With Sabrina

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A quick, intense Daddy/daughter tale this time. It’s quite brief, and quite unbelievable; I haven’t built this one up much at all. All the action takes place over the course of seven hours or so. Still, suspension of disbelief notwithstanding, I hope you enjoy the piece.

Feedback is appreciated. Apologies for any errors which remain in the text.

Thanks for reading.

GA – Calpe, Spain – 26th of November 2015.


Sabrina was sick of it – the same old argument. “Yes,” she said, “I’m going out like this. And before you start, don’t bother going on at me, because I’m not listening.”

He looked at her, feeling the shame as illicit desire rose up inside. Barry James was hard for his daughter, aroused by the long legs and tight rump. Sabrina had her back to him, reaching up on tip-toe for a glass in the cupboard over the sink.

“You’re too beautiful to be going out dressed like that. You don’t need to flaunt all you’ve got. It makes you look easy.” When she turned to face him, Barry felt the familiar urge to lunge at her. In his mind’s eye he could see his hands slipping under his daughter’s slinky little bootlace top. He saw himself pawing those tight little tits and kissing the glittery lip-gloss right off her mouth.

The glass thunked onto the counter. Sabrina sighed and rolled her eyes, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. “Did it ever occur to you that I might just be easy?” She threw her arms wide, tone going strident in her frustration. “Maybe I like it when blokes look at me.” Letting her father have both barrels, Sabrina’s eyebrows went up to her hairline. “Maybe it gets me hot to know they’re looking at my legs and my bum and my tits. Maybe I love shagging!”

“Please no,” Barry gasped, closing his eyes.

He couldn’t see her, but Barry could still hear when his daughter finished with, “Maybe I just love fucking.”

Emotions churned in his guts when Barry’s imagination conjured up scenes featuring his daughter involved in depravity. The images came through all twisted up with his need: Sabrina, naked, those long legs spread wide for some anonymous lover completely unworthy of her attention. He saw her beautiful face distorted by cock, her pussy accepting an enormous length of male gristle.

Barry’s throat worked as he gulped down on carnal desires. He struggled to suppress the urge to take out his cock and start tugging. “You shouldn’t say that,” he managed to gurgle, confronted by his daughter’s angry stare when he opened his eyes. “Not to me. I’m your father.”

“Yeah,” snorted Sabrina, arms folding again. “And I’ve seen you looking at me, too.”

That hit him like a punch in the stomach. The shockwave rolled over Barry, leaving him gaping and speechless.

Reeling from it, Barry boggled at the girl: How did she know?

As though reading his mind, Sabrina thrust her chin out towards her father. “You get this look on your face,” she informed him. “Like you want to do … things to me. Dirty, rude things.”

After what felt like an age, Barry finally gathered himself enough to groan, “God, no, Sabrina. How can you…? How could I…?” Deny it. Jesus, deny it!

“I’m twenty-two, Dad. I know what a man looks like when he’s thinking dirty thoughts.”

“Buh-but I’m your father … I wouldn’t … I cuh-couldn’t,” he lied.

Her smirk, the sly twist to her lips and the narrowing of eyes were a slap to the face. “And?” said Sabrina, head moving as she nodded slowly, her eyes never leaving his face. “It isn’t like people don’t fantasise all the time. I read stuff on the internet. It isn’t so unusual.”

Sabrina stopped talking, her intense gaze breaking as she took a quick glance at the front of her father’s jeans. She knew she’d gone too far, said things which can never be unsaid, but some kind of showdown had been coming for a while. All right, yes, it might be a mistake to bring up the dangerous subject of her own father eyeing her body, but something needed to be done. She’d just blurted it out in a moment of anger and it couldn’t be brought back.

She’d denied the truth when she’d first noticed the unusual attention, preferring to make up excuses for the way his eyes caressed her exposed skin. It was wrong, it was sick: her own dad looking at her that way?

So why have you been rubbing off thinking about him? How come you’ve been deliberately flaunting yourself when you know he’s looking at you?

Guilt at her culpability settled like a brick in the pit of her stomach while something dark and illicit uncurled in a place even deeper than that.

He’s hard and you’re wet. The thought of it sent Sabrina towards the front door. “I’ve got to go,” she called out.


Barry couldn’t stop himself. When the door slammed closed he stared at it for half-a-minute or more. Then, acting without thinking, he all but stumbled up the stairs. Barry went to her room, the vague notion he was taking it too far somewhere at the kütahya escort back of his mind when he stepped over the threshold.

