A Family Story (Incest Story)

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I am going to narrate the real events that are associated with an Indian family
in Chennai. Those who are repelled by INCEST should not read this story. The
characters in this story are:

Rekha, MOM – 43, 5’6″, 38DD Boobs, 46″ Ass long hair, whitish complexion.
Works in private firm.
Sudha – youngest sister to MOM, 35, 36c/34/40 ht 5’7″ is Black beauty,
unmarried and always honey.
Sadhna – middle sister of MOM, 39, 5’6″, 40c/35/39, married but husband is in
Amit – the son, 5’6″ and 21 year old with nice 8″ cock and is always
experimenting completed engineering. Searching for Job.
Murali – Rekha’s nephew, Brothers son. 5’7″ with lots of imagination. 7″ cock.

There is a family in Chennai I am going to tell you all about. The mother is
Rekha and the son is Amit. They live in a posh locality apartment in the heart
of Chennai. Rekha works in a private firm and goes to her office by 9 am and
returns at 6 pm. She has holidays on Saturdays and Sundays. Her husband died of
an accident long back leaving her with the son. Rekha has two sisters, Sadhna
and Sudha. Sudha is the youngest, age 35 and still unmarried. Sadhna is married
but her hubby is in the states and Sadhna doesn’t want to go there as the
atmosphere doesn’t suit her. At the time the incidences start to take place in
the family, Amit was 14 year of age and was in school. Sudha was at her prime
age and was always horney. She watched the growing nephew and lusted after him.
But it was not so easy to seduce him in the family, as you know how Indian
families are. Sudha used to masturbate in lust for Amit. She wore loose gown
with low cut bust just to show her goodies to him and make him lust for her. She
never missed an opportunity to touch and fondle the kid and even kissed him in
motherly (?) love.

Amit was fast growing and soon understood his aunt’s intentions but was silent
due to the fear of his mother. His cock had grown with his age and now it had
assumed huge dimensions and was 7″ in length. He used to fondle it out of
curiosity and soon learned masturbation. His sex urge was so intense that he
used to masturbate 3-4 times a day in isolation of the bathroom or toilet.
Sometimes when he was alone in his room, he was in a habit of beating his meat
looking at his reflection in mirror. This excited him too much. Sudha on the
other hand had tremendous impulse as I already told you.

She too fingered her choot often in isolation or sometimes used to insert
cucumber in her vagina and do the household work. The long thick cucumber fitted
in her love hole made her climax all the time. Amit was unaware of this practice
of his aunt and wondered why her face flushes from time to time. These things
never remain secret always and someday they come out and the inhibitions are
then lost and take a new turn. One such day both Sudha and Amit were alone in
the house and he was watching TV and Sudha was busy in some kitchen jobs. As
usual she had inserted one 9″ cucumber in her choot and wore panties to keep the
fruit in place. Her gown was as usual low cut and she did not wear any bra. Amit
was watching MTV and getting turned on by the babes that danced. Slowly his cock
started to get hard and he began caressing it with his fingers over the shorts
he was wearing. Now his cock was hard and stood 7″ full, making a tent over the
shorts. Sudha was watching this through the kitchen and was getting turned on.
She watched every move of Amit and rubbed her choot over the panties. She rubbed
her thighs together to make the cucumber in her choot move a little and tickle
her vagina. Amit was aware of his aunt in the kitchen but did not see her
rubbing her choot. Somehow Amit turned his head to the kitchen and saw Sudha. He
got shock of his life!

Sudha had her leg over the kitchen loft and was slowly fucking her choot with
the cucumber. She was so absorbed in her pleasure that she did not see Amit
watching. Amit’s eyes popped out and he watched his aunt silently. Sudha was
fucking her choot and moaning in low tone. Her breathing was fast and she gasped
as the fruit hit her G-spot. Amit looked at her, unable to control his own lust
and started to caress his cock even faster. Thus both the aunt and nephew were
masturbating. The silence was broken when he heard Sudha shout his name and look
at him directly, “Oh! Amit! Your cock is fucking me. Oh! Look at this thing in
my choot. Oh fuck! I want the real cock of yours Amit! Come here and let me look
at your cock. Your lund! Oh I was dying to put my eyes on that. Come hear my
son! Come near me” Amit walked with his hard on still in his shorts to his aunt
and stood besides her looking at her choot closely. Sudha had put her leg on the
kitchen loft and her choot was clearly visible with the cucumber sliding in and
out of the slimy hole. Her clit was poking out of the sheath and looked like a
tiny cock. Sudha looked at Amit and caught his lund over the shorts. He gasped
at the touch of his aunt’s fingers over his cock and it twitched with
anticipation. Sudha lowered his shorts and then removed them off completely,
exposing his blood engrossed lund.

While doing so the cucumber from her choot fell out and her gaping empty hole
came into view. Now Sudha took that thing in her hands and kept it alongside her
nephews lund. “Oh Amit! See this thing! It’s so slimy with my choot honey! WOW
will you lick off my choot honey from it while I suck your lund dear son! Yes I
want that lund in my mouth let me suck it and swallow it! Oh God how I was dying
to get the real thing. Oh! Ah! Come on give me your lund!” “Oh! Auntie Take my
lund! I knew you were after my lund and I was waiting for this for long. Come on
suck on my lund! Chew it! Suck the honey from it. Come on! See I am licking your
sweet honey from the cucumber. Oh it’s so sweet! Come on give me your choot!
Sucking your own nephew, Oh God! I wish it was my mom sucking it. “Oh You
rascal! So you want your mom to suck your lund. Yes she has nice big boobs and
solid big fat ass. I know she will love to suck your lund and get it in her
holes. Yes I want my other sister Sadhna to make with you too. So that you will
become the family stud. Oh you have such a nice lund for your age!” The thought
of fucking his mom and Sadhna made his cock harder and Sudha too felt it. “So
you really want to fuck your mom, son? And your another aunt too? Hey I know you
want to because your lund is getting bigger in my mouth. Fuck my face son! Come
on shove that fat cock of yours in my mouth.” Now Amit was really excited and he
thrust his lund deeper in his aunt’s mouth while he licked the cucumber. Sudha
swallowed her nephew’s lund to the hilt and his balls slammed against her chin
making slapping noises. This was the first time his cock was being sucked by a
woman and so he could not last long. His lund spilled hot come directly in the
throat of his aunt and that made her choke! She had to work her throat muscles
to swallow all that gooey come down to her intestine. Sudha swallowed hard and
drank the virgin juice of her nephew’s lund and tickled his balls so that he
could give her more come. Both of them lay sprawled on the kitchen floor,
exhausted with sating of lust. In five minutes they recovered and realized what
they had done. Sudha kissed Amit and told him that he was a nice boy. She asked
him, “How was that Amit? Have you fucked a woman yet? Do you know how to fuck?
Come here my little boy! Let your aunt be the first woman to teach you all this.
Come on lets go to the bedroom where we shall be more comfortable and I will
show you a woman’s body.”

