Young Woman’s Secret Ch. 03

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Summary of Ch 1 most of his attention was on her chest but he tried to be gentlemanly. On their third date she’d shocked him by revealing that she was lactating for pleasure- having given up her baby for adoption. She confessed that even using an impersonal breast pump she orgasmed each of the four times a day she drained her breasts. She invited him to suck on her breasts and suggested a titfuck to relieve his cock-ruling out vaginal sex. Later they’d agreed that he’d visit daily to suck on her breasts to extract her milk for 2 or 3 of her 4 milkings.

On their return from the lingerie shops Bill wanted to enjoy Sue’s tits. She fended him off- reminding him of the need to stick to her milking schedule. She insisted that he leave her breasts alone for about an hour. Bill checked his watch and backed off but didn’t actually agree.

A few seconds later Bill perked up and reached for the shopping bags they’d brought home. He extracted the sexier of the bras and tops they’d bought at the exotic dancers’ store and said, “I’ll put off sexually ravishing you for a while but please change into these clothes while I pour us some wine. Just ’cause I can’t suck on you doesn’t mean we have to sit and ignore your sexuality. I’d like to see how your breasts look in your new ‘at home’ clothes and I’d like to spend some time fondling your legs and ass while we kiss.

Sue accepted the lingerie and said, “Yes dear.” Mimicking a fast food clerk’s perky customer service she added, “Would you like stockings and heels with that sir?”

Bill smiled and replied, “Yes, absolutely I would.”

Sue disappeared into her bedroom and was gone for 10 to 15 minutes. When she returned Bill was very pleased with her new look. She’d changed into a mini skirt over 3 inch heels- making her legs look extremely long and sexy. Silky stockings added a slight shine to her well- shaped legs and subtly hinted that she was dressed for sex. Bill wondered if she was wearing thigh high stockings that stayed up by themselves or using a garter belt- either was fine but if she’d put on a garter belt it would suggest she was in a sexier mood. Above the skirt she wore a tight red top Bill had never seen. It had a low scooped neck and was more blatantly sexy than the top he’d bought for her. Mounds of breast flesh appeared above the neckline and the top clung to her body like a second skin.

Sue did a slow twirl for him saying, “I thought this top showed more boob than the one you bought. I haven’t worn the top or skirt since college but thought you’d like my slutty look. Understand- this outfit is for at home only.”

Bill handed her a glass of wine and the couple sat together on her couch. They kissed and sipped their wine. Bill complimented Sue on her sexy look and she teased him by pointing out that he’d never asked her if she had sexy clothes; he’d just assumed she didn’t. She added, “I was probably a large C or perhaps a D cup when I last wore this top and I was a young carefree coed. Even then I wouldn’t have worn this if my tits were as big as now. It was pretty sexy with my smaller tits; it’s really an obscene look now.”

“I love it,” said Bill as he placed his glass on the table and reached over to run his hand from her hip to her shoulder and then back so his hand could feel the huge breast that was stretching her top and overflowing from it. He repeated his hand movements on both sides and concluded, “You really have an incredible body. Knowing how your tits feel in my mouth and how you cum from my sucking makes our whole experience together too good to be true.” Bill hugged Sue and felt up her tits more aggressively, saying, “As great as you look I want to get you naked and ravage you.”

“Pace yourself. Remember you can’t assault my tits for another 45 minutes or so. If you make my milk let down I’ll make a mess and you’ll need to suck me dry before my scheduled time.”

“Yes, I know all about your schedule but you seem to have forgotten who is in charge of your tits and milk. I’ll proceed slowly because I want to enjoy some foreplay. When I decide to assault your tits, I will. Your milking schedule is now up to me. I’m not going to subject myself to some artificial time table. Well, at least not your timetable. I may regulate your milkings on a schedule I create. There may be times I make you wait.”

Sue looked at him with a strange expression on her face and slowly responded, “Oh, you just made my pussy wet and I suspect my nipples are leaking a bit more than usual. If you like this top you may want to slow up so it doesn’t get stained.”

