’57 Ford , a Hitchhiker

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Jerry and I wore looking forward to the long weekend alone. We’d left our small town six years ago and had only been back once or twice a year. Initially, it was to attend college and afterward we’d both landed jobs in the big city. About a year after our graduation, I ran into him at a wine bar and we hooked up. He seemed so different from the little I recalled of him in high school. The hook up led to more dates and not long after we were an “item.”

We had fun sharing books, learning new things from one another and engaging in adventures neither of us would have likely tried without the encouragement from the other. Our sex life sizzled from the start, but together we upped it several levels. It didn’t take long for Jerry to uncover my naughty submissive streak and use it for his own pleasure.

Now we were headed back to our dinky hometown in his baby—a goofy truck passed down from his grandfather that Jerry restored. It took him years, and something he poured his heart into. A 1950 Ford F47, V-8 three speed. He’d drilled that information into me over and over. It had a bench seat, he’d redone in leather and a stick shift. I should say, a modified stick shift. The V-8 was loud, rambled and the stick shift really shook.

When we left, I had on a nice floral summer dress, wanting to entice Jerry, I deliberately went braless. At a rest stop twenty miles back, Jerry insisted I remove my panties. I knew what he was up to. When he fixed his Lady up, as he called his rig, he modified the shifter. When engaged in its top gear, the handle protruded halfway into the bench seat, and sat just a few inches above the seat. It was perfectly positioned.

Our long weekend away was actually a favor for his parents. They were off to a funeral on the East Coast and needed someone to care for the animals on their small farm a few miles outside of town. The reality was we had a small house to ourselves, smack in the middle of wine country and with our own private pool and hot tub. It was a ‘favor’ from heaven.

Thirty miles from town, I was seated in the middle of the bench seat, with my dress hiked up and the palpitating handle of the gear shifter rapping steadily against my clit. After the rest stop, Jerry had me place one leg over his thighs and stretch the other out in the opposite direction. He teased me repeatedly with his fingers, getting me ready, and a few miles down the road he had me inch forward. It was hell. I’d already had three orgasms and was heading for another one.

“Put it in your pussy,” Jerry begged with glee.

“Ohhh. I can’t. It’s too big,” I replied in-between breaths.

“Yes, you can. I’ve put bigger things up there. Hurry up or I’ll take the slow way and you won’t have any more fun with my Lady.”

“Ok, ok. Shitttt,” I hissed. I raised my bottom up and rubbed my pussy lips against the head to coat it with my juices and pressed my hips forward. It entered me easier than I anticipated. Once inside, I started to move my hips back and forth. I was fucking Jerry’s Lady. With my own hand, I feverishly rubbed my magic spot.

“Shiiiittttt … oughhhh shhhittttttt. Fuck Jerry, fuckkkkk. Your lady’s going to make me fuccckkkkiiiinnnggggg cccuuuuummmm. Ahhhhhh … Ouugghhhhhhhhh,” I sighed out loud as another orgasm plowed through my soul. As I climaxed, Jerry reached up and yanked down my top to expose my breasts and pinch my nipples.

As my climax subsided, I realized anyone we drove by or that passed us would have a clear view of my tits. “Maybe I should pull my top up? People will see us.”

“I don’t care. Leave it down and get that gear head back in your pussy. It needs some more moisture.” Obediently, I complied with Jerry’s request. I was nervous about being caught but doing told to do something naughty in public made me just so horny. Easily, I slid my pussy over the gear head and kept going until my lips were wrapped about the shaft.

“Keep on fucking yourself. It’s so hot. We’re only about 10 miles out now. You’re getting me so worked up. I’m going to fuck you like crazy once we get there. I doubt care if any of the neighbors are around or hear you screaming.”

Jerry telling me what he was going to do just further stroked my libido. I could hardly wait to feel his rock hard meat slapping deep into me. When Jerry put his signal on and turned off the highway, I knew he’d just exited the highway and turned onto Route 69. In five miles, we’d arrive.

“Hey honey. Look there’s a hitchhiker up ahead. I bet he’s going to enjoy a nice view of your tits.” Just as Jerry spoke, he reached down and started to rub my clit. Fuck. I didn’t care. I was going to cum again. We passed the hitchhiker as I came hard again with my eyes closed when suddenly Jerry was slowing down.

“Hey, he went to high school with us. I’m sure it’s him.”

“Who?” I moaned out as I tried to focus my mind.

“He was in our class. Baseball stud. Had a ride to Vanderbilt, then his parents died in a horrible car accident and he just like disappeared. I thought you dated him a bit.”

