A Chance Meeting at the Library

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It was going to be a long day, as Saturdays usually were. The weather was beautiful outside, which made me all the more bitter for being stuck at work. Library patrons always seemed more demanding on Saturday afternoons and doubly so on nice ones. They’d simply wave and beckon on me to attend to their needs. A dude has a to have a pretty strong stomach to deal with some of these people. The homeless people and the whores are always hooking up in this place. Saturdays are different, though. The riff-raff usually stay outside and the families come in to look at books. Thankfully, it was quiet for now. I could take my time and shelve some books.

Working there’s a pretty cake job. I’m twenty-two and most of my coworkers are female, around my age, and many of them are definitely attractive. Also, some of the patrons who come in definitely make the job worthwhile. I’ve got weird standards, though, but that comes a bit later.

I’ve been kinda lonely lately since my girlfriend and I had some troubles. I was mopey and shelving some books when I noticed a severe hottie in the young adult section. I smiled and my mood suddenly cleared. The young adult section was adjacent to the juvenile section. They formed two squares on the floor of four-foot shelving. While folks in their late teens and early twenties would hang out in the young adult section, the juvenile section is usually empty except when kids have homework. I mean, the section’s for middle school kids, and middle school kids don’t read.

Anyway, this beautiful young lady was using a catalog computer in the young adult section and her back was to me. I peered around. A small half of the L-shaped library was entirely visible from my vantage point. Folks at the distant computers on the other half were busy doing their meaningless things. The white four-foot shelving blocked most of my body from the rest of the building. Whoever was working the desk was out of view. The pale blue carpet made my footprints inaudible to this blonde angel. The little kid’s section was vacant. It was just this girl and me on this side of the library, and she had no idea I was there.

My face flushed. I could feel myself getting red in the face as I bent down to put this library book on its shelf. My hands became jittery as I turned my head to the side.

She stood straight at the computer station. One leg was straight, and the other was slightly bent. She wore jeans that were tight enough to show off the features of her strong legs and firm, round ass. She wore a light-green tee-shirt. Looking at her back, I could tell she was a bit heavy-set, but definitely not fat. Her arms were long and white and her long, blonde hair fell on her back in straight sheets. My eyes worked her up and down. She was about nineteen or twenty trying to find some book dripping with vampire romance. I smiled, “I hope it takes her a while…”

I peered around again and slowly worked my hands into my jeans. I rubbed my hardening cock through my jeans, keeping my eyes on her so that if she turned around, I’d hopefully have time to move my hands.

She didn’t turn, though. She shifted her weight to her other leg and leaned on the table holding the computer. My heart began to hammer. I knew chances like this don’t come often, so I threw a long look behind me before I slid my finger onto my zipper and slowly worked it down.

I could see she was using the catalog computer to chat with some friends on Facebook. I certainly wasn’t about to bust her since she was giving me this opportunity.

With my fly down, I withdrew my hard cock and gave it a few strokes. In all my years of working there, I’d only once previously actually came on the floor. I was hoping this would be a second time. That pert little ass and that long hair drove me wild with desire. I imagined going to her from behind and throwing my body over hers and kissing her pale, smooth neck… I stroked a bit faster. I was getting really hard now. I wanted to savor the experience, though.

Everything was still clear: Nobody was around.

If she turned her head, she’d get an eye-full of my hard junk that I was just whipping out in the open. This thought filled my head and my body was moving all on its own. Oh, God I was so close… she was so fucking hot… my shaking hands were practically spasming as I jerked my meat just a few yards behind this serious hottie. I could see a little of the side of her breast from her angle, and this further got me working. Right… just about…

“Shit, shit!” I thought as something flashed from the corner of my eye.

I quickly and instinctively covered up. One of my coworkers had left the work-room and was about to head my way. A few seconds after I’d got my cock back in my jeans, the girl turned to make sure no one saw what she was doing with the computer. I was still shaken and trying to pass the illusion that I was just shelving books. I must’ve looked really stupid, but I was just frustrated that I hadn’t worked faster.