Both of them went to the bedroom and Sudha undressed, throwing her gown off her
body and then undressing her nephew too. Amit looked at the matured body of a
woman for the first time and kept looking at her with apt interest. Sudha called
him near and then showed him each part of her body, explaining the importance
thereof. “These are the breasts, mammary, titties, boobs. They are sensitive
organs. A woman gets easily excited if you press them, knead them suck on them.
The black tiny things crowning them are nipples. You tickle them and they become
hard. See I am rubbing them and they are growing! Come on rub them for me Amit.”

Amit grabbed her boobs and kneaded them with all his strength. This made Sudha
hot with passion and she started to moan, calling his name and telling him how
wonderful it felt. Then Amit rubbed her nipples with his fingers and thumb and
Sudha gasped at the sensation. Her hands went to Amit’s lund and she caught it.
Amit’s lund was again growing hard and Sudha felt the growth with her fist. Then
she asked him to suck on the nipples as if he was a child. Amit glued his mouth
over the nipples alternately and suckled them. Sudha cried loudly, “Oh child!
Suck on my nipples! Oh chew them with your teeth. Oh! They are so sensitive!
Come on son suckle on them. Oh You are trying to swallow my entire boob! Oh

At the same time she was rubbing his lund with her fist, making him hard for the
second time. She wanted to fuck with his virgin lund and she was making him
ready for it. Sudha grabbed his head in her hands and pressed his face on her
soft boobs, soothing the baby and making him feel safe. She then lay on her back
with her legs spread for Amit. Her cunt was fully visible to him and he stared
at the hairy bush with interest, Sudha understood that he had not seen a choot
naked and so she spread her bush with her hand and showed him the pink slit of
her choot. “This is a choot in which a woman takes big hard lund. The bigger the
lund the more deep it goes in. these fleshy flaps along the sides are called
labia and they guard the love hole I am going to show you. Look I am spreading
the flaps and Oh here is the hole. See this red hole. Wow my finger goes inside
watch! Oh this is my choot hole and you will put your lund in this hole. Come on
feel it with your hand.”

Amit put his hand on the choot and felt the hotness. He inserted his finger in
the hole and it slipped in easily. He asked his aunty if this small hole could
take big lund. She said, “yes beta! This hole is magic hole. See it had taken
the big cucumber easily and it can take your lund too. You can push three-four
fingers and see it can stretch and swallow them.” Amit joined three fingers and
pushed them in his aunt’s choot. The choot swelled and swallowed them in the
hole. It was hotter inside and his cock twitched with the imagination that his
lund was in the same hole. He pulled out his hand and hurriedly got up and
placed his lund at the hot choot hole.

“Oh Not so fast my boy. You have to learn more tricks to make a woman happy and
to make her your Lund ‘s slave. Come see this tiny cock like thing. That’s
clitty! And a woman can come just by tickling it. Here let me rub it. Oh Ouch!
No! Don’t rub it directly, hold it over the sheath and rub it tenderly. Oh
that’s it! It makes a woman come! Now that puckered hole is asshole. You know it
is used for shitting. In woman man can put his lund in asshole too. Women love
it. Sometimes a woman can take two lunds, one in choot and one in Gand. A woman
loves many lunds. She loves each of her holes filled by hard lund like yours.
Now I want you to lick my choot and gand while I lick your lund and gand too.
Come on let’s 69″ And Sudha and Amit lay in 69 position, with Amit on top and
his lund buried in his aunts mouth. He sucked on Sudha’s choot, licked all along
the slit and even probed his tongue inside the depth. He drank the choot honey
that was given to him by his aunt, Sudha. Sudha was not idle she had swallowed
Amit’s lund and was tickling the underside with her snake like tongue, making
him jerk and eat the cunt more rapidly.

“Oh Aunty! Your choot is so nice! Oh it’s so sweet! Will you now allow me to
fuck your choot? I want to feel the hotness of your choot on my lund. Oh Aunty!”
and Amit went on top of his aunt with his lund touching the very opening of the
choot. Sudha teased him by catching his lund and rubbing it over the entire slit
till he begged her to put it on her hole. Sudha placed the knob of the lund on
her hole and asked him to push with all his strength. Amit pushed his lund
inside and it went in easily. the inside was so slippery that his lund moved in
and out without many efforts. “Oh Chodo mujhe sale! Fuck me! Fuck my choot you
bastard! You mother fucker! Fucking own aunt with that child cock. Oh I want it.
Fuck me! Oh God I wish my sisters were here to watch. Ohhh I longed this for
many years! Ohhh Amit! My lover boy! Fuck my chooottttttttttt! Hardddd! Fast
Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Amit fucked his aunt in earnest and his ass moved
up and down in an effort to push his lund to the bottom of the choot. He wanted
to see how deep it was inside and so he thrust his cock deep within the folds of
his aunt’s vagina. With the hard cock fucking her choot, Sudha came and pushed
her hips up to grab maximum cock she could and her cunt spilled lots of juice
over the invading lund. This made Amit fuck her even faster as the choot offered
no resistance to his lund. Amit was new to this game and he came too fast for
the aunty to come second time. His come sprayed out of his cock onto the walls
of the choot, sating the lust and cooling the choot. Sudha cursed under her
breath, “Ohh my son not so fast! Ohhh I want to come many times on your lund
dear. Ok you are new to this game and so its allowed but later on you have to
fuck me for hour or more. Ohhh You cooled my lust. Come on try to fuck me with
that cock of yours.”

Amit did not remove his lund from the choot of Sudha but continued to fuck her
with the softening lund. Finally Sudha asked him to remove it and place it
between her 34c boobs, so that she can still make him hard with the softness of
the breasts. Amit was sitting on her stomach with his lund buried in the soft
cleavage of his aunt’s boobs and his aunt was holding the boobs together and
rubbing them over the softening cock. Amit held Sudha’s boobs with both of his
hands and massaged them over his lund and pulled on her nipples. “Ohh my son!
Your lund will soon grow up and you can fuck me again. But I want something in
my choot! Ohhhhh come on take that bloody cucumber and thrust it up my choot.
Its soooo hungry! Come on fuck me with that cucumber.”