“Who?” subayevleri escort I feigned. I knew exactly who he thought he’d just seen as I pulled myself from the shifter as Jerry rapidly down shifted and pulled over to the side of the road. “It could be someone else. What if it’s a serial killer?” By that time, we’d come to a stop and nervously I pulled up the dress to cover my breasts and tugged down the bottom to conceal myself.

Jerry didn’t answer and seconds later the passenger door opened. “Hey man, thanks for stopping. My old rig bottomed out on me. Just need a ride to old man Gerrick’s place, he’ll be able to get me a tow.”

“That’s right by my folks place. Not a problem, at all. Didn’t we all go to high school together?”

The stranger took a long look at Jerry and then turned his attention to me. A fat smile curled up his face. “Yeah. You’re right. Jerry, right? We played on the junior high basketball team together.”

“Yes, that’s right. What a coincidence. And I’m sorry, can’t quite place you. Maybe vaguely familiar. Anyway, hello. I’m Sonny,” he noted as he extended one hand out to me.

“Hello! I’m Jennifer,” and I delivered with it the fattest fake smile I could pull off. He knew exactly who I was, and the same for me. We’d dated. Secretly, for almost a year and publicly before his parents passed. He was a hot ball player who knew colleges wanted him and an image to paint. After he accepted at Vandy, we started publicly dating. Then his parents passed.

“I thought you two dated for a bit in high school,” Jerry asked Sonny.

“Oh, wait. Now I remember. Wow, you look so different. Jennifer Orchid, right?”

“Yes. I’m sure I’ve aged.”

“And yes Jerry, we did date. Our parents had us go out together as they wanted to make sure some freak didn’t harass Jennifer.”

“Ok, gotcha. So, what the hell you been up?”

“Ha. I get that a lot since I’ve been back. You know my parents passed a couple of months before graduation and … well. I kind of turned off. Eventually, ended up living with a second cousin in Sydney, Australia.”

“Get out of here. I thought you were going to be the next Vandy starter that signed into the big leagues,” Jerry stated.

“Yeah, some things just don’t work out. The put my ride on hold for a year, but my head was still out there. Went to a small college outside of Sydney and even got into cricket. In a roundabout way, a cricket coach turned me onto some Korean baseball contacts. Played there for a few years, had enough cash saved up, to buy out the rest of my family and move back to the farm.”

“So, you’re living here permanently?” I asked.

“Pretty much. Well, assuming, I can patch things together to keep the bankers at bay and somehow get it in shape to bring in some cash flow. You both know it’s a mean business.”

Sonny looked great. Tanned. Short hair, and his eyes still a bright aqua blue. Sometimes he’d make me cum so hard that it felt like I’d drowned in his orbs. God we were happy. I lost my virginity to him. Did put him off for two months, until I offered it up. From there on, it was a race to see how freaky we could get.

“Shit that’s impressive. And cool you’re back. You should help out the high school team. I thought your folks place burnt down a couple years ago?” Jerry asked.

“It did. Staying in an old bus. Can’t say its lovely, but sure as fuck is motivational. You two living here too?”

“Naw, we stayed in the big city after graduation. Met up at a bar about a year ago and well, kinda, sorta been together ever since. And now we’re living together,” I advised.

“Cool,” Sonny nodded with a slight grimace on his face.

“Shit, why don’t you hang with us and knock back a few beers. It’d be great fun for all of us to catch up,” Jerry requested.

“Well. I gotta get the truck towed. Plus, there are the cats and dogs to be feed,” Sonny answered. “But a cold beer sounds sweet. Just for a quick one, if you don’t mind.”

“Shit yeah. This is cool. This will just take a minute. Need to get some petro and cold beer.” Jerry pulled his Lady off and onto the pavement of a convenience store. “Be right back.”

“You need some cash? More than happy to help out.”

“No. We’re fine. Sit back and relax,” Jerry stated. Then walked off and into the store.

“God damn. You look more amazing than I could have imagined. I’m sorry. I, I just freaked. Seriously, I am so so sorry.” I was with him at a friend’s house when the police showed up and asked to talk to him outside. That was the last time I’d seen, spoken with or heard the local celebrity Sonny Black. And didn’t learn his parents passed until the next day.

“I knew you knew who I was. Time is funny. Don’t worry, after two years of seeing the shrink I finally realized you were just a teenager and I swatted out at anything close to avoid the reality. Really, it was heart breaking in so many ways. Did you like Korea?”

