103 Maple Drive

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Jesse looked out the window of the mini-van as it pulled into the drive of her new home. It was two-story Tudor style house on a large, well-manicured corner lot. A wrought iron sign held the numbers 103 and the name Chamberlain. She looked over at Harland and he smiled his enigmatic, charming smile. “Welcome home, Mrs. Chamberlain.” Jesse smiled back at her husband of three days. It seemed like a whirlwind had carried her the last few days. It was only two weeks ago she had met the charismatic Mr. Chamberlain. He was sitting in the restaurant at her table. He had seemed taken with her from the start. He had chatted with her each time she brought something to the table. He had asked for three refills of coffee. And on her final trip, he had asked when she got off work. She never replied to that question, but something told her he was different. She felt compelled to answer. “I’ll wait.” And he had. He drove her home and she had asked him in for a drink. He was a perfect gentleman. Polite and charming, she had fallen for his boyish good looks and perfect manners. He obviously had respect for her. He didn’t want a one-night stand. The conversations were interesting, the company welcomed. She hadn’t dated since her divorce four years earlier. This was the first man she could relate to since the awful experience of her first husband.

During their conversations, Harland had confided that he had lost his wife in childbirth. He had spoiled and doted on the daughter born to him through his dead wife’s travail. Ana had been his comfort and reason to be after he lost Deanna. He had dated many times since Ana had turned 10, but there was never a feeling of closeness that he had with her mother. Until now. He expressed his love to her on the third date and proposed on the forth. She had breathlessly said yes. She was head over heels for a man she knew nothing about. But it seemed so perfect, she was not going to question it.

The honeymoon was quick, too. But it was wonderful. He was loving and tender. He didn’t rush her. He knew it had been some time since she had made love. He was a skilled lover, with a large cock and balls. He loved oral sex as much as she did. It was a match made in heaven. They had spent the two days fucking and sucking in marital bliss. Now they were going home. They were going to live in his home, so Ana didn’t have to be uprooted. They were going to be a happy family, Jesse just knew it. With no children of betist giriş her own, she was anxious to give Ana the mother she never had.

Ana stood at the top of the stairs, staring down at her new stepmother. Daddy’s descriptions of “my little girl” hardly suited the young woman she was being introduced to. She was a 19-year-old, stunning beauty. She had long dark hair that framed a beautiful face. Her perfect body was barely covered by a halter and cutoff jeans. She was tan and sleek. She walked down the stairs and stood face to face with Jesse. She hugged Jesse and said, “Welcome home.” Harland smiled at his two pretty women. He hugged them both and kissed each on the cheek. “You two get to know each other,” he said as he headed out the door. He had told Jesse he would have to leave to fly to a series of business meetings and that he would be gone a couple of weeks. He had suggested that Jesse spend time with Ana, getting to know her. He had given her a credit card and told her to take Ana shopping. “She’ll love you forever!”

Ana and Jesse stared after the only thing they had in common, watching as he left the driveway. Ana turned and looked Jesse over. She glanced up and down and gave her a wink. “You’re prettier than the others.” Jesse looked quizzically at her. The word others rebounded in her mind. “No, you aren’t the first or second or even third Mrs. Chamberlain. You are number five. And they all left because of me. I’m the only real love he has and none of them could come close.” Jesse gazed at Ana as she walked away. She felt her face go flush. Could she win over this spoiled woman-child?

Jesse sat on the bench in the mall, waiting for Ana to emerge from the shoe store. Ana had looked at every pair, twice. Jesse was bored and ready to move on. She carefully guarded the bags they had amassed. At last, Ana came out of the shoe shop with another bag to add to the pile. She sat next to Jesse and sighed a deep sigh. Jesse couldn’t help but notice her large breasts as they moved up and down with her sigh. Ana looked around at the shops left to conquer. There were three clothes stores left unravished. She took Jesse by the hand and pulled her up. The two walked toward the closest shop. Ana mulled through the racks, touching the fabrics and occasionally holding up an outfit. “Hey, Jesse. You’d look good in this one. Try it on.” Jesse took the garment and obediently walked into the dressing room. The attendant betist yeni giriş took temporary charge of their purchases. Jesse stepped into an empty room, followed by Ana. Jesse felt a bit nervous, but they were both girls so she slowly started to undress. Ana watched as her new stepmother disrobed.