“No aunty! You have to fuck that thing in your choot and I will watch. I want to
watch you fuck that big cucumber in and out of your choot hole. şişli escort I want you to
take my lund in your asshole when its hard. Come on give me a show!” and he
handed over the 9″ cucumber to his aunt. Sudha grabbed the cucumber with her
hands and licked it. She took the cucumber in her mouth and sucked on it as if
it was a lund. Her mouth swelled with the cucumber and she swallowed more. Amit
watched his aunt sucking on that thing and waves of lust passed through his
body. He went to Sudha and kneaded her boobs, talking to her dirty. Sudha shoved
the cucumber in her dripping choot and started to fuck it, spreading her legs
for her nephew. Amit watched his aunt fuck that cucumber in and out of her choot
and was getting excited. He had lots of imagination and for a beginner he knew
that this slut would take two lunds in her choot and asshole. “Ohhh Sudha! You
are real slut! You want that cock so badly in your choot! Come on suck on that
thing while I watch. Ohh I am dying to fuck my mom and Sadhna. Ohhhhh! Will you
help me fuck them? I will make your choot happy for this and even bring my
cousin to fuck you! Will you love two lunds at the same time? Come on aunty show
me how much you love that.”

“Ohhhhh really! I will love two lunds at the same time. One in my choot and one
in my ass Ohhhhhhh! Can you bring third lund for my mouth son? Ohhhhhhh the idea
makes me come my dear! This is too much! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Ohhh
God I am comingggggggggg!” And Sudha came on the cucumber itself, wetting it
with her choot juice and she kept on fucking the thing in and out of her choot
while moaning loudly as she came. Amit’s lund had grown again for the third time
and he was eager to push it up the choot in place of the cucumber. He went to
his aunt and tried to pull the cucumber out of her choot but Sudha refused and
told him, “come on son shove that thing in my ass hole. I want your lund there.
Come on spit on my ass hole and make it wet for your lund. Ohhh god you made a
slut out of me for the first time. Come on son! Shove your lund in my
asssssssss! Ohhhhhhhh fuck me in the ass!”

And Amit did exactly that. He spat on the sluts ass hole and made it slippery
with his saliva and then placed his knob at the puckered hole and in one go he
was in! his cock felt the tightness of the ass hole and he loved it. This hole
was something different than a choot he thought and was even better. It was too
hot inside and it was spongy too. Sudha’s asshole clasped her nephew’s lund and
she began to gyrate her ass, fucking both the cucumber and the lund. Amit felt
the cucumber move inside his aunt’s choot and wondered if he could fuck her with
a lund in her choot. This idea excited him too much and he started to batter the
poor ass hole of his aunt. His powerful thrusts made Sudha come many times and
she was in delirium, shouting his name all the time she came. Amit too splashed
his seed deep in the bowels of his aunt and lay on her back panting and
struggling for breath. Both of them lay for some time and Sudha got up, catching
Amit with his limp lund.

“Come on my boy! You must piss after you come. Come on piss on my mouth! I want
to drink your lovely piss. Come on piss on my mouth” and she took the cock head
in her mouth and rubbed the piss hole on the cock with her tongue. Waves of
sensations passed through Amit;s body and he started to piss. The hot yellow
piss flew out of his lund and into the waiting mouth of Sudha. Sudha drank the
piss directly from his lund and then she asked him to stop. She hurried to the
kitchen and brought a steel glass and collected his piss in the glass. “Amit, I
want to give this piss to your mother and Sadhna. They will drink this and will
become your slaves too. I will make piss-cold drink for them when they come
home. Watch them drink it and you will know what the pleasure is. You will get
instant hard on son!” so the duo had drank the pleasures of incest and Sudha and
Amit were both determined to involve Rekha and Sadhna in the family incest. Amit
and Sudha had tested the joys of incestuous fucking and were always horny for
fucking with each other. But due to the presence of Sadhna and Rekha they could
not enjoy as much as they could. In the night, Amit used to sneak to the room of
Sudha and they could just fuck each other as Sadhna slept in the same room. It
was difficult for both of them to make any sound and they had to fuck quietly.
Thus they could not enjoy the fucking and were always frustrated.

There had to be a solution to this, Sudha and Amit thought. But there was no
solution to this other than telling Sadhna about their relationship. But that
was dangerous and they could not take any risk. They left it on the destiny for
the solution. One day they got nice opportunity, as both Sadhna and Rekha were
not at home. Sadhna had gone to renew her passport and Rekha had gone for her
job. Sadhna was not expected to be home for about 2 hrs. How could they miss
such a golden opportunity?

SO as soon as they were alone, Sudha caught Amit’s lund in her hand and was
massaging it. It did not require any special attention, as it was already hard
and throbbing for his aunt’s touch. Sudha kneeled before her nephew and started
to suck the hard lund. Amit was responding by pushing his lund in and out of her
mouth and asking her to swallow it all. “Come on aunty! Swallow my lund! Suck it
into that small throat of yours. Ohhhhh! Suck it slut! Come on suck out juice
from my dick. Ohhh let me shout today! Ohh suck it! Come on slut!” “Ohhh Amit my
son! Shout as much as you want. Call me any names! I am randi, Chinal aur
chuddakar, and your slave, your lunds slave. See I am kneeling before you and
sucking your lund. Ohhhhhhh Its so nice. Fuck my mouth you mother fucker! Fuck
it! Shove it innnnn! Ohh godddddd! Here I am sucking my nephew’s lund! “

As she sucked his lund, Sudha put her finger in his ass hole and started to fuck
it. This made his cock harder and he thrust it in her mouth and fucked it. His
ass hole contracted at the invasion of the finger and Sudha knew it gave him
pleasure. Sudha pulled out the finger and licked it in front of him, “Ahhhhhh
Amit your gand is so tasty! Come on give me your gand to lick. Spread it for me
so that I can lick it. Ohhhhh how I love to eat your gand my son! Here lick my
gand too Amit! Lets eat out each other’s gands! Ohhhhh it’s so weird!” Both of
them were licking each other’s ass holes and enjoying it. Amit’s lund throbbed
and was waiting for some hole to enter. Sudha knew this and she asked Amit to
lay on his back and then proceeded to give him tit massage. She bent over his
lund with her tits hanging and slowly moved her body so that the soft tit flesh
rubbed over the entire length of his lund. Amit was in heaven with his aunt
rubbing the soft melons on his lund and exciting him. Then she grabbed her boobs
in both the hands and encircled her nephews lund within the twin flesh. She spat
on his lund and then moved her boobs in opposite direction, one forward the
other backwards. This systematic motion of the boobs over his cock made him come
and his lund jerked with bursting of the semen. The semen from his lund splashed
over the boobs and some of it landed on Sudha’s face, nose and eyes.

As the duo busy doing the frolics, the main door of the house opened and in
walked Sadhna. She was early and had come to pick up her forgotten papers. She
wondered if anybody was in the house and walked to her room. As she walked she
heard voices, moaning and murmuring something. She wondered if Sudha or Amit
were at home. Then she heard Sudha saying, “Ohh you have put your semen on my
boobs and face you bastard son of slut. Here spread it and rub that precious
come over my boobs so that they will grow as big as Sadhna and Rekha. You want
to fuck them too don’t you?” Sadhna was surprised to hear the sultry language
and knew exactly what was going on.

