With My Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 03

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Ashe Maree

Kimberly and Michael Williams had lived next door to the Shaw family for two years. They had been married for six years and were childless. Kimberly and Mike as he liked to be called both worked. He was aged 30 and employed as a bond trader on Wall Street and Kimberly was aged 29 was a third grade teacher in a school system in the next town.

They were friendly with the Shaw family but did not socialize with them as there was a considerable age difference between the couples. Kimberly and Mike wondered about the Shaw family from the aspect that Mr. Shaw was seldom if ever home. They wondered to themselves how the marriage was able to survive given his absence. They would see Bobby and on occasion his friend shooting baskets or just hanging out in the backyard. Their presence seemed to energize the Shaw home that for the most part was as exciting as the county morgue. Kimberly noticed that Mrs. Shaw always seemed sad and looked forlorn.

That is until in the middle of the past May when something certainly had changed. Because she was a woman, Kimberly said to herself that someone was paying attention to Mrs. Shaw because she noticed (as women do) that there was a look to her that had not ever been seen before. Maybe it was Mr. Shaw. That was doubtful because he was never home. Since Kimberly worked during the school year she did not know what Mrs. Shaw did with her time during the day. Mrs. Shaw did not seem like a person who would be out and about looking for a man. But there was something that had gone on or was going on. Someone was romancing Mrs. Shaw.

At the rear of the Williams contemporary home was a porch that at one time had been screened in but now had been winterized and air-conditioned. It was called the family room now. It was used as a breakfast room in the summer where the Sunday papers were read and also was used as a reading and television room. There were thermal pane windows that had been installed. When seated on the sofa in this room there was a clear look towards the rear of their yard as well as to the side of the Shaw’s driveway and garage.

Kimberly did remember something that appeared out of the ordinary that had occurred about one month earlier. She had been doing some reading in the family room one Saturday. She had noticed that Bobby and one of his friends had been shooting baskets and hanging out and cooking something on the grill. Then at some point in time later on the same afternoon she had seen Mrs. Shaw walk towards the side of the garage out of the line of sight from the Williams home with Bobby’s friend. She recalled thinking how odd it was that Bobby was not around. She lost sight of them and forgot about it until about a half hour (or maybe longer) later she saw Mrs. Shaw walking from the obscured side of the Shaw garage with Bobby’s friend behind her. Mrs. Shaw looked flushed and a little disheveled. Bobby was not around and neither was Mr. Shaw. She did notice that Mr. Shaw’s vehicle had been there earlier but it was now gone.

Maybe Kimberly Williams was reading into something that was not there. Maybe her frustration has showing its ugly side. Maybe she was jealous at the way that Mrs. Shaw seemed to be carrying herself. There was spring in her step. She had the smug look of a woman who was getting fucked.

Kimberly’s frustration was borne being part of a couple who both worked extra hard towards financial independence but at a sacrifice of any real fun. It was easy to pick on Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and doing so made their marriage seem more palatable. Although Kimberly and Mike still made love, there was no real excitement that had once been there. Kimberly desperately wanted a child but she and Mike had been unable to conceive. Visits to the doctor revealed that Mike had a low sperm count. It was not impossible to conceive but the doctor suggested that perhaps a vacation together might enable them to focus on each other. However Mike never liked going away for vacations. Because she was a teacher Kimberly had the summer off. He liked to work and save and when he was not working he worked at home on his computer. He always talked about retirement but for Kimberly she wondered when their lives would start. She wanted a family and some fun. She was always a loyal and giving woman going back to when they were in college and dating. In her mind maybe what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Shaw was beginning to happen to them.

When Kimberly Williams was in high school, she was a cheerleader and very popular. She stood five feet three inches in height and weighed one hundred fifteen pounds. She had what other women called a “cute figure.” She had above average sized breasts for her frame. For physical fitness she would skate around the block on her roller blades and she also did this to clear her mind. Being a teacher was a challenging vocation that she took seriously. She was a conservative dresser. She liked to dress up and go out especially when Mike’s employer ran its annual Christmas party. She got her share of attention. She loved to dance and usually danced with the wife (Brenda Sykes) of one of Mike’s co-workers. Mike did not like to dance any fast Maltepe Fetiş Escort dances. Dancing provided her with attention from male party-goers. She just could not stand around and drink and eat at this party. She did not handle alcohol well when she was out socially. She would become overly affectionate if she had one too many glasses of wine. She sometimes would become ill if she drank too much. She did not like the feeling of a hangover the next morning.

