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Big Tits

Being a cuckold couple can be tricky if you have kids. Fortunately for us, I’m the step dad so the kids spent every other weekend with their bio father. This is when we carved out time to play. So little did our kids know how freaky their parents actually were. We were successful for years, hiding our secret lifestyle, even having a secret room in the basement that was known as the storage room. Locked with a padlock in addition to the door knob lock, the kids were always told it was simply a storage room and to not bother with it. Little did they know it was actually a dungeon that we used to play in until the cuckolding began.

Up until now we’ve never mentioned the kids because of course they were kids and we never let them see the cuckold relations that went on while they were away. When the twins turned 18 they moved out and shared an apartment leaving only the younger Kerrie living with us. This particular night things would change though. It was Kerrie’s 18th birthday and she was supposed to be at her bio father’s for the weekend. So that Saturday night Jennie and I had two black bulls over for a session. Being fairly certain we’d be uninterrupted we were playing in the living room. It was around 11 pm when we were mid scene. I was lying on the coffee table with Jennie straddled over me taking it in the mouth and in the rear doggie style. I had a front row seat as her bull’s cock was inches from my face and I watched closely as he took turns shoving his massive black cock into my wife’s gaping asshole pulling out every third or fourth stroke and shoving it down my throat for good measure.

Obviously she was lost in the moment and I was busy with a cock in and out of my throat. We didn’t realize that someone had snuck in the back door and was watching in horror from the kitchen as her parents were getting gang banged by a couple of large black men. Not sure how long she was there but she got quite a show that night. Turns out her 18th birthday with her real father didn’t go as planned since he and his new wife were both alcoholics and had a tendency to give unwanted and just plain shitty advice to her. She wasn’t having it that night and decided to come home instead of letting them ruin her special day. Now that would be our turn to ruin her already crappy night. After watching in horror she eventually burst into the living room screaming at us.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” she demanded to know.

Jennie and I were caught off guard and had no comeback for her. Jennie dismounted and chased her down the hall as the tearful Kerrie had her birthday further ruined by the depravity of her parents.

The bulls left quickly but the damage had already been done. Jennie spent the next couple of hours trying to explain to Kerrie that her parents had an unconventional marriage and we were both happy with the way we were. She even offered to bring her into the fold as a cuckoldress in training now that she was of legal age. Kerrie was having none of it. She was particularly disgusted with me, her step dad. She felt nothing but disgust, betrayal and shame seeing her father taking a black cock down his throat while his wife was taking one down hers as well. After hours of trying to settle her down she begged to be left alone and Jennie granted her that wish. Happy birthday.

When we awoke in the morning Kerrie was gone. She left a note saying that she couldn’t live with two twisted sex freaks and had packed a suitcase taking most of her clothes and makeup. She was off to live with her older brother and sister who had an apartment in a nearby town. The twins were 20 year old and had both moved out the previous year to be more independent. Jennie was beside herself.

We gave Kerrie her space and were grappling with the fact that we were now empty nesters. The relationship was cold at best for the next several months. We hadn’t heard from the twins much either although there was a bit of solace knowing that they would look after their younger sister and ensure she was safe at least.

Weeks turned into months and Jennie was becoming more and more despondent at the situation. We had all but abandoned our lifestyle and our marriage was headed down the path to divorceville. Jennie was in a terrible state of depression because Kerrie would not answer her calls and the twins had very little contact with her either. We really messed things up but good.

I also tried to contact Kerrie but no answer, no returned calls or texts. We were getting worried. I had the next day off of work and promised Jennie I’d go over there and make sure she was ok at least.

It was close to noon when I took the spare apartment key Jennie had left on the table for me to go and do a check on our youngest. I saw Kerrie’s car in the parking lot but not either of the twins’ vehicles. I entered the building and knocked on the door getting no answer. After several minutes of knocking I decided to utilize the spare key and entered the apartment.

