A First At Work

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There is a first time for everything, especially things sexual. The first time you saw another guy nude and really appreciated it – and not just as a kid or in a school gym – the first time you touched another guy’s cock, the first time you kissed another guy, and of course, the first time you fooled around with another guy where one or both of you got off. Then of course there is the first time that you discovered a playmate at work; someone you could talk to and have a little fun with, especially if no one suspected a thing. And, that is probably when you discovered that bisexual and gay men were a little more common than you might have suspected.

My “first time at work” came when we hired a new guy in my department. Not that it was really “my” department, I was just one of the “individual contributors” as we working stiffs were called. Okay, no pun intended on the stiff’s part. As luck would have it, I was assigned to show him the ropes around the company, above and beyond what the new hire training had shown him. I was to show him how we got things done in this department, where our files were kept online, who we went to for information and so on. I had my suspicions about him when I was first introduced to him, but then I hear he was married, so dismissed the notion. To my later delight, I just assumed too much too soon.

Bob, as I will call him though not his real name just in case someone recognizes this story, showed up bright and early the next day, a Tuesday, (his first day was Monday, and that was mostly taken up with the new hire indoctrination) before I had even finished my Email reading and first cup of coffee – almost rude of him I thought at the time.

The first thing I did was show him where our files were on the server, how things were organized, or disorganized, depending on how you like to view the world. After that, we left my cubicle and went on a walk-about of the buildings to introduce him to the other folks we have to deal with, or in some cases, ordeal with. Somewhere on the walk in between buildings, and I can’t for the life of me remember exactly how it came up, up popped the subject of bi-sexuality. He had, as I recall, rather boldly said that while he was married to a woman, he really was rather bisexual – but not to worry, that he never hit on straight guys and was only interested in gay or bisexual men that were also interested in him. At the time I thought it was rather ballsey of him to say that, not knowing me much at all. He went on about that for a time, I suppose to reassure me that my mentioning it that he wasn’t hitting on me. Frankly, through most of the time he was talking, I was thinking rus escort that it might be fun if he sucked me off, I could suck him off, or we could really get it on with a nice little sixty-nine! Finally I was able to get a word in edgewise and told him not to worry so much about it, that I was bi too.

“Oh,” was all he said, seeming to be a little stunned.

Perhaps he was just giving me his spiel for shock value and I had just ruined that. “There are probably more of us running around here too, I just don’t know of any. I suppose most of us have learned over the years to keep our mouths shut in a place like this.”

“I suppose. Normally I don’t say anything, but somehow you seemed like it wouldn’t bother you.”

“Good guess, but most places have ways of getting rid of anyone they suspect is gay, and bi is close enough, without firing you for that. That being the case, I would appreciate it if you would kinda not mention that out loud around here again.” I really thought he had been a bit nuts for taking the chance of telling me, but I was sure glad he had. Now if he just had the brains to keep his mouth shut to the rest of the paranoid former military types around here, we could have a good time.

“Uh yea, no problem. But as long as we know about each other, you up to a little more fun than usual around here if we can find a place?”

“Sure,” I said. “But I’m really into oral and not real big on the anal stuff.” Actually, I did anal, but not with just anyone, and not just anytime. Mostly I was really big on the oral stuff, and was often a complete slut about it. Okay, I would blow just about anyone!

“No problem. Now all we need is a place, and being new here, I don’t know the place very well.” I was a bit of a late bi-sexual bloomer, but had discovered that I was just a real sucker for hard cock and hot cum.

“I’ll think of somewhere, just give me a little time!” Oh this was going to be fun. I was getting stiff just thinking about it. Now all I had to do was find an unused office, closet, anything that had a locking door, no window, and two guys coming out of it wouldn’t arouse any suspicion in a cesspool of suspicious people. But, I was up to the challenge for this.

Nothing happened for the next couple of days. I did find an unused office that would work just fine, but Bob was so busy doing actual work (when you are new you do have to make in impression after all) that we just never had the time to get together.

Finally, one Friday afternoon things got a little more interesting. Several people had taken the afternoon off, our manager yenimahalle escort was gone, and things were very quiet in our area.

Bob came into my cubicle and quietly asked if I had found a place and was still interested.