Jesse was a beauty. She had long, auburn hair and a tight, hot body. Ana couldn’t resist. She reached over and touched Jesse’s pert tits through the sheer fabric of her bra. Jesse shivered and moved back. Ana’s face contorted into the familiar pout she displayed when displeased. Jesse found herself moving closer to Ana. Ana stepped closer and put her arms around Jesse. Jesse felt the warmth between her legs growing. She had never been touched by another woman, not like this. She found herself drawn into the embrace. The two women kissed deeply. Ana rubbed her large breasts against Jesse, and Jesse moaned softly. Ana looked into Jesse’s eyes and smiled a mischievous grin. “Let’s go home” she said softly. Jesse dressed quickly and the two left the mall and went to the car. At the car, there was no struggle for who would drive. Ana walked over to the passenger side and got in. Jesse sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine. Ana’s stare pierced her to her soul. As she engaged the engine and back out of the parking spot, she felt Ana’s hand move slowly up her thigh and under her short skirt. Ana’s hand found the soft, wet mound and began to pull and pinch Jesse’s clit. Jesse could hardly concentrate on driving. She glanced over at Ana and found Ana’s other hand was similarly occupied with her own clit. Jesse drove as fast as she dared, straight home.

The engine was quickly shut off and the car abandoned in the driveway, the two women raced into the house. Ana stopped in the living room and began to disrobe. As she peeled off item after item, Jesse dropped to her knees in front of her. Jesse helped her pull off her panties and then instinctively dived into the wet tuft of hair between Ana’s legs. She licked and sucked the wet clit, tasting the sweetness of Ana’s young pussy. She had never been here with a woman, but as she probed her tongue deeper and deeper, she wondered why. She grabbed Ana’s ass cheeks and held her firmly. Jesse pushed her legs wider and plunged her head as close to the sweet honeypot as she could. She heard herself moaning and heard Ana’s sighs become gasps and moans. She stopped just betist güvenilirmi long enough to lay Ana down on the sofa. She curled up at the end of the sofa, between Ana’s legs and continued to suck and lick. She pushed her tongue up into the tight opening, fucking Ana with her tongue. Ana’s gasps and moans became louder and louder. Suddenly, Ana grabbed Jesse’s head and held it tightly to her pussy. Jesse could feel the shudders and spasms of Ana’s orgasm. As Ana’s body faded into a silent stillness, Jesse laid her head on Ana’s tummy. She felt deeply satisfied at Ana’s orgasm. They lay together, resting in the glow.

Ana began to stir first, pushing Jesse to get up. Jesse obediently got up and followed her dear stepdaughter up the stairs. She was led into Ana’s room and told to strip. Jesse did so, as Ana searched inside her dresser drawer. Ana told her to get on the bed, on all fours. Jesse did as she was told. “Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.” Jesse could feel the wetness between her legs. She had never been so hot. She closed her eyes and waited.

Ana climbed onto the bed and between Jesse’s legs. Jesse was sharply surprised by a cock sliding into her. Ana’s strap-on plunged deep into her cunt and she let out a sharp cry of shock. It was something she did not expect. Ana humped furiously, sliding the strap-on in and out of Jesse’s wet cunt. Jesse moaned loudly and grabbed the headboard of the bed to hold on. Ana fucked her harder than any man had ever taken her. She begged for more. Ana kept up the pace, making Jesse orgasm over and over. Jesse’s juices flooded her pussy and dripped down her thighs. Ana pumped at Jesse’s hot cunt until Jesse let out a scream and fell to the bed. Ana fell on top of Jesse, the sweat from her efforts mixing with Jesse’s. The two lay there together, breathing hard and feeling the warmth of their exertions. Exhausted from the exercise, Ana rolled off Jesse and curled up next to her on the bed. Within a few minutes, they were both fast asleep.

Harland pulled up in the driveway. It had been two weeks since he had seen his two lovely ladies. He anxiously headed toward the door. He wondered if Jesse had stuck it out. His darling Ana could be very formidable. He opened the door and called out to his two sweethearts. Ana and Jesse came running to him, hand in hand. “How are my favorite women? Did you two get along okay? I wanted you to know each other.” Ana wrapped her arm around Jesse. She smiled sweetly at daddy and said, “We got along great. She is really awesome. We shared a lot and we got very close.” Ana winked at Jesse, who returned her smile. Harland sighed in relief. At last, he had someone he could trust daddy’s little girl with.

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