A Family’s Tale 2.

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Once we had our tickets and boarding passes, Haylee was dragging me towards this beautiful man, and it wasn’t long before we were standing in front of him. I was so nervous that I couldn’t say anything at all, so I just stood there smiling while she tapped him on his leg. I literally had no idea what I was going to say or do, I just stood there with the biggest smile on my face. My head was kinda spinning and my heart was racing because we were about to talk to the guy I wanted to be with already, and I didn’t even know him.

“Hi there.” He said with the worlds biggest, brightest, warmest and most inviting smile I had ever seen.

His teeth were white, and I mean white white, and when he said hi, I almost fell over, no seriously, my knees started to shake. His voice, it was a very deep manly voice that was smooth and soothing which compared to my little squeaky and raspy voice, must have been nice for Katie to hear.

“Hi, I’m Haylee.” She said while I tried to catch my breath.

“Nice to meet you Haylee, my name is Trevor how are things going?” He asked while he shook her hand.

“They’re going really good now, I get to go home and I don’t have to wait which good cause I don’t wanna wait, and this is my mom.” She said making him stand up and extend his hand to me.

Um, I don’t know how to say this, but when our eyes met, something happened to me and I don’t know what it was. But whatever it was, it was very new, it was exciting and I loved it. The sparks blinded me to where all I could see were his amazing eyes and gorgeous face.

“Hi.” I said but couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” He said like he was way beyond nervous.

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Allysa.” I said nervously while he shook my hand.

“You guys want to sit here?” He asked.

I could feel him shaking so I knew right then that he definitely liked me like I liked him, that made me more nervous, but at the same time I felt better because I knew he was just as nervous as me.

“Are you sure, is that ok?” I asked while I stared into his dreamy beautiful green eyes.

“Ok, I’m ok with that.” Haylee said at the same time before she sat in the seat next to his.

You know that I’m a girl who goes after what I want and that I don’t hold back when it comes to a guy, well, it was different with him, I was way too nervous.

“Yes I’m sure.” He said nervously with a smile.

“Yeah ok, by the way, thank you so much for doing what you did for me and my daughter. That was really really sweet of you.” I said once my brain started to work again.

“No problem, she wasn’t suppose to tell you that I did it.” He said while his smile got bigger.

“Well, she did, want me to go slap her?” I asked making him laugh.

“No, it’s all good, I’m kind of glad she did tell you to be honest.” He said making me blush like crazy.

“I’m glad she did too actually.” I said while I giggled.

“So like, are you married, do you have a girlfriend or what?” Haylee asked with the biggest smile making me laugh.

“Katie, no don’t ask him that?” I said while I laughed.

“Well we kinda need to know bec…”She said before I interrupted her.

“Haylee stop.” I said while me and Trevor laughed.

So while we sat there, we all started talking about random things and flirting like crazy. But what I loved, was that he and Haylee clicked almost instantly. It was only a minute later before she felt comfortable with him enough that she was sitting in his lap, I was pushed against his amazing body and feeling his sexy arms, and we were all playing the game Haylee and I were playing earlier. She started talking trash to him and he did the same to her, so seeing them so close already really made me make up my mind. I didn’t want to be single anymore, I wanted to have a boyfriend and I wanted him to be my boyfriend for sure. There was no doubt or question about that at all, he was going to be mine. I also loved that our eyes would meet and they would lock I guess. I don’t know how long it was after that that she needed to use the bathroom, so I took her. We both used the bathroom and were washing our hands and getting ready to go back out.

“Mom.” She said making me look at her.

“Yeah baby.” I said with a huge smile.

“Remember when I said that he’s different than the other guys you talk to?” She asked.

“Yeah I do.” I said thinking that she was going to change her mind.

I won’t lie, I felt a lump in my throat and I started to feel sick at first because I will tell you, if she didn’t like him and she says that he’s not different, it wasn’t going to happen. I really really liked him, you don’t understand how much I liked him already so I was really hoping that she wouldn’t change her mind. But then she made me feel way better.

“Well, I think you should just stop talking to Mike and John and just talk to him.” She said making me feel relieved and really excited.

“Why do you say that?” I asked making her turn towards me and smile.

“He’s nice, he’s really cute and I think he’d make you happy.” She said making me smile and get excited.

“Are you saying that you like him?” I asked making her nod her head yes.

“Yeah I mean, I already knew he was different but he’s more different than I thought. So we need to find out where he lives and stuff because I want you to be with him and no one else. I really like him mom, I like him a lot.” She said making me hug her.

“You have no idea how amazing it is to hear you say that.” I said while I held her face and looked in her eyes.

“Well it’s true.” She said with a smile.

“He’s so so gorgeous too, my god.” I said making her laugh a little.

“He’s actually way better looking than any of the other guys you talk to like, he makes them look so ugly like, ew.” She said making me laugh.

“It’s not funny, I’m serious mom.” She said while I laughed.

“He does doesn’t he?” I asked while I laughed.

“Yes, he does.” She said before I hugged her.

“I love you kiddo.” I said while she hugged me back.

“I love you too, let’s get back to your boyfriend.” She said.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I said making her give me a grin.

