A Helluva Way to Ring in the New Year

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Not all New Year’s go exactly how you’d plan them. Sometimes you make a resolution. Sometimes you break one. Sometimes you make a big deal of midnight. Some years it slips right by you.

This is a story about my favorite accidental new year, and it’s the start of a resolution of mine (to chronicle the deviant dirty joys I’ve experienced).

This was New Year’s Eve 2009. I’d been living at a new place with my girlfriend at the time, L (as general politeness to people’s anonymity, I’ll be using initials and pet names in stories).

Last year, L and I had just moved into this place in Seattle with great views of the Space Needle (and thus, great views of the fireworks on NYE). Last year, we did the obligatory housewarming/NYE party, complete with overly drunken now non-friends and random party crashers. This year both of us had had holiday work, and neither of us had the energy. So we stayed simple. We got a couple bottles of champagne, popped the cork, and chilled out at home.

It started off as one of those progressively drunken versions of a normal night. We sipped champagne, curled up and watched TV, idly checking the clock. As midnight got closer, the champagne flowed more freely.

L was, and probably remains, your typical lightly horny drunk. She is also incredibly beautiful: 5’9″, with the tight body of a woman who jogged multiple miles a day. She has cute blonde hair (at just the right length to use as a set of reigns), a tight and epically amazing ass, and a big brain that could be deliciously deviant at times.

When L drank, her smiles turned to smirks, her little glances turned into lecherous stares, and her posture became as impish as her mind. She also lost almost all inhibition, and most muscular control.

That may have been why she leaned in and crooked her arm into mine for a shared champagne sip and kiss, and proceeded to spill it on both of our shirts. At that point both of us didn’t care about the clock any more.

It seemed the simplest way to clean up the champagne between her tits was with my tongue, and so I bent in and started licking. She must have had similar thoughts, because she nuzzled around me, licking my ear, then working her way around and down to the edge of my chest where she’d spilled it. Since liquid pools easily between tits, my task was finished before hers, and I took a breath of air to see isveçbahis her eagerly licking my shoulder thru my shirt, as if there was something else she would rather be tasting.

I obliged her.

I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back, and dug my face into her neck. Mumbling something cheesy thru a mouthful of kisses, like “you look all wet”, I snaked my left hand behind her shirt and did my favorite little trick: the left handed bra-unclasp. I reached the same hand up and pulled it off of L in one fluid motion, leaving her in a pair of tight jeans and not much else. A little bit of champagne I missed temptingly rolled down towards her belly button beneath her tits. I went in and licked it, and gave her the evil look that I do when I’m about to just start to lose control. Then I swatted her ass twice, moved my hand around to the front, and unzipped. My hand just kept pushing the jeans and panties down at once, and my tongue followed the champagne drop down, licked it up, and then kept going south. Her hand grabbed the back of my head, twisting in my hair, pushing my further into eating her pussy. When her jeans hit the floor, I took my now free leftie up and shoved two fingers straight in.

“Oh, fuuuuck”. “Fuckkkk me” was about all L could manage to respond.

I looked past her hips, and over at one of our favorite pieces of furniture. It’s nicknamed the fuckseat (it’s had many adventures), and it’s a hip-high curvy cot about the length of a torso. While my eyes went there, they glanced at the clock: 11:50. This was turning out to be an eventful new year after all.

I pulled one finger out of her, and used it to tease her clit instead. I smiled and worked my way back up, and then stood up and kissed her. I could taste the champagne, my shirt, and her eagerness all at once. I spun her around and gave her a rough push in the direction of the fuckseat.

She didn’t miss a beat. The momentum of my push got her most of the way to the fuckseat, and she gripped one edge for dear life, and wiggled her ass. I wondered if I could get to all three holes before midnight.

I strolled the few feet over, unzipping and letting my pants fall to the ground. I smacked her cute ass hard, watched the miniscule amount of fat on her tight ass jiggle for a second. I came around to her cute face and gave her a slap with my cock.

“Get isveçbahis giriş it wet”. I told her.

