A Good Walk Spoiled

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In spite of a rocky start, it was turning out to be a great day. The woods were alive with birds; the trail was clear and the sun shown in the sky like a golden coin.

Jujou hiked on and the braid that hung over her shoulder caught the sun’s rays and brought them to shimmering life. Life was good and she was a bit ahead of schedule to make her first camp. Thank GOD the assholes she’s run into in town were heading OUT.

“The nerve of those guys,” she thought. “Wolf whistling and making obscene gestures in the General store like I was a piece of meat.”

Deep in her mind though, she knew that wasn’t really what had made her uneasy. No, not at all. The thing that scared her the most was their friend, the one who said nothing but glared at her like she’d just run over his puppy. THAT guy scared her more than she wanted to admit.

But, that was hours ago. They were long gone and she was hiking down the trail on a beautiful, hot summer’s day.

Sweat trickled between her pert breasts as she tilted her head back and took a pull from her canteen. Capping it, she looked warily around. The breeze had died and she could hear the buzzing of the insects in the trees. No one around for miles…

“What the hell” she said as she un-shouldered her pack. She stretched languidly, reached down and in one swift motion pulled her shirt off. her bra quickly followed. She tied the arms of her shirt around her waist and spread sunscreen across her breasts (Don’t need a sunburn there!) and thought that the day could not possibly get any better.

Jujou re-shouldered her pack and as she headed down the track, there was a quick glint of reflection to her right. She turned, curious to know what it was she’d seen.

Standing still as can be, she scanned the tree line. Nothing moved. Not even a leaf.

“Hmmm” she said in a low voice, “must be seeing things.”

Whistling a happy tune she headed off down the trail, her bare breasts bouncing as she went. Yup, it was a glorious day.

In the tree line, three figures stirred and then rose as the topless redhead disappeared over a small rise. Silently, they moved as one parallel to the trail.

The hunt had begun.

Jujou took a bearing from her compass. According to her map, the lake should be just around the next bend. Five minutes later a gorgeous little glade with a small lake came into view. It was everything she hopped it would be and more. Lolling willow trees nodded lazily over the water, there was a shingle of white river sand and a few cattails grew among the small boulders that were scattered along the beach.

In no time at all she’d put up her tent and started a small fire, Putting on a pot of water she looked out upon the vista before her with longing. It was still very hot and she had a couple of hours before night fall.

Smiling, she unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall. She’d worn a bathing suit bottom so she could take a swim should the chance arrive but, she had the camp all to herself and it quickly joined her shorts on the sand.

Her red bush caught the rays of the afternoon sun and almost glowed as she entered the lake. The water was cold and bracing as she scrubbed the sweat and trail grime from her lithe body. She swam in small circles as the sun began to approach the horizon then got out and lay naked on the grass to let its warmth dry her freshly scrubbed skin.

She finally arose when her hunger became noticeable. As she reached for her pack she hesitated. The night was going to be very warm and she was utterly alone. Why bother with getting dressed at all? In fact, she thought, “maybe I’ll just hike the entire trail naked as a jaybird!” The thought of the sun caressing her naked body for a few days turned her on immensely and while her dinner cooked on the campfire she paused for a little bit if self loving refreshment.

After dinner, she dutifully washed her dishes and packed them away so she could be on her way early. Eschewing the tent, she instead chose to sleep beneath the stars atop her bed roll and as the full moon rose above the tree top her fingers once again traveled through her red curls and parted her neither lips and the night was silent save for the moans of the lovely little redhead.

The moon had set and Jujou’s fire burned down. A lone figure stood over her naked form. He began to reach for her but hesitated. Thinking for a moment he left her side and strode to her tent. Quietly, he took her freshly washed bra and bottoms from where the hung in a small line. Nodding to himself, the stranger silently melted into the darkness.

Day 2

Jujou shouldered her load and set off in the direction of her next camp. She was ever so slightly nervous. Some animal it seemed had come into her camp in the night and taken her bra and bathing suit bottoms. In her mind she imagined some small rodent scurrying off into the night, her bottoms trailing behind as it ran down its burrow with its warm prize. “Oh well”, she thought. “Probably need it more çiğli escort than I did.”

