04. Buckley’s – Confusion

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Life was good to me, too good…
I was regularly looked after by R-V and his crew, no one messed with me.

A week later and everything changed.

Suddenly, there was no R-V or T-Bone and Chucker.
I received no calls, he wasn’t at work and no one was telling.
In the space of a week, something had happened to my boys.
I started freaking out, I sent texts and calls but no news.
Then after three weeks, I know somethings was up.

Elijah seemed to be head of security.
He worked in a fag bar but hated fags, so you could tell why I was freaking out.

It all was quiet at the club on his whereabouts, but I knew something was up.
The other bouncers that weren’t friendly with R-V, had this cocky look about them.
I sensed they knew something.

Over the coming weeks, I rarely got any action apart from a random gobby in the bathroom.
The other security guys didn’t try anything with me yet, but prevented me from having too much my own way.

After a month I wanted to ask one of the bouncers, but lately they looked down on me with a smug disdain.

I slowly swaggered inside the venue, on the forth Thursday after R-V vanished as per usual.
There was a different atmosphere about the place, yes there was no R-V or T-Bone and Chucker but the bouncers seemed have changed their attitude too.

The turning of the blind eye and leniency, was replaced with a more strict view.
Any sign of openly deviant activity, was stamped out.
The security would give a few warnings, before ejecting patrons.

On this night I sat along the bar, bored.
You see after a month of the new attitude of the security, some patrons took offence and stayed away.
I was one who was thinking, that this place is slowly turning into a dive.

After a few shots of bourbon I decided to join the handful of people on the dancefloor.
I was strutting my ass around, in a hippy trance.
A few strangers joined me briefly, before they left.
I reckon “Buckley’s” was lucky to be have full, it was a real lame night to be here.
Probably new management was on the cards sooner or later, or this place would be up for sale.

There was plenty of cock around, but with the security were clamping down.
No one wanted to try anything deviant inside, they took that to the alleys out back.

The only activity I received was a random guy offering his cock to me at around 1:00AM, about the time R-V usually did in the restrooms.

Then by 3:00AM I decided to pull the pin and go home.
There was only about 10 people left, plus the music had lowered its volume.
I finished off my last shot and stumbled slightly off my stool.
That’s when a guy out of nowhere caught my fall.
I looked around to see who it was, it was Elijah.
Elijah was one of the bouncers, from the front door.
He was dwarfing me like most bouncers did.

The music had stopped and it looked like the venue was closing anyway.
Buckley’s usually stayed open until 4:30-5:00AM, but 3:15AM seemed early tonight.

I hadn’t noticed, but Elijah was behind me.
He put his hands on my shoulders and marched me to the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
He smiled and slapped my butt.
Elijah held that hand on my butt and started rubbing it.
He released his other hand from my shoulder, but still caressed my butt inside my shorts.
“I said what are you doing?” I said, again.

When I turned around, the hand on my butt flung free from my butt.
It was what his other was doing, that made me stop.
He was rubbing his cock in his trousers.
I pulled a funny face at him, a little confused.
He saw, and stopped.

Confused, Elijah hated fags but still worked in a fag bar.
It was only a pay check to him, but he did his job well.
This was out of character for him.

“Shut up and move,” he ordered.
I stood stunned.
“It’s time to go and find dick somewhere else,” he whispered.

That’s when I asked the Million dollar question.
“What’s happened to R-V and where is he?” I bluntly asked.
He just smirked.

I was in front of him and he was right behind me, as he marched me towards the front door.
When it seemed we were we out of sight of prying eyes, he started rubbing my shoulders.
It felt weird for him to do that.
Even weirder when he the slid an arm over my shoulder and begun to caress my fishnet mesh covered chest.

I noticed two bouncer staring with grins on their faces, Elijah hadn’t.

We had just walked outside, when he had weaselled his hand inside the elastic of my vinyl shorts and found my cock.
He was kissing my neck like a vampire, and I was loving london escort it.
I let my guard down and let him continue.