Bill ignored her warning and traced his fingers along the neckline of her top. He loved seeing her mounded breasts displayed above the neckline and how her large round tits and taut body were emphasized by the tight fabric. His fingertips explored the exposed skin and occasionally slipped under her top to find and follow along the edge of her bra. “I’ve always been a fan of large breasts. Yours are spectacular. As much as bursa escort bayan I enjoy them naked there’s something very sexy about exposing only a portion and letting me visualize the covered part. I can envision how erect your nipples are right now and how they’re wet with your milk. I know I’ll see them soon so being teased for a few moments is good.”

“You’re definitely going to make me stain my bra. It’s brand new. Shouldn’t we try to keep it clean?”

“No. We both know that if it doesn’t get stained today it will tomorrow. I intend to keep you aroused and leaking most of the time I’m with you so stained bras are going to be the norm. I guess we’ll need to buy several more bras so you have time to wash and dry them. On weekends you may need to change several times a day. I can’t expect you to wear a wet bra- you’d get the breast equivalent of diaper rash.”

“That’s rather crude. What happened to the gentleman who politely looked me in the eye when we first met?”

“Well, I did tell you I was trying to make a good first impression but was essentially just a guy who loves big tits. Besides, just now I was assuring you I want to protect your breasts against irritation. That’s gentlemanly.”

“Telling me you’re going to make my nipples leak is not what I think of as gentlemanly.”

“Worshipping your swollen tits and keeping you so aroused that you leak is not a bad thing; in that context being concerned about possible skin irritation is very gentlemanly. You should thank me if you have to change your bra a couple of times a day because you’ve been too aroused to contain your milk. Isn’t arousal one of the main benefits of your lactation?”

“Well… yes, that’s certainly a part of it. I guess I haven’t thought about leaking as sexy. You’re right that if it’s a result of arousal I shouldn’t be complaining.”

Feeling he had made his point Bill fondled Sue’s breasts more firmly. “Great tits,” he said. “I want them and am not going to be denied because of some schedule in your head. When you start producing more milk you’ll probably need to be milked 5 times a day rather than 4 so your old schedule isn’t cast in stone. Come with me and take off your top and bra.” With that Bill rose and extended a hand to Sue. He guided her to the bedroom stripping off his clothes as he went. Sue got the message and started to remove her top as she walked.

Within seconds of arriving next to the bed the couple was topless and engaged in a passionate kiss. Leaking milk started streaming down Sue’s body prompting her to break the kiss and quickly remove her skirt. Bill took off his pants and was thrilled to see Sue’s garter belt. His eyes made a quick scan of her lower body and told her how great her legs looked in the belt, stockings and heels. They then renewed their kiss- almost giddy at the feel of her milk wetting both of their bodies.

Sue said, “You really think I’m going to produce more?”

“I can almost guarantee it. When I think about making you produce more and having your tits even bigger I suck harder. It’s what you call a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy.’ I’m sucking on you much harder than a little baby would and I’m draining every drop you produce. You tell me what your body’s going to do.”

“Oh my, that’s frightening but very hot.”

Bill lowered Sue to the bed and attacked her left breast. She gasped at his first contact and then moaned as he latched on and began sucking on her.

He had her writhing in passion within half a minute and building to an orgasm in just a minute or two. Her breathing was erratic and her hands grabbed Bill’s head almost violently. He loved the feel of her swollen nipple in his mouth and was excited by knowing that his mouth aroused her so that her body was at his mercy. He could slow or stop- causing her untold frustration or he could suck harder and accelerate her inevitable orgasm.

The streams of milk filling his mouth followed by his pause in suction to swallow fell into their usual rhythm as they each enjoyed their unique sexual act. With its cycles of suction and swallowing it was like fucking. Indeed, Bill guessed the prolonged draining and his swallowing of her milk was more intimate than penetrative sex. It was oral sex using her engorged tits. When he titfucked her later or she gave him oral it would be another part of their sex act but these few minutes were probably the pinnacle of intimacy for both of them.

She let out a short scream as she climaxed and then shuddered as Bill continued his assault on her overly sensitive body. As was his norm the sucking went on until he was satisfied that her breast was empty. Only then did he release her nipple, rise from the bed and walk to the other side. She knew that signaled her time to roll over and move on the bed so that he could lie down again and easily reach her full breast.

