Widening the Circle Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This is the continuation of the series “A Couple’s Voyage into Sexuality”. The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. New characters are introduced in this series and some of them will be developed in another story. I want to thank all comments received in the first story; they’ve been very helpful to me. I do encourage you to vote and to send your comments, both positive and negative are very encouraging and they help me to improve.

Vanessa, Robert, Pamela and Edward arrived at the adult’s only, tops optional resort Monday at 1:00 P.M. Their flight had been uneventful and quite pleasant as the plane was only half full so they had ample space. Pamela had sat with Robert and Vanessa with Edward. They had chatted during the 3 hour flight, mostly about their plans for the week at the resort. They had booked a one week stay to celebrate Pamela’s 40th birthday which would be on Thursday. Edward had just turned 45 the previous month. Vanessa was the same age as Edward and Robert two years older than her and their birthdays were later in the year.

They had celebrated Edward’s birthday the previous month with a sex marathon at Robert’s studio and had made a film of it. They planned to celebrate Pamela’s birthday in much the same fashion.

When they checked in, the young woman behind the desk told them about the resorts amenities, there was a restaurant, a bar adjoining the pool, a spa, and a night club. She informed them that the resort’s policies regarding dress code, tops for the ladies were optional at the pool as well as at the poolside bar, but at the restaurant and night club they had to wear something above their waists.

The resort was a small, exclusive one, located in a ravine on the mountains just south of Puerto Vallarta. There were only twenty rooms, or suites to be more precise, they were independent units located along a winding path that lead to the beach. Edward had booked a double-suite which meant that it had two bedrooms at the side of a large living room that opened to a terrace. It was located almost at the top of the path, which started beyond the pool and bar area and there was only one other unit above it.

The girls squealed with pleasure when they inspected their rooms. A large king size bed occupied most of the space with an adjoining bathroom with a sunken bathtub. Both the bedroom and bathroom opened into the terrace. The view from the terrace offered a breathtaking view of Bahia de Banderas, the largest bay in the Pacific coast of Mexico.

They both went first to Edward hugging him and kissing him, congratulating him for selecting such a lovely place. Then they went over to Robert and also hugged and kissed him. They announced they were going to change their clothes and disappeared to their own bedrooms.

Edward went to the small bar at one side of the living room and took the bottle of champagne which he had ordered when booking the resort and which was on an ice bucket on top of the bar. He took the bottle and four glasses to the table at the terrace and sat down to wait for their wives.

Vanessa and Pamela came out on the terrace and stood there so their husbands could admire them. They were both wearing short thin skirts and sandals. Vanessa was wearing a see through flowered blouse which left little to the imagination, her light brown areolas and nipples clearly visible under the material. Pamela had on a mesh top through which her lighter colored areoles were also clearly visible and her nipples, which were already hard, poked out through the mesh.

Edward poured the champagne and they all toasted to a wonderful week. They went to the railing and admired the view of the bay, looking straight down they saw a woman on the terrace of a unit down from the hill going down on a man. At the bottom of the hill they could see part of the small secluded private beach of the hotel. There were a couple of male heads bobbing in the water and they were able to see a naked woman running down the beach and diving into the sea to join the men.

“Mmhh, a nude beach,” Pamela said, she was standing next to Robert who had his arm around her waist, “I’m already loving this place.”

Robert turned her head to him and kissed her. Vanessa was equally excited and seeing her husband engaged in a long kiss with Pamela she turned to Edward and kissed him too.

Edward finished pouring the last of the champagne into their glasses and they made plans for the rest of the day. Going down to the bar to get something to eat, they were starving and the girl at the reception had told them the restaurant didn’t open until 2:30 as was the Mexican custom. Then a swim at the pool and later going down to the beach then back to their room for lovemaking. Edward and Robert went into their rooms to change and came out wearing shorts, halkalı eve gelen escort polo shirts and sandals.