“The people. Unfortunately, not the food,” Sonny answered.

“You yenidoğan escort must have a family. Are they with you?” He must have some idea of how badly he hurt me. For two years I tried everything possible to reach out to him. E-mails, letters, a private investigator, unlimited phone calls had all yielded nothing. It took three years before I’d even date someone after he left. The weekend before they passed, we had talked about what type of family we’d have if we did the ‘M thing.’

“No family. No kids. No wife. No girlfriend. No dog and no cat. Sorry, to disappoint.”

“I’m sorry. That was rude.”

“This isn’t going well. Why don’t we just go back to where we were before pulling up to this station.” I simply stared blankly at his face and felt an urgent need to kiss him.

“You know Jennifer, I ain’t never met you before, but, well excuse my boldness, but when I first hopped in it sure smelt like something. Been bugging me. Just can’t quite place that scent. Any suggestions?” Immediately my face turned beet red. Fuck he knew. Of course, he knew. What an asshole. Gosh, the things we did. I wasn’t going to let him intimidate me.

“Jerry was rather pleasantly playing with my pussy on the drive down. Glad you remember what one smells like,” I politely snapped.

“Don’t think there is a general smell to such. No, what I smell is a scent very specific. Reminiscent of how perfect my life could have been if I still danced with its vapors.” Jesus, the fuck could get to me so easily. “Also explains the sheen on the stick shift. The shifter and part way down the stick.” Again, my face glowed from embarrassment. Obnoxiously, the zing in my nipples amplified as my juices flowed heavily.

“Perhaps your memory is faulty?” I noted.

Sonny responded by dashing a hand between my thigh then using his pointer finger to swipe it up the upper shaft. He pulled it to his nose and breathed in slowly. “Nope. The memory is perfect. Or do you think I need a sample from the source?” Jesus he was direct. And I don’t what was happening, but I responded by pulling up my right leg and sliding it over his thighs. My dress easily pulled up to expose my swollen gap.

Sonny took a quick look around before darting his hand between my thighs and plunging two of his fingers deep up into my opening. Slowly, he pumped them in and out, before curling his fingertips upwards and rubbing the G area. Rapidly my breathing was increasing as my mouth dropped open and once again, I was drowning in those eyes.

His face was inches from mine, and I could smell his breath. Slowly, he pulled his fingers from me and brought them up to my lips. Unquestionably, I took them in my mouth and sucked on them while swirling the tip of my tongue on his fingers. He pulled them out and replaced them with his lips. We kissed savagely as his fingers returned to my sex. Then it ended. Just as suddenly as it began.

“He’s back outside.”

“You fucking bastard. Do you have any idea how much you tore me up?”

“Yes. I got the letters. I wanted to kill myself, so kept away from you. My fucked up way of saving you from worse harm. I’m sorry.” Again, I reacted stupidly and slid my leg over his thighs, grabbed his left hand and returned it to my vagina.

“He always holds the pump until the tank is full. Play with me.” When he curled two fingers back into me, my hips shot upward trying to get them deeper. The sensations of pleasure flooded my brain with dopamine and sent it racing backwards to my memories of us being together. How he took my virginity, but first dumped orgasm after orgasm on me with his skilled tongue and didn’t stop until I begged him to penetrate me. How together we watched porn, analyzing the actors, category and then mimicked the flicks we liked. How it led to us having sex outside, publicly, prancing about nude beaches and visiting a strip club where he paid for a beautiful lady to eat me out. God, I had just barely turned 18.

How our exploits became more and more risqué. Almost as if we were playing a wild game. We didn’t just sunbath on the nude beach, but openly had sex with a people watching us. We got into erotic photography, with Sonny behind the lens while I put on a show—sometimes before others. We came into contact with a fun couple, swapped photos and twice meet up to swap partners. And after a lost wager, Sonny took me to an old gas station where he rigged up a hole in the men’s restroom that allowed access to me.

I only went forward with it because I was certain no one would ever enter. I was wrong and had sex with someone I never saw. The recollections were firing me up even further. When Sonny removed his hand, impulsively I yelped out, “No.” Then jumped when Jerry opened the door.

“Tank full, a case of beer and ice in the bed. Let’s roll. Few more miles and we’ll be at the house. I think a dip in the pool is essential.” As Jerry pulled away from the station, I tucked both my legs against his. “Honey, you know that doesn’t work.” He reached across yenimahalle escort and pushed my far leg up against Sonny then shifted into high bringing the shaking handle just inches from my crotch.