“Not yet he isn’t, but he will be.” She said like she knew for sure, kinda like I did.

“Yes he will.” I said while we dried our hands.

After we went back out, I had thee worlds worst time not touching him, I couldn’t help it and Katie, it was like she had known Trevor all her life. Finally after what seemed like forever, we got on our plane and into our first class seats and let me tell you, they were huge seats and so so comfortable, Katie loved it too! It was when the pilot turned the seatbelt signs off when she just got up and went to sit next to him. He had his laptop out for her because they were going to play some games for a while, and don’t worry, he didn’t ignore me at all. We kept looking at each other and just smiling, that and I got to lean across the isle and play the games with them. After they fed us, she got really tired and decided that she was ready for a nap, so she came up with the idea that she would sleep in our seats and I would sit with Trevor, I honestly thought she did that on purpose. He went and got a blanket and a pillow for her and when he came back with them, I laid her seat back and covered her up. When I was doing that I felt him touch me, (not in a naughty place, boo) and when he did it made me feel warm all over, I loved the way it felt when he did that. Once I had Haylee tucked in she motioned for me to get close to her so I did.

“You should find out if he’s married or if he has a girlfriend, and find out where he lives, I want you two to be boyfriend girlfriend.” She said making me kiss her forehead.

She literally had never, ever said that about a guy that I either wanted to see, or who I was seeing, it made me feel so good about the whole thing, you don’t even know.

“I will.” I said with a smile.

“Promise?” She asked while she held her pinkie out.

“I promise.” I said before I hooked my pinkie with hers.

I kissed her on her mouth like I always did before she turned over a little and closed her eyes, and when I turned around, he was already sitting. I was going to sit in my seat, but I just made a promise to my daughter, so I just went to the seat next to him.

“Is it ok if I just sit here?” I asked nervously.

“Yes, it’s perfectly ok.” He said before I sat down.

“Well my daughter loves you.” I said while I giggled.

“She’s a really great kid, you’ve done a great job, go you.” He said making me smile while he fist bumped me.

“Thank you.” I said while the old, forward no bullshit me started to come out.

“So what’s your story, are you married, are you married with a girlfriend or do you just have a girlfriend. Actually, guys that are as amazingly gorgeous as you have multiple girlfriends. So you’re either married, married with a girlfriend, or have a whole bunch of girlfriends.” I said nervously with a smile making him laugh.

“Well, to be perfectly honest, I have….no one. I got divorced four years ago and I’ve stayed away from the dating pool since.” He said making my heart drop a little before he said he had no one.

“Wait, you’re single, you.” I said like I couldn’t believe it because I couldn’t, a guy like him, single?!

“Yes I am, by choice, it’s been by choice. You seem surprised as hell.” He said while he laughed.

“I am, I’m very surprised. You’re rrreally really good looking like, so so handsome and, hot.” I said before I could stop myself.

“Wow, coming from a girl like you, that’s a huge compliment, thank you.” He said.

“A girl like me?” I asked.

“You have absolutely no idea how beautiful and hot you are do you?” He asked making me blush really bad.

“Well, apparently not.” I said while we laughed.

“You took my breath when I first saw you.” He said making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

“You did the same thing to me.” I said while we stared into each other’s eyes.

“So what’s your story, I’m guessing that you’re married, you have a husband at home and if you don’t, you have a man that’s somewhere in the picture.” He said making me give him a grin.

“And I’d have to say that you suck at guessing, I mean you really suck.” I said making us both laugh.

“Do I?” He asked.

“Yeah, you’re not that good at all. I’m actually single, I’m a single mom.” I said making his eyes light up.

“Hmm, interesting.” He said with a smile.

“How’s that interesting?” I asked with a giggle.

“Well, we are both going to Kansas City, so we both live in Missouri, and if that’s the case I would like to take you out for dinner or something, and if you want, you can bring your daughter.” He said making me light up and get so excited that it took all of my energy to not jump up and down.

“So you’re ok with me having a kid?” I asked out of habit, you know why.

“Absolutely I am.” He said making me so happy that I couldn’t stand it l.

“Ok, so it’s a date then, wait, what if I live completely on the opposite side of the state from where you live?” I asked making him smile.

“Then I’ll drive to where you are.” He said.

“Ok then, where do you live?” I asked.

“Kingdom Missouri.” He said making me get so excited that I couldn’t stand it, he lived close to where I lived, as in 10 miles, he lived 10 miles from me!!

“What?! Are you serious?!” I asked while I started shaking from excitement.

“Yes I am, why, where do you live?” He asked.

“I literally live ten minutes south from there, I live in Fulton!” I said making him get really excited.

“So, all we have to do is pick a day that we can go on our date, you have to bear with me though, I haven’t been on a date for four years.” He said making me almost cry, I was that excited.

“I haven’t been on one in a long time either, it hasn’t been as long as you, but it’s kind of a long time. It’s been a year for me.” I said.

“That’s ok, we will be our first dates in a long time, I’m ok with that.” He said making me smile.

“Yep, and I cant wait. You’re so hot.” I said while we stared in each other’s eyes.