They walked up to the pool, on the way a couple passed them on their way to the beach or their room. The woman appeared to be in her mid fifties and the man was probably in his early sixties. He was wearing a tiny swim suit, which highlighted his balls and outlined his penis and the woman was wearing a regular bikini bottom and was topless, she had very large breasts with huge light pink areolas and thick nipples. They exchanged a cordial ‘Hi’ as they passed them. Passing the pool on their way to the bar they passed two more couples sunning themselves on the pool, they were also topless.

They found a table at the bar, and an attractive young man came to take their order. After looking briefly at the menu card on the table they ordered ceviche and a ‘torta de pierna’ for each one of them and a bucket with 12 ‘Coronas’.

Once the waiter had taken their order Vanessa said to Pamela, “Don’t you think we are a little overdressed?” And without waiting for her answer she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, stuffing it into her oversized beach bag.

Pamela followed suit and soon both of them were topless to the appreciative looks of their husbands. When the waiter brought their beers he didn’t bat an eyelid upon seeing their bare breasts.

“Well, that’s more in the spirit of the place.” Robert said and took out a new small, high resolution camera he had bought recently and snapped a few shots of the girls.

“So, aren’t you going to tell us what happened with your sons?” Pamela asked, unable to restrain her curiosity, she had already asked Robert on the plane but he had said he’d tell her later, when Edward could hear the story so he wouldn’t have to repeat it.

“Well he had a very satisfying conversation with them.” Robert said.

“Actually it was beautiful,” Vanessa interjected, “they are such great kids. Well, not really kids anymore, I should say men, they are so mature and centered.”

“They sure are.” Robert added.

“So? Go ahead and tell us what happened.” Pamela insisted.

Robert was enjoying the expectant look on Pamela’s face. He leaned forward and gave her a tender kiss, “Don’t be anxious.”

“Well, we had a long talk and without going into details we told them that we were exploring new avenues in our sexuality and our marriage and we also told them that our friendship with you guys had grown beyond a platonic level and into the physical realm.”

Edward laughed, “I love it. I love that ‘physical realm’ bit.” And turning to Vanessa he put his hand on her shoulder moving it downward and brushing her breast. “I sure would like to travel with you into the ‘physical realm’ my dear lady.”

“And so would I, fine gentleman,” Vanessa responded, “Especially if you use your talented mouth to travel all over the realm.” She pulled his head to her and gave him a deep kiss.

They all had a good laugh and then Pamela insisted.

“Oh, come on you guys quit that, I want to hear what they said.”

“Oh, they took it right in stride as if it was the most natural thing in the world.” Vanessa replied, “Actually they thanked us for sharing that with them even though they knew it was none of their business and then we embraced and hugged each other. It was a very tender moment.”

“Go on, is there more?” Pamela asked.

“Well, we asked them about their girlfriends.” Vanessa continued

“Actually, I don’t know if you remember that they never specified which one of them was dating Julie and who was dating Amber?” Robert asked.

“Yes, I was going to ask, but then things just went on and I forgot.” Pamela said.

“Well, it turns out that, to use their own words, ‘they are with both girls and the two girls are with both of them.’ They say they all love each other. Actually the four of them are looking for an apartment to live together. So you see, our kids are doing their own explorations of their ‘physical and emotional realms’.” Robert said.

Everybody laughed at the way he stated it and then Edward said.

“Like father, like son.” And they all laughed again.

“Now how about going to the pool, I’m dying to take a dip and then sit under this glorious sun.” Vanessa said.

Robert signed the bill and asked the waiter to take some banana daiquiris to the pool.

They went out and found some loungers and the girls waited for the men to take of their shirts and shorts, standing there only in a minuscule swimsuit that clung to their bodies and outlined their balls and cocks and after they sat down on their chairs, they stood up to remove their skirts.

The women put on an elaborate show of removing their skirts, turning their backs on them and bending forward so they could see that their asses were totally exposed due to the string bikinis they were wearing. Then they turned around. Pamela’s thong halkalı grup yapan escort was white and it barely covered her pussy, as a matter of fact the bottom of her bikini had crept between her thick outer labia which could bee seen outside the tiny triangle of cloth.

