Wild Oata – Liam and Steve

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Hi, I’m back again with another of my 1970’s college experiences related to you through twistedgraygoat.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sally. In the 1970’s I was in my 20’s. I am on the pill, love sex, and firmly believe that sex is not love, just a special feeling. I like the feeling of cum in my vagina and do not like the unnatural feeling of a latex clad cock.

I am a solid woman, about 5’8″, 135 pounds, firm body, heavy, full, sensitive breasts.

I have been trying to put together how this experience began, but am not having much luck recalling some details, so I guess I should begin with what I do remember.

I was in Steve’s apartment off campus studying with him for a joint assignment we had for one of our education classes. We were sitting at the kitchen table with all of our materials laid out when Liam, Steve’s roommate, whom I had never seen before, walked in. I felt an immediate sexual attraction and Liam felt the same way. We just stared at each other while my insides were doing flip flops. Steve broke through to us and introduced us.

Liam is 6’6″ tall and thin as a rail. He is a high jumper on the track team and is very graceful. When he moves he just seems to glide.

By contrast, Steve, who is also on the track team for shot put and discus, is 5’10” and built cinsel bilgiler like a fireplug with muscles bulging everywhere and seems to move very deliberately.

Liam went back to shower while Steve and I finished up for today.

Steve pulled some beer from the refrigerator and we retired to the living room.

Liam came out dressed in a T-shirt and loose athletic shorts, he snagged a beer and settled onto the couch beside me. The springs were saggy and he out-weighed me, so when he sat down, I sort of slid and slumped into him. To make it more comfortable for both of us it was just natural for him to put his arm around me.

As we sat and talked he casually caressed my arm and shoulder and, feeling secure and comfortable, I snuggled closer.

Steve went to get all of us more beer and I saw Liam’s sex snake sliding out the leg hole of his shorts. It was about 2″ in diameter and had the cutest circumcised head. I couldn’t resist, I had to touch it. It was only semi-erect, but smooth as silk with a few clear drops seeping out the slit on the end. I spread the pre-cum around with my finger as Liam’s hand dropped to my breast.

We kissed. His lips were soft and his tongue was insistent. I opened my mouth and our tongues met. His mouth was fresh cinsellik bilgileri and he tasted wonderful.

As I played with his cock and slid it farther out of his shorts, he slipped his hands under my blouse and unfastened my bra. I broke our kiss, sat up and pulled my blouse and bra off in one motion. I repositioned myself so I was kneeling on the couch with my ass in the air and began orally loving Liam’s cock. I had to be 10-12″ long, but not real thick as my fingers met as I wrapped my hands around it. I licked and sucked and swirled my tongue around the head as it continued to leak pre-cum from the slit.

My breasts were hanging down and Liam was enjoying playing with my erect nipples and crinkly areolas.

I looked over at Steve who was standing there nude with his erect uncircumcised, 5″ long and 5″ thick cock in his hand. I wiggled my butt at him and he moved over behind me. Steve pulled my skirt up and my wet panties down. He began licking, kissing, and sucking my already wet vagina.

Seeing what was going on, Liam pulled off his shirt and his shorts.

I went back to taking as much of Liam in my mouth as I could while Steve climbed onto the couch behind me and positioned his cock at my very wet love opening. I sucked Liam even harder cinsel bilgi and he came in my mouth as Steve became fully inserted in my vagina. I was still swallowing Liam’s cum as Steve began pumping in and out of me. Suddenly, as he began to swell, Steve pulled out and came in a towel he had brought with him from the kitchen.

I immediately moved around and began feeding Liam’s cock into my vagina as I sat on his lap facing him. Having just cum, I knew he would be able to hang in there for quite some time. As I rode him he continued loving my breasts as they bounced in front of him.

After about 10 minutes of sensational fucking and an orgasm or two of my own, Liam lifted my legs and turned me around on his cock. He then stood up, still inserted, and laid me over the arm of the couch while he stood behind me and began pumping harder and faster.

With the new angle, I had another orgasm and Liam continued pumping hard and fast. He turned me around again so I was facing him, still attached, and with his arms under my legs and my arms around his neck, he carried me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed and began to pump into me with all he had. I felt him stiffen and then my insides were flooded with spurt after spurt of hot, creamy cum.

I wrapped my legs around Liam and pulled him in as tight as I could while using my vaginal muscles to milk every last drop of cum out of him. He lay down beside me and we held and caressed each other while basking in a feeling of euphoria.

When I opened my eyes I saw Steve standing there with his soft cock only inches from my face. I took him in my mouth hoping I could get him hard again.

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