Her sister Sudha and her nephew Amit were fucking! He had spilled his come on
Sudha’s boobs! WOW she could not visualize this and had to see it with her own
eyes. So she went to Sudha’s room and slowly peeked inside. What she saw made
her cunt flood with juice and a tingle ran through her hungry body. It was more
than a year she had not seen any Lund and now her own sister was playing with
the lund of her nephew! Her hand went to her own boobs and she caressed them,
rubbing the soft flesh with her palms. She watched silently as Sudha and Amit
were engrossed in rubbing the sticky sperm over the boobs. Sudha’s boobs were
now shining with the thin film of the sperm and Sudha’s body was shaking in
ecstasy. The duo was so engrossed in the act that they did not feel the presence
of Sadhna in the room. Sadhna walked to them, without making any noise and then
she stood next to her sister and coughed. Sudha sprang to her feet and Amit
screamed at the sight of his second aunt standing close by and watching all the
forbidden activity. Sadhna said, “So you finally caught up with this stud! Ohh
God! He is your nephew! How can you do this with him? Ohhhhh! But he has nice
big Lund. I never thought he was so grown up otherwise”

“You would have fucked with him.” Sudha completed her sentence and smiled. “Yes
Sudha! He is so cute! I regret to have neglected him. Why I was so dumb? I
wasted whole year of fucking dear.” “Come on you can make it up now. He is
willing to push that Lund in your choot sister. You should have given me hint
that you are so Lund hungry! I would have arranged for a lund for you. Come on
why are you wasting time use his Lund now! Get rid of those damn clothes and
enjoy this. See your aunt undress! You wanted to see her boobs! Now look at them
and feel their softness. Come on son let me suck your lund as you watch Sadhna.
Bring that cock here stud!”

Sudha knelt before Amit and started to suck his limp cock, stuffing it in her
hungry mouth to make it hard again for her sister. Sadhna watched her suck the
lund and she started to remove her Pink sari, exposing her blouse clad boobs and
white stomach and the wonderful soft belly. She turned around showing off her
charms to Amit and then slowly removed her clothes one by one. As her blouse and
bra came off, the beautiful, full globes of her boobs sprang free. They bounced
as she moved, making Amit jerk his cock in Sudha’s mouth. Then she removed her
petticoat and exposed the most beautiful ass Amit had ever seen, Sadhna’s ass
was big no doubt but it was more fleshy and softer than Sudha’s. she turned her
back to Amit and shook the ass for him. Even Sudha was tempted to suck and lick
that ass so no wonder Amit’s lund got hard looking at it.

“Come on my dear nephew. Come here and kiss your aunt. Kiss me and press those
big horns. Rub your lund over my body and fuck me with that monster. Ohh your
lund is already hard! Give me that lund son! Fuck me with it first. Then we can
play games. So you want to fuck your mom too don’t you? You dirty boy! She will
be shocked to hear this! Ok I can do something for you and you can fuck our didi
too. First fuck my choot you fucker! You mother fucker! Maderchod! Fuck me!!”
Sudha was surprised to hear such a dirty language from her elder sister and knew
that she was hot for the lund. She let go of Amit’s lund and dragged the boy to
her didi, “Come on Amit taste the choot of second sister. She wants your lund in
her choot. Fuck her! Tear apart her choot with that monster! Ohhhhhhh how much I
wanted to see this. Ohhh My sister is so beautiful when naked. I feel I should
suckle on her big soft breasts. Ohhhhh fuck her Amit!”

Sudha went to her didi and took her massive bobs in her hands and pressed them
very hard. Sadhna cried in pain and pushed her chest forward making it easy for
Sudha to handle her boobs. Sadhna moaned at the touch of her sister on her
breasts, “Ohhhhh Sudha! Your hand feels ssoooo goooodd over my boobs! I didn’t
know a woman could cause so much pleasure or else we could have done this
earlier. Ohh God! Come on Amit eat my choot. While we sisters play with each
other. Ohhh! Ahhhhhh! Choose meri boor! Ahhhhhh!” Sadhna was delirious with lust
and spread her legs for Amit’s mouth. She showed her choot to him, spreading it
with her own hands and moaning at the same time. Amit kneeled in front of Sadhna
and pushed his mouth in the choot. The choot smelled of piss and he loved it,
“Ohhhhh aunty you smell of piss! I love it. Its so big. You have very big choot.
Bigger than Sudha’s. And that ass is sooo wonderful! I want to fuck that ass hoe
of yours. Ohh I am licking your choot, boor, bhosda! Will you help me to fuck my
mom? I love it when we do this with her. Ohhh the very thought excites me! Fuck
family! All mother fuckers. Sluts! Randi! Whores! Ohhh God!” and Amit pushed his
entire tongue in the pink choot of his aunt. Sadhna moaned and spread her legs
wider for his access. Sudha was now sucking on the engrossed nipples and
kneading the soft melons. She watched Amit’s mouth run over her sister’s choot
and his tongue shooting up into the big hole. She loved the sight and wanted to
play with her sister’s body. Sudha went and joined Amit. She concentrated on the
ass hole of Sadhna and rubbed her tongue over the puckered hole. She closely
observed Amit push his tongue up the choot of Sadhna. Sudha kissed Amit and
exchanged the ass juices with him. Sadhna was moaning at this duel pleasure to
her choot and gaand. “Come on Amit! Fuck my choot! OOOOhhhhhhh! I am so hungry
for your lund my son! Shove that big lund of yours in my choot! Fuck me! Come on
Sudha finger-fuck my ass hole and take out the entire damn shit from it. Come on
fuck meeeeee!” and she kneeled on all fours, in a doggy fashion

Amit placed his hard lund at the choot of Sadhna and Sudha assisted him in
pushing it in. Amit’s lund went in easily as Sadhna’s choot was dripping with
lust. He pushed it all the way inside till his balls were slapping at Sadhna’s
ass and making phhaaatt phaat noise. Sudha moaned loudly and then pushed her ass
back to meet his Lund. Sudha pushed her mouth between the fucking figures and
her mouth touched the asshole of her sister. Sudha could feel the cock of Amit
fucking the choot of Sadhna and she licked it as it fucked. Sadhna was beyond
this world as her choot was now filled with a hard lund and really enjoyed all
the attention they were giving her. Sudha probed her tongue in the ass hole of
her sister and tried to feel the lund of Amit fucking her choot. Amit was now
fucking Sadhna in full swing, as this was a new choot for him. His speed
increased and he reached inner depths of the choot and rubbed against the cervix
of his aunt. Sadhna was besides herself and talked dirty as she took in the
entire lund of Amit.