Here I was dressed like neither a boy nor girl.
With female’s make-up with two strange bouncer, and evicted from a venue by one hated fags.
I felt confused.
What’s the catch? I thought to myself, in a semi dreamy state.

Until I snapped out of it and realised where we were, and receiving nasty glares from people leaving the other venues in club circuit area.
I heard a few nasty words, which I tried to shut out.

Feeling mildly embarrassed and yes, I felt both ashamed and deviant.
I did my best to shut them out.

Here I was at around 3:30AM behind a closed alleyway of a nearby gay club, being groped and mauled by two big black guys in suits.
I was still in my tight pink vinyl shorts, meshed shirt, and burgundy Doc Martin boots and not in control.

Plus I didn’t know if these black guys were like Elijah, who hated fags.
I decided to go with the flow, and be prepared if these guys decided to beat the shit out of flimsy little me.

I stopped caring once one of them, had a hand down my pants and around my cock.
My cock was freed and he slowly stroked it, while biting my neck.
At first I saw the odd person staring at us in disgust but with my cock being stroked, I just closed my eyes and blocked them out.

My shorts had slipped down to my ankles and my cock hard.
I was battling inner thoughts of being watched and of the law arresting us, and not caring.

Finally I was beyond caring, as I began to push my bare butt into one of the guy’s crotch.
I was literally dry humping into him, while in the brace of passion.

After several minutes of my cock being stroked and my neck being bitten, I was theirs.
“Horny are we?” one of them, whispered.
“Yep,” I said, softly.

The police never turned up or were called.

“For a dude you sure look cute,” I heard one of them say.
They seemed to be know luring or leading me out of the alley but away from the street.
I was having my chest rubbed and cock teased, while my neck was being mauled.

My nipples were tingly and hard now.
They kept doing this to me, until we reach a park.
We were behind a giant memorial and away from prying eyes, in pre-dawn darkness.

The biggest guy, must have been 2 metres tall and 300lbs, and had a wrestler’s physique.
Plus he was black with a deep voice.
A type of guy that when order to do something by, you did it.

“On your knees and sniff some of this,” He ordered and I dropped to my knees, sniffing a small jar.
My head spun after sniffing, the jungle juice.
I waited until they both undid their buckles and unzipped their zippers, to shake off the initial effects.

Then I pounced.
I basically tugged their pants down and began to devour their cocks.
There cocks flopped around before me and I just couldn’t contain myself, and reached out and grabbed both.
I took a deep breath as if I am about to jump in the ocean, and started stroking and licking his cock.
One by one they went in my mouth, like a hungry peasant starved of food.

They were more flaccid than hard, but they weren’t flaccid for long.
“You like cock, don’t you,” I heard one of them say.
I just nodded and kept on sucking.
“That’s it suck, suck me dry,” the guy in my mouth said.
By now he had taken over the position in front of me.
He had his legs slightly spread but planted firmly on the ground.

It was then he grabbed me by my spikey hair and forced my mouth down his cock.
His mate had now backed over.
It wasn’t long before his cock was slapping my chin with his balls.

“That’s it fag boy, suck my dick,” He ordered, with a firm grip on my hair.
Once his cock was deep enough in my mouth, he started to thrust in and out with his hips.

It was rock hard and he was making me, gag on it.
My eyes watered from it, and my mouth was dribbling from feeding on cock.

Being outside and naked but for my mesh top and boots, made it feel cold, humility and also turned on all at once.
Adding to the fact I had goose pimples from the cold air, sucking dick in a public park made it feel so surreal.
Also the two guys I was with, were relative strangers and who just wanted to use their cock on me.
By now my own cock was awake and had started leaking pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

The guy jamming his cock down my throat had done so by forcibly moving my head down it.
By the time he began to twitch and shudder in my mouth, my cock was dribbly pre-cum profusely.
When he did twitch and shudder, he let london escort agency out a groan and grabbed a firm grip of my hair.
He slowed and seized face-fucking me and forced my head down his big cock.
I had the full length in my mouth.
He did it so fiercely that, when he shot in so quickly I had no time to react.
Cum came out thru the sides of my mouth and up into my nasal cavity.