Exasperated, I finished all the crap on my cart and made my way back to the work-room. bursa escort This was the heart of a part-timer’s workflow. Carts were brought back here and we took them out to the stacks. More blue carpet and the whiteness of the fluorescent lights. This was a rectangular room with desks and tables strewn around the central area that had a fleet of carts.

Most part-timers used the desks in the back corner which suited me fine. Only one full-timer worked for our department on Saturdays, which also suited me fine. Today it just happened to be the only one even remotely hot. She was almost sixty, but she was a fire-brand. She was short and athletic with long, gray and blonde hair. She had long legs, a nice tan, and perfectly around breasts. She had deep brown eyes and a constantly-smiling round, little mouth.

She was shuffling around and sitting at a computer in the front of the room when I sat down at the desk in the back corner.

“Are you taking your break?” she asked.

“Yup…” I said, knowing that she was about to ask for something. Like most people there, she never talked to me unless she wanted something.

“Come take a look at this!” she said, gesturing to her computer.

She always used company e-mail for stupid personal things and her friends would gladly fill her inbox with whatever meme was presently popular. Shock video or inspirational crap… she had it. This was a long video slide-show of some arctic cruise filled with glaciers and adorable baby seals. I rolled my eyes and stood up, tossing a glance to the clock. No break today.

As the slides went on, I noticed that we were, once again the only people in the work room. There are two entrances to the room: one right in front of the computer that was very often used, and one far to my left, which wasn’t. The first entrance, the one that was a danger to me doing the naughty things that were rolling through my head, had a small, tinted window. Sadly, from my angle, I couldn’t keep a good look-out.

“Fuck it,” I thought. I was standing right behind the hottest bitch working there, and my cock was getting hard again at the thought of finally finishing my business elsewhere. I’d never came in the back room, and I was about to make my start.

My fly was still mostly down from before and my hand slid back inside. My face was going red again and I could feel my hands losing their steadiness. This was a fucking rush. This made patrons and library cards worth it. This stupid woman checking her e-mail wouldn’t know that I just relieved myself of all my office stress just a few inches behind her back. Her hair tossed around as she shook her head to a video.

I verbally made some comment to demonstrate I was still paying attention, but my attention was on her black blouse and the little neck stretching out from it. It was on her ass on the chair and her legs stretching to the floor. It was on the glorious side-boob. If she turned her head… not even all the way around… she’d see me stroking my hard, red…

I saw a shadow at the door. This was never gonna happen.

I managed to get my dick in and stuff a hand into my pocket before the girl came into the room. She was another hottie, too. She asked what we were watching and stood beside me. I took a deep breath to try and loosen up. I looked at my crotch, pretending to look at my shoes. I felt a wave of paranoia followed by guilt.

“I’d never seen seals and polar bears like -that-“, came my, more mature coworker with the blonde-gray hair.

“I could lose this job…” I thought.

“Or glaciers… you always imagine them to be smaller,” came from my side.

“I might not find another if word gets out…”

Break ended and I ended up relieving myself in the bathroom. The guilt had caught up with me. The afternoon was whirling around me as more and more people came into the branch and my time was more fully spent.

There were plenty of loose women, though, and I always passed smiles at them. I’d probably never do anything with any of them. Hell, I wouldn’t want to touch any part of them. Each of them, though, wiggled their ways into my sad, dirty mind later on when I was masturbating. Stupid cocksuckers probably never got a lay like me… I’m really not bad looking. I’m a pretty average guy, tall-ish, thin-ish, most definitely geek… but that’s not really important.

Around three o’clock, I really start counting down my day. We close at five. An older woman had come in without my seeing. She was a regular. I don’t know what about her, but I really liked her. It wasn’t sexual or anything, I just wanted to make her happy. She was simple. Her hair was straight, and you can tell that she brushed it just to come to the library. She took very good care of herself: not fat, but not very thin, clean glasses, very nice black coat, and a black skirt underneath. She wore a white blouse and wore her gray hair down. She must have been in her seventies. She smiled at me.

The only thing that bothered me in the least was that her teeth were slightly crooked. Otherwise, her face was bursa escort bayan friendly. She was probably really attractive when she was younger. She had large blue eyes and a straight, small-ish nose.