The shades were drawn ultrabet yeni giriş and the place was almost completely dark except for the bathroom light. As I approached I was greeting with a sight I will not soon forget. In the bathroom there was a saw horse set up in the doorway. Above the door was a shower rod with what appeared to be a hamster water bottle hanging from a small chain and there stood Kerrie, blind folded and on her tippy toes straddling the saw horse(wooden pony like) and hands grabbing onto the rod suspended in the air. She was deep throating a rubber dildo that was suction cupped to the door frame. She was barenaked and covered in black and blue marks, scars from a cane and other marks I was familiar with from our days of bdsm scening. She was apparently some kind of a slave by the looks of it.

Her hands were not bound but she was suspending herself voluntarily and she rested upon hearing me approach. I hurried over there and carefully pulled her off of her wooden pony freeing her from whatever punishment she was performing. As I pulled her off of her phallus I found she was also being impaled by yet another thick rubber cock that she was riding on the cross member of the saw horse. Once I pulled off her blind fold she seemed so relieved to see my face.

“Oh daddy you came to save me,” she gushed.

Tears began to flow heavily as she showed a huge sigh of relief at my presence. I was mortified at the sight of my little princess being in such a state. I immediately picked her up as gently as I could and carried her to the closest bedroom and laid her on the bed.

“Oh my God princess, what the hell have they done to you?” I cried.

“Daddy, I’m just trying to be a good little slave for them,” she said trying to force a smile.

“You just rest honey,” I demanded. “I will deal with those two,” I promised her.

I got her some water and she said she was so tired and was out like a light within minutes. I sat next to her limp battered body and covered her with a sheet, deciding to let her sleep a bit before I took her home. I noticed the door next to the bed, it was a walk in closet. On the door was a cut out made to look like a dog house. Above the fake door of the doghouse were the initials WS. I just had to see what was behind this door, just what kind of demented nightmare was my princess living? I thought to myself. I slowly opened the door and a light came on automatically.

There was a small desk under the clothes rack that ran the length of the closet. On the desk was a flat screen monitor and there was a keyboard and mouse on the desk top. It was on already and on the desktop screen were several Mpeg files, marked simply 1-14. Across from the desk was an office chair, one of the bigger more comfortable ones. Along the back of the closet was a large oversized dog kennel with a pad and blanket inside, dog bowls, one empty one with water sitting outside of the kennel.

What kind of horror has my baby been living I wondered, just sick to my stomach at this point. Curiosity was getting the best of me so I sat on the chair and decided I just had to see what these files contained. Boy that was a mistake.

I opened file number one and it was the twins giving Kerrie the beat down of a lifetime. A crop, canes, whips, cat o nine tails, pinwheel, hot wax, clothespins, paddles, open hand slapping, spitting in her face, fists to the gut. I was in tears and couldn’t continue to watch that one. Sure Jennie and I used all of those things back in the day but we were both willing participants in the scene as we both had a penchant for sadomasochism. I doubt that Kerrie knew anything about the lifestyle and wondered how the hell the twins knew about it for that matter. There would be hell to pay, I thought to myself as I opened file number two.

This was dark but I could make out what appeared to be a peep show booth. Kerrie was naked and kneeling at the gloryhole and the video had been edited as a compilation, much like the ones I used to use as jack off material in my younger days. Kerrie was servicing anonymous cock one after another. Each time the video showed the money shot directly into her mouth and her showing the prize to the camera before swallowing the anonymous load of stranger’s sperm. At the top of the screen was a counter showing how many loads she had consumed.

I should have cut it off but was mesmerized at the sight of my beautiful princess sucking cocks thru the gloryhole. I was ashamed of myself but I couldn’t look away as she continued to roll up the counter to 32 loads by the time the video had run out. Worse yet my cock had sprung to life at the sight of this debauchery.

There I sat watching my daughter forced into sexual slavery. I hated myself for continuing to watch the videos but I was crazed at that point and couldn’t help myself.

Video three was a circle suck. Kerrie naked and on her knees as she appeared to willingly suck off a group of men, all black, all well endowed. ultrabet giriş She sucked with the expertise of her mother taking the girth all the way down. Her throat expanding with each swallow as she buried her mouth to the base of most of their cocks. She sucked like a woman possessed. My cock was now at full attention, still feeling horrible about the fact that I was watching her being defiled and was stimulated at the same time. She finished all of the men off with like a porn star.