Like yesterday, the sun was warm but today, she was hiking in all her naked glory. As she hit the trail she mused about how sexy she was going to look with an all over tan and her beautiful red hair. The guys (and more than a few gals!) back home were going to find the combination irresistible.

The hike was long and the trail complicated. Without her map and trusty compass she would have been lost a hundred times but, at long last, she came to her next camping spot. This lake was a bit smaller but, what it lacked in size, it more than made up for in beauty.

As before, she set up camp (though this time she didn’t bother with the tent) and then went for a swim. Dinner followed and more self love followed that. This time however, she did not hold back. Her moans traveled across the small lake and deep in the woods, faces smiled.

Day 3

The morning was bright, Jujou awoke and stretched. The embers of last night’s fire were still going and it only took a few minutes to get a fire going. She put a pot of coffee on to boil and began to pack. She rolled up her sleeping bad and grabbed for her pack…

Something was wrong; the pack was too light, way too light. Her tent was gone!

“What the HELL!” she said as she looked around for it. It was nowhere to be seen. Someone had taken it! What else was missing? She up ended her bag, spilling its contents on the ground

“Oh no!” she said “No, no, no, no!”

Her map and compass were nowhere found. She had no way to find her way back to town…

Jujou went into complete panic mode. On her knees, she bent over and scrabbled through the contents of her pack as they lay scattered upon the ground. Her compass and map were nowhere to be found. Elbows on the ground, she put her head in her hands and said to herself “Think damn it…think!”

There was no other answer. SOMEONE had taken her things.

“God damn it, they must have been watching me the entire time…”

“Oh SHIT!” she exclaimed as she suddenly realized she was still buck naked with her ass in the air!

Quickly as she could, the pretty redhead threw on her shirt and shorts. She grabbed her boots only to find the socks were missing abut shoved her tender and shapely feet into them anyway. Not bothering to lace them up, she scraped up all of her things and flung them into her back and quickly got up to leave. Yesterday’s paradise had suddenly become her own personal hell.

Stuffing her bedroll roughly into the pack she got up and headed back the way she thought she had come.

Plunging into the woods, it didn’t take her long to get…lost.

Somehow, she had lost the trail if it had ever really been such. Every time she saw a familiar landmark or tree, she found herself even more lost than before and on top of that, the leather of her boots was beginning to chafe her soft feet.

By mid day the poor girl was spent both physically and emotionally. Worse than that, in her panic to get back to town she had completely forgotten to fill her canteen! She had enough to last her the day (maybe) and no more. If she didn’t make her way back to the lake she was going to be in real trouble…fast.

And so, Jujou tried to retrace her steps. Eventually, she made it back to her old camp and kindled a fire. Filling her canteen, she vowed to set out by dawn the next day.

But how, how was she going to prevent any more of her things from going missing in the night?

She took off her boots and ministered to her chafed and very sore feet. Boiling some water, she bathed them carefully and bound them with strips torn from the hem of her shirt. The shirt had been a stylish, midriff bearing number this morning. Now, the bottom of her boobs were hanging out of it and she was pretty sure that the slightest movement resulted in her nipples being exposed to the world. Still, it was better than nothing.

All she could think about was sleep. Glancing at her boots, she had an inspiration. Pulling off a bootlace, she passed it through an eyelet on each boot and then through the loop strap at the top of her pack. Once they were all tied tightly, she made a loop at the end of the lace and passed it over her delicate wrist then and pulled it tight. If anyone should try to take her stuff tonight the tugging would wake her up. Placing a fire wood cudgel beside her, she rolled on her side and went to sleep.

It was the heat that woke her. Opening her eyes, Jujou saw a roaring fire going in her pit. “How nice” she thought as her eyes closed once again. Then it hit her, When she’d gone to sleep the fire was banked and well on its way to burning down to embers. This fire was a blaze!

Slowly, quietly, the petite girl reached for her club. It was nowhere to be found. Then, as she glanced at the place where she put it she saw to her horror the severed end of a bootlace tied around her wrist.

“Fuck!” she yelled out çiğli escort bayan in anger and fear.

She sat up and looked into the darkness but the fire blinded her to the night.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” she yelled out. Only the roar of the fire met her ears.