In less than a year, I went from a certified virgin to having a quite liberal and active sex-life. What a rocket trip it was. Then Sonny was gone. I did hook up with the couple we played with, it was fun having two girls share a guy, but afterwards I dove down into a deep depression as it brought Sonny back fresh into my mind. So, for a long spell I quit having sex. Really, nothing seemed to compare until Jerry, and I got together. He seemed to quickly realize what things pushed my buttons and loved watching me explode.

“How long you two going to be out here?” Sonny inquired.

“Just a few days. Watching the house and animals while my parents are out of town for a funeral,” Jerry answered as he wedged an arm behind my back to give me a squeeze. The result was it moved me forward a few inches and the vibrating shifter knob was now millimeters from my sex. Sonny looked down at it and when he returned his glaze upwards, he was carrying an overgrown smile.

The last mile to Jerry’s folks’ house is down a dirt road. In the summer months, it is often littered with washboard bumps that can rattle the soul out of a snake. Usually, when encountering such with his Lady, Jerry takes it very slow. This time he didn’t. The bumps bounced me forward into that wicked shifter head that was rattling around and shaking even more. When I first bumped into it, I closed my eyes and titled by head back. Jerry had moved his arm down further which prevented me from scooting back.

“Aughhhh shit. This, this road’s bumpy,” I sighed softly. The shifter was now pressed directly on the upper part of my quim, making direct contact with my clit. No doubt there would be a wet spot in my dress. I opened my mouth to try and keep my breathing from being so loud.

“I’ll try to go around some of the worst bumps,” Jerry shouted out loud as he turned sharply which sent me crashing into Sonny. The shaking was getting worse and worse. Trying to suppress my urges just made everything worse. I couldn’t help myself as I slightly pressed my hips upward. Jerry turned to the right then sharply back to the left which caused my upper body to press firmly against Sonny’s shoulder. At the same time, he reached across with his right hand and gave my breast a squeeze.

“Fuck! It’s like this road will, ohhh myyy, never end,” I complained. When Jerry made another hard left, Sonny again put his hand across my breast, but this time didn’t remove it. I was scared Jerry would see its location, so I placed my left hand on my right shoulder to somewhat shield Sonny’s actions. It didn’t help that he was now firmly pinching my nipple.

“Jesus Jerry. Maybe sloowwww, ughh, sloowwww down a little,” I pleaded.

“Want me to stop? You getting car sick?”

“Noooo. Don’t stop. Fuckkkk itssss bummpppyyyy.” Seconds later, another orgasm crashed over me. It caused my stomach muscles to spasm and a loud moan to escape from my lips. Neither Jerry nor Sonny said a word.

“There it is,” Jerry announced. “Mom and Dad’s sweet little spot.” He’d moved his arm and I was finally able to move away from the shifter. When I looked down, I was horrified to see that my dress had somehow moved upwards. My bottom half was fully exposed.

Jerry pulled into the carport, hopped out and slammed his door shut as he yelled out, “If you two grab our bag, I’ll bring in the beer and ice.”

“Guess we are the bag boys,” Sonny casually declared as he opened his door, popped out and held it open for me. As I scooted across the bench seat, my sun dress road up even further giving him a full view.

“You don’t have to stare.”

“Can’t wait to fill it. Sure looks like it needs some attention after that gear shiftin.” I was at the edge of the seat when his hand shot out and started to caress it. My body reacted by parting my thighs which enabled him to again pierce my sex with his fingers.

“Sonny, be careful. You’re going to get me in trouble,” I whispered harshly with a stern look that was inconsistent with my body’s response.

“Damn, I miss our crazy days. Haven’t done anything like that since then. Maybe it’s time I start exploring again. What do you think?”

“It is fun,” I noted as I pushed his hand back and jumped down. “Let’s get this stuff inside and hit the pool. I bet that water will feel nice, cool and refreshing.”

“Someone a little hot and bothered?” I ignored his comment and reached for our suitcase in the bed of the truck. As I leaned over the rear fender, Sonny scooped two hands around my cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze. “You still a fan of the back door. Man, I’ll never forget how you’d coyly suggest such play and minutes later be hollering out for me to pound you harder.”

“Shhhh,” I responded. He was correct. Was a fan and still am, but decided I’d let him re-discover such information on his own. My plan was to hopefully get Jerry to run an errand and this would give me a brief window to scratch a certain itch. Once I pulled the suitcase out, Sonny grabbed it from me and followed Jerry’s steps. He stopped at the front door, after Jerry announced he had to run out back to get the extra key which gave us a couple of minutes alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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