17 Years Later

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About 17 years later out of the blue I shot him and email with my phone number in it saying shoot me a text some time I’d love to catch up. A few days went by and I heard nothing. Then one day I was sitting in the office working and I got a text “hi stranger, glad you reached out. Would love to reconnect some time”.

I responded immediately. Then he asked what I was doing for lunch. Lunch? I never take a lunch break I thought. So I said “hopefully sucking your cock”

Within seconds he responded “meet me at the air park and I’ll show you my airplane and we can catch up”. It’s a date! I exclaimed and went back to work.

The long drive to the air park gave me lots of time to think about to all the fun we had had years ago. I arrived and eventually spotted his red truck… same truck from 17 years earlier. I jumped out and called out for George. He popped his head out of his airplane and called me over. It wasn’t a fancy plan, but just a basic two seater. It scared the shit out of me really. He invited me in, so I climbed in and took a seat next to him.

We reacquainted ourselves and got caught up laughing and joking around. “Why don’t we go for a short flight? Would you like that?” He asked. Uhhhh sure I guess so I replied. Off we went. Once we were up in the air and cruising high above the ground George looked at me and said “have you ever fantasized about sucking a cock this high in the air?” As I smirked I noticed him unzipping his jeans and began to wiggle them down.

“You obviously want me to suck you off” I said. He said nothing. Just reached out and guided my hand to his cock. It immediately started to thicken up without me doing anything. I slowly stroked it while looking out and taking in the view. Then I felt his hand on my head. He quickly guided my head to his thick hard 5” cock. As I licked the tip I flashed back to 15yr old me tasting this very cock for the very first time. I didn’t waste another second and deep throated all of him. I kept gagging and I could tell it drove him wild. Every time I gagged he would caress my hair. I sucked him for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I needed a breather and pulled my head away. My cock was so hard it felt like it could burst. I unzipped my dress pants and freed all 7 inches of it. George starred at it in awe. “I want you to suck it George!” I said forcefully. He smiled and leaned over and kissed me. “Let’s set this bird down and go back to my place so we can be more comfortable” I smiled and started stroking his cock while he gaziantep escort took us back to the air park.

When we arrived back to his house I was beyond excited for what was to come. He let me in and showed me to the living room. We sat on the couch and started to make out. Suddenly footsteps came busting down the stairs. I pulled away and froze. No one appeared though. “Maybe we better go up to my room, bud” George stated. He took my head and led me up the stairs and then another set of stairs. As he led me throughout his house it was like I was 15 all over again. Everything was so vivid and as it was 17 years earlier. I was barely into his room and I was tearing off all my clothes and jumped on to his bed, shaking my butt towards George in a come and get it way. George slowly closed the bedroom door. I heard the bolt latch. The sound was deafening. He slowly stripped and crawled on to the bed with me. He proceeded to give me an amazing full body rub/massage. He spent a lot of time kissing and caressing my butt.

“Fuck me, please” I begged. George kisses my neck and whispered in my ear “Daddys going to raw dog you big boy”. I nearly came right then and there.

George’s stamina was off the charts. He fucked me gentle. He fucked me rough. He fucked me in positions I had only dreamed of trying. But his favourite position was missionary because he loved to kiss me. I am not a big kisser but I sensed it drove him wild. When our lips locked his energy rose. After what was at least 30 minutes of being absolutely pounded by this daddy I reached out and pulled him close. I wrapped my arms around his head and shoved my tongue deep into his mouth. His thrusts we getting harder and harder. “Cum in me Daddy. Just pretend I’m 15 still and you’re fucking my virgin ass”. His pace picked up harder and faster. I could barely get words out I was being pounded so hard. I reached down and grabbed his ass and pulled him into me hard. Within seconds he broke our kiss, flipped his head back and yelled “I am cummmming” as he unleashed load after load into my ass. I held him tight while he orgasmed so incredibly hard.

We made some small talk while we both got dressed and said our goodbyes. I kissed him one last time and said “I need more of you in my life” and off I went out to my car. I looked back to see him waving to me from the porch shirtless with just his shorts on. We continued to text occasionally over the next few months, but similar to the first time we met, nailing him down for firm plans proved to be very challenging.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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