A Female Realtor’s Open House

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This is a short, sweet but sexy story of something that happened to me recently. I purposely left out much of the uninteresting dialog. Many thanks to my editor who helped and guided me.

I was holding an open house shortly after Christmas. An older couple came in with their 20+ year old son who they introduced to me as being a third year medical student on the East Coast.

The son was extremely nice and “very” good looking and was constantly “checking me out,” which left no doubt in my mind that he was much more interested in me than the house.

He was however, very careful so as not to give any indication of his strong interest in me to his parents. Naturally, I was not dressed provocatively but was wearing a skirt, a bit shorter than the norm, a white blouse, a navy blue blazer and 3″ heels which accentuate my legs nicely.

In all honesty, I must admit, that the steady attention he gave to me with his beautiful blue “bedroom eyes” had certainly aroused me, to say the least.

After a very long walkthrough the couple said they liked the house, wanted to discuss it privately, and possibly look at it again tomorrow.

The following day they returned, looked at the home as their son trailed along behind us, I could feel his eyes on me the entire time, after lengthy discussions with me said they would like to submit an offer.

As it was already late, I said I would prepare the offer and call them to sign.

The next day I called and asked them to come by my home and sign the offer.

They arrived with their son, who had driven separately, after some discussion they signed and said they had to leave, but if possible their son would like to look at the home again. I said of course and they left.

Their son asked if I was ready to go, but I said I wanted to change first.

As I had been cleaning my house and never expected them to arrive so early, I just grabbed a pair of old sweat pants to put on over my almost obscenely short jean cut-offs. I didn’t cover my tee shirt, having forgotten I had no bra on.

He said he didn’t have much time and there was no need for me to change. As it was warm outside and he seemed anxious I didn’t change, I took off the sweats and his wide smile left no doubt he was pleased with my attire. We left, each driving our own car.

The drive was less than 10 minutes, we arrived and went in. I accompanied him as he did a very quick walkthrough, came back down stairs, he said he had several questions, so we sat down together on the smaller of two couches.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“I was born in Korea, but after graduating college I married an American and moved here,” I answered.

“My compliments to your husband, as he married an extremely beautiful woman, do you mind if I ask how tall you are?”

“Of course not, I replied, barefoot, I’m almost five-nine.”

“You’re shivering, are you cold?” he asked.

Note: As a result of divorce the home was being offered furnished and the seller had already moved out of state. I had forgotten that I had turned the heater down when I left the previous day and the house was freezing inside.

“Yes I am,” I answered, “I’m too lightly dressed and should have changed before we left.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t because you look smokin hot in those shorts, but I’m sorry you’re cold,” he replied.

“I better turn up the heat,” I said, as goose bumps began appearing on my bare legs and arms.

“You already have, at esenyurt escort least for me,” he offered.

I got up, adjusted the thermostat and returned to the couch, sat down and began rubbing my cold legs.

“May I do that for you?” he asked.

“No, that’s OK, I thought you had very little time,” I said.

“Well, in all honestly I have plenty of time, and I’m told that I’m good at warming things up,” he answered.

“I’ll bet you are,” I replied, seductively.

“Is that a yes?” he asked.

“That’s an OK for now,” I said, feeling a familiar warm wetness begin between my thighs.

“That’s good enough for me,” he said, lifting my legs onto the couch, he began slowly stroking my calves. His warm, soft touches were having a very positive effect on me.

I slid down a little which caused my long legs to hang over the end of the couch and my much too short shorts to ride up tightly into my crotch. That gave him an unobstructed view of my pubic hair and the moisture which had already soaked through my shorts.

He began caressing my inner thighs and his hands brushed over my mound and against my wetness numerous times.

“Wow, you really have great leg muscles and super soft skin,” he said.

“I’ll bet your abs are fine too, may I see them?” he asked.

Before I had a chance to answer he pushed my tee up to a point just barely below my breasts.

“Just as I thought, great abs,” he said, running his hand very slowly over my bare stomach.