She was in his head as he yanked himself off into her knickers, cum spurting against the tiny, insignificant triangle of cotton. Barry thought about the intimate parts of her the garment had touched, the fabric nestled tight up against his daughter’s vulva, her scent permeating the tight weave.

“Shit,” Barry hissed, cords in his neck straining as the semen poured out. “Oh fuck, my baby, my beautiful girl…” Inside his head she was laid on the bed, thighs wide while she fucked two fingers into her glistening pussy.

The orgasm tapered, the pleasure evaporating, the void filled with a sudden inrush of guilt. Barry gaped down at his daughter’s underwear, her knickers defiled with his sin. He bunched the sodden material in one fist, then noticed blobs of spunk on the carpet.

“You’re sick,” Barry mewled to himself. “Stop it … Jesus … What’s the matter with you?”

The knickers went into his pocket before he made an attempt to erase the evidence of his perverted transgression. Barry dabbed at the carpet with a hand towel he fetched from the bathroom, blotting up cum until all that remained were a couple of dark patches.

It was as good as it was going to get, so, with anxiety gnawing his guts, Barry left the scene of the crime.


He heard her come home. Barry levered upright and reached for his mobile – 1:30 a.m.

The questions came at him: Where has she been? What’s she been doing?

And who with?

There were some noises downstairs, sounds of moving about in the kitchen; then there was silence for a minute or two, the knock at the bedroom door taking him by surprise.

Barry heard the slur in her voice when Sabrina asked, “Are you awake?”

“Yes,” he said into the darkness, then saw his daughter’s silhouette outlined in the pale yellow glow from a streetlight outside. A halo of subdued luminescence surrounded Sabrina as she entered her father’s bedroom. Barry watched the shadowy figure come closer, with Sabrina halting at the foot of the bed.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

The knife twisted in Barry’s guts when he thought about what he’d done in her underwear, and he was grateful for the dark while mortification burned in his cheeks. “I’m sorry, too,” mumbled Barry.

“What for?”

He sighed, hesitating before continuing with, “For looking at you.” Barry paused, then added, “You were right, Sabrina … Exactly right.”

Seconds of silence passed between the pair before Sabrina breathed, “That’s all right, Dad.” Barry sensed her shrug, heard it in the tone of her voice. “I don’t mind, if I’m totally honest.”

The candour shocked him. Barry lay propped up on his pillows, eyes wide, mouth hanging open when he listened to her giggle and say, “In fact, I kind of liked it. It so dirty and … well, it’s just wrong.”

“Sabrina, please,” Barry gurgled, shocked by this turn of events. “What’re you saying? Wuh-what do you mean?”

“I was with Jonathan tonight,” his daughter went on. “He wanted to fuck me,” she said.

“Don’t tell me,” gasped Barry. “I don’t want to know.” But even as the words came out of his mouth, he was picturing Sabrina on her hands and knees, a man’s hands on her hips as she thrust back onto his thick, veiny dick.

“There’s nothing to know,” Sabrina informed him. “He was mad for me, really banging on about wanting to do it. But,” she continued, tone dropping to a murmur, “I didn’t let him. I didn’t want to.”

The shadowy form moved from the foot of the bed. Barry watched open-mouthed as his daughter approached the side of the bed.

“Wuh-what are you doing?” he stammered when the mattress dipped under her weight.

“Sitting down,” she replied.

Barry shifted his rump sideways to put some space between himself and his daughter. His heart leapt inside the cage of his ribs, confusion clouding his thoughts.

“Dad…” she began.

Barry heard her sigh, wondering what she was going to say. “Oh God, Sabrina … What?”

Time slipped past, long seconds of agony in the middle of the night.

“Well, I was wondering…?

“When you look at me … are you thinking about…?

“You know, doing things?”

It was too much. She’d gone too far. “For God’s sake, Sabrina,” croaked Barry. “What kind of man do you think I am?”

Her chuckle came out of the dark. “One who looks at his daughter’s tits.”

“Stop it,” he whined.

“Tell me,” Sabrina insisted.

“I can’t. It’s…”

“But I want you to,” whispered his daughter. “I want to know all of it.”

Barry could hear the deep, rapid lub of his heart in his ears, blood surging through him as all was quiet between them for several interminable moments.

Then another cold wave of shock hit him when Sabrina purred, “I’ve played with myself, you know.” The bed moved as she shifted around. “Knowing kütahya escort bayan you look at me … Well, it gets me all turned on and … and … you know,” she eventually finished.

His hand went to his cock without Barry intending it to do so. He gulped when he found himself swollen and hard, a moan bubbling out when he squeezed at his shaft.