“Ohhh! Amit! Chod mujhe! Meri choot ko phad dal! Sale harami aapni masi ki choot
me lund dal kar chod raha hai! Aur meri randi bahan! Wo to meri gand mein apni
jeev dal kar chat rahi hai! Ogggggggghhhhhhh! Chodo meri choot aur gand! Ohh mai
to Rekha ki choot me uske harami bete ka lund jate dekhana chahati hu! CHODO!”
at the name of his mother Amit felt his cock twitch with lust as he really and
very badly wanted to put his lund in the choot of his own mom. Sudha too pushed
her tongue deep in the asshole of Sadhna when she heard that and took out her
tongue to speak, “Yes didi! Why don’t we talk to Rekha? We all can enjoy sex in
the privacy of our home and need not search for any lund outside. Ohhhhh Amit
has such a nice lund and he knows how to use it too. He is going to call our
other nephew and he too can fuck us. OHH how i craved for sex all these days!
Now Amit satisfies my lust each day and now you too can join in and we all can
enjoy. But we have to make didi spread her choot for Amit so that all of us can
enjoy. Ohhhhh see his lund fucking your choot. Ohhh God! my choot is itching too
for a nice hard lund. Come on fuck him fast so that i can put his lund in my
choot. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Fuck him Sadhna!” Sadhna was now moving her choot faster to
get as much of cock as she could. her choot was slippery with feminine juice and
made phaaachhh phachhh sounds as they fucked. Amit was nearing his orgasm and he
started to grind his lund in his aunts choot. as he fucked his groin rubbed
against soft ass of Sadhna and his balls slapped on the slit of the choot.
“Ohhhhhhhhh! Sadhna Aunty! I am coming! come on give me your choot juice! bathe
me with it. ohhhh here I gggggooooooo! cccccooommmiimnninggggg!”

And he shot his load in the choot of his aunt! he came in globs and his sperm
bathed the walls of her choot. Sadhna too came bathing Amit’s lund with her
choot juice. The lusty duo lay panting on the bed and Amit lay on Sadhna’s back
with his lund still buried in the choot of Sadhna. Sudha was massaging her clit
looking at this lustful sight and she too came on her fingers. Her juice flowed
on her thighs and she licked her fingers with her tongue still not believing
that Amit had fucked Sadhna. Sudha went to Sadhnas choot and pulled out the lund
of Amit, allowing the mixed juices to come out. She took one glass and collected
the juices in that. The juice was milky white and smelled of semen and choot. “I
am going to mix this juice in the salad today for the dinner. Let Rekha taste
the lund juice and choot juice. Ohhhhhh it will be sooo exciting! Ohh God! Here
let me piss a little in this. Ohhhhhh you both too, piss in this glass so that
we all can have nice salad in the night.” She held the glass near the choot of
Sadhna and tickled her clit. Yellow piss flowed in the glass and she collected
little of it. Then she herself pissed a little and asked Amit too to piss. Thus
the glass contained the mixed piss and mixed come juices. Still Sudha was not
satisfied and started to suck the lund of Amit. Soon his lund was hard for the
fourth round. She lay on her stomach and presented her asshole for his attack.
Sadhna took his lund in her hand and placed it at the gaand of her sister. She
spat on both, the lund and gaand hole and made it slippery. Amit pushed his lund
in the asshole of Sudha and his lund went in without any trouble. Sadhna was
surprised at this and asked, “HEY Sudha! How is it going sooo smoothly in that
small hole? Ohh you are a real slut! You must have taken many lunds in that hole
whore!” “Ohhhhh didi! Though I am not married I have taken 15 lunds in that
small hole should I tell you who they were? You will be surprised! Yes your
husband too has seen this hole. He fucked me many times when we both were alone.
Surprised? Then there was his brother too. Ohh it was so exciting!” “Ohh chinal!
So you fucked him too. The bloody son of a bitch! He fucked your gaand. He never
showed interest in me! So it was you chinal! You fucked his cock and made it
soft all the time. I was wondering why he could not get it up to fuck me. Ohhh
God! So you shared him with me as we are sharing Amit? Slut! Whore! You even
took his brothers lund! I can’t imagine”

“Didi don’t be so prude. You can take any lund you want now. Even I will lick
that choot and gaand of yours if Amit’s lund becomes useless fucking all of us.
Lets share yaar! Lets share the lunds and choots! Lets start new life. Lets have
a break!” Sudha said fucking Amit’s lund by moving her gaand. Amit was listening
to the conversion and was aroused. His fucking speed increased as he heard them.
“So aunt Sudha is the slut who fucks all the cocks in reach. She seduced me too.
I am happy she did that. Now we all can enjoy within the family. Just make my
mom slut for me. Make her eat my semen today while I watch. OHHHHHH Sudha! Take
my sperm in your tight gaand. Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Here I come!” Amit shot
his load deep in the gaand of Sudha while Sadhna tickled her choot. Sudha felt
the hot spray of come inside her gaand like soap enema and the sensation made
her come, her ass vibrated in the throes of orgasm and she collapsed on the bed,
panting and crying in the joy of satisfaction. Sadhna massaged her choot hard,
making her jerk her ass faster and then everybody lay silently. This was the
silence of satisfaction. After they all recovered they made plans to seduce
Rekha. This got Amit very much exited. His lund stood hard from time to time and
both his aunts took turns fucking him and sucking his ramrod. They all decided
to include Rekha in this family game. This also would remove her hindrance and
they all could fuck whenever they wanted. As usual Rekha came home, unaware of
the latest event in the family.

Sadhna made tea for her and they all sat round the table. As they were sipping
tea, Rekha saw some activity below the table and wondered what it was all about.
Amit was sitting next to Sudha and Sudha had her hand on his lap caressing his
lund over the shorts he was wearing. Amit’s face flushed with excitation and he
was unable to concentrate on his tea. Rekha observed his face and thought about
his health. “Amit! Are you all right? Why your face is reddened? Are you running
fewer?” Sadhna knew that it was Sudha doing the mischief and she too was excited
with the idea of caressing Amit’s lund before everybody in the family. She
pushed her legs farther below the table and touched Rekha’s legs. Rekha looked
at her and Sadhna winked.

