A Birthday Present

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It was finally the weekend and just so happened that it was also my 18th birthday as well. My girlfriend had invited me over to her place to celebrate as her folks would be out of town and we would have the house to ourselves for the night. I finally arrived at seven thirty and knocked on her front door. After a couple of minutes the door opened slightly.

“Come in.” I heard from just inside the door.

I slowly pushed the door open and walked in to find no one around. As I turned to close the door you stepped forward into the light and I stood there rooted to the spot unable to say anything. She stood there in black lace bra, black thong, black suspender belt, black silk stockings and long black leather high heeled boots. She stood there teasing me until I was able to say something.

“WOW!” Was all I was able to say.

Finally I pulled myself together and pulled her to me and we kissed passionately as I shut and locked the door behind her. I started to say something and she told me to be quiet as she pulled her lips from mine. With one hand she opened my trousers and then dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me just as my pants and boxer shorts pooled around my ankles.

She stared at my now rising cock for a moment or two until my cock was fully erect and pointing straight at her face which was only an inch or two away from my now throbbing member. She then leaned towards my groin area and swallowed my whole seven inches of hard throbbing man meat into her mouth as my balls hit her chin. After a few minutes of her sucking on me she took my dick out of her mouth and rose to her feet and kissed me on the lips.

“Come with me big boy.” She said isveçbahis as she led me by the cock upstairs to her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom she moved and sat in the edge of the bed and continued to kiss and lick my cock for a few more minutes before standing again. She then kissed me on the forehead, face, lips and neck then started to undo my shirt. She then removed my shirt and moved me up on to the middle of the bed. She then reached over and got out handcuffs and proceeded to cuff each of my wrists to the bedposts securely followed by a blindfold and placed it for the time being just above my eyes on my forehead. As I looked up into her eyes she kissed me on the lips gently and smiled.

As she moved off the bed my eyes followed her around the room. She moved over to a set of drawers and switched on the stereo that was sat on top of them then started to do a sexy striptease to the music removing all her clothes except for her thong. She then climbed back onto the bed and started kissing me again at the same time rubbing my now hard cock up and down her small hand. It was then that she placed the blindfold over my eyes. She then started to kiss my cheeks and lips then gently nibbled on my ears before kissing down my neck on to my chest.

She gently kissed, nibbled and bit on my nipples. With the blindfold taking away my sight my other senses kicked in and she had me quietly groaning as she continued to kiss and lick down my chest stopping at my bellybutton to dip her tongue in it before carrying on down to my groin area and my very hard cock which was throbbing almost uncontrollably.

She laid her hot little body alongside mine almost in a sixty-nine position. isveçbahis giriş Then she proceeded to suck, lick, nibble and gently bite at my cock while also using her tongue to create an extra sensation by licking up and down my balls. I could feel my cum boiling up in my balls ready to explode all over her as she sucked on me as rubbed her now soaking wet pussy with her other hand. She continued to deep throat me and play with my balls as I slid my hand round her nice firm ass and massaged it for about a minute or so before my breathing became laboured due to her talented little mouth.

She then licked her middle finger to wet it and then brought it to my ass and slowly inserted it into my ass while still sucking on my dick and started to move it in an out slowly twisting and turning it as it went in and out. She now had me moaning and writhing like a madman in the bed which I think turned her on more and more knowing that she was pleasuring me beyond belief.

After a couple of minutes of her finger fucking my ass she could feel me tensing my ass muscles and knew I was close to coming. She sucked faster and harder as she fingered ass harder and faster also. By now I was right on the edge of cumming deep in her throat as I squirmed about the bed as my cock swelled up just a little more just as I came with such a force that made my whole body shiver. She continued to work on my ass and dick as my cum began to spew into her mouth and down her throat in an endless torrent.

My cum seemed to go on forever as I screamed out in pure pleasure. Once my cum began to just ooze out of my cock she started to ease off a bit and just jerked off my cock slowly and gently isveçbahis yeni giriş as I lay there in ecstasy until she had me solid as a rock again. She then climbed on top of me and slid her thong to the side and slid her dripping wet pussy down on to my rock hard cock and slowly slid down the length of my cock until I was balls deep inside her. She was now in the cowgirl position and at first then slowly leaned forward on to my legs and held them as she fucked herself as hard, fast and deep as deep as she could get me inside her sopping wet cunt.

We were now both moaning and groaning very loudly as was we fucked for the next five or so minutes like animals in heat. I could feel my now beginning to shoot thick and fast up the shaft of my throbbing cock and by fuck it did just that firing in to her like a cannon going off. I came with such force that for a few seconds felt like minutes as I stopped breathing as the feeling over powered me.

She slowed right down till she was only grinding and rotating deeply on me before climbing off and turning around to kiss me. It was then that she finally took off the blindfold and to let me see me again. It was then that she un-cuffed my hands and finally set me free. She then turned over on to all fours and I moved up behind her and slid my still half erect dick slowly into her ass as she let out an aaahhhhhhhh!

She was still a little sensitive and tingly from the orgasm she gave herself with her fingers and was almost unable to bear it but it felt just so damned good as I fucked her deep and hard in the ass while playing with her clitoris. I proceeded to get deeper and harder and knew that I was almost there again. She gripped me with her anal muscles tightly and as she squeezes my cock I could hear her moan.

It didn’t take long before the both for us to both explode into orgasm again before we then lay down in each other’s arms and fell into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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