One evening about a week after I received the news from Bobby, I went over to his house to see him. I was scared to say the least. I had no idea what to expect every time the telephone rang or when my mother or father would want to speak to me. I had been avoiding Bobby and would tell him that I was “busy” when he called. I had been moping around and could not tell or discuss what I had heard or how I felt with anyone. I felt that I had really fucked up. It was about 5:00 P.M. I was nervous to say the least but I could not think of a reason not to go. When I arrived, there was Lois. She was cordial and kept to herself. She had a housecoat on and slippers as if she had been ready for bed. I did not see Mr. Shaw. Bobby said nothing additional about what we had spoken. There did not seem to be any tension in the house. Bobby did not seem uptight or worried or anything out of the ordinary. Bobby was going through his old baseball card collection with the idea of selling all of them as his mother had threatened to throw them out. She wanted him to clean out his room before he was to start college. There was a local guy into baseball memorabilia collections such as what Bobby had who wanted to see Bobby’s card collection. Bobby was trying to figure out how much he could get for the box of cards. We sorted through what we thought were the most valuable but it was a daunting task. There had to be over three thousand cards in this collection.

As what usually occurred Bobby and I became hungry. Neither of us had eaten since lunch time. He asked his mother if there was anything to eat and she said there was not. She did offer pizza for anyone who would pick it up. There was a pizzeria a few miles away in the next town that made the best thin crust pizza around. This pizzeria did not deliver. There were two pizzas ordered and I offered to pick them up. Bobby said he would and said I could hang out in his room while he was gone. Lois encouraged Bobby to “just go”. I was uncomfortable with that idea and was worried about her aggressive stance of getting him to leave. Bobby said the wait was to be at least forty-five minutes as the pizzeria was always busy. I knew why Bobby was going early and had no problem waiting at the pizzeria. It was because there was an electronic bowling game at the pizzeria that on occasion we would play and I knew that is why he left early. I was not comfortable staying alone with his mother. Before he left Bobby asked me to go through the baseball cards again and pick out what I thought were the ten most valuable and then when he came back we could try to locate an online website that might have an estimate of what those particular cards were worth. Going on his computer seemed like a better idea than just hanging around with his mother. It would give me something to do and get my focus on something else. The clouds around me were growing darker. Lois gave Bobby the money and he left in her car. A short time after Bobby left, Lois walked up the stairs and stood in the doorway of his room. I was on the computer and made like I did not see that she was there. She cleared her throat and I looked up at her. We made eye contact. My heart jumped in fear as to what she might say.

She stared at me and asked me how I was doing. I said okay and I then asked her the same thing. I had the sense of doom that I felt was surrounding me. She said she was a little physically uncomfortable and touched her lower abdomen. She also said that she knew that I knew about her “condition.”

She tried to relieve me by saying that Mr. Shaw had been taking care of “her needs” at about the same time she and I had gotten acquainted. She said she was “sure” that Mr. Shaw was the father. She said that she had still been getting per period and that she had missed it prior to our involvement. I did not ask her how she could be that sure but I did feel relieved even if it may have been a lie. I assumed that when Bobby broke the news to me that his mother would have been sad or upset but to the contrary she appeared to be rejuvenated.

A grin came across her face. She said she needed for me to see her new car in the garage. I asked her, “What new car?” She responded, “The new Audi convertible Mr. Shaw had given me as a surprise for my 46th birthday.”

While she stood there I went back in time for a moment to when Bobby gave me the news. At that time and I was depressed and scared. How could this happen? I regretted ever doing it and vowed never to do anything without a condom or better yet with a married woman again. I hoped there would be an “again” in my life as far as women were concerned. I mean in my mind Lois was “too old” Maltepe Gecelik Escort to get pregnant. At the time I wondered if I was the father. What the hell had I been thinking about?