Crying, she rolled herself into a ball and waited for the dawn.

Day 4

The sun rose bright and hot. It should have been her last day on the trail but instead, she was stranded without boots, equipment or even food. Looking out at the lake she thought “well, at least I have plenty of water.”

What she didn’t have was a canteen to carry it in. Even if she still had her boots, she couldn’t risk getting lost in the woods without any water. She was effectively stuck here.

The day grew hotter and the bugs were incessant. Flies had found her unwashed body and attacked the salt around her eyes, nose and mouth but, she refused to enter the water for fear that when she returned, her clothes would be gone.

It was a waiting game now. Sooner or later she knew that her tormentor would reveal himself…

Day 7

For three days and nights Jujou sat on the grass that surrounded the lovely little lake she’d first seen 5 days ago. How she hated it.

For the fourth time in an hour, the bedraggled girl got up and drank water from the lake. It did nothing to assuage the hunger churning in her guts but, it did keep her from feeling so hollow. Of course, the result of this liquid diet was urination…LOTS of urination. And so, ten minutes later, she rose to pee. Slowly, she got to her feet and dragged herself to her favorite tree. As she dropped her filthy pants, something caught her eye in the branches above. Was that…a bag?

Without even bothering to pull up her shorts, the poor girl stood for a closer look. Yup, it was a bag all right. A clear plastic bag on a string and through its sides she could just barely make out the word “Granola printed on the side of a green bar.

“Oh my GOD! She exclaimed as she frantically searched for a stick, a rock…SOMETHING which with to knock the bag down.


Circling the tree wider and wider she frantically looked for ANYTHING! But, alas, the ground was scoured bare and the bag of food just hung there.

Grabbing her shorts from the ground she set off to see what she could find. Finding a stick at last, the desperate girl returned to the tree and the food was gone.

At the base of the tree, a plastic bag had been placed over the stump of a small branch. Over it the word clothes had been carved into the bark along with an arrow pointing down to the bag.

She shook her head and said to no one in particular “No way…No fuckin’ way!” and then headed back to her camp.

The fire was out and cold and so, she curled up and tried to sleep. But, visions of granola bars danced across her mind and sleep evaded her. She drank more water and of course, that made her have to pee. Heading for the tree, she saw that the bag was still there.

She stepped out of her shorts and squatted in the dirt. She finished but, remained squatting. Then, with a heavy sigh, she walked up to the bag and put her shorts into it. What was left of her shirt quickly followed. Looking up at the tree she said “You win” and trudged back to her lake side camp to try and get some sleep.

“So this is rock bottom” she muttered as she followed the well worn path in the grass. “Well, at least there’s nothing more he can take from me.”

The dark figure slipped from behind a tree and laughed softly. “That’s what you think” he said as he took the bag of clothes and disappeared into the night.

Jujou awoke to nature’s call. The water she was drinking to satisfy her hunger meant that she spent a large portion of her day trudging from her camp to the latrine buy the big tree.

When she got there she looked around for the bag of food but, it was nowhere to be seen.

“Guess I should of known.” she said with a sigh. By now she hadn’t eaten for three days and she was just too weak to even be angry about the deception.

Finishing up, she walked back to her lonely, ready to spend her first day “Naked and Afraid”.

When she arrived there, something caught her eyes. There, in the center of her sleeping spot were two, green wrapped nut and grain bars.

Hardly believing her eyes, she sank to her knees and bent over to examine them very closely.

Was this some kind of trap?

No signs of a bobby trap. She looked cautiously around; not one to be seen anywhere.

Cautiously, Jujou reached out and picked up a bar. The wrapper was intact, no signs of tampering.

Slowly, carefully she tore off a corner of the wrapper and then sniffed its contents.

Instantly, the warm smell of granola filled her nostrils. She paused to savor it for a moment before carefully opening the end and pushing the small bar a little ways out.

She touched is cautiously with the tip escort çiğli of her tongue and the flavor made her salivate. Not wanting to miss a single flake, she nibbled a bit off of the end and chewed. It was the most glorious thing the poor girl had ever tasted,

In a few moments, she had finished the entire bar. The other she put in a hole in a nearby rock for later.

“Time for a drink” she thought and for a moment, things didn’t seem as bad as they really were.

