A Close Shave

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“There I’m finish your cleanly shaved see… feel,” Eve says smiling down at Michael then reaching for the soapy bowl of water and the straight edge blade she just finished using putting it on the table by the bed.

Michael reaches up to feel his own face that lays in Eve’s lap while they were on the bed. “See I do the best shaves this side of town,” Eve laughs down at him.

“Yeah it’s pretty good, it must be the way you relax your clientele shaving them with their head in your lap,” Michael answers Eve back chuckling his head still lying in her lap.

He didn’t want to get up he felt very relax, his head in her lap after she finished shaving him, he could fall asleep now. It was the best shave he ever had and he was glad that he had given in and allowed Eve to give him her specialty shaves. A shave that she often gave her boyfriend she told him.

Michael’s much more relaxed now and his heartbeat is much slower than when they started. His racing heartbeat during the shave had more to do with his head in Eve’s lap than the straight edge blade against his neck she used to shave him. He feels guilty laying there especially now that the shave is finished and his head is still in her lap. But she’s not urging him up off of her lap so he’s not rushing to move.

“Your face is very kissable now you’ll have to beat the ladies away with a stick,” Eve spoke down to Michael startling him out of his private thoughts.

“I’m sure that will happen…,” Michael says back sarcastically “Maybe little old ladies, with my profession,” he continues looking up at Eve.

Michael can’t believe that this beautiful woman looking down at him seems to be flirting with him. He doesn’t really know how to react so he just continues to lay there. She’s actually stroking his face now.

“I’m sure you get more attention than you realize,” Eve says to him looking into his eyes smiling “Women dig the uniform,” winking down at him.

Silence follows which seems to go on forever.

“Well… thanks… for the shave I better get going I don’t want to take up to much of your time. It’s bad enough I’ve crashed here at your house for the entire week. Now I have you waiting on me.”

“It was my ideal and my pleasure,” Eve says uncrossing her legs and getting up making Michael land on the bed.

Michael began to sit isveçbahis up himself but before he does Eve now on her knees beside him bends over and gives him a kiss on his cheek.

“See smooth as a baby bottom,” Eve whispers her lips right beside his ear.

All Michael could manage to say back hoarsely is, “Yeah.”

But it isn’t all he could manage to do. He reaches up with one hand and places it on the back of Eve head, his fingers in her hair. Pulling her even closer down to him, their lips meet and they kiss each other slowly and long. He had never kissed anyone like this before but is having no problem now. Rising up off the bed but still kissing he pushes Eve flat on her back onto the bed. Their kissing becomes more passionate and to Michael surprise Eve takes his hand and places it on her breast. He automatically began to rub every inch of the breast under his hand through her sun dress. Eve arm wraps around his back holding him closer. One of her legs pushes between his legs. Although every part of his body is tingling he thinks he is going to hyperventilate. Michael can’t believe what is going on. This is sooo wrong, she has a boyfriend and he… he…

All thoughts rushed out of his head when the blood rushed to his cock. Eve under him hands were at his belt, both hands undoing his pants. Her lips left his and he just stays there holding himself up above her while she undoes his pants. He’s breathing even faster now, he feels like he is going to pass out or something.

His pants undone, zipper down he sits up and grabs Eve’s hands with both of his.

“I… I don’t think…,” Michael starts his words shaky.

“Don’t think!” Eve almost commands looking up at him cutting him off.

She sits up and finishes what she started. Michael sitting on the bed lies back when Eve pushes him down so that he is lying on his back. Kneeling next to him Eve takes Michael already hard cock out of his pants.

“Oh God,” Michael whispers in a half prayer looking up at the ceiling.

But he doesn’t know if he is praying for Eve to stop or for her to keep going. Either way it looks like she isn’t going to stop. She wraps her fingers around his cock and glide them up and down him, stroking him slowly. Bending over she licks the head of his cock and them laps the entire length with her tongue.