Her old geezer of a husband probably had never dropped the loads that I had. How could I face Bobby and deal with myself or my family if the child was mine? Would she not tell anyone? If the baby looked like me would anyone notice? My life could very well be over. I mean college would be out and my parents would be mortified. I would lose my best friend and I would be a running joke. I would have to care for the child of my best friend’s mother. No doubt my best friend would never speak to me. The Shaw marriage would be over. I thought about joining the service or just taking off to another part of the country and not dealing with anything.

I heard Lois say, “Danny, are you feeling okay?”

I said I was and that my mind was in another place.

She said, “If you need motivation to look at my new car in the garage check out these!” With that she pulled up her housecoat and showed me that her legs were covered in long black stockings held up by a garter belt. She also had put on the same heels she had on at the prom. She had put everything on as soon as Bobby left. I got up from the chair and walked towards her.

With all of my bad and scared feelings and all of my worry about what possibly had and could occur I followed her down the stairs and out to the back door. I was pussy whipped. The prospect of getting laid caused a python to grow in my pants. I had not had sex since we tested out the tool bench. My cock had a mind of its own.

I nervously asked, “Why can’t we stay in the house?” and she said, “The new car is not in the house but in the garage.”

As we walked through the kitchen I started having some misgivings. As she opened the rear door leading to the back yard she reached back and found the growing snake in my pants.

She remarked, “Well, you certainly are ready.”

I asked where Mr. Shaw was and she said, “He is at a legal seminar in New York City until tomorrow.”

We walked to the garage. It was dark outside. We were out of our minds. At least I was out of my mind. She was on another planet. But why was I there? I just could not control myself. I knew it was wrong but I would not turn down an opportunity to get laid. She was wearing black stockings and heels! I really had to grow up and be done with my fetish but not yet. My fetish controlled my choices and started the whole thing with Lois.

In addition Lois lusted after my cock and I was a willing partner. It was as simple as that.

Lois entered the garage first and I followed. I looked around before pulling the door closed. It was very dark. There was no moon. There was some light from the reflection of a light from the neighbor’s house. We carefully walked towards the car that was parked on the opposite side of the garage. Her car appeared to be red in color and the top was down. She opened up the driver side door and told me to sit on the driver’s seat and check it out. The interior lights came on. I loved the new car smell. It had black leather seating and looked awesome. The steering wheel felt so right in my hands.

She said, “This car is probably too fast and too sporty for me but I have decided to try this as well as other things that give me a thrill. For too long I have been a spectator in life. Now I want to be a participant before it is too late. This is just one of those things.”

The car door remained open. I had my hands on the wheel. Lois pushed her self towards my left hip and placed her left leg against my left arm. She pulled up her housecoat. I ran my left hand on her silky legs and up to her pussy. She had no underwear on and that was no surprise. She said she wanted to get into the back seat. I moved to the back seat of the car. I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat down again. She stood as the convertible top of her car was down and she pushed the driver side seat forward.

She said, “I always wanted to get fucked in the back seat of a car and now is the time.”

She moistened her fingers with her tongue and then placed her fingers into her pussy. We managed to get our aim right and she squatted on my cock. I thought I noticed a slight puffiness to her belly and her tits looked fuller. My cock slipped in to the hilt. I sucked on those full and delectable nipples and played with her tits. I rubbed her belly. She went up and down on me but I needed to control the action better and I could not get a good rhythm going. After a few minutes I pushed her off me and I got up from the back seat.

I got her to stand against the side of the car and I stood behind her. She extended her arms onto the side of the car much like when a police officer is frisking a suspect and planted her legs apart. I pulled up her housecoat and had her spread her legs open a little wider. With her heels on I was able to get a direct shot to her pussy. I entered her once again and started to do some heavy duty plowing. I rubbed her silky legs for a while. The Maltepe Genç Escort car door remained open and the interior lights to the car were on. In and out and from side to side and then in a circular motion I went. It was a perverse turn on that part of me that believed that possibly the baby she was carrying was mine and I was back fucking her again. The car was rocking from my movements. This was a great way to break in a new car. I braced myself against her shoulders with one hand. My other hand was near her face and she sucked on my index finger simulating a blowjob. My cock was up and in to the heights. I had great leverage. I would fuck her hard with rapid movements and then place my cock all the way on and leave it there and not move. I flexed my cock muscle and she was squeezing her pussy on my cock and encouraged me to fuck her harder. I could feel my pre-cum drooling into her pussy.