Vanessa’s thong was yellow and her outer labia were equally exposed and the dark triangle of pubic hair was discernible beneath the thin material. Vanessa and Robert had decided that they liked their crotches adorned by pubic hair but they kept it trimmed very short. Vanessa still shaved the hair around her labia and just kept a neatly trimmed triangle of hair whose lower point started just above her pussy. The thong was some small that some of her pubic hair was visible above it. Edward and Pamela still kept their crotches totally shaved.

Robert was already snapping pictures of the girls and they turned this way and that adopting some sexy poses. Then the girls walked over to the deep end of the pool and dove gracefully. Robert had used the zoom in the camera and got a shot of them flying through the air. When the girls got out of the pool and walked toward them, Robert and Edward saw that the thin material of their thongs had become transparent leaving little to the imagination. Vanessa’s pubic hair was now clearly visible. Edward thought that the girls looked more naked and more erotic in the suits than if they hadn’t been wearing anything; his cock began to stir to life under his suit. Robert took a few more shots before the girls lay down on their chairs, their legs partially parted.

They stayed under the sun at poolside for about an hour and then decided to head down to the beach. As they walked down the winding path, they passed one of the suites, the door was open and they could see the couple they had seen before fucking doggy style on the bed. The man was frantically shoving his cock into her and her large breasts swung wildly under her as she was pummeled from behind. The four slowed their pace to watch for as long as they could without actually standing there to stare and then continued down to the beach. As they passed the last cottage Pamela and Vanessa peeled their thongs off and squealing in pleasure ran down the rest of the path, continuing until they dove into the sea. Edward and Robert selected a palapa with four chairs under its shadow and were stripping off their suits when an attendant brought them some towels and asked if they wanted anything to drink and Edward ordered another round of daiquiris, this time strawberry.

The girls returned, their bodies dripping sea water, and Robert took a few more shots with his camera. Later one of these pictures turned out to be one of the best he had ever shot. It showed the two naked women, tiny drops of sea water covering their bodies sparkling under the sunlight in perfect contrast with their tanned skins. After their return he amplified it and had it framed to hang above the sofa in their studio.

They stayed at the beach for another hour and then headed back to their suite. They didn’t bother to put on their bathing suits and walked up the path naked enjoying the feel of the warm breeze over their bodies.

Back in their suite they settled on the terrace chairs and Vanessa said.

“How about enjoying all our pent up passion?” On a whim, the previous Monday Vanessa had called Pamela and suggested they all abstain from sex during the week so they would be fully charged for their vacation.

Without responding Pamela knelt between Robert’s legs and began licking his cock. Vanessa did the same with Edward and both girls sucked and deep throated the men to orgasm, swallowing all they could of their copious ejaculations and then cleaned their cocks and bellies of the remaining cum. Then it was Robert and Edward’s turn to eat the other man’s wife. They licked their pussies, bit their clits and tongue fucked them until Vanessa and Pamela exploded. Afterward they sat having a drink watching the sunset.

Later that night they had dinner and went to the night club, the girls had dressed in some very thin dresses that allowed their nipples to be seen beneath the thin cloth, especially Vanessa’s darker ones. They wore no panties so Vanessa’s dark triangle was also insinuated beneath her dress.

They were chatting amiably after dancing to a few songs when the man they’d seen earlier fucking the ample breasted woman in their suite approached them and offered to buy them a drink. They were soon joined by the woman who wore a spectacularly low cut dress that showed most of her breasts. They exchanged introductions; the newcomers were Al and Tina. After some idle chat Al asked Pamela to dance, Vanessa got up and grabbed Edward’s hand following Al and Pamela to the dance floor where they were soon joined by Robert and Tina.

When a hot salsa song was played, Tina gyrated wildly to the music and one of her breasts fell out of her dress, she didn’t halkalı masöz escort bother putting it back inside and continued dancing with abandon to the pleasure of Robert and the other dancers in the floor who admired her bobbing tits. A slow song followed and Al pulled Pamela to him, she placed her arms around his neck and his hands encircled her waist just above her bottom. Edward and Vanessa began kissing as they danced to the slow music and Robert was enjoying feeling Tina’s large breasts pressed against his chest.