The entire erotic milking scene was then repeated with her other breast. Sue had another orgasm and Bill was given a titfuck. Even gorukle escort though they were new at this arrangement the process became routine and they performed like a well- rehearsed dance team.

Except for two days when he was away for business during the first two weeks of the couple’s strange arrangement Bill came to Sue’s apartment each weekday morning and after work to drain her tits. She used her breast pump while at work and at bedtime. On the weekend he spent from noon to bedtime with her which included three milkings. Sue would have one and sometimes two orgasms each time. Bill got off as often as he wished which was slightly less than at every milking.

Bill returned to the exotic dancer’s shop on his own and bought more sexy bras and tops for Sue- insisting that she showcase her breasts for his pleasure between milkings. Sue loved his fascination with her breasts and was thrilled that he wasn’t just focused on the milking times they shared. Until her pregnancy she’d enjoyed many men staring at her clothed tits. It was nice to again be the object of a man’s lust and when he was in her apartment she acceded to his preferences. She now spent most of her at home time wearing sexy lingerie- even when Bill wasn’t there.

On the day they’d first bought new lingerie for her Bill had selected an under-bust corset that he envisioned her wearing with a low cut bra they’d just bought. Bill explained he wanted her to wear the corset and bra for dinner at a romantic restaurant he was planning to take her to the following weekend. They’d both been aroused in the store as he whispered how sexy he thought she’d look as he stripped her bra off after dinner while leaving the corset in place. He teased her by hinting that he might delay her evening milking- leaving her tits swollen with milk to heighten the sexual tension during dinner.

Having made the restaurant reservation for the following Saturday Bill asked if Sue had a dress that would fit well over the demi cup bra and corset. He said he wanted some exposed cleavage and required the dress to show off her legs as she’d be wearing stockings with the corset.

She showed him a dress she felt was suited to his wishes but said it would probably be too tight in the chest area if she wasn’t milked before dinner. She said, “I was going to tease you at a more intimate moment but might as well tell you now. My breasts have gotten bigger during our short time together. I think I can feel it but there’s also objective evidence. For the last few days when I’ve pumped my milk at work the collection bottles have had an extra ounce or more from each breast. So, you’ve officially made me bigger than I’ve ever been. I haven’t mentioned it but I’ve been wearing the F cup bras most of the time to be more comfortable. I could squeeze into my dress if my breasts are milked before our date but certainly not if I’m full.”

He gave her an evil smile and said, “I could sense you were bigger. I was waiting for you to notice. I think you can still get bigger still.” He then said they’d need to go dress shopping since he’d decided that he wanted her tits to be full during their dinner date.

Hearing that dinner was to be at 7 PM Sue expressed great concern that she’d be uncomfortable since by the time dinner was over she’d be several hours overdue for relief. Bill observed, “Yes, you will be uncomfortable but you can think of it as penance for your lactation perversion. Of course, my goal isn’t to punish you; it’s to make you very horny and eager for my mouth. We’ll both be thinking about your engorged tits during dinner and how the milk is going to erupt into my mouth afterwards. I think an hour or two of that type of foreplay will make your milking very memorable.”

“Yeah, that’s easy for you. I’ll be the one with the painful tits.”

“My cock will be uncomfortable during dinner as well- probably not as much as your tits but that’s the way it’s going to be. Rest assured I’ll do my best to please you after dinner. It may well be your first 3 orgasm per breast milking.”

Sue decided further argument wasn’t going to be productive and the thought of up to 6 orgasms in a short period wasn’t something to fight. She agreed to go dress shopping with him right after work the next day when her breasts would be full.

The dress shopping proved easier than either of them had expected. She bought the same dress she had at home but in a different color and one size larger. She’d already checked with a friend who was a seamstress and knew she could get the body of the dress tailored to fit better in just a day or two.

On the drive home from dress shopping Sue teased Bill by noting that she was about 45 minutes overdue for her milking and her tits were trying to burst her bra open. She urged him to drive a little faster and wondered how she’d be able to make it through the dinner he’d planned for Saturday. In fact, she felt reasonably comfortable with the 45 minute delay bursa merkez escort bayan but thought Bill would be turned on by her feigned plight. He was but his evil side also thought he’d make her wait a bit longer.

