A Fantasy Realized Ch. 2

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The night I came home early from the party and found my son Johnny beating his meat in his bedroom was quite a turning point in my life! not only did I show him a much more enjoyable and exciting way to deal with his horniness, but found a much more enjoyable way to deal with my own!!

I made no excuses for what happened between us that night, nor did I feel particularly guilty, in fact I loved it! I found an extra dimension of excitement and sensuality in having my own son shoot his load in my pussy and in my mouth and all over my tits! and over the next few weeks, with School holidays just starting and Jack, my husband continuing to spend long hours at his job, we did a lot of all three!! although my husband didn’t seem to notice I took to wandering around the house in slightly more sexy clothes, and didn’t bother with a bra any more because I knew it excited Johnny to see my hard nipples poking through my T shirts or the flash of my sexy briefs when I bent over! and he took every opportunity to touch me and stroke me because he knew that excited me! even taking the risk of being discovered seemed to add to our excitement and led to some incredibly hot sexual encounters when we finally got to be alone!

I remember particularly the night that I was getting ready to go out to a party with Jack, he was out in the corridor calling out to me to hurry up and finish my shower or we’d be late, and I was inside the bathroom leaning over the sink trying desperately to stop the scream that was welling up into my throat as Johnny pounded his hot cock into my pussy from behind!! I was so glad that I’d made the rule very early in my marriage that I was not to be intruded upon when I was taking a shower!! but having my son shoot his load into my pussy with my husband only a few feet away was enormously exciting!!

Jack had been quite adamant that there was no way that work would interfere that night, we would definitely go and enjoy the party, hearing this, and for once believing it, Johnny asked if he could go and stay the night with a friend, and we agreed. That in itself would later prove to be significant! I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that I was finally getting plenty of good sex, or the fact that Johnny had fucked me so good just before we left, but I found myself in an excellent mood when we got to the party and was quite happy to join in some of the usual light flirting that always seems to be a feature of these types of gatherings, indeed, I felt myself very tuned in to some of the sensual undercurrents that were running between people!

I found myself noticing for the first time who was really interested in who!! and when Jack’s best buddy William came over and started his usual light flirting and sexually suggestive talk, I realised that his light banter was just a cover for the fact that he really had the hots for me!! it wasn’t that I didn’t like William, or that I thought he was a sleaze or anything, in fact I’d always acknowledged that he was ruggedly good looking and that in other circumstances I could be quite attracted to him, but I was a happily married woman who’d never contemplated being unfaithful! but of course, the events with Johnny had changed all that!!

I’d acknowledged that my marriage was not as sexually satisfying as I wanted and needed it to be, I’d rediscovered the fact that I was a sexually attractive woman and that I really loved being fucked!! so on this night I found myself listening to William and looking at William in a slightly different light, and even found myself responding much more than usual , throwing some of his sexual suggestiveness back at him! but what surprised me most was the fact that this seemed to please Jack immensely! and I realised with something of a shock that over the last few months Jack seemed to have been pushing William and I together more and more often! – but I knew I must be mistaken!

It was when the three of us were standing together that the damn beeper went off! a flushed and guilty look came over Jack’s face as he’d assured me that tonight he would leave it at home, and I felt myself getting angry. Quickly Jack dashed off to grab the nearest phone and William offered to get me another drink, I think I might have snapped his head off! then had to apologize, he said it was OK, he understood! then Jack came back looking very unhappy indeed and mumbled that he was sorry but it was an emergency and he really had to dash off to the office and he’d need to take the car, but William would look after me and make sure I got home safely! he said all this very quickly and with a quick kiss on my cheek, dashed off. I was absolutely fuming! and everyone in the room could see that, especially William! he waited for a while as I simmered and sipped at the drink he’d brought me, then he took me by the arm and led me towards the door, “Did you bring a coat?” he asked, I shook my head negatively, “Then I think we ought to get out of here and get some fresh air for a while”. Still locked in my anger I allowed him to lead me out and place me in his car, then he just started to drive.

