Well, of course she did it.

After about a week of her being there in the house all day, Mr. Johnson came in at lunch time one day and Pam saw that he had a hard-on showing in his pants. When she served his lunch, she simply asked him if he wanted her to take care of his problem. She said he almost fainted but asked what I would say. She told him that I hadn’t minded at all when she took care of Jim before he left. Mr. Johnson was shocked, of course, that his son had fucked the hired help. But Pam is a very pretty and sexy lady. Mr. Johnson finally told Pam that if she really wanted to do that, that he would sure appreciate it. So Pam just got down on the floor and crawled under the table and opened his pants and pulled his big hard dick out and sucked him off while he tried to eat lunch. He didn’t eat much, but when Pam finished, he asked if he could make love to her and she told him sure, if that is what he wanted. Well, evidently he fucked her good for a long time, in a couple of different positions. When she came home that night, she told me about it of course, and asked what she should do if he asked her for more of her favors? I simply told her that if she liked it to do it. Well, for the next three weeks, Mr. Johnson spent his lunch time fucking Pam as much as he could. But it worked out good for us, because he bought her some new clothes and we dug a ditch with his tractor and plow and laid a water line to the house and put a shower on the back porch and then closed it in and made us a ‘bath’ room. After we had finished with the bath room, we were sitting on the front porch and talking and he was telling me how much he appreciated us being there and how good we were to his family and all. He must have been thinking about Pam, because I saw that his dick was hard and raising the front of his pants. I asked him “Ah Mr. Johnson, are you thinking about my Pam? I see you have a good hard on sir.”

He looked at me, embarrassed and said “Yes Tommy, I was. She is a really good woman. She has been so good to take care of me while Mrs. Johnson has been away.”

“I know. She told me how much you liked her. Would you like me to take care of that hard on for you sir, since she is up at the house?”

“What? Would you do that for me?”

“Of course sir! You have been very good to us and took care of us for a long time. I owe you that much!”

Mr. Johnson stood up and opened his overalls and pulled his hard dick out. I could see why Pam liked it. It was long and fat.

“You’ll have to forgive me sir, I have never done this before, but I’ll do my best to please you.”

I got down on my knees in front of him and took his hard dick in my hand and jerked it for a minute and then I put my mouth over the head of it. I sucked and jerked and sucked and then he put his hands on my head and pushed me down further on his dick. Soon, I knew he wanted to fuck his dick with my mouth. I tried to remember what it was that Pam had done for me that I likes so much so that I could do that for him too. So I did the best I could and before long, he grabbed my ears and bounced my head up and down as his cum shot into my mouth. It wasn’t bad. A little different than a girl’s, but not bad. I finished by licking him clean and then sat back in my chair beside him.

Mr. Johnson finally said “Well, son, you’re not as good as your wife, but you are good. I can’t believe how easy you did that!”

“I’m sorry sir, but my wife has more experience with that than I do. But I’m glad you liked it anyway.”

“Oh, I did, believe me! As a matter of fact, I have been thinking this week. Mrs. Johnson will be back next week and she is going to need some good fucking when she gets back. I am only good for one shot usually and she is always complaining that I don’t give her enough. Would you think about fucking her some for me so she’ll quit complaining about it? I’d be glad to pay you extra for it.”

“Yes sir, I’d be more than happy to do that for you! And for her. She has been good to us too. I’d like to make her happy!”

After a few minutes, Pam came walking up from the house. Mr. Johnson got another hard-on watching her walk up to the house. When she came up on the porch, she saw Mr. Johnson’s hard-on and said “Come on in the house Mr. Johnson, and let me handle that problem for you.”

He almost jumped out of his chair and followed her into the house.

Pam said “Ok just sit there on the bed and take your pants off for me sir and I’ll do you good for tonight.”

Mr. Johnson told me not to stand there and watch, but to go ahead and take Pam from behind while she did him and that way all of us could enjoy it. So I pulled my jeans down and got down on my knees and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and entered her. I had learned by then that when Pam was enjoying herself or wanted sex, her pussy got very wet. Well it was very wet that evening and I slid all the way in, in one push, and then we all enjoyed our sex. Mr. Johnson didn’t last very long at all. He said he was too excited.

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