“Didi! He is not well today and had lots of exertion. I think somebody has
drained his energy. He should take rest and he will recover.” “What happened
Amit? What is this Sadhna is talking about, taking out your energy? I don’t
understand!” Come on Rekha I will tell you. Come with me to my room and I shall
explain. I want your assurance that you wont be angry. Do you promise that?” OK
OK I promise. Tell me what’s the matter.” Sadhna took Rekha’s hand and led her
to her room, leaving Sudha and Amit sitting at the table. Sudha could not resist
sucking his lund and immediately went below the table and squatted on the floor.
She removed Amit’s lund from his shorts and put her mouth to the red and
inflamed knob. Soon his lund vanished in her greedy mouth and she started to
suck it hard. Amit was afraid of his mother and he was trying to break free but
with his lund deep in the mouth of his aunt he could not breakup. Ohhhhh Sudha!
What if my mom catches us like this. Let Sadhna talk to her and then we shall
continue. I am afraid of this. Please. I will let you suck my lund later as much
as you want.” “Silly! Sadhna is going to bring your mom in here and she will see
this for herself. Let her see your lund and then she wont back up. Let me show
it to her. Let her see I get so much pleasure with your lund. Sadhna is clever
and by this time she must be rubbing your mom’s choot. So keep quite and let me
do my job. OK?”

In the next room Sadhna whispered to Rekha. “Didi! How to tell you? But let me
be clear and frank. Today in the afternoon I caught Sudha and Amit. Sudha was
rubbing your son’s lund. Ohhhhh! After short time Amit came over her tits and
your son did fuck her before that. I saw this and could not resist the urge and
I too allowed Amit to fuck me. Today he fucked both of us three times. Can you
imagine that? He is so lusty and has extraordinary stamina. I am telling this to
you because we all want you to join us and enjoy. You have not had a lund for
more than 6 years after your husband’s death. So why don’t we all enjoy? Amit is
strong enough to fuck all of us. What do you think?”

As she talked Sadhna was caressing Rekha’s back and even rubbed her thighs
casually. She was no doubt shocked with the news but at the same time something
crawled in her own choot. She realized that she was not angry but she was
excited with the proposal. What was the harm? Who would know this? Even if she
allowed Amit her own son to fuck her choot nobody would come to know. This
increased her craving for her sons lund. It was safe though against social
norms. To hell with the society. Now I want a hard solid lund to satisfy my
unseated sexual urge. She thought for a while and caught her sisters hand and
said, “Sadhna! I am not angry but excited. So you both fucked his lund? Ohh God!
How I wanted him! I had seen him naked and even jacking off but I was shy to
approach him. Today you both have opened the gate for me and I have decided to
join you all. So lets see whets up there in the dining hall.”

She put her hands around Sadhna’s waist and took her to the hall. Rekha and
Sadhna entered the hall at the proper time. They saw Sudha with her mouth open,
rubbing Amit’s lund and waiting for his come to fall on her tongue. Amit saw his
mom and aunt enter and he exploded! His come shot out of his lund and fell on
the face and tongue of Sudha. Globs of lund juice fell on poor Sudha’s face and
she swallowed as much as she could. Some come was dripping from her lips onto
his thighs and then she looked up and saw both her sisters looking at her come
smeared face. Sudha got up and greeted the sisters. “Welcome home Rekha! Welcome
to the family ORGY! So how am I looking with all that come of your son on my
face? I want to see you like this Rekha. Come on Amit greet your mom. You wanted
to see her boobs and ass, go ahead look at what ever of her body you want.”
“Come here Sudha. Let me taste the juice of my sons lund from your face. Ohh God
he came so much. I saw his cock
bursting. Let me lick it all from you face.”

Rekha kissed her sister and tasted the come of her own son. She wiped the globs
of come sticking to her face with her tongue and swallowed the precious
secretion. Then she turned to Amit and embraced him tightly, more as a lover
than a mother. She had to execute two roles, one of mother and another of
seductress, a slut for her own son. She knew she would succeed with the help of
her two sexy sisters. She placed her mouth over his and kissed him hard. It was
definitely a lusty kiss as her tongue probed into his mouth. Amit opened his
mouth and allowed his mother to explore his mouth. Their tongues met and played
with each other. Rekha was dressed in a sari and both Sudha and Sadhna were now
busy in removing it from her body. Mom-son due did not break the kiss but their
kissing became more passionate and their hands roamed freely over each others

Rekha searched for the lund of her son and her hands grabbed the hard penis that
she had caressed long back. It had grown to be an adult penis now and stood
proudly for her to caress. Rekha felt itch in her choot and she pushed her choot
hard against the straining lund. Amit felt his mother’s choot rubbing against
his lund and he too responded by grinding his lund onto the rubbing pussy of his
mother. Sudha and Sadhna watched this incestuous love with interest as they
removed the sari of their sister. Sadhna was undressing Rekha and Sudha was
removing the shorts of her nephew, to free his lund for his mother.

Soon Rekha was naked and as was Amit and his aunts. Amit saw his mother’s big
boobs and could not resist touching them. She grabbed the twin melons and
pressed them hard. Rekha moaned with desire, “Ohh my son! Press my breasts as
you used to when you were child. Ohhh god your hands have grown big and they can
hold the breast. You were so small when you suckled on the very same breasts.
You touched them with your tender fingers and now you are pressing them. Knead
them hard son! Draw some milk from them. Ohhh You do this so nicely! Come on
suckle on my boobs! Drink the milk as you used to when you were a child.” “Yes
Mom! I wanted to touch them for sooo long! I used to watch your boobs whenever
you bent. Ohhhhh they are sooo big! See the nipples! They are sure like child’s
finger. Ohhh they are hard Mom! Come on give me your breasts to suck! And you
suck my lund. It was dying for your touch. I have jacked off many times thinking
about you mom! Come on suck on the lund! And let me taste your choot. Did I come
from this small choot? Ohh it’s so fleshy! Ohh you shave it for me? Come on suck
on that lund, bite it, eat it!”

Rekha too wanted that lund in her mouth. It was more than 5 years she had not
touched a cock. She lay on the floor and asked Amit to put his lund in her mouth
and lick her choot. Amit came over her and lowered his lund to the mouth of his
mother. She grabbed it with her hands and pushing her tongue out, started to
lick the entire shaft. Amit moaned and lowered his mouth to the fountain of
pleasure, the choot. Both Sudha and Sadhna watched the mother and son sucking
away at each other’s genitals and they too assumed the same 69 position with
Sudha on top. They hungrily sucked on each other’s quims as they watched the
show. They were very much excited and Sudha ground her choot on Sadhna’s mouth
in frenzy for release. Sadhna held Sudha’s ass with both her hands and was
pulling her choot on her mouth. Their boobs were rubbing against one another’s
bellies and tickling them. Sudha spread the choot and exposed the clitoris and
tickled it with her tongue sending waves of lust through Sadhna’s body. Sadhna
too searched for the clit of her sister and repeated the tickling. Their asses
moved in rhythm as soft tongue probed into the choots.