“You’re hot as hell too, I can’t believe I’m actually izmit escort bayan talking to you.” He said softly.

“That’s kinda how I feel.” I said.

“Maybe we should go ahead and pinch each other just to make sure we aren’t dreaming.

We didn’t say anything else for a second because we pinched each other.

“Ow, yeah, this is real, we aren’t dreaming.” I said while we laughed.

“Nope, it still burns.” He said while we kept laughing.

“So what do you do?” I asked while I put my hand on his.

“I am a helicopter pilot and flight instructor.” He said.

“So do you like, fly people around?” I asked.

“Yes I do. People call us and tell us where they want to go and we fly them wherever and back. We also have contracts with businesses in the state where we fly executives and CEO’s around from place to place.” He said.

“That actually sounds like fun, Katie and I got to fly around Hawaii in one of those, it was so much fun.” I said.

“They’re fun aren’t they?” He asked.

“They are, they’re really fun, I bet it’s more fun to fly them.” I said with a huge smile.

“Oh hell yes, they’re a hell of a lot of fun to fly. So what’s your story, what do you do and why are you a single mom, is the father blind, stupid, or blind and stupid?” He asked making me blush since I knew what he was saying, that I was hot and beautiful.

“Well, he’s in prison right now and don’t worry, I’m not waiting for him at all. I’ve moved on. As far as a job, I work off of the Internet and I’m in school to be a nurse.” I said.

“Damn, that’s awesome, you’ve got a damn good head on your shoulders.” He said making me smile.

“Thank you. You’ve got a good one on your shoulders too. Next question, how old are you?” I asked.

“I am twenty nine and a half.” He said making me cream my pants a little since I liked older guys anyway.

“What? You don’t look that old at all!” I said making him smile.

“Really? Thank you. How old do I look?” He asked.

“Like you’re at least twenty two or twenty three.” I said making him smile.

“How old are you?” He asked.

“Now before I say how old I am, yes I was really really young when I had Katie, she’s seven, and I’m twenty.” I said making him smile.

“First, I’m not going to judge you, and two, there is no way that you’re twenty.” He said making me feel good.

“How old do I look?” I asked.

“Sixteen or seventeen. When I first saw you and noticed that you have a daughter, I thought, there’s no way she has a daughter, with how ridiculously hot and beautiful she is and as young as she looks, nah, can’t be her daughter.” He said making me blush.

“Thank you, that’s really sweet, you’re sweet.” I said while I melted.

“I know, better be careful or you’ll get diabetes.” He said before he gave me a look that said that he knew how lame that was, I laughed anyway because I really, really, really liked him, a lot but also because of the look on his face.

“That couldn’t have been more lame, I am so so sorry.” He said while we laughed.

“Yeah, it kinda was.” I said.

“So you’re ok that I’m ten years older than you?” He asked.

“I’m perfectly ok with it, age is just a number anyway, besides, you’re really really hot.” I said while I exhaled.

“Thank you, you’re really hot yourself, you’re really beautiful as in, intimidatingly beautiful.” He said making me melt.

“Funny, I’ve been thinking about how intimidating you were.” I said while sparks exploded between us like crazy.

“So before we go any further, I probably should warn you about something since I know that most if not all guys hate this. When I like a guy as much as I like you which is a lot, you don’t even know, I have this overwhelming feeling that I have to be touching them. I am a very touchy feely girl, I’m very affectionate and I have to either be touching, hugging or snuggling up against you like, all of the time, even in public. I like to hold hands in public and I love doing the whole PDA thing as in kissing, touching and snuggling. I love it when people tell me to get a room.” I said making him smile again, god his smile.

“I’m actually one of the very very few guys that absolutely loves that shit, I love it when a woman can’t keep her hands off of me at all, I eat that up like you wouldn’t believe.” He said making me smile and snuggle up to him.

“You do?” I asked while I looked up in his amazing eyes.

“I always have.” He said making me get excited.

“Well, then I’m your girl.” I said while I laughed.

“Ok.” He said making me feel like I just got me a hot hot boyfriend.

The rest of that flight was, dreamy? I guess that’s the best way to describe it. I know we weren’t official yet, but i knew that we would be for a fact, there was no doubt about it for me at all. We talked about everything, he told me about his marriage and his ex wife. I seriously wanted to go punch his ex wife in the face because she was so stupid I mean, how do you cheat on a guy like him?! And just so you know, he did point out everything he did that might have made her have an affair, but the more we talked about it, the more I realized how ungrateful she was for everything he did for her. He bent over backwards for her and gave her everything she could ever want and need and it still wasn’t good enough for her. He didn’t say anything about this, but I’m pretty sure he made a ton of money from what he did for a living so to me, his ex was nothing more than a fucking gold digger. He didn’t even talk about her that much, but from what he said, I was able to learn that about her and it pissed me off. What was really sad was that he loved and wanted kids, really bad, which explained why he liked my daughter and why he clicked with her so fast and so good. His ex didn’t want kids at all, she didn’t like kids and flat out told him that to his face. I was sad for him because not only did he not have kids and wanted them, but he couldn’t get anyone pregnant even if he tried. He went to the doctors, had some testing done and he got the worst news from all of them. That’s when he found out that she didn’t even want kids let alone be around any. He was hurt really bad by that and by what his wife did to him and it took him four years to get over it. He spent a lot of time healing and making himself better, plus he was finally moving on, how do I know that? We were going on a date and we were going to be together as boyfriend girlfriend, that’s how!

