A Dream Come True

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I’d met Joan at a company function and we had formed a friendship in the subsequent weeks of casual dating. We had a mutual interest in art and the theater and enjoyed going out together. Although she was a very attractive lady there was nothing in our relationship other than the good night peck on the cheek as we left each other to catch our separate transport home.

A photographic display was scheduled for the local gallery, of black and white artistic classic poses, no details given of the nature of the pictures. It was with intrigue that we approached the gallery, having met at our usual coffee bar. There was no queue, but, what was unusual was the attendant at the door. We had to provide evidence of being over the age of twenty one and would be admitted as a couple, this was made obvious, when a single male and then a single lady were denied admission whilst we were providing the requested data.

It seemed unusual but we went inside to find the area main lights off and only strategic spot lighting on, we seemed to be the only ones in the gallery until we realized that all patrons were being carefully segregated from each other by turnstile gates. We followed the floor signs to the first turnstile and then the alcove which was vacant.

A glance at the picture made me start with embarrassment as the picture revealed a semi naked couple in a very compromising pose, I heard Joan’s sharp intake of breath at the sight of the sexually explicit nature of the photograph, I turned to say maybe we had made a mistake and should leave the exhibition, but seeing the open mouthed look of lust on Joan’s face I hesitated. She turned to me and asked if I was turned on by the picture, when I affirmed that the picture intrigued me to some extent she took my hand, something she had not done before, and suggested we explore some more. Having made this decision we preceded to view the rest of the pictures. By the time we had finished I had an erection that was difficult to conceal and by the flushed look on Joan’s face she was excited by the whole display.

Emerging into the night air we decided that a coffee was in order and proceeded to our normal venue. Having secured our usual booth, which not only gave a degree of privacy from being overheard but also from being seen by the other patrons. Joan was the first to raise the subject of what we had just been exposed to, how sexually arousing she had found it all and that I seemed to be similarly affected given the physical signs I had shown. I blushed and admitted that all the scenes had been to my liking but normal people seldom had the opportunity to indulge in such practices.

Then to my delight Joan said that she indulged in the privacy of her flat, to many of the things we had seen, but not of course to the joint activities that some pictures had portrayed, due to the a lack of a suitable partner. It was my turn to admit to çeşme escort some of the delights that we had enjoyed viewing together and broached the idea that we could maybe indulge ourselves. Joan looked away and I thought I’d gone to far, but she looked sideways at me and from under her long lashes gave me a look that thrilled me to the core, so full of sexual fervor was it. She asked whether I had any of the things that we had observed in use, I said that I owned a collection of the male items plus some mutual bits and pieces.

We arranged to meet on the Saturday and would then go to Joan’s flat which was self contained as she thought we would be better off than at my rented rooms, and a nosy land lord i the offing. During the next few days I purchased what I considered expendable items for our projected session. Having placed my items and contributions in an overnight bag I caught the train and was soon knocking on the door to Joan’s apartment. She must have been watching as I had hardly knocked when the door opened and she was letting me in, the light from the hallway was behind her and she was in silhouette but I could see she was dressed for the occasion already, something I’d not been able to do traveling by train as I had.

Following Joan to the lounge I admired her figure, showing to advantage, as the pale blue dress she wore rippled as she walked and making that beautiful swishing sound that is such a feature of the material from which the dress was fabricated. She took my bag from me and suggested that I shower, change into the robe I would find in the bathroom, then join her in the bedroom. Proceeding to the bathroom I found a gorgeous robe behind the door I could hardly wait to feel the caress of the material on my bare flesh but with a degree of control I undressed and showered, dried and powdered my self well, then donned the robe and found my way to Joan’s bedroom.

The room more than met my expectations and I realized then that Joan was indeed of the same mind as I, something that I had long thought to be not possible. She was reclining on the shinny surface of the bed gently caressing her breast through the sensuous dress that she still wore, I could see her nipples erect under the fingers of her hand. Joining her on the bed I took her in my arms, my hands replaced hers on her breasts and she fondled me through the robe she had provided. Her arousal continued and she pushed my hand down below her waist, easing the dress above her thighs my hand encountered a pair of directoire knickers in the same glorious material that we now knew thrilled us both.

As I gently massaged her through the delicate material she used her hand to stroked me through the robe, the erection produced with this treatment was soon on the verge of ejaculation, placing my hand on hers I suggested that rather than make a mess we relieve the tension and escort çeşme then we could enjoy what we could now do together in line with the photographs we had seen.