There the mom and son were awake with lust and Rekha was nibbling on the glans,
biting it slightly with her teeth. Amit felt his mother’s teeth on his lund and
pushed his ass down, pressing the cock on the mouth of his mother, making her
gasp for air to breathe. Rekha knew that she must take the lund in her mouth as
Amit was now thrusting his ass in fucking motion. She opened her mouth and took
his mushroom shaped purple glans inside her mouth. Ohh Boy! It was so big! She
had seen it when it was small and now she felt the difference. Drops of precome
fell onto her tongue and she tasted them. The pre come tasted nice and salty and
she squeezed his cock to take out more of the liquid. The rolling of tongue of
his mother over the cock head made Amit shudder and he in turn pushed his own
tongue in his mothers choot. His tongue probed inside the salty river and he
pushed in deeper. He felt the soft inside of his mother’s choot and rolled his
tongue to feel more.

Rekha now took more of his sons lund in her mouth and tried to accommodate him
by opening her mouth wide. Finally she succeeded in taking more than 6″ of him
inside her mouth and started to suck it hard. His balls slapped on her nose as
he bucked his hips in rhythm of sucking. Finally Rekha could not stand it any
longer and expelled his lund from her mouth urging him to fuck her choot. “Ohhhh
Amit! Come on fuck my choot now. Fuck the choot that give you the birth. Come on
push that big hard lund inside my box. Fuckkkk mmmeeeeeeeeeee!” Amit immediately
got up and placed his lund on the mouth of the choot of his mother and in one
thrust pushed his mighty lund inside. Rekha gasped as she felt her sons lund
touch her cervix and started to rotate her ass in an effort to swallow more of
his lund. Sudha and Sadhna watched as the incestuous act was accomplished and
they stopped sucking each others choots and came to the fucking couple. Sudha
sat near her sister’s face and took the massive breasts in her hands. Rekha
looked at her sister and pushed her hands on the soft boobs of Sudha. Both the
sisters were kneading others boobs and then Sudha put her mouth over Rekha’s and
kissed her. This was the first time the sisters were kissing like lovers and
this added to the pleasure. Sadhna pushed her mouth near Rekha’s choot and
watched Amit’s lund fucking her sisters choot.

She then lowered her mouth to the wet choot and started to tickle the now hard
clit of Rekha. She chewed on the clit and Rekha squirmed with stimulation. Amit
fucked his mom faster now and was nearing his release. “Ohhh Mom! I am going to
come in your choot. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh chodo! Fuck! Yes your choot is
sooo nice mom. It is squeezing my lund! Come on mom take my semen in your choot.
Ohhh hereeeee iiiiiiiccccccooooommmmeeeeeeeeeee!” he shot his load in his
mothers womb and lay panting on the sweating body of his mom. Rekha felt hot
come of his son pouring inside of her choot and she held her son tightly and
pushed her choot over his lund, grabbing the jerking cock deep within. Rekha too
came and her body convulsed in the lusy incestuous orgasm never felt before.

Sudha and Sadhna saw their sister orgasm and they fondeled the body of lusty
mom, increasing the pleasure for her. Then Sudha removed the come soaked lund of
Amit from his mothers choot and licked it clean of the combined come juices
while Sadhna drank the come overflowing the choot. Then they all kissed each
other sharing the fruit of incest. This was the first mother and son encounter
and everybody enjoyed it. This started a new era in the family, the incest and
these three horney ladies tried many new things and involved other family
members, from the close relatives.

One day in the morning Rekha was getting ready to go to her office and as she
was packing her lunch-box, Amit came in the kitchen. Rekha was wearing petticoat
and blouse and was about to change for her office. Her massive boobs were trying
to peek out of her blouse and the nipples were clearly visible over the thin
material. Her belly bulged out provocatively and Amit could see her belly button
and her naval easily. This was his favorite mom with whom he recently had sex.
He looked at her and exclaimed, “Ohhh Mom! You look soooo sexy! Ohhh god I love
to watch you in this. Your boobs are inviting me and your ass wants my attention
too. Come on mom! Give me some ass of yours. See my cock. It’s hard for you.
Come on I want to fuck your cunt and ass. NOW!” With that he showed his mom his
hard 8″ cock. Rekha saw her son’s cock and her mouth watered. She very much
wanted his cock inside her every orifice but she had to leave for her office and
didn’t have much time.

“Come on son! I have to go to office. You manage with my sisters. Fuck them the
way you want. Fuck Sadhna and Sudha but leave me alone for now. Ohhhh I very
much want your cock but no time!” “Hey MOM! You cannot leave me like this.
Moving around with a boner in front of my pant. Come on pull up your petticoat
and let me fuck your cunt. Ohhh God!” “Have patience dear son! I want you to
ejaculate your come in the Tiffin. I want to mix it with the salad so that I can
eat it with my lunch. I want my female coworkers to taste your come. It excites
me so much! Fuck me but ejaculate your sperm in the Tiffin. OK? Here, Let me
push my petticoat for you. Come here and bang your mother’s cunt. Put that big
cock of yours there! Come on son! Fuck me!”

Amit was excited with his mom’s idea of mixing his come in her Tiffin so that
her female co-workers could taste it. This made him hot and he immediately went
behind his mother and pushed his cock in the valley of her gand. His cock was
leaking lots of young juice and was glistening with it. He could not wait for
any foreplay but pushed his cock in Rekha’s choot bending her in standing
position. The 8″ boner went in the soft depths of his mother’s cunt up to the
hilt. Amit started to fuck his mother hurriedly as he was very much hot. Rekha
moaned in pleasure as her son banged away at her soaking pussy. “Ohhh Son! Fuck
me! Fuck my cunt! Bang your beautiful cock in my choot. Make me pregnant with
your seed. I want your child. Ohhh God! What happened to me? Oohhhhhhhh yes!
Aahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me!” “yes mom! I am fucking you! You have nice cunt mom. My
cock is sliding in and out so easily. It’s all wet and slippery! Do you really
want my child? Come on mom! Fuck me. Slide your cunt on my cock! Move your
buttocks! Ya that’s it! Ohhh god your boobs are swaying as you move. Ohhhh They
are sooo soft! I want to drink milk from them when you give birth to my child!
Ohhhh Yes! Fuckkkkkkkkk!” the couple fucked away and made lots of noise and they
awoke. Sudha and Sadhna. Both of them crept out of the bed and came to the
kitchen. As they entered the kitchen they saw Rekha and Amit fucking in earnest.