That’s not all, I found out that he has a huge family and he was in Hawaii seeing them. I also found out that his mom and dad were both half Hawaiian and half white. He has a White first name, Trevor, a Hawaiian middle name, Keali’i (keh- yah-lee-ee) and last name Kameāloha. (kah-meh-ah-ah-low-ha) His Hawaiian race definitely explained his broad shoulders, how tall he was and how big he was. I had him show me the tattoos that he could and tell me what they meant because I honestly didn’t know. All I saw were these really cool basket-weaves, triangles, checkers, shark teeth, spear heads, ocean waves, and this one red symbol that he said signified the Hawaiian goddess Pele, and that’s just a few of them he had. He said that he got the Pele one to commemorate his dad who was a firefighter for thirty six years, and he was one too. I also learned that having him as a boyfriend, was definitely going to be something that was going to be so amazing, that I didn’t want to screw that up in any way. I caught an amazing one and there was no way I was going to give that up in anyway. Even if that meant that I moved to Kingdom Missouri, luckily it wasn’t very far from where I lived.

He bought me a few drinks, yes I had a fake ID saying I was 21, to me he and I had our first date right there on the plane, it counted as a date to me because we spent the whole flight talking and getting to know each other. I learned so much about him that it almost felt like we knew each other for a long long time. He knew my favorite color, my favorite foods, my likes and dislikes, and I knew all of his too. I knew that he drove a new truck that he just bought, a brand new Chevy Silverado 2500 hd with the diesel. He knew that I drove a Tahoe that was only two years older than his. He knew about my family and he told me straight up that he was not a fan of theirs and I was ok with that. I knew that he lost his virginity when he was only a year older from when I got pregnant, and he lost his virginity to a twenty one year old girl. He also knew when I lost my virginity and when he found out how old I was, he didn’t judge me or anything. He already knew how old I was when I got pregnant, but I wasn’t ready to tell him who got me pregnant just yet and he didn’t even ask. He did know that the father was no where near being in the picture and that I wasn’t getting any child support. To say that I had an amazing amazing flight, well, that’s an understatement let me tell you! The thing about the whole thing, was that I was all over him! I was hugging and snuggling against him and I was touching him all over his body constantly. That’s how I found out that he had rock hard abs, he actually had a six pack. I just looked up in his amazing eyes while I rubbed his abs trough his shirt.

“Can I see?” I asked before I bit my lip and tried to not let him know how horny I was now.

“Yes you can.” He said while I started to unbutton his shirt, I was going to unbutton it all the way.

“Are you sure?” I asked while I smiled at him.

He didn’t even flinch or stop me, in fact he started to help me unbutton his shirt. I was glad he didn’t have his shirt tucked in and that he wasn’t wearing a t shirt or something under it. Once we had his shirt undone, I kinda pulled his shirt open and looked at his chest and his abs.

“Oh my god oh my god.” I whimpered while I started breathing hard.

“You’re so so sexy.” I sighed while I touched his abs.

“Thanks.” He said while he touched me all over my back and helped me snuggle against him tighter.

“Have you always had a yummy body like this?” I asked while I squirmed a little.

“No, I started working out a lot more after my divorce, I use to have a dad body.” He sighed while he barely touched my ass.

“You’re so fucking sexy, god you’re sexy.” I whispered while I creamed my panties really bad.

“Thanks, we make a sexy couple.” He sighed with his lips close to mine.

“I know.” I said while I looked deep in his eyes.

His sleeves, connected to his shoulder and chest tattoos, and he had one on his abs, oh my holy god he was so fucking sexy, so so sexy. I almost started kissing his sexy body but I stopped because if I didn’t stop, I wouldn’t be able to at all. So we buttoned his shirt back up before I looked up at him.

“I’ve seriously never been with a guy with a body as hot as yours, ever.” I said through heavy breathing.

“Thanks.” He said like he was loving everything that was happening.

I then figured that since he showed me most of his body, I though it was only fair that I show him a little bit of mine.

“Wanna see some pictures of me?” I asked making him smile.

“I won’t stop you from showing me.” He said while he laughed a little.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t, I’ll even send you some, let’s see which ones you like.” I said while I pulled my phone out and opened my photo album.

That’s when I started to show him some pictures and all of them were of me either in a bikini or a pair of small shorts and some kind of lingerie top so in all of them, I was showing a lot of skin, especially my boobs. But the first one I showed him was of me in a white halter top that was tiny. It just covered my boobs, barely, with shoulder straps. It was basically a tiny tube top with shoulder straps, and in it my hair was wet and so were my boobs, and you could really see them.

“Holy shit.” He sighed while he stared at that first one.

“Oh my goddamn.” He sighed making me cream my panties way more.

I showed him a ton more, even ones that I took when I did my web cam shows.

