2013, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

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I trust you all had a satisfying New Years, dear friends. And if not, well, join the club! OK, so, I don’t really mean that… I mean, how could I?

Did any of you watch tv on New Year’s Eve?

And did you happen to see the million people crowding Times Square in New York City?

Well, if you look closely, you’ll see ME, your ever faithful Dirty Old Man!

But the thing of it is, I wasn’t nearly as alone as most of the other 999,999+ souls were! No, because at the stroke of midnight, I had my dick buried up some slut’s bum!

Right there!

In the middle of all those people!

Yes, if you find where I was standing in the huge swarm of bodies, you’ll see my two hands waving in the air, while in front of me stands a really drunk girl, waving her hands, yelling, “HE’S FUCKING MY ASS!” over and over! I had my DVR set to watch it when I got home, and I could hear, plainly but very softly, over the crowd of thousands of revelers, the squealing voice of the young girl I was buggering! And the thing of it is (was,) I never even saw her face! I’d certainly never met her before and I’m sure I’ll never see her again (which is too bad, really, because she had a really nice, tight warm asshole that kept my poor, old cock from freezing off in the cold!

See, it went like this: I was just standing there, on the curb (I’m not even sure what streets, as I’m not even from New York,) looking upward at the big ball of lights that they “drop” in the Big Apple, there, after a Comedy gig I’d performed at a small comedy club in the city. I’d always wanted to see the huge spectacle and the throngs of people that gathered to “ring in” the New Year, ever since I was a kid, watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s specials on the tube!

I’d originally refused to take the gig because it meant Eryaman Escort I’d be away from family over the Holidays. Well, the day after Christmas, I got a call from a friend and fellow Comic who’d fallen ill and couldn’t make the trek to NYC, either. The money they were offering for one night’s performance was waaay too good to pass up, what with all the bills I had from Christmas, et al. So, I took the gig! (Duh! I’m not stupid.)

I also figured I’d finally get to see, in person, the grand spectacle that is New York City on New Year’s Eve.

Well, long-story-short, here, kiddies, there were these hot-looking, young (college-age, couldn’t have been more than twenty,) drunken sluts standing in front of me, grinding their blue-jeans-covered asses on my crotch, the whole 15 minutes before the final countdown to the New Year. The three of them kept laughing to each other and talking in, what they thought were hushed tones. But because they were near-ready to pass-out from alcohol poisoning (that’s right, they were three-sheets-to-the-wind,) they didn’t realize that everyone listening in the vicinity could hear them, clear as day!

I then heard one of them say something about the “perv standing behind us,” right before they all giggled like twits.

[Let this be a lesson to any young girls reading this: It’s never a good idea to make fun of horny, Dirty Old Men when you’re drunk and/or vulnerable; you will be raped. Or worse…]

Anyway, the slut in the middle wasn’t wearing jeans, like her two friends were. No, this dumb shit was wearing a very short skirt and thong panties. I know this because she kept reminding her friends of that fact by saying that it was so cold that her thong was freezing and sticking to her asshole! (I know! Really *classy*, Sincan Escort right? LOL)

I wasn’t really sure if she was grinding her ass against my crotch because she was just teasing me or if she was horny or if she was merely trying to create friction to warm up her cold buttcheeks but it didn’t matter to me by this point because I’d had enough! It was time to show this stupid bitch that I was not a man to be toyed with— I reached my hand down her bare thigh and unzipped my fly, pulling out my erection. At the very same time, with my other hand, I grabbed at her crotch and somehow got my finger between her butt and her thong and pulled it outward and to the side. Then it was just a matter of angling my hard-on so it would find its way into her little, pink star! And I’ll be darned if it didn’t work on the first attempt!

And just as the Ball started to drop on Times Square, my hard cock started to slide up that little bitch’s ass hole!

It was an exquisite sensation! Not as tight as I’d thought it would be, which just meant that the little slut had had Anal Sex very recently, which must have left her anus agape. But it was still tighter than a few cunts I’ve fucked so it wasn’t bad, by any means!

And as the rest of the world looked-on and counted down to 2013, I grew ever-closer to blowing my load up this young slut’s anal tract!




It was getting really difficult to hold back my ejaculation but I was determined to make sure that she’d remember it, even if she didn’t remember anything else about the night, in her drunken stupor.






Then her body started to quiver, as I reached around with my right hand and worked my fingers into Etlik Escort the front of her thong and pushed my pinky, ring and middle fingers into her juicy cunt and with my thumb and index finger, I found her clitoris and gave it a firm squeeeze and felt her body blast off into an orgasm that everyone in the vicinity must have felt, too, because she started to squeal and tremor like crazy!

And that was it for me as I lost it, too!



“Happy New Year,” Ryan Seacrest shouted to everyone and to no one!

But of course, no one in our vicinity heard anything Seacrest said because my little slut was screaming at the top of her young, healthy, pink, yet, be-sotted lungs that I was, indeed, cumming up her now, well-fucked asshole!

About a dozen people turned to see where the noise of the young girl was coming from. If you watch it on the internet, you’ll see Ryan Seacrest pause and hesitate for just the briefest-of-moments as he had to hear her, too.

And of course, you can even make out my voice as I roar out my own elation in the fact that I had just Dominated this young slut!

And it’s a very good thing that her friends were there to catch us both as we nearly passed-out from our exertions: First the girl, their friend, and then me, the man who had just had his way with their friend’s young rectum; I had nearly fallen face-first, into the crowd of people in our vicinity, after pouring all I had into that lovely ass! But luckily they were there to aid us, keep us from ending up *splatted* on the street there, among the masses.

It’s too bad that we don’t know who the other is… Because I would so LOVE another crack at that hot, sexy bitch’s tight, little ass!

[Author’s note to the readers: If you are a young woman, who was in New York’s Times Square for the New Year’s festivities of 2013 and if you woke up the next day, with a stretched out bung hole and a rectum full of sperm that you cannot remember how it got there, please contact me, via this website. I would really LOVE to get to know you and your body to a deeper, more intimate extent! Thank you. xo, -BB. (Horny Comedian.)]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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