Like many people her age, she was slightly hard of hearing and talked just just a little too loud when she said, “Hello again!”

She read my name tag and appended my name to her greeting. I was a little sad that I knew her name, but she didn’t know mine. She told me about her favorite books that she’d just finished and opened the binder marked “New Releases” as she sat in an armchair near the center of the main side of the library.

For no reason, I glanced inside her coat and saw that she was wearing a black blouse with gold-colored buttons. She asked me about one of the boring major authors– Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, or Danielle Steel… that mindless drivel– and I made my way to the desk to look up her stuff.

“Did you need my card?” she said, about to reach for her wallet.

I gestured a friendly “No”. “It’s alright,” I said, “We know who you are, here.”

I lied. She had only begun coming a few months previously and I was the only one who seemed to give her any mind. There was something strangely fascinating about the clean-cut pretty older woman. I couldn’t think of her as just another “little old lady” because I found her deeply intriguing. A thought suddenly flashed in my head of kissing her cheek.

I shook it off as I looked up her books. I didn’t even care that her books were written by “pop” authors that I hated. I legitimately wanted to make this woman feel liked.

Sadly, very shortly afterward she got up and left. I was kind of sorry to see her go, and doubly saddened that she didn’t notice me and wave on the way out.

I shrugged it off.

The last two hours pass by pretty quickly. Folks are in a hurry and it’s often a surprise that we close “early” on weekends. It becomes less my job to clean up the branch as it does to get the people out. So, the end of the day came and I was feeling tired from the nine-hour torment.

The library isn’t far from a strip-mall that I walk through on the way home, and passing in the same direction as me was the older woman with the black coat. I passed her widely on the sidewalk and then, finding some reason to fumble and look down, I glanced at her. Our eyes met, and we both smiled. My pace slackened and I walked beside her.

After greeting her by name, I was pleasantly surprised that she remembered mine.

“Going home with your treasures?” I asked, gesturing at her books.

She smiled, “I’ve got some good ones this time. I’ll probably be back in a couple days, though.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” I said earnestly.

We walked on and, at the end of the little strip mall, I touched her shoulder and said, “Ma’am, can I tell you something?”

She looked at me a little strangely. Her eyebrows were furrowed slightly and her simple face cocked a little sideways. I gestured as though I were going to say something quietly, and, as she leaned in, I gently kissed her on the cheek.

It was short and warm, and I could feel the heat from her face as my lips touched her.

I looked at her sheepishly, not knowing what to expect. I was kinda scared and the implications that this might bring were hanging over my head: Did my coworkers see me? Is she going to complain to my boss? Will I get fired? Will they review the security cameras and discover that I was jacking off? Will she come back to the library? Will she shout and make a scene?

To my surprise, she smiled. She looked a little giddy. She gestured with her long, elegant hands for me to come near her, and I obeyed.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and as she did so, I held her upper arm with my hand nearest her body, gently rubbing it as her lips gently touched my cheek. I could feel my cock jolt. This was definitely weird.

She looked at me with a nurturing expression with her big, blue eyes through her large, gold, wire-rimmed glasses. She smiled, and we simply looked at each other for a long-ish time.

I awkwardly gestured at her books. “Can I carry those for you?”

She nodded, and I took the books. We both turned slowly toward the direction we were just walking.

“Are you alright?” I asked. “I’m sorry if I offended you or anything…”

She looked at me with a warm smile. “I’m very flattered.”

Her voice was warm and strong, not feeble like a lot of older people. I usually hate little old ladies, but this was different. She was special– simple. I stood close to her as we walked, and I tried to hold my hand out so my knuckles could touch her hand, but it didn’t really work. My urges told me to hold her hand or show her I cared, but I think she knew already.

“Do you give this kind of attention to all your customers?” she asked.

“No,” I said, honestly. “I’ve never kissed a patron before.”

I obediently followed her around another suburban intersection to a parking lot for an apartment building.

I escort bursa walked her to the door of the tall building and was about to let her go when she asked me if I wanted to come in.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “I don’t want to make you feel insecure or anything…”

And I didn’t. I didn’t want her to feel like I was some sort of rapist or anything. For this, I was trying not to show how much I wanted to come into her home.