“Fuck you’re sexy, oh my god you’re sexy.” He sighed making me look in his lap and yep, he had a nice nice bulge, bigger than I had ever seen before and his pants were loose.

“Mmmm.” I moaned quietly while I stared at his yummy bulge for a izmit eve gelen escort second.

When I got done showing him my pictures, he showed me some of him all oiled up and modeling, he said the did that for a fundraising thing. He also showed me a whole bunch of pictures of him with no shirt and with shorts or barely anything on. Yeah, I’m definitely going to fuck him, I thought while we shared naughty pictures with each other. I wish he would have shown me some dick pictures because I really really wanted to see some after all that. When we got done, he gave me his phone and I gave him mine, then, we sent the pictures we liked the best to our own phones.

“No dick pictures?” I asked acting like I was disappointed.

“No nudes?” He asked making me laugh.

“I’ll send you some if you send me some, honesty though, I really wanna see some.” I half sighed and half moaned.

“I’ll find some for you, if not I’ll take some for you.” He said making me bite my lip and whimper quietly.

“Promise, cause I really wanna see you naked.” I whispered and whimpered at the same time since I was so horny for him I couldn’t stand it.

“I promise, but I wanna see some nudes of you too, you’re sexy as fuck.” He whispered with his face really close to mine.

“Deal.” I sighed before we decided to calm down before I ended up raping him right there.

Once we got calmed down and relaxed I just unbutton a few of his lower buttons and put my hand in his shirt. So for most of the fight, I was scratching his abs and chest and tracing his sexy muscles. I lifted my shirt as high as I possibly could without showing anything because he was scratching my back and I wanted him to feel my skin too. And while he did that, he would touch my ass a little and even dip his finger in my pants and down my butt crack. The only things we didn’t do was touch each others sex, as in he didn’t touch my pussy and I didn’t touch his dick, which was so fucking tempting for us both. We didn’t even kiss and trust me, I really really wanted to because I wanted him, bad and I knew he wanted me just as bad. Let’s just say that we just met, and there was so so much sexual tension between us already, and I mean it was bad.

I LOVED that he was just as snuggly and touchy feely as I was because having his hands and body all over me was more than I hoped it would ever be with him, way more. Having his hands all over my shoulders, him touching my face and almost kissing me, touching my arms, my hands my legs and rubbing my back while I was snuggled so tightly against him was so so amazing and so heavenly. Our faces were so so close so many times and the sparks were non stop between us. I felt warm, fuzzy, excited and so so safe and so so amazing. I was not happy at all when they said that we were starting our decent into California because I didn’t want the flight to end. So before the seatbelt light was turned on, I got up and woke Haylee up, and she must have seen the look on my face because she just smiled.

“You talked to him didn’t you?” She asked while she got so excited that she sat straight up.

“Yes I did.” I said while I smiled.

“And?” She asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” I said.

“No, I wanna know now.” She said while she almost stood up.

“I will when we land.” I said.

“I gotta pee anyway, you can tell me in the bathroom.” She said as she sat back.

“It was a good talk though, I can tell.” She said with a huge smile.

“Oh yeah, how can you tell?” I asked.

“You can’t stop smiling.” She said.

“Yes it was a great talk.” I said.

“YES!! NO WAY!! Is he your boyfriend? She asked.

“Um, I kinda think so actually.” I said making her jump up and down in her seat.

“I’m really excited for you mom, I like him.” She said.

“I know.” I said.

Well, the plane landed, my boyfriend helped me get our carry ons down and we waited for our turn to get off of the plane.

“Hi Trevor.” She said like she was the one who was dating him, she was that excited.

“Hi Katie, how was your nap?” He asked.

“It was really good.” She said with a smile.

Once we got in the airport, she looked at me and smiled because I couldn’t help myself, I slid my fingers between his huge fat fingers and I was smashed against him. She got so so excited that it almost made me cry, mainly because I had never seen her so happy to see me with anyone, she actually either hated or just didn’t like any of the other guys I talked to.

“Can I steal your girlfriend from you for a minute, I kinda need her help.” She said with the happiest look on her face, I mean, she never looked that happy before.

“Yes you can.” He said while he laughed.

When we got into the bathroom, she started jumping up and down, squealing and clapping her hands. She kept saying, “moms got a boyfriend” over and over again and all I could do was smile.

“You don’t think we’re moving too fast?” I asked while I laughed.

“Nope. Well, you are moving fast and all, but if you go slower some other girl might get him and I don’t want that. I want you to have him.” She said making me hug her, she was out of breath because she was so excited.

“You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that baby girl.” I said right before I let her go.

“Ooo, has he kissed you yet?” She asked.

She was excited, and I mean she was way way excited, she couldn’t control herself, it was SO AMAZING!

“No he hasn’t yet.” I said.

“Well, why not?” She asked.

“Because we just met.” I said.

“So?” She said like she was a little frustrated.

“Listen to me, I think you’re right. We are going to be together officially for sure, well, we are already together but not officially officially, but we will be.” I said making her frown at me.

“Well you better hurry up because if another girl gets him I’m going to be so mad.” She said.