I think he must have kadıköy escort driven for half an hour before I felt the anger begin to slip from my body and my mind and I came back to the present. I glanced over at William and he was staring straight ahead, not a semblance of a smile on his face, “I’m sorry William” I said, “I didn’t mean to spoil things for you, where are we?”, he glanced across and a slow smile came to his face, “Well, for a start, you’re back amongst the living, and that’s great” he said, “but as for where we are, I haven’t a clue, I’ve just been driving and turning whenever the mood caught me!” I lifted my hand to my mouth to stifle the giggle that threatened to break out, “You mean we’re lost?” I said, he tossed back his head and laughed, “Not really lost, I just don’t know where we are!” we both laughed at that! “Don’t worry, as soon as I see the next street sign I’ll know!” that set us both laughing again, and I felt the last of the anger slide away, “I guess you’re ready to go home now?” he asked, “Yes, if you don’t mind William” I replied, he glanced across at me and smiled, “don’t you think it’s about time you called me Bill?, William sounds so formal!”, “OK” I said, “Bill it will be” and I settled back into the seat as he looked around for a sign post, and having found one that he recognised, we turned for home.

It turned out that we weren’t very far away at all, and some 10 minutes later he turned in to my drive way, and I started to get out, then I stopped, realising that after all he’d done for me I couldn’t just let him drive away, so I asked him if he’d like a night cap since I’d caused him to miss out on a few drinks at the party! he hesitated for a moment, then shrugged and turned off the engine of the car, “I think I’d like that very much” he said, so I led him inside. I didn’t bother with the main light of the lounge room, I simply walked over to the bar in the corner and turned the small light on there, then turned around and acting the part of a barmaid said “Good evening sir, and what would your pleasure be this evening?” I noted the Quick flush that came to his cheeks and the slight smile that twisted the side of his mouth, “Well it’s a bit difficult to decide when your mind’s distracted” he said, “Oh sir” I said, continuing the act, “and what could possibly be distracting you?”, he groaned and his eyes slowly and quite deliberately dropped down to the slopes of my breasts! I’d worn a dress that night that I knew Jack loved, that I knew turned him on, and it appeared to be doing the same thing for Bill!! it was a muted orange in color, a very simple design, the hem midway between my thighs and my knees – perhaps a little closer to my thighs! and the neck line cut quite low! because of that and the fact that my breasts were so firm I’d enhanced the effect for Jack by not bothering to wear a bra, and the thin material clung to my breasts and clearly outlined my nipples! little wonder it was proving to be a distraction! but instead of being annoyed by the fact that he was now staring unashamedly down my cleavage, I found myself becoming turned on! Then he finally shook his head and in a slightly hoarse voice said, “it will have to be a soft drink, I’m driving, remember!”. I grinned at him, feeling the heat rising inside me, “Why doesn’t sir take a comfortable seat on the couch and I’ll bring his drink right over!”

He seemed to stagger slightly as he moved off to the couch and I knew it wasn’t anything to do with the drinks he’d consumed that evening, because I remember being surprised earlier to note that he was on soft drinks. I made two large lemonades with plenty of ice and carried them slowly and carefully across to the couch, he watched me come and I could see the heat in his eyes. He quickly moved a small table from the side to the front and I leaned forward to place the two drinks on it. I heard his sharp intake of breath and knew that he was now in no doubt whatsoever that I wasn’t wearing a bra! because the neckline of my dress gaped wide open!! I held the pose there for a moment, letting him drink in the sight of my breasts, “is that to your satisfaction, sir?” I murmured, “or is there something else you’d like?” his answer was a half moan, half groan, and when I straightened up he was leaning back with his eyes tightly closed, and I knew he was fighting for control. I moved over and sat down beside him , then leaned across and lightly brushed my lips over his, he jumped as if I’d stabbed him! “what was that for?” he gasped, “for being so special to me tonight, for looking after me, for caring!” and I saw the flush move from his neck right up to his hair line, “Will you promise not to jump if I finish saying thank you?” I asked, and before he could reply I leaned over again and pressed my lips on to his and kept them there for a long, long time! until I felt his stiff lips soften and begin to respond to mine, then I pulled away just a fraction and looked deep into his eyes, then I reached down and took one of his hands and placed it around my neck, then reached for the other one and placed it firmly üsküdar escort on my breast! and his eyes almost popped out of his head! then I moved forward again and kissed him deeply! again there was that momentary stiffness, that hesitation as he struggled with the feelings that were flowing through him, then his lips were hungrily devouring mine! and his hand was cupping and stroking my breasts, and the drinks were forgotten!