She smiled one more time and said, “No! Come on in. I’ll make you some tea or something.”

So, we walked in and up a tight concrete staircase with orange-yellow walls. Six flights later, we came onto her floor. The corridors were wide and the place seemed comfortable and well-kept. Hers was the first door from the staircase.

“Convenient location, huh?” I said, dumbly trying to make conversation.

“It is!” she said while she unlocked the door, “I can just step out and run down the stairs.”

She opened the door and gestured me inside. It was a very white apartment with the evening sunlight pouring in the window in the living room.

“Have a seat, and I’ll get the tea,” she said sweetly as I sat on the couch with a million questions running through my head.

I peered around. The door was opposite a large window. The third wall to my right was blank and the wall to my left had a doorway leading to a hall. The room was sparsely decorated with a few pictures on the walls and a handful of nick-nacks on the coffee table in front of the couch. One side of the couch was more worn than the other and had a reading lamp beside it.

The woman returned, and I felt the urge to stand up, but she sat down beside me quickly enough that I didn’t have time to make up my mind.

I took the rather dainty tea-cup, obviously an antique, and thanked her. As we began drinking, I realized how nervous I was. Apparently, she saw my hands shaking.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about. You’re a very nice young man,” she said.

“You’re a very sweet woman,” I replied looking deep into her eyes. I couldn’t reason just why I was so attracted to her right now. My nose was filled with the smell of her perfume, and I was a little sad I hadn’t noticed it before. My heart fluttered when she smiled and I felt the strongest urge to kiss her again. When I leaned in more closely to her, I was surprised that she leaned in to meet me.

Our lips gently touched and parted open. My tongue entered her mouth and was met eagerly by hers. A few seconds passed like this with us gently and awkwardly locked in a French kiss. We broke to put down our tea-cups.

I hadn’t even noticed that when she was getting the tea, she had removed her coat, but now she beckoned me, “If you insist on being this friendly, you should remove your coat.”

I stood and unbuttoned my coat and gently placed it over the arm of the couch. She was looking at me– checking me out– as I did. I smiled at her encouragingly and, as I sat, I put my left arm around her, and she nuzzled into me. One of her beautiful, fragile hands found my leg and was gently stroking it.

My brain was on overdrive. My family was expecting me home after work. Did I really just kiss the nice old lady from the library? Was her hand on my leg? What made me go along with this? I noticed I was getting really hard from her gentle touches along my leg and I nervously put my other hand on hers.

At this, she turned her head toward me. “You make me feel so young again,” she said quietly.

I leaned in and we kissed again. This time, I pulled her body toward me with the arm I had ’round her. I kissed her deeply and passionately, and, as I did, her hand ventured farther up the inside of my leg until she was practically rubbing my balls. I felt a little faint. Her perfume was intoxicating and her aged hands were soft and gentle. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths and she was quite sensual though a little awkward. She wasn’t the worst kisser by far.

As we made out, I rubbed her back firmly and her hand finally made its way onto my shaft. I startled a little bit, but she kept going regardless. My hand on her leg had fallen still, and now I moved it onto her chest. If she was rubbing my cock, she wouldn’t mind if I copped a feel.

She didn’t mind at all… she thrust her chest forward into my cupped hand and I could feel through the thick fabric of her bra a firm nipple. Her breast was soft and delicate-feeling and I gave it a firm squeeze and gently pinched her nipple.

I broke from kissing her to pull back her long gray hair and kiss her delicate neck. Her skin was so soft that it was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. It was delicate and I couldn’t help but be gentle. As my kisses moved down her neck and then back up toward her ear, she let out a gentle sigh and started to unzip my pants. My cock was raging hard and I wanted to be inside this strange, deliriously beautiful old woman.

As she unzipped my pants, I unbuttoned her blouse and gently touched the front of her delicate breasts. My cock was out of my pants and in her gentle hands. It felt so, so good. I could feel my heart hammering and my face turning red. My kisses turned more aggressive and my hand unhooked her bra, but she moved away from me, pulling away from my kisses and standing up.

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