A Holiday Romance Ch. 01

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In the beautiful, sunny beachside resort of the Hotel Adelphi, Theo lounged by the pool, catching a tan. He had not long finished swimming and water beaded on his smooth torso. His abs were hardly a washboard. He had been training a lot in the gym, but too many lip ups with late night snacks had held him back. For the first time in a long time, Theo was completely relaxed, and could feel the pressures of the past months lifting from him. This holiday had been a great idea, and he had been glad that his friend Kaz had invited him to join her. Kaz had gone out exploring today, and he had been more than happy to stay by the pool and soak up the sun.

He had been dozing by the pool for a few hours, tanning in the early afternoon sun when he first noticed the bronzed Adonis emerging from the pool. Theo liked to look, but he was certain this guy was straight. He was more thank comfortable letting the girls stare at his rippling abs and pecs, and the significant bulge in the tight swimming trunks he was wearing. Whilst Theo initially labelled the guy as a complete poser, he couldn’t help but stare, feeling a familiar tingling in his nether regions. He picked up his book and continued reading, but kept finding himself peeking at the guy, who had taken a lounger a few spaces away from his own. He was slightly downhearted, although he’d never admit it, to seem the guy being very close with the girl on the lounger next to him, taking time to massage suntan lotion into her back.

Kaz reappeared at dinner time and joined Theo in the restaurant. “I was out in the old town and bumped into some other guys from our hotel. They were thinking of heading out to this great little club in town, and asked if we’d like to join them,” she suggested.

“Perhaps not tonight,” replied Theo, “I’m pretty tired from being out in the sun all day, I might just have a rest in the hotel bar with my book. Don’t let me stop you going, though.”

“Are you sure? One of them was really cute and I think he swings your way.”

Theo sighed inwardly. Kaz had been constantly trying to set him up ever since he broke things off with Eric. He wouldn’t mind so much, but her taste in men was generally atrocious. The last blind date she had roped him into was with an orthodontist who did nothing but talk about teeth.

“Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass. I just fancy a quiet night.”

“Ok then, but don’t wait up for me, I’ll probably be back late.”

They finished dinner and went back to the room for a while before Kaz headed out. Theo grabbed his holiday reading, a spy thriller he was keen to get to the end of, and headed to the hotel bar. He ordered himself a beer and settled down in a quiet corner in an armchair.

He had been reading for quite a while, and was nearing the climax of a dramatic chase scene through the Swiss Alps when he was interrupted.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

“Pardon?” Theo looked up from his book to see a tall, slightly tanned guy with short dark hair and glasses. He, too, was holding a book.

“Do you mind if I join you? This seems to be the only quiet spot in the bar.”

“Of course.” Theo gestured to the empty armchair across from him.

The guy sat down and made himself comfortable, kurtköy sınırsız escort and Theo returned to his book. He was still captivated by the book’s climax, in which the spy and the villain fought on a perilous cliff edge before the spy pushed the villain to oblivion, but he couldn’t help stealing a few glances at his new companion over the top of his book. Something about the guy seemed familiar, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The guy was quite well featured, with a smooth jaw and a well-formed nose. He was reading a book called Wicked Heart.

Theo finished his book and decided to head over to the bar to get himself another beer. Out of courtesy he turned to the mystery man.

“I’m just headed to the bar, would you like anything?”

He looked up from his book. “Yes please, could I have a gin and tonic?”

This time, Theo noticed a faint hint of a Spanish accent in his voice.

Theo headed to the bar and decided to get himself a vodka and coke. He didn’t notice that his new companion had been looking at him more than his book whilst he headed to the bar. When he returned with the drinks, the guy had given up reading altogether and was awaiting his return.

“Thank you, how is your book?”

“It was really good, I’ve just finished it. How’s yours?”

“Not that good. It started off ok, but it has become a little ridiculous.”

“Really? How come?”

“Well, it turns out that the serial killer character is infected by the evil of the Nazis.”

Theo wasn’t sure if he was joking. “That does sound pretty absurd.”

“Yeah, I’m only reading it because my friend lent it to me. I usually prefer spy novels.”

“Well you can have this if you like, I’ve just finished it. I’m Theo, by the way.”


Theo noticed how Raoul rolled the r at the start of his name slightly. “That’s an interesting name, where are you from?”

“Puerto Rico, but I now live in Florida.”

“That’s a long way to come for a holiday.”

“I’m here with my sister, she’s studying in Europe and wanted to visit the Greek islands. What about you, where are you from?”

“Nowhere quite so exotic, I’m from Bristol.”

“Have you been up to much today?”

“Not really, just relaxing by the pool.”

“I was at the pool too. I think I might have seen you there.”


“Yeah, you were only a couple of loungers away from me.”

The penny dropped for Theo, and he realised why the guy seemed familiar.

“Oh, yeah, I think I remember seeing you.”

“You should do. You spent enough time looking.”

Theo felt the warmth rushing to his face, and he hoped the lighting was dim enough to hide his blush. “You didn’t seem to mind all the others looking at you.”

“Well, the ladies like to look, but none of them were really my type.” Raoul had a glimmer of a smile on his face.

“And what is your type?”

Raoul leaned over and whispered in Theo’s ear. “Well you weren’t the only one sneaking a peek by the pool.”

Theo could feel Raoul’s warm breath against his ear, and breathed in the intriguing scent of Raoul’s cologne.

Raoul whispered further. “I have my own separate room upstairs, maltepe otele gelen escort would you care to join me?”


They headed to the lift, and as the doors slid shut they found themselves alone. Raoul pulled Theo towards him, his strong arms holding Theo tightly. Their lips met passionately, with Raoul’s tongue searching for an entry into Theo’s mouth. Theo’s lips were beginning to part, when…


They broke apart quickly as the lift doors opened and two German looking holidaymakers entered. As the lift rode up they shot eachother conspiratorial glances. Theo felt a little like a naughty schoolboy. He couldn’t wait to get back to Raoul’s room.

