Woman at the Bar

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We saw her, sitting alone at the bar. Karen was a casual acquaintance, some one I had known from work a few years before. We had seen her at the bars and dances often, occasionally dancing and never drunk. Never, either, with men but usually with another girl or two. This naturally raised questions as to her sexuality but I didn’t know her well enough to inquire and my wife never seemed sufficiently interested to pursue the idea.

Not beautiful but not unattractive either, she waved shyly at us from the bar as we seated, close enough to the music to see the dancing but not so close to be in the way. My wife smiled at her and I raised my glass in greeting. She smiled and made a funny expression. She was wearing a skirt, which was unusual, black and ankle length and a light, sparkled black sweater with flecks of red and blue tones. She was thin (more thin than my wife usually likes) with shoulder length straight brownish red hair.

We assumed she was meeting someone so we didn’t pay her much more attention for a song or two. I start to get more drinks when my wife noticed that Karen still was sitting alone, bouncing her head in time to the music. “Ask her if she wants to join us,” she said, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

I went to the bar and asked her to join us. She agreed and sat on the other side of my wife. I brought drinks for everyone and rejoined them. They shouted to each other in conversation as the music played, turning their heads towards each other in turn to hear. I have no idea what they were talking about, but they soon were laughing. My wife smiled as the song ended and patted my leg. She suggested escort tanıtımları that Karen and I dance, which she usually only does if she is interested in someone. We danced, touching lightly and very causally — just a normal dance. We returned to the table and ordered more drinks as they began talking again. This time I noticed that their arms were touching more as they talked and gradually they began leaving their hands lingering on the other’s leg.

I asked my wife to dance and she suggested we all dance together. I was instantly hard at the suggestion. Karen smiled and took my wife’s hand as she led us both to the dance floor. The drinks were working pretty good now as the three of us moved together, shyly at first but more provocatively as the music wore on. By the end of the song my wife had turned Karen around to face me and had moved her so close that Karen’s breasts were pressed against my chest, while my wife rubbed her pussy in slow rotations against Karen’s ass. Karen was kissing my neck while I stroked my wife’s breast with one hand and Karen’s ass with the other. My wife was kissing the back of Karen’s neck and had her hand on her breast when the song ended all too soon.

Smiling as we acknowledged the stares of those watching, we returned to our seats. Karen whispered something to my wife and they both rose, my wife kissing me quickly as the disappeared to the bathroom, arm in arm. I don’t know what happened there but by the time they returned their eyes were dreamlike with passion and they both suggested we go.

Karen decided to leave gaziantep escort tanıtımları her car there and joined us in ours. We have a large car with a big front seat, so my wife invited Karen to sit up front with us, sitting between us. She readily agreed, smiling widely at me and stroking my thigh up and down as she slid close to me. My wife leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss as I started the car. I could hardly contain myself at the sight of this tenderness and heat. They moaned as they explored each other’s mouth and lips, their tongues teasing each other as each began to learn how to please the other.

I pulled to the end of the drive when my wife reached over and pulled up Karen’s sweater, exposing her firm, taut breasts. I put the car in park and bent down to join my wife as we began licking and sucking Karen’s tits, her nipples hard in our mouths. Karen stroked our heads, kissing us on our brows as we explored her. I reached between her legs to stroke her pussy, finding my wife’s hand already there. I joined her as we gently kneaded her warmth in time to our mouth’s pleasings.

Other cars interrupted our explorations, so we redressed her as I drove. Karen was panting slightly and murmured about how badly she wanted to have us. My wife lit a cigarette with one hand and began raising Karen’s skirt with her left hand. “You want my pussy, Baby?”, Karen moaned as she lifted off the seat to expose herself. “Oh, yes” my wife replied as she stroked her exposed upper thighs with her hand, watching intently as Karen slowly opened her legs for her. gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları

Karen’s hands were busy now, stroking both my pulsing cock and my wife’s pussy through our jeans. She had this amazingly wanton look, an expression of complete lust and abandon. My wife finished her cigarette, turned to kiss her and began teasing her clit with her fingers. Karen slid lower in the seat to give her more room as my wife filled her with a finger. Karen gasped and squeezed my dick as my wife fucked her slowly. She withdrew her finger for a moment, feeding the pussy to me as I greedily licked it.

My wife then reached across to unbutton my pants. My erection leaped out in relief and Karen grabbed it instantly, slowly stroking up and down its length. Karen began unbuttoning my wife’s pants with her other hand. “Suck it for him”, Karen whispered. “I’d love to watch you suck his cock.” My wife happily obliged, taking my head into her mouth while she leaned across Karen’s lap. Karen moaned, “That looks good”, as she tugged down my wife’s pants, struggling to get them over her thighs. She moaned again at the sight of my wife’s lovely hot ass. “Oh, I want that” she cried, slipping her hand inside my wife’s panties and teasing her asshole. My wife sucked harder as Karen let go of my cock to push down my wife’s panties. “I have to have your pussy, baby”, Karen screamed.

My wife helped Karen pull down her jeans and panties while keeping me in her mouth. Karen’s hand were playing with my wife’s tits and squeezing her ass. “That looks so good”, she moaned again and moved her hand underneath my wife so she could masturbate her clit. My wife murmured and smiled, taking me out of her mouth for a moment while she enjoyed the fondling, her eyes closing slightly and her lips parting in pleasure. This is what I enjoy most, the looks of pleasure my love gets when she is turned on.

About that time we reached our house, pulled our clothes back up and kissed each other deeply before going inside. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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