I tried swallowing what I could of his cum, as he held my head into his groin.
He literally was choking me with cock, until he gently released his hold on my head.

With his cock slowly shrinking, he still slid it slowly in my mouth.
Until he finally, pulled it out of my mouth.

I let out a loud cough just to breathe, cum and spit flew out of my mouth.
While I caught my breath, cum and spit just dripped out from my mouth.

When I looked up thru watery eyes, I saw a cock coated with cum and spit.
“You liked that didn’t you boy,” he said, and slapped my face with his fat sloppy cock.
He stood there shaking his cock, with a smirk on his face.

I slowly licked his cock as I knelt before him.
As I sucked, cum and spit had dripped down my chin and down his balls.
His cock was all but flaccid now, in my mouth.
I was still on my knees with cock in my mouth when, his mate motioned that he wanted a go.

So he pulled his cock out from my mouth.
Even though it was only briefly, but it felt good to stretch my jaw.
He wiped his slimy cock on my forehead, while his mate waited for him to move.

I then took a vapour break and sucked on an E-cigarette.
There was cum and other shit smeared over my face, which was oozing down my chin.
I leaning against a monument, as I sucked on a vaporette and crossed my arms.
Two to three puffs later and his mate wanted in.

When break time was over, the other dude grabbed me by an arm and threw me to the ground.
I touched my face while raising myself up to my knees, while he positioned himself.

The frenzy at which he slammed his cock, deep down my throat made me gag dramatically.
He was slamming his cock into me so forcefully, that I didn’t even know he had begun to cum.
I had him fucking my face so hard that I was starting to black out.
When he continued after cumming, I was already unconscious.

The first guy had to step in and forcefully grabbed his friend arm and pulled him off.
He could see I was passing out.

Cum was dripping out my mouth and over my face, as I breathed heavily once I come too.
I was on my hands and knees, pushing myself up with them standing over me.

They then both pissed on me.
“Take that R-V’s little bitch, were marking you as ours now,” One of the said.

I was still kneeling with cum and piss over my face, hair and chest.

“What do’ya think, is it fuckable?” one asked the other.
“FUCK, YEAH!” the other answered.

By know I learnt one of their names, Zed.
Zed was the rough one.

Then I felt hands repositioning me and over my firm ass.
Someone was stretching my ass cheeks apart and inspecting my rear end.
Then I felt a finger fingering my love hole.

“Well, you wants some after I’m, done,” The nice one said, while fingering my asshole.
I looked up at Zed, he looked interested too.
My ass got slapped, so hard I squealed out and feel heavily to the ground.
I rolled over on to my back and looked up at them.

“Would you look at that, the fag has a hard cock,” Zed said.
“She must want dick so much, that she got a hardon,” the nice one said, and they all laughed.

Then the nice one, leaned down and started jerking my cock.
“I am gonna milk you girl,” he said.
He was being real rough, jerking me off.
I just lay there taking it, I knew who would win if I tried to struggle.
Here I was wriggling a bit and moaning, just before my cock squirted out cum.

I found out then that nice one was named, Flabs.
Flabs caught most of the cum, in the palm of hand his and smeared it on his cock.
“You gonna now feel this up your ass boy,” He snarled.

Zed then lifted my legs over my head, causing my head and shoulders to rest on the ground.
Flabs stuck a few fingers in my ass and stretching my hole wider, before spitting inside it.
“You look so cute, I’m am gonna fuck you so hard,” He preached, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling.
Fear, excitement or anticipation.

My back was arched and his cock was entering my asshole, I felt his mushroom head forcing its way in.
He kept on pushing until, it popped and slid all the way in.
My eyes watered and my head convulsed briefly, as it bottomed escort london inside me.

He just held it there and received a high-5s from Zed.
My legs were now held above Flabs neck and crossed over, as if gripping his neck.