“You’re really taking a lot for granted, and we need to stop, this is not the right thing to be doing in a clients house with a client,” I said, half hearted.

“I’m not a client, just the son of clients, I live on the East Coast, have no financial interest in this house and only used it as an excuse to be with you here alone,” he said.

Smiling, I said, “at least you’re honest and very sure of yourself, but I didn’t think your intentions were business.”

“Hell, without self confidence you won’t last a week at Harvard Med much less four years, and my intentions are far from business,” he answered.

“Exactly, what are those intentions?” I inquired.

“Surely, you know what they are, but lets see if yours and mine are alike, if not, just tell me, and I’ll stop,” he said.

At this point I must say our intentions were much alike, as he was gorgeous, tall, with short blond hair, seductive blue eyes, beautiful kissable lips and a very fit body.

“Are you still cold?” he asked.

“I don’t think so, it’s nice and warm in here now, why, do I look cold?” I asked.

“Well, your nipples are about to burst through your shirt,” he said.

“Maybe that’s because I’m trying to imagine what your intentions will feel like,” I said.

He leaned over and kissed me gently, sliding his tongue into my mouth, his soft lips on mine felt fantastic. I reached up and held his face between my hands and my tongue went between his lips and into his warm mouth. My tongue slid slowly in and out of his mouth in simulation of what was to come, hopefully soon.

His soft hands went slowly under my shirt and I felt his fingers circling my nipples then he began gently twisting and pinching them.

“I had a very enjoyable and very wet dream about you last night,” he said.

“Really?” I asked,”

“Yeah,” he answered. “You’re fantastically good looking. I couldn’t get you out of my mind, you really have turned me on.”

“When my folks avrupa yakası escort got up to leave yesterday,I guess my Dads keys fell out of his pocket, I followed you back in to help look for them. I was down on the floor looking under the sofa, when you found them and bent over to pick them up, your short skirt rode way up and gave me a clear view of your sweet ass,” he added.

“I guess I should wear either longer skirts or add panties to my wardrobe,” I said.

“It would be a shame to cover up such a fine ass, but that’s just a very horny med students opinion,” he said.

“Thanks, I said, but it’s hard to believe just that got you so enamored with me,” I replied.

“You don’t believe it?” he asked, “I’ll show you hard,” he said, taking my hand and placing it over the front of his pants, I felt a very long, hard cock confined within.

“You believe me now?” he asked.

Grasping it I said,”I sure do, and I think our goals are the same,” I said.

Feigning shyness, he asked, “will you get pissed off if I try to undress you?”

By now I wanted him in me and quickly answered, “hell no, I’ll be pissed if you don’t!”

I reluctantly released his cock as he pulled my tee over my head and began unbuttoning my shorts as he kissed and licked my stomach.

He finally worked my shorts down and off, and dropped them on the floor.

“Holy fuck! you’ve got a beautiful body, but your legs and tits are beyond belief,” he said.

Running his fingers through my abundant pubic hair he remarked, “This is such soft long hair on your pussy, and you’re soaking wet down here, as his middle finger went between my lips.”

I smiled and said, “It’s your fault I’m wet, but do you know I’m probably old enough to be your mother?”

“You’d have a tough time convincing anyone that you’ve had 30 birthdays, much less anymore,” he said.

“Thanks, that was sweet to hear, now I’m positive what I want,” I said.

“What’s that?” he asked.

I grabbed his cock through his pants and shouted, “THIS, in me, NOW!”

“You can’t even imagine how badly I want to fuck you, but first I’ve gotta get my tongue inside that beautiful, wet Korean pussy,” he said.

“Do it!” I said, almost breathlessly, releasing my firm grip on his cock.

He pulled his polo over his head as I undid his belt and pulled down his zipper releasing his cock as he wore no undershorts. Quickly, I caused his pants to drop around his ankles and he stepped out of them.

As I said he was young and gorgeous, firmly muscled with tight abs and a firm athletic ass. His cock, although not extremely large, was very handsome in its hardness and constantly dripping pre-cum.