Rekha was bent with her ass high up in the air, clutching the basin tap in her
hands for support. Amit had caught the soft buttocks of his mom and was
thrusting his cock in her choot. Both Sudha and Sadhna loved to watch the mother
and son fucking and they too were hot. Sadhna removed her gown and started
rubbing her boobs with both hands and looked at the fucking going on. Sudha too
was feeling excited and she too threw her gown up and joined her sister for some
sucking and licking. Sudha laid on her back and her sister Sadhna quickly caught
her luscious boobs as she lay over her. She leaned and started licking Sadhna’s
tits and, as she admired the beauties, Sudha took one of Sadhna’s spiking pink
nipples into her mouth and sucked on it feverishly. The soft hips of both girls
soon began to writhe anxiously in anticipation. Sadhna licked her tongue back
and forth on Sudha’s jutting boobs, then started licking her way down to her
crotch. Amit saw his two aunts join them and smiled. He pushed hard in to his
mothers cunt and murmured, “Ohh Mom! your sisters are here watching us. They are
so hot and cant wait for my cock. You all are sexy bitches and I am your stud.
Ohh God watch them suck each other. They make me hot! Come on show them how
strongly you fuck. Bang at my cock mom! Fuck me harder! Yessss! That’s it! Hey
aunty watch us fuck! And suck those dripping cunts of each other till you cry!
Show me how hungry you are!” “Ohhh! Yes my son! We are hot watching you. Fuck us
both after you fuck your mom! We need a hard cock to fill our cunts. Ohh God!”
Sudha moaned, wiggling excitedly under Sadhnas ministrations. Sudha gazed down
into Sadhna’s wet, pink cunt-slit and buried her face between her kid sister’s
lithe young thighs and licked her tongue into her cunt. Sudha’s arms circled her
sister’s waist and Sadhna lowered her own pussy to Sudha’s mouth. They were now
locked into a beautiful sixty-nine licking each other’s pussies hornily, getting
each other off. Their hot moans filled the room as they sucked themselves to
juicy orgasms. Sadhna knelt up then and cupped her jutting boobs, breathing
rapidly. “Ummm, that was a nice one,” she murmured.

Sudha writhed on the floor and spread her lovely legs wide. “Do me some more
while we watch! See those bastards fucking! Ohh God Rekha! You fuck nicely. Come
on fuck your son! Fuck him and make him come in your cunt.” she panted. Sadhna
giggled, “You’re a horny bitch too Sudha!” “Please?” Sudha pleaded. “I like how
you lick me all over. Please, Sadhna! I want to come some more. My pussy’s so

Sudha sighed and gazed hotly as her sister pushed her mouth all over her body
ready to please her. She dropped her arms above her head, exposing her taut
young tits, signaling Sadhna to suck them. She quivered slightly as Sadhna
gently teased the points of her pink nipples with the tip of her tongue. Sadhna
leaned over her sister’s mouth-watering boobs and licked them up and down with
her tongue, making Sudha wiggle and moan a lot. Then she traced her wet tongue
down across Sudha’s belly. Sudha moaned with waves of pleasure that always
rushed through her when Sadhna was licking her body. Few days before, it had all
started the heavy petting and then the incestuous sex with Amit and Rekha. This
was great and everybody enjoyed it. Now Sudha was spread wide for her sister’s
tongue, knowing that Sadhna liked doing things to her and watching the fucking.
As Sadhna’s tongue licked down toward her hungry twat, she thought of women
licking other women. She always thought these things when Sadhna was eating her
and sometimes even forgot of cocks fucking her. Sudha closed her eyes and
surrendered to whatever her sister wanted to do to her. Sadhna always gave her
such creamy feelings. She moaned a little when Sadhna lifted her mouth away from
her cunt to watch Rekha fucking her son, but she didn’t complain.

Sadhna crawled up beside Sudha. She pressed her jutting boobs against Sudha’s
taut young ones and scraped her nipples against Sudha’s. Then she licked her
tongue into Sudha’s mouth and ran her fingers down along the straining flesh of
Sudha’s belly. “I like to feel your cunt,” she whispered hotly. Her fingers
dipped below Sudha’s soft blonde fur and one gentle finger smoothed between her
velvety pussy-lips and stroked her moist cunt-slit. “Ohhhh, I like the way you
do it,” Sudha shivered. “You’re so nice to me. You’re the best sister in the
world.” Amit was about to spill his seed into the waiting cunt of his mother and
screamed loudly, “Ohhh Mom! I am coming! I am spraying my seed in your twat!
Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Come on take it! give me a baby! Ohhhhhhh!

Rekha pushed her ass back to take his spurting cock deep in her cunt so that she
may conceive his baby. She too came as her cunt felt his hot seed spray on the
walls. ” Ohhhh Son! Come in my cunt! Ohh sooooo hot! Come on ejaculate your come
in my cunt! OhhhhhAAAh hhhhhhhhhhhh aaarrrraaahhh! Ccooomingggggg!” Both the
mother and son came and Rekha lay limp on the floor with Amit catching his
breath and lying next to her. Sudha watched the pair collapse on the floor with
satisfaction. She knew this was ultimate pleasure anybody could have. She wanted
them to lie there and watch the show put up by them and so she urged Sadhna to
make her come fast. “Make me come Sadhna! I want to lick Rekhas cunt and eat
Amits come. Ohh God! I can see it spilling from her cunt. Ohh Don’t waste it
sister! Let me taste it while Sadhna sucks my twat. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Suck it!”

Rekha and Amit suddenly remembered that they had to mix the sperm in the tiffin!
Rekha put her hand to her cunt and collected all the sperm she could. Then she
hurried to the kitchen table and put the spunk sperm in the salad. “Ohhh Amit!
You forgot to ejaculate into the tiffin! Come here and let me squeeze out come
from your cock. I am glad that now my cunt juice is mixed with your come too so
that my coworkers will taste it too. Ohhh I can add pussy cream from the cunts
of my sisters too. Ohhh they will taste whole family! It’s so weird! I love it!”

With this she put Amit’s cock near the tiffin and massaged out more come which
dropped into the salad. Then she put the salad tiffin below her cunt and with
her fingers took away almost all of the come and mixed it with the food. Sudha
and Sadhna watched this and started to lick each other’s twats hungrily. Sudha
too wanted to mix their cream in the food and she was in hurry to do so. Sudha,
” Ohhh God! Rekha! Its such a nice idea! It excites me sooo much that I can
hardly control. Ohhhhh God! What your coworkers think if they found out this! I
sure know it will smell sperm all over. Hey tell us about it sis! Ohh Sadhna
push your tongue in my cunttttt and llickk kkk me! Suck my cunt! Ohhhhhhhhh your
ass is moving! I think you are going to come, so am I! Ohhhh here let me comeeee
with you.” Sadhna was not in a position to talk but ground her pussy on Sudha’s
mouth and her body stiffened in the throes of orgasm with her sister. Her cunt
flooded out copious amount of secretion that fell all over the face of Sudha.
Sudha too came flooding her cunt with female juice. Rekha brought the tiffin
near them and asked them not to drink any of the fluids. Rekha hurried and
collected the pussy-cream in the tiffin. She mixed the mixed juices of both male
and female sex with her food to share it with her female colleagues. All the
family collapsed on the floor with their limbs entangled into each other.

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