“Ok fag boy, you better be ready,” Flabs announced.

I felt him slowly grinding in and out of my ass tunnel.
His pubes were rough on my shaved skin.
When the pounding started, I forgot about his pubes.

At first it was slow and easy before becoming rough and ready, in and out of my widening asshole.
His balls made slapping sounds with each deep thrust on the small of my back.

His thrusts were so deep that his big cock felt like it was longer than it was, as it almost left my ass before slamming back inside.
He was struggling to hold my hips, because we both were sweating heavily and dew had set in the park.

I looked up and saw Zed’s cock dangling two feet from my head.
He dropped to his knees, after realising my eyes were on his cock.
When he did, he kept trying to make me suck his balls.
I was moaning so much from getting my ass fucked, that it kept popping out of my mouth.
He seemed to get annoyed and slap my face with his ball sacks.

Flabs was fucking me that sweat just dripped from him.
I was hearing his body slapping against my up turned ass, when suddenly he rammed deep.
His body now twitched, while his legs stumbled briefly.

He let out a loud groan and I felt his cock throb deep inside my ass.
Not stopping but slowing, he keep fucking me and his cock deep into my ass.
It wasn’t until he lost a grip of my hips that he stopped.
I was about to hit the pavement with a thud, when he caught my ankles.
He then fell on top of me.

I grimaced in pain.

He was breathing deeply, as I caressed his hairy lower back.
Until he rolled off me and gave me a look of approval.

Zed then position me on my hands and knees, your traditional doggie style.
While waiting, I felt a warm liquid running down the insides of my thighs.
Flabs’ cum was spilling out of my gaping ass.

With his hands on my shoulders, Zed began.
His cock slid right up my ass, without any trouble.
He then put his hands on my hips and begun, sliding his cock inside my ass.
It wasn’t long before he was giving me a pounding, his balls slapped my balls.

It was around this time, that my own cock let go and spewed my spunk out.
I kept quiet about it, hoping they didn’t know or notice.
He kept pounding my ass with his cock.

When I felt his cock twitch inside, he pulled out and sprayed cum on my lower back.
He kept jerking it until all the main stuff was out.

Flabs had another go, then Zed once more.

When Zed next fucked me, he did so nice and easy.
I felt cum escaping my ass, while he was fucking me.
When he did cum this time, he came deep inside me.
I couldn’t feel his cock throb or any one’s cock throb anymore inside me, but I felt more cum squeezing inside.

We took another break, this time I felt it hard to stand.
So I sat on my butt.

Flabs and Zed each had one more go at fucking me.

Afterwards they, all gathered around me.
As I took turns sucking their dicks and cleaning their balls for them.

When I tried to get up, my legs were numb and I fell and flipped over a plant.
I rolled over on to my back, on the grass and waited a while.

It took me several minutes before I attempted to stand and walk again, but gingerly.

In the meantime the secret was out.
They noticed that cummy mess from my cock, also cum also oozed from my ass and made my inner thighs greasy.
It wasn’t my ass they were looking at, but my own cock.

“Looksee, look at that the bitch cum too,” Zed pointed out, they all laughed.
I felt so ashamed at first and wouldn’t look them in the eyes.
A dirty shirt was tossed at my head, which I used to clean myself up with.

Once I got my sea legs back and was on my feet, Zed and Flabs gave me a nod.
It was a nod of approval or you’re ours or something else completely.

It was just after seven on a Friday morning, when they added insult to injury.
They seemed to have left and made me scramble for my clothes and dress behind an old statue, as people were started to head to work.

When I dressed, Flabs returned with a car and drove me home.
I thanked him, he smiled and sped off.

I didn’t go back to “Buckley’s” for two weeks after that night.
When I did, Elijah ignored me (as usual) and R-V was still missing plus (my new pals) Flabs and Zed weren’t there.

With no Flabs and Zed and no sign of R-V, I decided to take my hunt for cock elsewhere.
I went from club to club and found the scene a bit dead.
So I started the searching, the adult book store scene.

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