He knelt down and began licking and sucking my nipples, he teased them with his teeth then very slowly trailed his tongue down over my stomach and kissed and tongued my mound. His mouth found my clit which he sucked eagerly as he parted my lips with his fingers.

“Oh my God, suck me, lick me, fuck me with your tongue,” I screamed spreading my legs as wide as possible. This allowed his entire face between my thighs. I was like a wild animal moaning and whining, I wanted his whole body inside me.

“More please,” I begged as he slowed his pace of sucking and licking my clit and the swollen lips of my pussy.

“Fuck, your pussy smells and tastes so good,” he said, sucking my juices into his mouth.

His hands reached anadolu yakası escort up and found my tits, he lightly pinched my nipples as he licked the inside lips of my pussy. Then again his tongue was inside me, like a tiny cock he speared his tongue in and out of me, I was on fire!

“Please! Fuck me, oh my God, I want your cock in me now,” I pleaded, I honestly felt I would go crazy if not fucked soon.

I sat upright on the couch, he reached down and pulled me up so I was standing on the couch. His arms went around me and I jumped wrapping my arms around his neck and legs firmly around his waist.

I felt his cock sliding between the lips of my pussy. Oh God, I wanted it. “In me, in me, in me,” I shouted as I squirmed around trying to get his cock into me. Finally, it slid in and we began the in and out, up and down thrusts of very loud, passionate fucking.

“Oh my God!,yes, harder, deeper, oh it’s so good, oh yeah, fuck me more,” I screamed.

“Shit, I thought you would be a wild-fine fuck, but this is unbelievable. I’ve never been in pussy so fucking tight and hot, uh, ohhh shit, God damn, its good, I want to fuck you forever.”

“Less talking, more fucking,” I ordered.

He knelt somewhat, resting my ass on the edge of the couch, with his cock still in me I unhooked my legs from around his waist and he hoisted them onto his shoulders.

“Then I completely lost it, oh fuck yes, I moaned, deeper, harder, faster, fuck me till I scream, yeah, that’s it, right there, Oh my fucking God, it’s so good, I love it.”

“I don’t want to pull out, can I cum inside you?” he asked.

“Don’t take it out!,stay in me, your cock feels so fucking good, oh God, fuck me, cum in me, I want every drop of it,” I shouted, almost hysterically.

“Oh fuck, I’mmmmm cummmmming,” I screamed as my body shook in an almost violent orgasm.

“Me too, oh fuck, here it cums unh, unh, ahhhhh” he groaned as he slammed into me. I felt his cock jerk then his hot cum gushed into me.

I must have gotten three or four spurts out of him before we both collapsed on the couch with his cock still in me.

“God damn you’re a fabulous fuck,” he said. “I’ve been with my girlfriend since college and neither she or several of her friends could fuck me as half good as you do.”

“Well there is something to be said for age and experience,” I replied.

“I heard that Asian women really didn’t care about fucking that much, but you have proven that wrong,” he stated.

“We love sex as much as any other woman, but maybe we are just a little more selective about the cocks that get into us,” I said.

“I have never been with a woman who is as loud and vocal as you are during sex. You must have said fuck a hundred times.”

“There is no English word that turns me on faster, and I really love the word Fuck,” I replied.

“Did you cum too?” (a typical young guy question) he asked.

“God yes, at least 3 or 4 times, your tongue got me off at least twice and your cock is fabulous to be fucked by.”

“Too bad I have to leave tomorrow as school starts back up on Monday and hopefully I get my MD in July, 11.”

“If you are half as good at studying as you are at sucking and fucking you should graduate number one in your class,” I said.

“Damn,I want to fuck you some more, a lot more,! you’re such a great fuck, how about when I come home next summer?” he asked.

“Anything is possible where sex is concerned,” I said.

We cleaned up as much as possible, and went to the door, he kissed me and said, “I doubt I will ever find a woman who loves to fuck as much as you do, you are fabulous looking and fantastic fucking, I will never forget this day.”

“Neither will I,” I answered.

That’s it, he went back to Med School and maybe we will meet later.

Be happy, JuLee

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