On arriving home Bill deliberately went to the kitchen and rummaged in the refrigerator rather than proceeding to the bedroom where Sue’s milkings took place. After a few minutes Sue called out to him noting that she was waiting for him. Bill casually walked to the bedroom with no urgency and remained fully clothed. Sue was naked on the bed- obviously waiting for him to drain her milk. Again, she wasn’t actually as uncomfortable as she was pretending but Bill didn’t know that. Sue realized for the first time that Bill really intended to push her breasts’ limits; she could only imagine how far he might take her in the future.

Sue could see his slow pace was intentional and said, “You’re a bastard.”

He replied, “I’ll be with you soon. I’m looking forward to our dinner date and how big your tits are going to look with the corset under them. Some waiting tonight is good practice for that night and maybe some future evenings. The fancy term is ‘delayed gratification’ but I think of it more as ‘horny woman with swollen tits.’ I love to visualize you swollen and desperate for my mouth. I don’t feel too guilty since the longer you wait the better your orgasms should be. I’m thinking we might stretch the time on several special nights over the next few weeks. Imagine how great your tits are going to feel when I suck on them. Imagine the orgasms you’re going to have.”

Sue found Bill’s threats very arousing. Before meeting Bill she’d done a little experimenting with denying herself relief but she’d always caved in relatively soon. With Bill in charge her tits would undoubtedly been more swollen than they’d ever been. She was also turned on by Bill’s suggestion that the delayed milking on the evening of their fancy dinner might not be a one- time only experience. Apparently he had plans to truly control her milking and to make her wait for extended periods from time to time. That sounded exciting.

After stalling for another few minutes with a trip into the bathroom Bill returned and slowly stripped off his clothes. He moved to the bed and positioned himself in their customary alignment so that his face was just a few inches from her left breast. Sue restrained herself from pushing her tit to him- sure that he’d close in when he was ready and frustrated by his teasing delay.

Finally, Bill’s mouth surrounded Sue’s nipple and latched onto her swollen breast. As he began sucking on her Sue moaned and pressed her anxious breast harder against his lips. His threats to delay some future milkings had her sexual appetite at a high level.

Bill sucked aggressively on her- reflecting his own sexual excitement. He’d never had a girlfriend that looked as good as Sue much less one that was as sexually exciting. Her lactation continued to be a huge turn on. Her readiness to dress for him and cede control of her breasts made her one of a kind. His cock throbbed as he imagined how he might play with her over the coming weeks. He brought a hand up to grab the breast he was sucking; it wasn’t necessary to hold her but it felt good. He sensed that she liked it too.

Bill’s mind wandered a bit in a review of how lucky he was. In just the past two days he’d had more tit play than with all of his prior girls combined and the tits were far better. As he thought of the size of her tits and nipples he tongued her nipple to better appreciate its size. This interrupted his rhythm and caused Sue to gasp thinking something was wrong and that he was stopping. Bill regained control and sucked a little harder- assuaging Sue’s concerns. She grunted at his new force. Her body seemed to writhe slightly and then settle down- very willing to accept the stronger suction. Bill took this all in and kept sucking at the more intense level. He worried that he’d make her nipples sore but figured one session wouldn’t do any real damage; Sue could warn him later if he shouldn’t repeat the experience.

As the milk was drained Sue’s arousal climbed. She was overcome by an orgasm that seemed to sneak up on her even though she was expecting to climax from Bill’s mouth. Her body froze and her breathing stopped for a moment followed by an overall relaxation of her tension. Bill noted a small smile on her face and heard a subtle moan of pleasure. Of the numerous orgasms he’d seen her experience this one was unique. He had no idea if it was good or bad for her but it was certainly different.

When Bill felt her breast was fully drained he pulled away and moved around the bed to service her other breast. As he did Sue rolled over to position her full breast in the proper position. Bill asked about her stealth orgasm and she said it had been very intense. She agreed it had been different but couldn’t describe why.

As he latched on to her second breast she gasped and reached for his head. She asked him to go a bit easier on her- to take his time and perhaps suck a little more gently. He did as requested- assuming that with the edge was off her horniness and she sought a little more romance. His mouth was a little tired so gentle suction was good for him too.

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