Suddenly I thought I heard something from outside of the garage and I stopped and listened. My heart was pounding and my cock started to shrink.

I whispered, “What was that?”

Lois whispered back, “What you probably heard is this raccoon that is prowling the yard looking for food. My neighbors said that there is a raccoon that has been getting into garbage cans. Everything is okay. Calm down. If you are worried about Bobby he will not be home for at least forty minutes.”

I had the feeling that Lois Shaw could not have cared whether there was a television crew making a video of our show for internet distribution at that time. She did not want any interruption to her being fucked. I think she made up the raccoon story. Since she sounded convincing I continued.

I went back to the job at hand. I had not jerked off in over three weeks because of my worries concerning Lois and how my life could conceivably end. I had real trouble holding off. She grunted every time I pumped her. I was just fucking her and listening to her gasp and then groan as if she was in pain when suddenly my backlog of fresh come made its appearance into her womb with ten (I counted) heavy duty spurts. When I started to come I forced my cock in and all that was left were my balls as the rest was buried into her hot pussy. I held my cock all the way in and I made sure that my come had given her womb a good soaking. Her pussy felt hot. The way I felt at that moment in time could have resulted in me fucking her all night if given the opportunity. Her swollen tits looked and tasted great and I would not have minded her legs wrapped around my back and face. I wanted to be on top of her on a bed and roll on her belly. I wish at that time that we could be in bed all day and just fuck and suck her. I had to settle for what I was getting.

For some reason I still did have the odd sense that we were being watched or we had been watched. Maybe I was just being paranoid. I did not know about a raccoon. I could swear that there was someone watching us. It was not a sound that I heard just instinct. There was a window in the side door to the garage.

I stayed inside of her after I came for a while until my cock got totally soft and I then pulled out. After I pulled out Lois shut the car door.

She said, “You are getting better in time. I nearly came when you were fucking me. I am so addicted to your cock.”

I kissed her and she kissed back and ran her legs up the sides of my legs. I started getting hard again. If we had more time I would have fucked her again.

We carefully made our way out the side door to the garage. There was no one there. I made my way around the garage and did not see anyone. After circling the garage I did see to my left the faint light in the enclosed porch area of the next door neighbor.

I caught up to Lois at the rear door. She asked me, “Where did you go?” I said, “I was looking for a raccoon.” She laughed.

We got back into the house. I used the bathroom to wash my hands and face and wash my cock. I smelled of pussy. Bobby did not come home for another twenty-five minutes.

Kimberly Williams sat in her kitchen and just shook. She poured her self a glass of blackberry brandy and tried to calm down. Her husband Mike was in his basement office on his computer. She could not believe what she had just seen. While she had been in the family room, she heard a car leave and then a short time noticed that Mrs. Shaw and another person were making their way to the garage. She could not imagine why Mrs. Shaw and another person would just walk into a garage and not reappear. She knew she was being nosy but she was so curious she had to take a look. Kimberly decided against walking in any footwear but remained in her bare feet. She quietly walked out the front door and then walked past the Shaw house and up the driveway of the neighbor on the other side of the Shaw house and then she slowly made her way towards the garage. There was a window on the door leading into the garage. She heard people speaking as she first peered into the garage. It was very dark in the garage but there was light coming from Mrs. Shaw’s new car. She saw a young man of about 19 or 20 who she recognized as one of Bobby’s friends getting out of the backseat of Mrs. Shaw’s new Audi. This was the same kid she saw all those weeks earlier. Then she noticed that his pants were off and when he turned sideways could see his very erect and long cock! He had this tiny waist and this long and wide cock!

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