L knew how to suck a cock before I met her, but she had enthusiastically taken to the training I’d given her over the years of dating. She loved her road head, her quickie BJs, and the glory of a good cumshot, but she really loved sucking a cock just before and just after it was in her. Pre-fucking blowies from L were like a lathering of drool: she ran her tongue around and around my cock, going all the way down and back, and leaving as much saliva as possible.

I started to feel at the edge, and so I pulled my cock out and made her reach for it with her mouth. Begging at me while I teased her tits and ass. I let her get one more solid suck on it, and then went around behind.

She was trembling, dripping slightly down the leg, looking back over her shoulder. I was deciding where I would go first.

I decided to be relatively nice. I grabbed her hair, snapped it back, and then did ten of the slowest and deepest strokes I could muster. I held her body still as she struggled to fuck me deeper into her. Each time, I just felt her pussy shudder on my cock as I slowly went in and out. After 10, I pulled it out and saw the appropriately beautiful mix of L’s spit and slutjuice lubing my cock, and I knew it was ready.

Brief aside here: L is an anal whore. L is one of those many girls who, at one point in life, took a chastity pledge and then found a loophole. She’s loved a hard cock up her ass longer than she’s known how good one could feel in her pussy. Anal made L cum, and cum hard (sometime she explained that it was how my big balls felt smacking her clit each with each thrust). Normally, she was a lube girl, but, I knew when she was horny enough that logistics went out the window and she just really wanted a cock in her ass.

And so obliged her.

My few strokes in her pussy were merciful, slow. After the pause, I plowed all the way into her adorable ass in one solid stroke. She started shaking, stuttering, and losing all control in the way she did whenever she got a cock in her ass. I pounded away. Almost all the way out, and then all the way back in. She pushed back as hard as she could with each stroke. I alternated ass checks to slap. The clock ticked a little closer to midnight (not that it was my primary focus).

I always isveçbahis yeni giriş really loved the incredibly great look in her eyes when L was getting fucked, and L always got off best when she could see the crazy lust in mine, so I took a brief pause and flipped her over. Then shoved my cock all the way back into her ass while I pulled her in for a kiss. My right hand started to twist her nipple, and, each time, her whole body would twist with it. She was on fire, oversensitive from being fucked, and about to cum.

I started alternating holes while working my whole way up and down her body. Two strokes in her tight pussy. One in her cute ass. Faster and faster, fucking at the sort of magical frictionless rhythm that can only exist when you’ve lost track of how many times you’ve done each other. I knew that all it would take to get her there was a little something to get her over the top.

I just kinda figured I’d be the one to supply it, not the universe.

I was pounding each hole, twisting each tit, and had her at the edge of orgasm when midnight hit. We didn’t have the countdown on, or see the clock, but it’s not every day when real fireworks push you into the metaphorical fireworks of orgasm. By the first explosions, she was screaming and shuddering in orgasm. The place had been mainly dark, and so the light from the fireworks flashed up her tight body, adding this beautiful strobe-like effect to her perfectly timed orgasm that sticks with me to this day.

Seeing a good girl go over the edge almost always does it for me, and this time was no different. I pushed my cock deep into L’s pussy one last time (I love the way it feels when she’s cumming, she’s a girl that clamps right down on the cock as she cums). I pulled out, pulled her legs down a little and stood above her. She was still shaking for her orgasm, eyes half dazed as if she did some drugs, and just smiled up at me.

I gave her my own fireworks show.

I normally cum like a porn star (seriously, it’s a bit of a general warning to people). This time was incredible even by my standards. The first jet snaked over her right tit (her innie) and over onto her neck. The second one crisscrossed her body the opposite way, leaving her chest covered in cum. As I began to focus my aim, the third jet hit her solidly in the chin, the fourth covered her mouth, and the fifth random on her nose just beneath the eye (aka 1/4th an inch from “sorry sweetie”).

She was completely covered, but her smile was warm and broad. Beneath the cum covered face, with her classic sense of comedic timing, she giggled:

“Happy New Year”

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