A Dirty Western Ch. 2

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Black Bob, entered his room, and began drinking the remaining whiskey from his bottle. He was now very drunk, and once again, extremely horny. He really wanted some pussy badly, and was about to go to the brothel, when he noticed 2 men talking loudly. He couldn’t help but overhear one of them talking about the gold he had found in the Apache River. “I could’ve gotten much more, but I was very close to the Indian village,” the man said.

“I didn’t want to piss the Indians off,” he added. Black Bob knew exactly where the man was talking about, and he jumped onto his horse, and rode out of town. He found the stream, and could see the teepees in the distance. He began searching the rocks in the stream, and found his first gold nugget. It wasn’t huge, but it was definitely worth something, and was a damn good start.

Black Bob found a few more nuggets, and without realizing it, was now smack dab in the middle of the Indian territory. He heard a rustling in the brush, and looked up to see a young Indian squaw watching him. He guessed her to be about 18, and she was very pretty. She started to run, but he quickly grabbed her.

“What isveçbahis do we have here?” he asked, roughly grabbing her breasts. She started to scream, but he placed his large hand over her mouth. She had a panicked look in her eyes, and Black Bob slid his hand beneath her leather hide skirt. She had such a soft furry pussy, and his finger slid against the wet slit. She spread her legs widely and Black Bob thrust his finger deep inside of her. He could hear her grunt, as his finger moved around inside of her tight pussy. Black Bob quickly removed his trousers, and his large 10 inch cock flopped out. The Indian girl’s eyes opened widely as she saw the throbbing monster. Black Bob pushed her to her knees, and pressed his large cockhead against her soft mouth.

The Indian girl knew what he wanted, and she lightly slid her tongue across his pulsating cockhead. Black Bob moaned softly as his cock slid into her mouth. She hungrily devoured his large cock, expertly sucking him. Black Bob looked at her pretty pussy, and positioned himself where they could 69. He hungrily lapped at her beautiful pussy, spreading her dark colored pussy lips widely isveçbahis giriş with his large fingers. She softly moaned as his tongue slid against her pretty clit. She moved her mouth up and down his rigid shaft quickly, as he moved his tongue up and down her wet pussy slit. The Indian girl came quickly, and Black Bob eagerly drank the hot juices from her sweet pussy. As she came, his cock slid into her throat, and Black Bob moaned, and his cum erupted. The Indian girl swallowed his hot thick jism as it sprayed against her throat. Black Bob thrust his hips driving his cock deeply into her throat. She swallowed every drop of the creamy white jism, not missing one precious ounce.

She sucked him until the last of his hot cum oozed from his thick cock. Black Bob’s tongue playfully teased her swollen clit, and she climaxed again. His cock remained rock hard, and he quickly positioned the Indian girl on her hands and knees, and mounted her doggy style. His large cock slid deeply into her tight wet pussy. She grunted loudly as he fucked her. He could feel her hot pussy closing tightly around his cock as she climaxed. She grunted and spoke isveçbahis yeni giriş something that Black Bob didn’t understand, but he knew it probably was Indian for “I’m cumming” or something like that. He reached around her, and slid his hands against her small firm breasts. His fingers pinched her erect brown nipples, and she softly moaned. He thrust his cock harder and faster into her, making her grunt loudly. She moaned as she felt his cock pulsate inside of her. He moaned and his cum erupted from his cock, filling her tight Indian pussy. “Oh God baby, I think I love you” Black Bob moaned. He continued thrusting into her, filling her tight pussy with his cum. “MMm yes” he moaned.

The Indian girl thrust against him, driving his cock deeply inside of her. He continued pumping until the last of his cum flowed into her exquisite pussy. As he slowly removed his cock from her pussy, he rolled her onto her back. He pressed his mouth against hers, forcing his tongue inside of her mouth.

She quickly reciprocated, and they passionately kissed. Black Bob slowly slid his trousers back on, and grabbed her hand. He led her to his horse, and they both climbed on, and rode off towards town. Black Bob now had himself a hot Indian bride, and was all smiles. Black Bob gave up his life of crime, and they settled down on a small farm he purchased with his gold money.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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