“Don’t worry, we will be for sure after our first date, he said that you can even come on our first date.” I said.

“No, I’m not going, you need to be with him alone for that, besides, he has to kiss you mom.” She said making me laugh.

“I’m serious mom, I can see him being my dad and I don’t wanna loose that.” She said making me start crying a little.

“Oh my god I love you and I love that you like him so much.” I said while I hugged her.

“I do like him. So he’s not married and he doesn’t have a girlfriend?” She asked making me let go of her and look in her eyes.

“Let’s see, he’s not married but he does kind of have a girlfriend, me. That and he only lives ten minutes from where we live.” I said making her get really excited again and start squealing and jumping up and down while she clapped.

“Really?! Only ten minutes?!” She asked.

“Yep, and our first date is this Saturday.” I said making her jump up and down and hug me.

“I’m so so excited for you.” She said while she started crying and hugged me around my neck.

“So am I, I’m so so happy that you like him, it makes me really happy.” I said.

After we pulled ourselves back together, we both used the bathroom, cleaned up and went back out. She went right up to him and hugged him, and when I got to him, I slid my fingers between his and snuggled against him before we started to make our way to our terminal. It was so so amazing to see her holding onto him too, but it wasn’t like I was holding onto him, it was more like a girl that was so happy that she couldn’t stand it. Then something happened that I was so not expecting and to be honest, it was dangerous for him to do that because I wanted him in the worst way already. We had two and a half hours between flights, so we went into one of the restaurants in the airport since he insisted that he buy us dinner. I was standing in front of him and I stopped breathing, my heart started to race and I started to get really really horny. I was already holding both of his hands behind me and all, but he let go and slid his hands from my back, around on my sides and under my boobs, he was hugging me from behind and I was having the worst time controlling myself. I couldn’t help myself, I just leaned against him and pushed my butt against him while I bit my lip. And just so he wouldn’t let go of me, I slid my arms on his and slid my fingers between his and just held on while I pushed my ass against him a few times. I looked up at him and smiled and that’s when the biggest sparks we had exploded.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He sighed while I looked straight up at him and melted into him.

“Thanks baby.” I sighed while reached up and slid my hand on his face hoping to god that he would kiss me.

“You are.” He said quietly.

“Just so you know, it’s very dangerous for you to do this to me.” I sighed making him try to let go of me, but I stopped him because I loved it and didn’t want him to let go.

“Is it?” He asked.

“Very, it kinda turns me on.” I whispered before I could stop myself.

“Good to know.” He said softly with that warm gorgeous smile of his.

But then something else happened right after I said that, he just leaned down and pushed his soft lips against mine and kissed me so so soft and gentle. I about lost my mind because I was so not expecting him to kiss me like that, at all. I wanted him to really really bad and that’s why I touched his face like I did, I was giving him a hint, I didn’t think he was going to get it, but he did. I had to kiss him back, and when I did, I felt him kinda melt into me and hold onto me while I caressed his sexy face. When we kissed again, I got to feel and taste his tongue go in my mouth, so I slid my tongue in his. We kissed again and when we did, our tongues slid together and we just swirled and slid our tongues together for a few long and amazing seconds before we stopped kissing making that sexy smacking noise.

“You’re an amazing kisser.” He whispered while I tried to calm down.

“You too.” I said with my eyes closed while I started to catch my breath.

Once I was able to see again, I held onto him like crazy and looked at Haylee. She was standing there watching us with her mouth wide open, her eyes wide open and her hands up like she was she was way shocked. That turned into the worlds biggest smile while she started clap her hands. After that she came up to us and gave Trevor a high five.

“Finally.” She said making me laugh while she gave him the high five.

“By the way, if you’re ok with it, I’d like us to be official.” He whispered in my ear making me turn up and pull his lips to mine, we kissed with our tongues six times after that.

“That means I’m perfectly ok with it.” I sighed when we stopped kissing.

We finally got our table and while we were eating, I couldn’t help but see that Haylee was happier than I had ever seen her. She was glowing, that’s how happy she looked and that made me happy. The flight from LA to Kansas City was just as amazing as our first flight, only this time, Haylee sat in his lap, I snuggled against him while I held his hand and we watched a movie together. The way Haylee acted towards him made me so happy, I literally had never been so happy before. I loved that he was already mine and so did my baby girl, she kept calling him “moms boyfriend” and that’s when it started to sink in that yeah, I have a boyfriend now and he was so so hot and so sexy. And the fact that Haylee was so adamant about us being together, really took so so much anxiety out of the whole thing. I didn’t have to worry about taking him to meet her and then wondering how she would react to him being around, I already had my answer for all of that, she loved him! I loved that she just smiled and watched us kiss each other over and over and over again through the flight. And believe me, he was definitely a great great kisser, oh my god he was amazing, I couldn’t get enough of his kisses and I loved how he tasted. But I loved that when he kissed me, it would make me so hot and wet, his kissing did that to me. Once we got to Kansas City, we were getting off of the plane and I loved that Haylee jumped on his back so he could carry her out to the terminal. I was beside myself because I never expected this to happen at all. I especially didn’t expect my daughter to click with izmit otele gelen escort him as fast and as good as she did. I mean, they clicked so good that you’d think he was her real dad and had been around her whole life. Once we made our way to baggage claim, I stood there with my body against his and my fingers between his fingers. While we were waiting, she got down and took his other hand and we waited for our luggage.