Placing a condom on my penis I proceeded to masturbate, Joan was rubbing her vagina, we watched each other as we climaxed almost in unison. Joan said she wanted to try out the fourth pose we had seen. I removed the robe and stood naked whilst Joan removed the condom and cleaned me with a tissue.

Holding a pair of latex panties out to me she helped me into them adjusting the lubricated penile sheathe around my member and pulled them up my waist, the rubber skirt was easy as I stepped into it as it just sat around my waist, the blouse was a good fit as she pulled it over my head and helped my arms into the sleeves. She caressed my nipples and stroked my bottom, she put on a pair of elbow length latex gloves looking me in the eye as she did and licking her lips all the while. Still standing before me she took off the latex gown and replaced the rubber knickers with a pair that had a phallus attached, she pulled these up her lower legs and to mid thigh, then lubricated the inward extension of the phallus prior to inserting it into her vagina.

With more lubricant she pushed the built-in dildo into her bottom, she made the flesh colored latex panties secure around her waist. As we stood before each other from the neck down we had changed gender, Joan looking like a young man but for her firm and rounded breasts and me a slight young woman due to the lack of mammary development

She turned me round and made me bend over but I could still see us both in the mirrors placed on each wall, picking up the hem of the rubber skirt she eased my latex panties down to expose my bottom, the cool touch of her latex clad fingers and the KY jelly sent a thrill through me. The fingers gently probed my rectum and lubricated me thoroughly, standing back, she lubricated the phallus and rubbed it in the crease of my bottom. A judicious thrust put it past my sphincter and due to the downward curved design engaged my prostate.

Joan proceeded to slowly push in and draw out, as we established a rhythm the speed increasing as we became more adept, with every forward thrust my sheathed and lubricated penis rubbed on the rubber of the skirt I was wearing. Soon I was on the cusp of enjoyment and Joan slowed the action to prolong the pleasure so successfully that it was another twenty minutes before I had a massive ejaculation induced only with only the stimulation of my bottom. She explained that she had always wanted to do that to a male dressed as a female, the enjoyment enhanced by the thrill obtained by the two inserts in her own body.

We paused and sat on the rubber sheeted bed, me to remove the skirt and blouse and Joan to take off her special panties. Having placed the panties on the bedside çeşme escort bayan table she rolled onto her back, drew her legs up to expose her vagina to me and requested normal coitus with my still rubber sheathed penis. After bringing myself up between her legs I put the pair of latex gloves on my hands and the condom on my already rubber covered penis she handed to me, and proceeded to fondle her labia and then clitoris. Soon Joan was handling my sheathed member and brought the tip to her vagina and helped me to enter her, my hands moved up to her nipples and pinched and massaged them at her bidding.

On request I began slow gentle thrust and withdrawal motions, soon however she was asking for a greater thrust and movement. I obliged and the pleasant feeling in my penis increased but due to the double covering of rubber the sensitivity was reduced and enabled me to continue until with multiple climax Joan begged me to stop. My own climax was held in delay but I still had the pre-ejaculation sensation in my loins. After resting for a moment Joan started to rub my penis with long firm strokes, being slippery from both the KY jelly and her own natural juices her hands slipped nicely over my member, it was not long before semen was spraying into the sheathe as I climaxed.

Getting up we both went to the shower, standing there together I removed my latex panties and we soaped and washed each other. Drying off and powdering each other Joan provided a latex bath robe for each of us before we went into the dining room to sit down to the cold collation she had prepared earlier.

Our conversation revolved around the fetish that we both had for rubber and latex and the origins we thought had started the desire. Joan traced hers to child hood when she was put into rubber pants because of a bed wetting problem which was cured by the age of eight but she continued to secretly wear the panties which gave her a sense of security. Reaching puberty this became confused with her emerging sexuality until the two were joined in her mind and sexual pleasure was enhanced with the use of latex.

The only time she had tried to explain the need for this material to any one, he had laughed at her and made jokes about wetting the bed, the closest she could then come to its use was with the mandatory condom she insisted be used. Even when she masturbated any of her partners she used a condom and latex gloves just to feel the soft rubber in her hands. My addiction to mackintosh was an early association with a rubber coat sheet and having had my diapers changed while face down on my nurses rubber apron on her lap.

This was reinforced when my nurse found me cuddling up to the rubber sheet in my cot and she used the sheet to rub my penis. This made me feel nice and drop off to sleep, this stopped when, I believe, my Mother found out what was going on and the nurse left. her replacement thought I was a dirty little boy, having I suppose, been told of the action of my previous nurse. This attitude led me to be very careful of telling anyone of the fetish in later life, having tried a couple of times my dates gave me a funny look and we soon went our separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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