30 Days of Sex – Day 05-06

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(Writers note: I’m combing days 5 and 6 since they’re the same basic premise and day 5 will be pretty short so adding day 6 to it will, hopefully make up for that.)


Day 5:

“Dear diary

I dreamed about Grant last night. Nothing sexual, just a nice romantic picnic…I can’t wait until this months over so i can see him again.

I guess I have to press on. Today’s a little out of my comfort zone but it should be interesting.”

She hid the diary away and sighed. She stood up stretching her fit body. She pushed her hair back and tied it in a ponytail. She was already naked.

She walked over to the locked drawer of her small filing cabinet and opened it. She smiled a little as she pulled out the new butt plug. Chelsea closed the drawer and opened the plug.

She sat on the bed, read some disclaimers and instructions and grabbed her bottle of lube. Chelsea oiled up the plug as much as she could.

“Hopefully it’s not that bad. We only have half a class today…I’m talking aloud to myself, why I don’t know. “

She pulled her legs in the air and lubed up her asshole a little. Chelsea counted down from three and slowly started to slide the plug in. She winced as it stretched her tight hole Escort kolej but it was in. Chelsea laid on the bed, resting for a moment letting her ass get used to the plug. After a few minute, she slowly stood up and dressed for her class.

Though the class was only a half hour instead of the full hour, Chelsea still found herself squirming in her seat a lot. At first it was out of discomfort but she finally found a comfortable seating position.

She started to forget the plug was even there until she moved a weird way and the plug moved with her body. She actually started to get a bit of surprising pleasure from the toy.

Day 6:

“Dear diary

My ass still feels a little sore. But at least I’m somewhat prepared to lose my anal virginity later this month, I guess…

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Today is exciting though, I bought a lush! Jesse will control of the Lovesense for me while I’m in class. I’m nervous but so excited!”

As always she slid the diary back into place. She stood and pushed her pajama bottoms off, she was ready for the day aside from them. She took out her lush and lube and lubed it nice and well before sliding it into her tight pussy.

“Oh sihhiye escort God so much better then yesterday.”

She giggled to herself. She had to abandon panties for the day but it was find. She found her longest skirt that would cover the toy and slid it on. Chelsea texted Jesse that the toy was on and she had control and headed to class.

Chelsea sat in the back of her Intro to Journalism class. She was fine for the first minutes, able to hold back the moans as the toy sent small waves of pleasure through her body.

As the class went on and Jesse played with the toy more and more, Chelsea found it hard to keep still. Her nipples hard and her pussy was soaked.

“Only ten more minutes.”

She whispered to herself as her legs began to shake.

“Just ten more minutes Chelsea.”

She whispered to herself again. Her legs closed tight and she laid her face in her arms. She began to cum hard. She bit on her sleeve to try and make the moans but it was too much and a small squeal of pleasure slipped out.

She felt the toy slow and blushed. Her face was still buried in her sleeve but she knew everyone was looking at her.

“Miss Mooney, is everything alright back there?”

Her sincan escort bayan professor asked from the front of the room. Chelsea meekly lifted her head, her face red from embarrassment and pleasure.


Her voice cracked. Jesse played with it just as she responded and her professor seemed to be more concerned.

“See me after class Chelsea.”

“Ok professor.”

She could hear some whispers from her classmates but she didn’t care, she was too wet to even consider being worried about the gossip.

As class ended and everyone empty, Chelsea stood up and fixed her skirt and headed to the front of the classroom. As she passed the door she could see Jesse standing in the hallway, waiting for her. Jesse looked up and gave her a sly smirk as she saw where was headed.

“Miss Mooney you’re usually one of the quiet ones…”

The toy went off hard and Chelsea’s knees almost buckled. She looked back out to Jesse and decided to play along. She let go of the chair and slowly brought herself to the ground.

“Chelsea are you?!”

Her professor stopped mid-sentence to help her up. Chelsea picked her bags up and backed away.

“Yeah I’m fine…I’m fine. Can I go please?”

“Yes of course but do me a favor and get a ride home please. “

“I will sir.”

They smiled at each other and he held the door open for Chelsea. Jesse was giggling in the hallway. The professor closed the door and Chelsea grabbed Jesse gently by the wrist.

“Please fuck me…”

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