“I think about how beautiful you are,” he admitted, again thankful for the cover of darkness. There was no way he could make this humiliating admission if she could see his face.

“Do you think about me nude?” the girl whispered.

“God yes,” Barry replied, his fist beginning to work up and down.

“Duh-do you think about … about touching?”

“God yes, baby,” groaned Barry as the insanity took hold.

“What else?” murmured Sabrina, her voice clotted and thick.

Barry moaned and gasped, “All of it.”

“Are you wanking right now?”

“I’m sorry, baby, I can’t help it.”

“Don’t worry,” she whimpered, “I’m playing too.”

Lust exploded inside Barry when the image of his daughter fingering her sex came into his mind. He saw it again, her face twisted with agonised delight as she chewed on her lower lip and fucked those digits into her sex.

“Sabrina,” he moaned, “what are we doing?”

“It’s bad, isn’t it?” his daughter replied on a groan. “But I don’t want to stop doing it, Dad. I’m so fucking horny…”

“We shouldn’t…” Barry grunted, knowing he wanted to.

“But we are…”

Pleasure swept over him as he cranked at his cock. Barry grunted and moaned, tugging hard at his length, the bed dipping and rocking.

“Move over,” he heard. “I can’t do it like this. I have to open my legs.”

Then Sabrina was alongside him, her shape an indistinct blur. He could make out the darker shade of her legs, feeling her urgency by the way the bed moved as she went at her sex with one hand.

“Can I watch you?” moaned Barry, desperate to see her face as she wanked.

“Daddy, kiss me,” the girl moaned after flicking on the lamp at her side of the bed. “I’m gonna come.”

Semen burst out of him when Barry looked on the reality for the first time. She was more beautiful than he’d imagined as she gazed at him through eyes glazed with desire. Sabrina had her bootlace top yanked up over her breasts, nipples all tight in the coins of their areolae. She sobbed and groaned and worked a hand down at her vulva, the skin smooth and bare, the pronounced mound completely cleared of the girl’s pubic bush.

His daughter was nude from the waist down, her skirt and underwear discarded at the side of the bed. Barry had a few moments to notice the smooth perfection of her long legs and a flat stomach tensing with effort before the surge squirted out of his cock.

“Fucking kiss me,” squealed Sabrina. “Wank it all out and kiss me while I come.”


She was looking at him with shock in her eyes while also gasping for air. Sabrina blinked and tore her gaze away from her father’s face, her focus going down to where blobs of his semen glistened against her skin.

“You came all over me,” the girl groaned, rolling her eyes.

Barry was as stunned as his daughter, his cock still in his fist as he wondered what the hell had just happened. “I … We…” Barry began. He couldn’t form a coherent sentence because he simply couldn’t believe the reality in which he existed.

“Jesus, Dad … I’m plastered in cum.” Sabrina smeared her own father’s gloop over her stomach, her palm coming up tacky and gooey. “Look at it all,” she said on a moan, her hand going down to her sex. “That was so fucking filthy … And you kissed me,” she whined.

“Sabrina, what are you doing?” gasped Barry, boggling at the sight of his daughter slipping a forefinger over her clit. He could still taste the wine on her breath.

She told him, “Wanking again. I need to come.”

“But,” blurted Barry. “You can’t, you shouldn’t even be here. We shouldn’t have done it. Oh God, what have we done?”

Her laugh cut him short. Sabrina groaned, “But we did, though, didn’t we?” Her hips came up, buttocks lifting away from the bed while she fingered and rubbed at her sex. “Don’t think about it now,” mumbled Sabrina. “None of it matters. It’s the middle of the night … it’s just us, Dad. Don’t let it drive you mental. Can’t we just enjoy it? It’s only messing about … It isn’t like we’ve been fucking.”

“No,” Barry wailed, the horror rising inside him. “Jesus, just stop it … Get out!”

“But I don’t want to,” his daughter replied.

And when she reached for his cock, Barry knew he was lost.


Sabrina jacked at her father with one hand, the other busily goading her pussy towards a vehement climax. She felt it coming, the pleasure rushing in, her father’s thick dick a solid mass in her fist.

“You like this, don’t you?” gurgled Sabrina. In the moments before she came, she looked at his escort kütahya face, and went on with, “You’ve come but you’re still hard … You can’t fool me, Dad, you’re as excited as I am.”