I wasn’t excited about mom being there for obvious reasons, but I didn’t have a whole lot of choice, she was already there to take me and her home. So after we got our bags, he walked us to the doors and waited with us. And just as mom walked in, Katie looked at her and smiled.

“Hi grandma.” She said while she ran up to her.

“Hi baby, how was your trip?” She asked while she hugged Katie.

“Good, this is moms boyfriend Trevor, Trevor, this is my grandma.” She said while she smiled so big that she was glowing.

“Mam, it’s nice to meet you.” He said while he extended his hand to her.

“Nice to meet you too.” She said surprising me because she hated every guy I ever dated or even talked to.

“Hi mom.” I said.

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.” She said with a smile.

“Can you blame me?” I asked while I smiled.

“No, I guess not. So what do you do Trevor?” She asked making me start dreading what she might say or do.

“I fly helicopters for corporations, CEO’s Executives and anyone else that needs to be flown somewhere in the state.” He said making her look at him like she was shocked.

“And what do you think about him?” She asked while she looked at Katie.

“I like him a lot, I think mom needs to be with him.” She said with a smile and without hesitating.

I never saw mom act like she did with him at all, she liked him and I could tell. He helped me take our luggage out to her car and loaded it for us. After that he kissed me again like, four times and all four times we kissed for a long time, mom didn’t see us kissing but Katie did. I got in the car and told him to call me when he got home so I knew he was safe and we were off. I loved that Haylee went on and on about him and how much she liked Trevor, and I talked about him the whole time. Mom didn’t ask where we met or anything but when I told her that he lived so close to us, she gave me a look.

“So why isn’t he bringing you home? If he lives so close he could have brought you home.” She said like she was frustrated.

“He has to work, how won’t be flying home till later than us.” Haylee said making me smile since she just lied for me and him.

“Flying home? How’s he flying home?” She asked.

“He’s a helicopter pilot mom, he’s got pick a customer up and take them up north somewhere.” I said.

“Oh, that’s right. He seems different, he not like the other boys you’ve talked to.” She said.

“That’s what I said.” Haylee said while she laughed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him at all and I loved that we kept texting each other the whole time until he told me that he was going to have to go since he was flying home. And of course I promised to tell him when I got home too. Anyway, he did call me when he got home right when we checked into our hotel for the night and I didn’t sleep at all that night. I was so so tired, but I wanted to talk to my first real boyfriend so that’s what I did. When I got to moms house, I called him too and we talked for a long time, but I was so tired that I fell asleep talking to him, I did warn him that I was going to. Mom just took us to her house because she knew how tired me and Haylee were, so she was nice enough to let us sleep there. I was sleeping in the basement on the spare bed with Haylee and we were both sleeping so so good. I don’t know how long we were out, but mom woke me and Haylee up which made me mad because I was actually having a very yummy dream about my new man. So when I opened my eyes, I sat up and trust me, I wasn’t going to say anything to her about being mad because if I did, she’d kick me and Haylee out and make us walk home.

“What’s going on?” I asked while I watched my brother, who was a cop, and one of the two that hated me, come down with some papers.

“Uh oh.” I said while Haylee sat up.

“So I did some checking and I found a lot of information about your boyfriend.” My brother said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to see who you were with and make sure that you’re safe with him.” He said.

“Oh now you care, since when?” I asked.

“Well, it’s more for mom than me.” He said.

“I like him so you need to leave him alone.” Haylee said angrily.

“I need you to hear this, and before you say anything else, just know that we didn’t find anything bad about him at all and we did some serious serious digging ok?” Mom asked.

“So tell me what you found then.” I said kinda defiantly.

“Ok, no criminal record to even speak of, no pending cases, no nothing, he doesn’t even have debt other than the truck he bought last week, but that’s it. Which by the way, I checked his credit score, he has perfect credit as in he’s in the high eight hundreds. He’s single, not married, divorced actually so he’s been married, but he does have a girlfriend, that’d be you, you’re it, we all know you’re his girlfriend. And according to all of his social networking pages and the like, he’s been single and he hasn’t been on a date for years, four years maybe longer. But here is where I think he held back on you and didn’t tell you the whole truth. He is as you said, a helicopter pilot but there’s more to it. First he’s a flight instructor, he teaches people how to fly. But here is where it gets very interesting, he’s rich as in he’s worth close to two hundred million, he is the founder, owner and president of the company that he works for. His company is not only in kingdom, but it’s nation wide, that helicopter ride you guys had in Hawaii, that’s his company, his helicopter. He has operations in several states, California, Hawaii, Alaska, Denver, Utah, Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, both Carolinas, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Washington State, Michigan and Virginia. And he doesn’t have just one operation in any of the states, he’s got three to six operations in those states with a minimum of five helicopters per operation, that’s just the minimum. Here in Missouri, he’s got seven operations alone. But, helicopters aren’t all he does, his company just started to charter private jets too. They bought their first two planes a month ago and today, they flew their first two charters with those planes and we are talking about long distance flights to Europe and places like that. He has eleven checking and eighteen savings accounts none of which have less than four million in them, and he pays his taxes religiously so he doesn’t even have issues with the IRS he’s a multimillionaire several times over, he’s filthy dirty rich.” My brother said while he handed me some papers that he printed out for me.