For the next 10 minutes our lips and tongues did a torrid, passionate dance that further inflamed both of us, then he finally moved his hand and slipped it into the top of my dress and cupped my naked breast, I groaned and squirmed, then groaned some more as I felt his other hand move to my back and slowly ease down the zipper of my dress! his other hand did the rest, pushing it down and away from my breasts and releasing them completely! he pulled away from my lips and glanced down, “Oh, I want to see them, I want to see your magnificent tits!”, so I twisted away, giving him a full, uninterrupted view, “Mmmm, so beautiful, they’re even bigger than I thought, and so firm!” and his hand roamed all over them, squeezing and teasing, causing my already hard nipples to swell and harden even further. Then he shook his head as if trying to rid himself of the fog of his mounting passion, “but this is crazy!, we mustn’t!, Jack’s my best friend!”. I reached out and captured his moving hand and held it to my breast, “and my husband!” I added, “but haven’t you noticed how he’s been pushing us together? for the last four parties in a row he’s been called away, and every time he’s urged me to remain saying, ‘William will look after you’! last time you remember I had to drive him to the airport, and even there he urged me to return alone to the party, ‘William will look after you’ he said, ‘William will look after you’! don’t you remember him saying that tonight?”, “Yes” said Bill, “but I didn’t know about the other times, I guess I get so horny when I’m around you that I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around me!” I grinned, “and are you horny now?” I asked teasingly, “am I ever!!” he gasped, “and so am I!!” I said, ” and I want you to keep your promise to my husband and ‘look after me’ real well!!” and with that, I stood up and allowed my dress to cascade to the floor, then leaned forward and proceeded to remove my sopping wet panties! there was only a momentary hesitation as his eyes feasted on my now completely naked body before he started fumbling at his shirt buttons! I smiled at him, “I’ll be with you in a moment” I said, and moved back to the bar to light a couple of candles and turn out the harsh bar light, bathing the room in a flickering glow, then I moved back to the couch.

By this time Bill had managed to remove all his clothes, and I stood for a moment looking down admiringly at his naked torso, he was quite slim, but also quite muscular, but what interested me most was the beautiful, beautiful rampant cock that almost seem to glare up at me, I guessed him to be about seven and a half to eight inches, and quite thick, and he was circumcised, which gave his cock a beautiful symmetric shape, and I felt my mouth begin to water as I looked at it! he didn’t rush me, seeming to enjoy the feeling of my eyes caressing his body, but eventually I wanted to more than just look! so I dropped to my knees and reached out to take hold of his cock, gently running my hand up and down its length, bringing a deep groan from his throat! then I leaned over and brushed my lips across its tip before plunging my hot mouth down over it almost to the base! he jumped then! almost lifting himself off the couch!, “Mmmm, does that mean you like being sucked?” I asked, a sort of strangled sound came out! and I sucked him some more! I really did love sucking a man’s cock and I’d been getting plenty of practice with Johnny in recent weeks, so I was able to keep Bill hovering on that edge of agony and ecstasy where he was almost at the point of cumming! “Oh god, that’s incredible, that’s so, so good!” he groaned, “But I want to do it to you too, I want to bring you to the boil and make you simmer!!”, so he slid from the couch and laughingly wrested me to the floor, and proceeded to lick and kiss and suck every inch of my body, until he came to my steaming pussy and started to lap me up!! that was enough to bring me to an initial orgasm! and he seemed to enjoy the feeling and taste of my juices cascading down over his tongue! but by now he was on fire too, so he changed position quickly and buried his rampant cock into my hot, juicy pussy! “Yes, oh god yes” I cried out, “That feels so good, your cock is so big, so hot, it feels sooo good, oh god, fuck me, fuck me real hard!!” and he began to lift his tempo, fucking his hard cock deep into my squirming pussy! at the same time his lips and tongue were ravaging my sensitive breasts, occasionally sucking hard at my stiff, swollen nipples, and I was loving it!! I ran my hands over his tight, muscular ass cheeks, pulling him forward with his thrusting cock to bury him deeper inside me, then gently tuzla escort stroking as he withdrew, then I allowed my fingers to slide down into the crack of his ass to brush against his asshole and that caused him to jump and gasp, and I felt his cock lurch inside me, so I kept fingering him there, gently rubbing against his hole and he began to gasp and thrust even harder, “Oh yes, oh yes, that’s driving me wild!” he croaked, so I decided to go one step further and jammed one finger as deeply as I could into his steaming ass!! well, he just exploded!! blasting his hot cum juice so hard I thought it was going to shoot out of my mouth! but that blew me over the top too, and I was bucking and heaving and threshing around as an incredibly spectacular orgasm ripped through me and my juices gushed down to meet his spewing hot lava!! he kept on fucking his cock into me, lifting my body off the floor and ramming it deep and I was loving every minute of it! and I urged him on, and he urged me on, at times it was hard to determine who was crying out “Fuck me!!” the loudest!!, but it seemed to go on and on for ever!

