A Day at Metro Theatre

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Once upon a time I got the use of the family car to go to Toronto and check out a bike I had heard about. At the time i was riding a Sears 10 speed that had cost the lordly amount of $65 dollars but had heard of a bike in Toronto selling for $1000 dollars. I made the trip up there, approximately 70 miles just to see it. That however was not the only thing I saw that day.

While looking for the bike shop I passed a movie theatre called the Metro. It advertised adult films and since there was nothing like that in my home town and I was a perpetually horny young guy after I had checked out the bike I went to check out the theatre.

It turned out to be an old theatre that had been carved up into 3 rooms and at the ticket booth you could choose to pay for 1 theatre or for an increased price get admission to all 3 of them. As it turned out I went first to the largest of the 3 and carefully made my way in in the near darkness after coming in from the outside and sat down near the front till my eyes got accustomed to the gloom.

The movie like so many of them from the late 60’s was a compilation of pneumatic women moaning as they fucked and sucked various large cocks for us to enjoy. The lack of artistic merit was not a real problem and as I watched I started feeling my cock getting hard in my pants. After about 10 minutes in the place during which a couple of other men had entered or left I could see well enough to decide to climb up to the back of the theatre so if I decided to have a bit of fun I wouldn’t be interrupted by the traffic.

I settled in right by the projection booth up at the very back of the room and started again watching the show. I started getting hard again and looked around me to see if there was anyone who could see me. That is when I noticed that in the same row I was in but right over against the wall there was 2 guys sitting side by side. I continued watching the film worried about what büyükesat escort would happen if they spotted me jerking off. As I scanned the seats around the room wondering if there might be a better position for me I looked back towards them and could only see one of them. As I looked a bit longer I realized that one of them had bent down and was actually sucking the other one.

Gay sex in Canada had been decriminalized just a month earlier and although it was no longer illegal there were still restrictions about sex in public places etc. I had by that time in my life been involved a few times with men blowing me in secluded spots around my home town. I had in fact returned the favour a couple of times as well so I wasn’t shocked or outraged to see two guys enjoying each other in the back of a porno theatre.

The other men who came into the theatre didn’t seem very interested in climbing up all the way to the back of the room. Most of them, and there was no more than a dozen were sitting in the first 10 rows and we were up about 20 rows farther into the room. With the realization of two guys sucking along with the movie I had a full erection by now which was pretty cramped in my jeans. I took another look at the two in the corner and seeing that they were paying no attention to me I opened my fly and got my cock out into my hand. As I started stroking myself I kept an eye on the two in the corner and realized that one had got up out of his seat wand was standing in front of the other facing the back of the room. Although anyone looking from farther down in the room couldn’t see it I now had a clear view of his cock sinking in and out of the other guy’s mouth.

By now I wasn’t paying any attention to the movie and although the guy standing turned and looked towards me he didn’t change his position while his blow job was continuing. My cock was now leaking cebeci escort pre cum which I was spreading up and down as i jerked off and I realized the guy in the corner would have been able to see that I was enjoying myself at the same time as he was. I figured that is why he didn’t flinch when he realized I was watching them. The standing man had now started face fucking his partner and I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer before he blew his load. He grabbed his friend with both hands and started thrusting even more forcefully in and out of his mouth. Then he shoved his cock in and stiffened up while he dumped his load into his partner. In spite of my experiences with other men it was the first time I had actually witnessed a blow job between two other men. I stopped my own masturbation because I didn’t want to cum all over my jeans and when I saw the guy in the corner tuck himself back into his pants I did the same. While they walked past me to the aisle the one who had just blown his load asked if I had liked the show, then moved by me and down the stairs in the aisle.

I got up and went into the corner where they had been, and sitting down there ,pulled my cock out of my pants again. As I returned to watching the movie I saw a man get up from farther down in the room and climb up to the row I was in. I tucked away again as he got closer because I wasn’t sure what he had in mind. He came down the row and sat right beside me which I thought was a bit odd considering how many empty seats there was available.

For a few moments we both just sat there and then I felt his leg move over and lightly touch mine. I moved away a bit and after another couple of minutes felt him move his leg over to touch mine again. This time I just left my leg where it was feeling the heat of his leg against mine but I admit my erection had deflated by then and I was trying to decide kolej escort what to do when he turned towards me and asked if I had like what I had been watching.

He told me he had noticed me watching the guys in the corner instead of the movie and had figured out what they were doing that had interested me. I was only 20 years old and he was probably 40 but he was in decent shape and I just nodded yes to answer his question. He put his hand on my thigh down near my knee and when I didn’t object he started to slowly slide it up towards my crotch until he was rubbing me through my jeans. I started getting hard again almost immediately as he continued. Without saying another word he took his hand off my cock and stated to undo my jeans. I still stayed quiet while he did this and when he had unzipped my fly he used both hands on my pants and underwear and started pulling them down exposing me. I eased my ass up off the seat a bit and he pulled my pants down below my knees.

Turning back to the front of the room he started stroking my now naked and now fully erect cock. I thought it wasn’t going to get any better than that but he then leaned over and took my cock into his mouth. He started sliding up and down on my cock and after the several times I had been up and down I was quickly approaching a climax. I told him I was close to an orgasm and he just kept working over my cock. He used his hand to caress my balls while he was sucking me and as I felt my orgasm starting he used one of his fingers to stroke over my asshole. With that i exploded into his mouth and shot cum into him in spasm after spasm. As I finished he was still sucking and licking my cock and I had to stop him because it was so sensitive.

With that and without saying another word he got up and left me there. I took a moment to recover and then pulled my pants back up and after zipping up left the theatre. I want to the bathroom in the hallway of the theatre and while in there found all sorts of names and numbers written on the walls offering various sexual services for those who wanted them. I didn’t need any more attention for that day so I left and drove home but over the next several years i visited the Metro many times and never failed to find some excitement and contentment there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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