That didn’t even phase me at all, I mean, I knew he was pilot and all but he didn’t tell me that he owned or was the founder of a huge company like that, and honestly, I didn’t care, I didn’t. I mean, he didn’t tell me everything about what he does and normally that would piss a girl off because he’s holding back and that can be considered as lying to some. But seriously, can you blame him for holding back on me?! I couldn’t, I couldn’t blame him at all and I get why he did it, his ex was a fucking gold digger. I wondered how many girls knew he was loaded and wanted him just for that reason? So no, I wasn’t mad at him for that at all! The only thing I really cared about, was that he was mine and my daughter loved him, that’s all that mattered to me, PERIOD!

“And?” I asked while I shrugged my shoulders.

“You didn’t know?” Mom asked.

“What that he’s rich?” I asked.

“That and that he owns that company that’s as huge as it is, did you even know that? He’s a millionaire Allysa, he’s big time.” Mom said.

“No he never told me that, but do you know how little I care about it?” I asked.

“So if it’s not for the money then what is it?” My brother asked making me mad so I interrupted him while he was mid sentence.

“Safety, security, feeling cared for, feeling wanted, loved, appreciated and trusted, acceptance despite my past, encouragement and support for my decisions and choices, he gives that to me. So what is for if it’s not for the money? It’s for me, it’s for Katie and it’s for him, that’s what it’s for, none of that other stuff matters at all because money can’t buy any of that shit, none of it.” I said defiantly while I looked deep in his eyes because I knew where he was going and I wanted him to know how I really felt about him.

The room got quite after that because they weren’t expecting my answer, I think they were expecting me to just sit there and think about what I was going to say making them think that I was a gold digger like Trevor’s ex wife was. I knew that’s where he was going with it, I knew it was. I surprised myself honestly, because yeah that’s exactly how I felt, exactly.

“Does that answer your question?” I asked defiantly after a minute or so of it being really really quite.

“You guys just need to leave him alone, mom is really happy when she’s with him, and she’s going to be with him.” Haylee said making me smile.

“Well kiddo, you did good with this one. Congratulations.” My brother said making me smile.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Don’t screw this one up, please please don’t screw this up.” Mom said.

“I won’t mom.” I said before she hugged me.

“Promise?” She asked.

“I promise mom.” I said.

“She promised me too.” Haylee said making mom laugh.

“You really like this guy don’t you?” Mom asked making Katie smile.

“Yep!” She said with a huge smile.

“What do you like about him?” Mom asked.

“Well, he’s not like the other boys at all and he’s really nice to mom and me, it’s not like it was with the other boys. He doesn’t make me feel like I bother him and he doesn’t think I’m annoying at all, he likes me. When he and mom went on a date, I got to go and I had fun. He gave me piggy back rides, I got to play games with him and he let me watch movies with him and mom.” She said before I kinda interrupted her.

“He bought us dinner too, and when she said she didn’t want the child’s menu, he refused that and let her get whatever she wanted.” I said before she put her hand on my arm.

“I’m not done mom.” She said while she looked in my eyes.

“I’m sorry baby, continue.” I said while we all laughed.

“Anyway, before mom interrupted me I was going to say that he doesn’t ignore me and act like I’m stupid or anything, he’s way way nice to me. I want mom to be with him because she’s happy when he’s around. Plus he’s way cuter too.” She said all happily.

“Well, I think she’s said all we need to know, you did good.” Mom said surprising me.

We spent a couple of hours talking about him before mom took us home, and when she was driving us, I found my favorite picture of Trevor and made it my home screen pic. So I had Haylee as my lock screen pic and my boyfriend as my home screen pic. It was the one where he was only wearing some shorts and his amazing body was all oiled up, and the look on his face, oh my god. Look, I liked Trevor a lot and yes I was going to be with him, but after what happened on the plane and stuff, I lusted him so bad that my whole body hurt and those pics that he let me choose, didn’t help at all. God I wish I would have gotten some nudes, anyway, some say that some of the best and most successful relationships start with lust and pure yummy, sweaty and hot sex and the more I thought about it, the more the idea of it sounded amazing, especially when I thought about him. You have to understand that the last time I had sex, as in, real sex with a real guy with a real dick was when I got pregnant. So it had been years since I had sex with a real man and not a toy, and I mean it was a long time. I hung out with and talked to a few guys but I never had sex with them and I don’t really know why other than I wasn’t attracted to them at all. I didn’t even have any fuck buddies, all I had was my toy and my fans, that’s it. I honestly hoped that we had sex soon because after the flight where we touched each other, yeah, I wanted him so so bad. It’s what happened after we got home that pushed me over the edge and made me want him so bad that my head started to spin.

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