Barry couldn’t stop her from doing it. He was appalled at what he was allowing to happen, aghast at the level of sin. This was his daughter tugging his cock. It was Sabrina with his cum smeared all over her skin. It was depraved and sordid, a crime against morality, the wrongest of wrongs…

But, God, wasn’t she just so fucking beautiful. Sabrina might be his own flesh-and-blood, but Barry couldn’t stop lusting after her youthful perfection. He understood, on a distant level, the daylight would see him wracked with remorse. There would be a hell of a price to pay for this he was sure. But, as his daughter wailed and moaned and writhed in her climax, Barry didn’t care.

Sabrina let go of her father’s erection when her orgasm hit. She couldn’t maintain any momentum, her senses overwhelmed by the absolute bliss of her climax. Barry watched it happen while slowly stroking his length, keeping himself primed until his daughter’s juddering eventually ceased.

“Fuck, that was good,” groaned Sabrina, throat working as she swivelled her face towards her father’s shocked gaze. “Daddy,” she croaked, eyeing his cock. “Can I get on that thing? I’m so fucking horny … I just need to fuck.”

Barry grimaced and nodded, the words like a punch in the gut. The same confusion of feelings went through him, but in the end his desire proved too strong. “Anything you want, baby,” he groaned. “I’ll take whatever tomorrow brings. Tonight,” he added, cranking himself hard. “Tonight,” Barry repeated after a groan, “I’m damned, Sabrina. I’ll go to hell for doing it with you, but I want you so much…”

The next thing he knew she was straddling his thighs, her hand holding him upright, the big cock-head nudging her body. Sabrina splayed her folds with the tips of her fingers, rubbing her father over her clit before gazing into his startled expression.

“We’re going to fuck,” mumbled the girl, poised on the brink of the act.

“God, Sabrina, I know … Isn’t it crazy!” Barry wasn’t sure of his sanity as he looked up at his daughter. He understood what they were doing was against all society’s conventions. God, if anyone ever found out…

“I don’t care about crazy,” Sabrina replied, eyes glazed, her jaw hanging slack.

“Then do it,” urged Barry. He clasped his hands round her waist, fingers finding her flesh firm. Touching his daughter gave Barry a thrill, and he groaned when he realised he could lay his hands on her most intimate places, parts of Sabrina which were taboo a few minutes ago.

“I don’t believe I’m actually here,” moaned the girl. “With you, like this…”

“You are, baby,” Barry replied, his palms moving up to her breasts. “Jesus, you’re so bloody gorgeous.”

“Daddy, you’re huge,” whined Sabrina a few seconds later. She had Barry inside her up to his balls, the full length of his cock splitting her open, the dense bulk of her father stretching her pussy.

Barry gasped and blinked, not quite sure it was real until she started to move. “Sweetheart … darling,” he moaned. “That’s really you on top of me, isn’t it? Oh my God, Sabrina, it’s really you.”

Sabrina rocked back and forth, eyes closing in rapture while she savoured the feeling of holding her own father deep. She whined and groaned with the excitement of it. This wasn’t any dirty, furtive fantasy in her own bed, and those weren’t her fingers stretching her open; she was on top of her father, his hard cock buried inside up to his nuts. Jesus, she thought, I’m fucking my dad!

“It’s me, Daddy,” mumbled Sabrina while pressing the palms of her hands against his chest. She worked up-and-down on the shaft, buttocks slapping down hard while Sabrina grunted and wailed.

Barry’s fingers dug into his daughter’s buttocks while he used his heels against the bed to give him to leverage he needed. He lunged up to meet her, palms full of Sabrina’s backside, and, after that, for the next few minutes, father and daughter rutted together in a mindless, instinctive and very robust coupling. They both moaned and gasped and blurted their pleasure, both stunned by the reality, yet also eagerly complicit in their incest.

Sabrina curled forward, coming to rest on her elbows, her breasts pressed between them while she grinned at her father. “Isn’t this gorgeous,” she whined, rolling her eyes. “Isn’t it filthy? How do you feel, fucking your daughter?”

Barry pushed his fingers through her hair. He growled and pulled her down closer, eyes gleaming as he growled, “As good as it is for you fucking your father.”

Then they kissed, tongues swirling while Sabrina gasped her excitement into Barry’s open mouth.

“I want you from behind,” Barry insisted when the kiss broke.

“Fuck yeah,” Sabrina squeaked, instantly rolling away. She flung her leg across her father’s body, his long cock slipping out. The girl moved onto all fours, grinning at Barry while wriggling her rump, her face turned towards him as she looked back over one shoulder. “Put it back in,” urged the girl. Sabrina splayed her buttocks with the fingers of one hand, the tacky folds splitting with sticky reluctance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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