After a quick swim, Jujou toot a short stroll up the beach. If she could just find something that could be fashioned into some semblance of shoes or something in which to hold water she could make a break for it but, this far out in the wilderness, there were few signs of human activity.

She returned to camp and checked on her prize. Nothing! The hole in the rock was empty! Where was her food? She looked everywhere but, there was no sign of the precious bar.

At first, she assumed that some animal had taken it but she soon realized the truth. Her tormentors had taken it. There would be no hoarding of food for the long trek home.

They had her where they wanted her and there was nothing she could do about it.

The smell woke her.

SOMEONE…was cooking.

Jujou smelled…Fried trout.

Rising from her grassy bed, the poor girl looked around for the source of that mouth watering smell.

Slowly standing, she took in the view. There, in the tree line, was that a wisp of smoke? Not daring to move a muscle she put everything she had into watching the spot.

Again! Definitely smoke.

Without a thought to danger, she put one foot before the other and headed off in the direction of the smoke.

She didn’t care who it was, she didn’t care what they wanted in return. She HAD to eat.

Jujou stumbled on, the long grass grabbed at her ankles and several times she thought she would fall. Would she be able to rise again if she fell? She honestly didn’t know.

At long last, she reached the tree line. The smell was intense now and she could clearly see the campfire’s smoke. Just a few more feet…

She rounded a tree and there they were. Three camouflage clad hunters sat around a moderate fire. Half a dozen glorious trout sizzled in a frying pan atop it.

The men were busy eating steaming hot fish from their camp dishes with their fingers. It looked so good.

She just stood there, naked, dirty and hungry. Not sure how to approach the men.

Without looking up, the one with her back to her said. “What took ya so long woman?”

The voice was familiar and laced with venom but, in her weakened state she couldn’t place it.

“I suppose you’ll be wantin’ something to eat.”

“Yes…yes Sir…” she answered submissively.

“It ain’t free ya know.” said the man to the right of the first.

“No Sir, it ain’t.” added the third. Yer gonna have to pay for food.

“Yup, gonna have to earn it.” added the first.

“Pa…please…I’m starving…”

“Starving? Ha!” said the man with his back to her. “Here that boys? She ain’t eaten in 2 days and she thinks she’s starving.”

They all laughed.

The first man gestured to the man on his right.

“That there’s Buck,” he said. Buck’s old lady up and run off on him ’bout 6 months ago and he ain’t had no action since. I bet for a quick blow job he’d be willing to share some of his fish with you.”

Buck unlimbered his 6′ frame and stood up. The bulge in his pants was VERY obvious.

Jujou closed her eyes tightly. Was she really going to debase herself for a fish? The smell of the trout wafted to her…and she began to walk in his direction.

“Whoa, whoa…” said the first guy. “No walking, crawl.”

Sinking to her knees, Jujou slowly crawled to Buck. She reached him and knelt before him resigned.

Without ceremony, the burly hunter unzipped his pants and released his stiff cock. Jujou opened her mouth and waited.


“Honey, it ain’t gonna suck itself.” Buck said with a chuckle.

Jujou opened her eyes. Buck pointed to his cock and ordered “Suck”

Leaning forward, she took his unwashed member into her mouth. The salty sweaty taste made hr gag but, she closed her lips around it and started to suck and bob.

As his excitement grew, Buck began to thrust in and out of the poor girl’s mouth. Slowly at first but with increasing urgency he pumped in and out between her lips and she was taken by surprise when he suddenly grabbed her hair in both hands and began to fuck her face in earnest. Fortunately, he didn’t last too long. With a grunt he pulled her face into his pubic hair and held her there as his hot cum shot down her throat. Just as she thought she would pass out, Buck pulled out and pushed her to the ground. He was done with her for now and discarded her as though she were a piece of trash.

Catching her breath, Jujou regained her knees and calmed herself. Maybe now she would get something to eat.

“How was she Buck?” asked the third hunter.

“Eh…I’ve had better” he said as he forked a fish from the pan and resumed his meal.

“Whelp, I guess it’s worth a piece of fish to find out for myself” he said as he stood and unzipped. “Come to Papa Cal.” he said with a beckoning gesture.

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