The lift reached the fourth floor and Raoul gestured to Theo that this was their stop. They left the lift into a deserted corridor, and Raoul grabbed Theo’s hand and led him towards his room. They burst into the room, and Raoul pulled Theo towards him again, pinning him against the wall. They kissed deeply and passionately, their tongues probing eagerly into eachother’s mouths. Theo could feel Raoul’s growing erection rubbing against his own. Raoul turned with Theo and they both tumbled onto the bed. Raoul was on top, and began to plant sweet, tender kisses along Theo’s jawline and onto his neck. The kisses send tingles down Theo’s spine. He then stuck out his tongue and began to run it around Theo’s ear. To Theo it felt like fire running through his body, and he gasped.

Theo grabbed Raoul and rolled him over onto his back, and climbed on top. He kissed Raoul passionately, running his hand through his soft hair and caressing his ear gently. Raoul gave a soft sigh of pleasure, and Theo could feel the bulge in Raoul’s trousers growing. He began to unbutton Raoul’s shirt. He stopped halfway, leaning in to kiss Raoul again, and began to plant kisses down Raoul’s neck, moving down onto Raoul’s chest. He teased his nipples with his teeth slightly, and Raoul’s eyes widened with a moan of delight. He unbuttoned Raoul’s shirt further and began to run his tongue down his torso, across his spectacular abs and around his navel. He stopped just above Raoul’s waistband and moved back up to his neck. He had wanted to go further south, but not just yet.

They rolled again, switching positions. Raoul unbuttoned Theo’s shirt quickly, almost ripping the buttons open. He began to run his smooth hands all over Theo’s chest, stopping to play with his nipples. Theo could feel his own bulge throbbing with the sensation, and let out a small moan. Raoul ran his hands down the inside of Theo’s legs, narrowly missing his crotch. He ran his hands back up onto his torso, passing over the large mound in the front of Theo’s jeans. Theo squirmed with pleasure, urging for release. Raoul moved up, straddling Theo and running his fingers gently over his neck and around his ear. Theo moaned again, tingles shooting up his spine. Raoul moved his hands down Theo’s chest and traced his tongue across Theo’s jaw and down onto his neck. When his hands met Theo’s waistband he unbuttoned the top of Theo’s jeans and pulled them open, allowing Theo’s throbbing cock to spring out, barely contained by the thin cotton of Theo’s boxer shorts. As his kartal rus escort tongue made its way down Theo’s chest, running little circles around his nipples, his wands began to eagerly pull down Theo’s jeans, until they were lying on the floor next to the bed.

His tongue moved further south, down onto Theo’s boxers, running over the mass held within before running down Theo’s inside leg. As he moved back up, he pulled down Theo’s boxers, revealing his 7 inch member in all its glory. He ran his tongue across Theo’s gently hairy balls and up his shaft before roaming around Theo’s foreskin. Theo groaned with joy, feeling almost light headed. After what seemed like an eternity for Theo, Raoul took his girth into his mouth and began to suck, greedily, tasting the sweetness of Theo’s precum. He started slowly, moving up and down Theo’s shaft, taking a little more of his length each time until his tongue could tickle Theo’s balls. Theo was in ecstasy, amazed that Raoul had swallowed all of his package. He had never been deep throated like this before, and the feeling was electric. It took all of his focus not to fill Raoul’s mouth with cum straight away.

He gently guided Raoul back up from his cock and rolled him over. As they embraced, Theo could feel the eagerness of the bulge within Raoul’s trousers. Theo ran his hands slowly down Raoul’s toned body, reaching the waistband of his jeans. He unbuttoned and opened the jeans to discover a large mound held within a tight pair of y-fronts. Theo wanted to tease Raoul some more, but he was too eager to see what Raoul had to offer, pulling down his jeans and y-fronts together to reveal the extent of Raoul’s package.

Theo gasped at the sight of Raoul’s fantastic cock. It must have been at least 9 inches long, and thick. Theo moved closer, and began to explore its length with his tongue, reaching the tip and tasting Raoul’s juices. He began to take it into his mouth, feeling his jaw being stretched by its girth. As he began to go down, his eyes were watering and he knew he wouldn’t be able to take the entire length into his mouth. Instead, he grasped the shaft with his hand and began to suck eagerly on the tip, teasing the foreskin over its bulbous head, eliciting a long, breathy moan of delight from Raoul. With his other hand, he grasped Raoul’s balls, feeling their heft from the juices inside just waiting to flow forth. From the tension in his body, and the intensity of his groans, he was close, and Theo increased the intensity of his stroking. Raoul moaned louder, suddenly gasping as a huge load of sweet, sticky cum gushed forth and coated the inside of Theo’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat. Theo loved the taste and swallowed the load, sucking eagerly to get every last drop. He moved up to kiss Raoul, letting him taste the goodness of his own juices.

Raoul was eager to return the favour, rolling Theo onto his back. He ran his hands down Theo’s body, grasping his cock with both hands. He caressed Theo’s navel with his tongue before taking the whole of his cock into his mouth. He started to suck gently, taking the whole of Theo’s length, using his tongue to tickle his balls as he reached the base of his shaft. He increased his intensity, sucking harder and faster as Theo groaned louder. He was so close, feeling himself cresting over the crashing wave of orgasm. Raoul felt him beginning to come, and sucked greedily as Theo spent his load into Raoul’s throat, swallowing gratefully. Fully spent, Theo and Raoul collapsed, naked onto the bed and Theo drifted off in Raoul’s comforting arms.

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