Michael isveçbahis giriş just closes his eyes and listens to his heart beating, his heavy breathing and the sound of his cock going into Eve’s mouth. With her lips apart she sucks his cock into her mouth. She likes the feel of it sliding into her mouth. Michael likes the feel of it sliding into her mouth to.

“Ummmm,” Michael moans out loud.

Eve hand moves up and down Michael’s cock, her lips meeting her fingers as her mouth went down and her hand went up. Her saliva covering him as she let her spit dribble down his shaft. Taking her hand away she allows her mouth to go farther down his cock. She gobbles, sucks his cock deep into her mouth. Expertly bobbing her head on him, her lips reaching lower and lower each time. Michael can’t help reaching down and grabbing hold of Eve’s head with both his hands while she sucks his cock in and out of her mouth. He doesn’t want to anger her by doing this but he doesn’t want her to stop either. His body feels on fire, there is nothing else, no one else in the world right then except his cock going in and out of her wet sucking mouth. He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold off before cumming. Did she want him to cum in her mouth, on the bed or somewhere else? His mind reeling he let those thoughts go and focus on the fact that his cock is deep in this beautiful woman’s mouth. He can feel himself about to cum. His hands on her head are doing more than holding her head now. He grabs her hair tight and holds his cock deep in her mouth. The head of his cock at the back of her mouth in her throat, Michael is in a trance. He hears her gagging but holds her head still on his cock as his cum empties into her mouth and throat.

“Ohhhh yes yes,” Michael moans as he releases his seed into her.

Eve tries not to gag too much on the cock deep in her mouth and cum squirting into her throat. But she pulls back from him, against his hands holding her head. His cock slides from her mouth and the last of his cum cover her lips and chin. Sitting up Eve gasps for air cum dripping from her lips.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Eve,” Michael instantly apologizes.

Smiling Eve just laughed softly.

Michael sits up zipping himself buckling up his pants. Leaning over to him Eve kisses him on the lips gently smearing his isveçbahis yeni giriş cum from her lips on his mouth. Without thinking he tries to lick the cum from his lips.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about is there?” Eve asked sympathetically.

Michael shook his head, “No, nothing… I guess.” He didn’t know what else to say so he just sat there watching Eve on her knees kneeling beside him.

They both hear a noise coming from downstairs.

“That’s Tim,” Eve says quickly “I better get out of here.”

Michael says nothing but jumps off the bed. Eve gets up to, straighten her cloths and heads for the guest bedroom door. Michael follows behind her he wants to say something but doesn’t have any idea what to say.

“Ok well,” is all he could manage.

“I’ll see you downstairs Tim said he was going to fix dinner tonight,” Eve says to break the uneasiness.


“O.k. see you downstairs.”


Eve leaves the room but Michael notices she goes the opposite direction from the stairs that leads downstairs. It looks like she was going to her bedroom in the other direction. He does hear someone on the stairs, its Tim, Eve’s boyfriend. Michael hears Tim walking down the hallway towards their room. Michael goes for the door wanting to close it before Tim walks past. But he gets to the door just as Tim is walking past.

Stopping at the door Tim speaks to Michael

“Hey there, how ya doing?” Tim says not waiting for an answer,

“You’ve seen Eve?”

Trying to look calm Michael tries to smile at Eve’s boyfriend. He answers his second question. “I think she went to her room, ummm I…I mean she’s in her room,” He stammers.

“Ok thanks,” Tim smiles at Michael with a sideways smile and continue standing there at the door.

Michael stands holding onto the bedroom doorknob, is Tim staring at him?

“You enjoying your stay here? I mean here at the house and here back in the city? I know everyone is really looking forward to your speech at the forum.”

“Yeah,” is all Michael answers back. It doesn’t seem like Tim is really waiting for a reply anyway.

Michael just stands there at the bedroom door using it to support his weak knees. Hoping his answers to Tim ramblings is correct. Almost tuning Tim completely out he snaps back when he feels Tim hand on his shoulder.

“You alright Father Michael?” Tim asks.

“Yes I’m fine,” the priest answers back “I better get some rest before dinner.”

Michael then closes the bedroom door wiping his mouth after the door is close.

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