A Gift from a Deliveryman

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Honest, at first, I thought she was dead.

I deliver packaged goods to the public from my truck, and was on a delivery to her house at the time. I rang the door bell and waited, but got no response. I rang again but for longer this time, and still didn’t get a response.

I was so near the end of my round I didn’t want to have to take it back to the depot, only to have to re-deliver it again tomorrow. So I knocked on the door as though that would somehow magically make her be at home.

The door swung open at my knock, at first I just waited at the door step calling into the house, ‘still there was no response.’ I stepped over the thresh hold calling out who I was, and what I was doing there. I was still calling for whomever, was in the house when I found her laying on the floor in front of her sofa.

The concern I felt for her safety and well being, quickly got me over my initial shock at the sight of the state of her undress. I went to her to see if she was alive or dead, Instinctively knowing not to touch anything in case the police needed to do their own investigating.

I quickly checked her vitals, ‘as best I knew how to.’ I could hardly tell if she was breathing at all, I checked her pulse, it was weak and irregular. I started to panic, I’d never seen a dead person before.

I had a basic understanding of first aid, from the few classes I’d taken at school. ‘A. B. C.’ Airways, Breathing and Circulation, I was quite pleased that I’d remembered that. I checked her airways were clear, ‘check,’ breathing was shallow at best, ‘check,’ circulation, I didn’t remember how to do that.

‘I could give her mouth to mouth, and heart compression, that should be alright,’ I thought kneeling besides her. I tilted her head back to clear her airway, and lent over her holding her head in my hands. Her breath stank of whiskey, if I didn’t think she needed this I’d have been would as happily leave her the way she was.

It started while I was blowing into her mouth, I moved the gown covering her chest so I could watch her chest rise and fall. To say I was shocked at finding that I had one of her breasts in my hand, would have been the understatement of the year. Astonished, I watched my hand clawing it, squeezing it and rolling her nipples between its fingers.

I became quite aroused, I isveçbahis tasted the whisky she’d drank, I was kissing her, ‘French kissing her,’ at that. Suddenly to realize, what I doing to this woman I sat up quickly and headed for the front door.

I looked back at her just before I left her house the way I’d found it. The entire front of her body was exposed from tits to tush, and there was a ‘comely glow,’ about her. There was a blushing to her face, neck and chest and the area between her legs was open and looked like it was ready to receive something.

It suddenly occurred to me before I shut the door, ‘what would happen to her if someone else turned up and found her like that.’ I left the door as I’d found it, closed but unlocked ready for who ever turned up next time. Finding her like that was not only distracting, It had awoken a need in me, a need I hadn’t expected.

I finished the rest of my round with my needs un-quenched, I only had her delivery left on my truck. I had a choice, either I returned it to the depot and had to attempt another try tomorrow, or I could take it back to her house and try again.

Before I knew it, I was back outside her house, in my truck, touching myself, and trying to gain the courage to go to her, in the state I was in.

I got out of the cab, missed delivery cards and a pen in my pocket.

My clipboard held in front of me so I could hiding the fact my hand was inside my pants touching myself as I walked down her path.

My heart was racing in my chest, as I hoped against hope that the door was still open. That no one else had been in to see her, and that she was still in the same condition I left her in.

It was a lot to hope for, but what the hell, I could be lucky couldn’t I.

My body throbbed as I imagined what I could do to her if she was in the same state. My hand trembled as I rang the door bell, and as before, there was no answer. I knocked on her door pushing it open a little as I did so. My heart pounded in my chest, a deep throbbing of an inexplicable need as I stepped over the thresh hold into her house.

She was still in the same room, in the same position I’d left her in before. Legs wide open, knees up in the air, and her bust exposed. Had I left it like that… I couldn’t remember, I thought as I walked over to her.

I isveçbahis giriş shook her shoulder vigorously a few times, ‘watching her exposed breasts wobble,’ to make sure she was still out of it.

Again as before, I pressed myself against her, squeezed her breasts feeling her nipples harden in the palm of my hand. I watched them while I unbuttoned my pants and exposed myself to her, by pulling down the front of my underwear.

Then I took her hand in mine and pushed it into my underwear, sighing at the contact of her cool hand against my hot foetid skin. As I thrust myself against her hand, I bent over her, taking her left nipple in my mouth to suckle. My free hand reached down her body and between her legs, until I felt her hot tender flesh open to the probing of my fingers.

I kissed my way across her chest from nipple to nipple. Her scent hung heavily in the air, never before had I felt so aroused that I wanted all of her.

With speed and agility, encouraged by my lust, I was between her thighs prying her wanton her womanhood apart, and planting my face in her. Until this very day, I had never even thought I’d get the chance to do this kind of thing to a woman, it just never occurred to me.

Ah, but now that it had, there was no stopping me. With one hand inside my pants abusing myself, I lapped up her juices glorifying in the new experience of her softness, her scent, and her taste.

I knew it was over when she started moving, reacting to what I was doing to her so I had to back off before she came to and found me there. I didn’t dare go back to her once she settled down again.

I just left her there, wet and openly displaying herself in all her glory, to whomever was the next person to enter the room.

This time, ‘however,’ I made sure her door was both closed and locked, with any luck I’d be attempting the delivery tomorrow.

I tell you, I thought about her and the way I had left her on the way back to the depot to hand over the truck and my paper work. I couldn’t get home fast enough, I drove like a manic touching myself and shouting at other people to get out of my way. But back at home, I went straight up to my room, and stripped off completely before jumping on my bed to finish off abusing my poor sex depraved body.

The thoughts I had isveçbahis yeni giriş of that woman, and what I had done to her, was going through my mind and brought about my eventual satisfaction.

I was moaning and groaning, laying on my bed, feet planted firmly apart, butt in the air, when my bedroom door was opened. I’d gone too far now to be able to stop, ‘I couldn’t stop,’ ‘I didn’t want to stop.’

I looked over towards the door, and there stood my mother staring at me open mouthed. The fact I was being watched, only added something a little extra into the mix.

My hand became a blur, my body shook, and the bed groaned under me. I ‘literally,’ screamed out my orgasm with my mother watching me abusing myself.

She didn’t say a word until she realised that I’d finished, and I was too exhausted to care anyway about whatever she said.

Then she came into my room, and sat on the bed besides me, as though she hadn’t seen what I’d just done.

“Carol,” she said, putting her hand on my shoulder, I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

“I’ve just had the strangest of phone calls from a friend of mine. You know the one I sometimes stay with when I go out?”

I lust nodded because I was still too exhausted and breathing hard to talk.

“Well,” said my mother,

“She said she’d been waiting at home for some delivery or other, and It got late. She’d already had a couple of drinks and had fallen asleep.”

I could feel something niggling at the back of my mind.

“She was telling me that she’d just had an ‘erotic dream,’ and woke up all hot and bothered, and needing to see to some personal matters.”

That niggling in my mind, became alarm bells as I listened to my mother.

“But she was interrupted when she heard her gate opening and then someone ring the bell and just walked in and found her on the floor.”

Those alarm bells in my head, had just turned into a screaming siren. I quickly sat up, mouth agape, eyes wide in shock.

“Then , if it wasn’t already too weird,” said mum.

“She asked me if you drove a big truck and delivered things, because she thought she’d recognized you from the photos I’d shown her of you.”

What was mum doing showing photos of me for, surely it can’t be the same woman, no, it must be pure coincidence, ‘I thought.’

“By the way,” said my mother.

“She asked me to ask you if you could make you’re delivery about the same time tomorrow, she’ll be waiting for you.”

I said nothing… but I looked forward to tomorrows delivery attempt.

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