Video four had a few of the same men but there were only four of them this time. She was the center of attention for a gang bang as not only her mouth but all of her holes were getting an equal workout. She really seemed to be enjoying herself which made it hard for me to be mad at the strangers and yet the failure of my cock to go down at all kept me glued to the screen. I was watching porn but my daughter was the star.

Video five was another suck fest except this time the group of men were all older than I was. Considerably older. Grandpa like old. She was on her knees going from man to man as they sat on a couch waiting patiently for this young hottie to suck their old wrinkly gray haired dicks. She sucked them with the same enthusiasm that she used on the black gang, finishing them all off. They had their share of groping her naked breasts while she was going down on them as well.

Video six and by now the pre-cum was soaking thru my shorts. This time the group had changed to an all female review. It was a group of waitresses or servers as they preferred to be called I think. There were five in all and she was worshiping their feet after what appeared to be a long shift at the local restaurant. I recognized them as Julie’s(our twins) co-workers. Julie or Jeff(her brother) was obviously the camera person as neither of them appeared in any of the video’s since number one played. After being humiliated giving foot baths with her tongue she then went down on them one by one. The girls had a beer in one hand and a wine glass in the other and they were apparently collecting saliva as they continuously spit into the wine glasses as Kerrie serviced them all.

Once they had all gotten off they laid Kerrie on her back on the coffee table and proceeded to pour the contents of the glasses into her mouth, making her swallow their saliva as the camera filmed this close up style. The girls were also popping into the shot spitting all over her face. It wasn’t enough humiliation for her to just be required to drink their spittle, she had to wear in all over her face as well. It got even more gross as a few of them decided it was okay to blow their noses onto her face and into her mouth. So why was my dick still hard? The beers had kicked in and in the spirit of true depravity Kerrie was dragged by the hair into the shower and the group of girls took turns squatting over her face as she lay limp in the tub, filling her mouth and saturating her beautiful blonde locks with piss. Her eyes were swollen shut by this time as she did her best to swallow as much of their offerings as she could but relegated to wearing most of it as she was completely covered in urine. They dragged her out of the tub and gave her a few swirlies for good measure.

Video seven was particularly disturbing as she was forced to service her bio father and his wife. I was mortified at the sight but yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of the depravity.

Shit I thought to myself, there are seven more of these videos, what the hell more can they do to ruin this poor girl?

Suddenly I felt a hand on my arm and there was Kerrie, still naked and battered. She knelt before me and looked up into my eyes. Her steel blue eyes peered deep into my soul and I was frozen, not knowing what to say or what to do.

“Daddy I see you’ve found my lessons,” she lamented. “These are the lessons that my owners make me watch to make sure I stay obedient,” she offered.

Before I could react she quickly grabbed the restraints that were hanging from the chair’s arms and in a second I was strapped in, not being able to move my arms to escape. A few moment later my legs were also strapped and secured to the base of the chair.

“This is how they keep me focused,” Kerrie explained. “I am required to watch these videos at least once a week and I am required to ride the wooden pony twice a week,” she continued. “I have proven to be a fast learner and I keep my owners very happy,” she beamed.

They had brainwashed her I thought to myself. I must tread carefully as to not do any further damage I reasoned with myself.

Kerrie reached over to the desk and pulled a couple of items from the drawer. The first was her lip gloss and she applies it quickly never breaking her stare with me. She moved in close to my face and her voice changed, almost a purr like tone, like she was about to seduce me.

“You know I like my cherry lip gloss daddy,” she teased.

Without warning she moved in for a kiss and I tossed ultrabet güvenilirmi my head back trying to fight her off.

“Nice try daddy,” she laughed. “You know you want me to kiss you,” she said with confidence. “I can feel your cock daddy, You’re excited as hell at what you’ve been watching,” she stated matter of fact like.

“No honey,” I argued. “I’m your dad for Christ’s sake,” I pleaded. “This is wrong, we can’t do this,” I continued.