But all good things eventually come to an end – and it had been incredibly good!! – and we collapsed exhausted into each other’s arms, then I looked up and laughed, things had happened so fast after that first brief kiss to say thank you, that we’d completely forgotten about the drinks! I reached up for mine and found that the ice had all melted and the drink had got warm, so pushing myself from his embrace I wandered over to the bar and made us another drink each. He lay propped against the couch watching me as I brought the drinks back, and he gave a low wolf whistle, “Have I ever told you Mrs Davis that you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met?”, he asked, I grinned, “No! but I’m quite happy to listen if you want to tell me now!”, “I always think that actions speak louder than words, so when I finish this drink I’m going to show you just how sexy I think you are!”

At that moment we both heard the front door open and close, and footsteps moving towards the candle lit room, Bill jerked upright, almost spilling his drink, and a mixture of shock, pain and embarrassment rushed on to his face! but I reached out and pushed him back, “It’s too late now” I whispered “Whatever happens, happens!!” Then Jack walked in, looking a little tired and drawn, and came straight over and looked down at us, then a curious smile came on to his face, “I guess the party moved here” He said, “I hope I’m not too late!” and he began to take off his clothes! and when he did, I was astounded to see that he had the most massive erection I’d ever seen him have!! well, I wasn’t going to waste that!! so I immediately got to my knees and began to suck it!! “Aargh!” he moaned as his whole body shook “suck me good Lisa, suck me good!”, and with Bill looking on initially slightly wide eyes, but then with growing arousal, I did just that until I knew that Jack was about to explode! I took his first huge spurt of cum into my mouth, then the rest I allowed to shoot all over my face and breasts! as I pumped his big cock hard!, I knew that always excited Jack!! I found out that it excited Bill too, and Jack had hardly stopped spurting before Bill was up and licking Jack’s juices frantically off my breasts!! then I was pulling at Bill’s cock too and before long he was spewing his juices over my face and breasts too!! and this time it was Jack that was right there to lick it off!! it was totally wild and totally crazy, and I loved it!! but my mouth and my face and my breasts were getting all the attention and my pussy was getting none! as I was quick to point out!! and something they moved quickly to rectify, first a revitalized Jack, and then a somewhat relieved and equally revitalized Bill!!

Later, all three of us lay naked, sipping a fresh cool drink, watching the light grow brighter through the lounge room window as dawn made it’s way into the room, and Jack almost formally thanked Bill for ‘looking after me’ the previous night, Bill grinned, “It was my pleasure” he said, and I grinned, “It was my pleasure too! and anytime you want to pleasure me again, just come on over!!” I said, then glanced at Jack, he was grinning hugely and nodding – and once again sporting a massive erection!! when I pointed it out by the simple process of reaching out and grabbing it, he admitted that he’s always had this incredibly hot fantasy about seeing me with another man! and now having seen it he found it turned him on even more!!, “So that’s why you’ve been trying to push Bill and I together at parties'” I said, “Was it so obvious?” he asked, “I’ve always known Bill had the hots for you, so I thought I’d help it along!, you’re not angry are you?” I wasn’t, but Bill was! or at least he pretended to be!, “You Bastard” he said, “You set me up! but what bugs me most is that if you’d been a little less devious and a little more open, I might have tasted the delights of Lisa a lot sooner!! so I guess we’ll have to make up for lost time, why don’t the two of you join me up at the lakeside cabin next weekend? it’s well out of beeper range!! totally private! we can take our clothes off when we arrive and not put them on again until we leave and fuck the whole weekend through!!”, I threw back my head and laughed in absolute delight! “I’ll drink to that!” I said, and promptly plunged my mouth down over Jack’s rampant cock!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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