“Of course to both,” I said. I got up and we walked to the office I had found. It was in a section of the building that was being refurbished, until the money or need apparently ran out. It was slightly dark in there and there was no traffic through the area. If anyone saw us coming out of an office in there, they would think we were just exploring the place. I doubted anyone would thing anything of seeing two guys in there.

Once safely in that office, we closed the door got down to business! I was just dying to suck on him. We both unzipped and dropped our pants. While he was getting his brief down (I gave up underwear years ago), I dropped to my knees in front of him – before he could say he wanted to blow me first – and wrapped my hand around his warm and partly hard cock. It was absolutely magnificent – uncut, just long enough to be interesting, and not so thick as to choke me to death while I did what I really like to do with a hardening cock – see how much of it I can get into my mouth and throat!

Bob just stood there and let me go at him. Sucking him part of the time and just plain jacking him off the rest of the time, while I admired that uncut foreskin going over his swollen cockhead. I was in heaven. My work was rewarded by a few tasty drops of his sweet precum oozing out the end of that glorious cockhead.

“Oh God that feels good,” he said softly. “No one give head like another guy. Women just don’t have a fuckin’ clue!”

“Tell me,” I mumbled, only taking his now hard cock part way out of my mouth.

We didn’t have all day, and I gave him my best effort. He must have been enjoying it. He had gotten very hard very quickly. I had stroked him and admired that magnificent foreskin going over his swollen cockhead for a short time, but then got down to some serious cocksucking. While I sucked on that fine specimen of man-meat, I was carefully fondling and tugging on his cum filled balls. It was having the desired effect – he was breathing faster, had his head back with his eyes closed and his legs were stiff with tension. In short, he was about to blow his hot thick load of cum into my waiting mouth.

“Here it comes!” he groaned.

Fortunately he wasn’t one of those who thought he should be “fucking my mouth,” and just stood there and let me do the moving – that way I didn’t gag from his cock going too deep into my mouth at just the wrong moment. He wasn’t lying, a few seconds later I felt and tasted the first spurt of this thick man juice spurt into my waiting mouth. It was followed by his moaning softly, his legs shaking with delight and sexual relief, and spurt after spurt of his sweet delicious cum. He was giving me everything he had, and I was sucking and swallowing everything he could give me.

“Oh God that was good,” he finally whispered. “You really know how to do that.”

“It’s just a matter of loving what you do,” I said as I stood. I French kissed him, some of his cum still on my tongue.

“You devil!” he said. “But, now it’s my turn!”

I was ready. I find it a lot better, for me, to blow the other guy first, and then let him get me off. Now I was hard and ready for him to let me fill his mouth.

Bob dropped to his knees and didn’t disappoint me. He proved to be a very adept cocksucker himself. Moreover, he was pretty good at the deep throat act himself. My guess was that he loved cocksucking about as much as I did. As I had done for him, he had one hand on my cock, stroking it as my cock came out of his hot wet moth, and his other hand was caressing my cum filled balls. “That’s good, really good,” I said in encouragement. “So fuckin’ good!”

“Nice cock,” he said taking a short break. He was still stroking my cock with his hand as he closely examined what he had been sucking. “Now to make you cum!” he said as my hard cock disappeared into his hot mouth.

I was ready to give him all I had too, and it wasn’t long before I felt that wonderful feeling start deep between my legs. “Here it comes,” I whispered. My legs were now shaking like his had as that first load of cum started deep within me and rushed up my stiff cock and into his sucking mouth. Bob made this feel so good I thought I was going to fall down it felt so good. He put a new meaning to the expression about making someone “weak-kneed.” His other hand was massaging my balls as if encouraging them to unload everything in them into his hot sucking mouth.

“You really make a lot of cum,” he laughed as my softening cock finally slipped from his mouth.

“I think you sucked me dry!” I said as I pulled my pants up.

“I try harder!” Bob said as he stood and pulled up his briefs and pants.

We gave ourselves a few seconds to get that “just fucked” look off our faces and then tried to look casual as we left the area. Lingering too long would not be a healthy idea.

We did manage to make use of that a few more times over the coming weeks, but as with so many relationships, ours wasn’t to be. We had our personality differences, and gradually they overcame that initial attraction and we, without any real discussion about it, just stopped having sex with each other. A few years later Bob left the company for greener pastures elsewhere.

Am Ende,
Copyright 2001, by Art.

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