“Shhhhhhhhh. . . . don’t fight it daddy. You know you want me,” she insisted. “If you didn’t want me your cock wouldn’t be so hard,” she reasoned further.

And with that she moved in for the kiss once again, this time I didn’t fight her. She kissed me tenderly and I reciprocated willingly. Her candy lips and tongue made my pre-cum start to bubble up yet again. She got almost her whole mouth inside of mine, grabbing my tongue and about sucking it out of my mouth. I was quivering at the feelings of the moment.

“Told you daddy, you like that don’t you?” she asked rhetorically.

I couldn’t say anything but my erection was doing the talking. She then moved up a bit exposing her very small yet very puffy nipples for my perusal. She offered them to my eager mouth one at a time and I suckled on them like there was no tomorrow.

“They aren’t too small daddy?” she teased.

“No princess I replied, they are perfect. You are perfect,” I succumbed fully to her advances.

“Please don’t call me princess anymore daddy,” she begged. “I am a fallen princess,” she said sadly. “I am now a worthless slut!” she said in a stern voice.

She offered up her choker which had a bone shaped dog tag on it which was engraved with the name WORTHLESS SLUT on it.

“Please don’t make me ask again daddy.”

“Okay,” I promised.

“Okay what?” she demanded

“Okay you worthless slut!” I replied, breaking my heart as I did.

“That’s right,” she volleyed back. “I am a totally worthless fucking slut to be used as the piece of fuck meat that I am,” she continued. “This is my only purpose on this earth,” she reasoned.

She then reached back to the desk and grabbed the other item she had retrieved from the drawer. It was a lipstick. She then applied the lipstick with quick precision. It was dark brown, the kind her mother wore when she was whoring around.

“This is the color of lipstick mom wears when she sucks cock isn’t it daddy?” she asked already knowing the answer. “Now I bet you want me to suck your cock don’t you?” she queried.

“Yes please,” was all I could muster.

“C’mon daddy, get with the fucking program already,” she barked. “Tell me what the fuck you want this slut to do already!”

“Suck my cock you worthless fucking slut!” I demanded. “Do it now cunt!” I added for good measure.

“Oh I love it when you talk dirty to me daddy,” she squealed with joy.

She quickly had my shorts down around my ankles and was wiping my pre-cum all over her freshly painted lips. Not breaking her stare once again. Peering deep into my soon to be going to hell soul. She gave me a slow, rhythmic sensual blow job. The likes that I have never experienced before, ever. I was in ecstasy. She brought me to the edge several times before I finally had to demand release.

“Finish me off you worthless cock sucking cunt!” I screamed.

That was what she was waiting to hear. Just like in the POV porns she jacked me directly into her mouth then swooshed it around, gargled with it then showed me my load and swallowed like a proper whore would do, showing me it was all gone, my sperm now swimming in her belly.

My cock didn’t go down though, still stiff as hell. She took this opportunity to climb up and turn around and mount her old man. She bobbed up and down on my hard on and came hard as she fucked me. I was brought back to my younger days as I was able to fire another load up into her still tight twat.

With moves like an acrobat she stood up on the chair grabbing the arms of it and backed her ass directly up to my face. I was staring at the most beautiful little ass I could remember ever seeing, complete with a bejeweled butt plug which I hadn’t noticed when I saved her from the wooden pony a couple hours before.

“I want you to eat my ass now daddy, but first you have to pull out the plug please,” she said in her playful voice.

She shoved her cheeks against my mouth and I was able to grab the plug with my teeth and pull it out, spitting it onto the floor and attacking her gape as she grinded her ass into my willing mouth. I licked the side walls of her hole and then proceeded to tongue fuck the dirty nasty whore’s ass. She squealed like the pig she had become as she rubbed herself to another orgasm as I did my back door work.

Then for good measure she mounted my still hard cock one more time, this time with her freshly reamed hole. I could only watch as she raised up and down on my shaft. When she had had enough she climbed off of it and turned around to give me another kiss.

So in the past three hours I went from never having an impure thought about my daughter, ever, to defiling all of her holes and checking off every box of the imaginary incestuous daddy daughter bucket checklist that was out there in fantasy land.

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