“You could have stayed and watched longer.” Al whispered in Pamela’s ear as they went on dancing as obvious reference he had seen them watching their lovemaking session.

“Maybe we should have.” Pamela answered pressing her body closer to his. She could feel his cock hardening against her belly.

“You are a very attractive woman.” Al added nuzzling her ear. “Your husband seems to like my wife too, so maybe we all can get together for some erotic pleasures.” He added.

Pamela looked around and saw that it was Robert who was still dancing with Tina.

“That’s not my husband dancing with your wife; he’s the one dancing and fondling Vanessa over there.” Pamela said pointing to Edward and Vanessa. “She is Robert’s wife.” She added teasingly.

“Well, if you like, we can all get together.” Al said looking down into her eyes. He moved his head closer to her and when she didn’t turn away, he kissed her on the lips.

Pamela kissed him back and said, “Mmh, I think I’d like that, but I’ll have to run it past the others. But since this is only our first night, we had planed to spend it with each other.”

“That’s fine. We’ll be here a few more days.” Al responded.

They stayed at the night club swapping dancing partners all around and then the six of them headed out toward their suites. As they passed by the pool Tina said, “I’m going for a midnight swim.”

She lowered her dress baring her ample breasts and continued pulling it down together with her panties until she stood naked between the other five. There was a swirl of arms as the rest removed their clothes and dove into the pool. They frolicked in the water for a while, embracing, touching. Caresses and kisses were exchanged and genitals fondled. Finally they headed for their suites, the men in an obvious state or arousal, their erect cocks leading the way. Al and Tina lamented, but respected, the decision of their new found friends not to participate in a sexual interchange that night.

* * *

Robert, Edward, Vanessa and Pamela spent much of what was left of the night fucking and sucking each other in different combinations. Their ardor fueled, no doubt, by their shenanigans with Al and Tina and their expectations for what might happen the following day.

They had been talking for sometime now about including more people in their circle to continue experimenting. They had even gone as far as to discussing who they might include. Pamela suggested Jolynn, her boss, who was now currently engaged in a relationship with a handsome younger man. Edward had mentioned their neighbors, an attractive couple in their age group. Vanessa had mentioned her sister, even though she was currently unattached. Robert had no one he could suggest. And of course there was the possibility that Jake and Jen would take the step into including them as sex partners in their relationship. The four of them had even discussed getting together with some of Pamela and Vanessa’s fans from the Web site. They had plenty to choose from there.

When they were planning this trip they had talked about the possibility that they might meet some agreeable couples during their vacation and all of them were willing to try out another couple or couples. However they had set a boundary, the four of them had to be in agreement, hence Pamela’s comment to Al. But now, even though they had not discussed it openly, that they all had found Al and Tina attractive and were willing to, actually they were looking forward, have them as sex partners.

An of course, there were the unexpected additions that had risen quite unexpectedly in the last weeks before their trip. Karen, Pepper and Mint. If they thought about it, what awaited them upon their return might prove to be more exciting that the vacation.

* * *

They all woke up late the following morning and dressed in shorts and tank tops and t-shirts and went down for breakfast. Afterward they sat by the pool to pass the time until their appointments at the spa for an aromatherapy massage came. It didn’t take long for Vanessa and Pamela to shed their tops and move their chairs to work on their tans. The four of them already had quite decent tans from the time they spent nude at their backyards.

Vanessa and Robert went first and when they came out they told Pamela and Edward they would wait for them down at the beach.

On their way to the massage, Edward and Pamela met Al and Tina, fully dressed, and they explained they were going to spend the day in town doing some shopping but were looking forward to joining them later that night.

“That is if you’re not having second thoughts about it.” Al said.

By way of an answer, Pamela threw her arms around his neck and said before their lips met in an ardent kiss. “Of course not, we are looking forward to it.”

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