A Hotel Handy

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Christian walked in bare feet through the open sliding glass door. He was greeted by the still warm night air and the gentle sound of the far off ocean. His ice cubes tinkled in his glass as he walked. Easily one of his favorite sounds. He sat it down on the stucco wall of the balcony and took in the sights. He was on the 5th floor of his hotel, nestled a few blocks from the ocean in Puerto Valarta.

The building was run down a little, but it didn’t make a difference. He was here for the same reason everyone else was. Since it wasn’t right on the water, it was half as much per night. Plus it had the benefit of being enough off the beaten path that it was relatively quiet at night, even in this busy city.

That’s what vacations were about, anyways. Relaxing, and just soaking in the sights. Last night, there had been some sights, and he was looking to take them in tonight as well.

As if on cue, a light turned on in a room opposite him across the courtyard of the hotel. He was wearing just a pair of athletic shorts and could feel a cool breeze on his naked chest. Placed his glass onto the wall with a faint grating sound and waited.

Below, the two love birds came into view. They were all over each other, leaving a string of clothes on their way to the bed. The curtains to their glass door was open, as was the door it’s self. They weren’t worried about onlookers, likely since they were only one floor from the top and many of the lights in the other rooms were off, including Christian’s. He could make out voices in the quiet just barely, the moans and gasps were easier to hear.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved the tube of lubricant he’d brought, placing it next to the rum and coke. Christian was one of those guys who couldn’t let go and relax, and so he’d came down to Mexico. He had trouble finding the right girl, mainly because he found them all shallow, sexually aggressive (not a bad thing, but those were usually horrible in bed), and uninteresting. He was looking for someone with substance.

Pushing 35, he had the same great body that he’d had in college Rugby. He wasn’t a prude, but he damn sure wasn’t going to bed any of the College hotties that were around here either. His vacation planning was shamefully bad since he’d made the reservations not realizing that it was spring break. The views were great and hearing them fuck was hot. He’d noticed these two when he checked in last night and caught the last of their performance. He wasn’t going to miss tonight.

Christian could see the guy between the woman’s legs and hear her moans as she ran her fingers through his hair. He reached down and untied his shorts. His right hand grabbed the rum and coke and took a drink. It was maybe a little strong, but he liked them that way. His left hand grabbed the small tube of lube and opened the cap. He squirted a dollop into his right hand and slipped it under the waist band of his shorts.

– – –

Amiee Gonzalez was born and raised in Washington state. She was a long way from home, but this was where her ex wanted to go last year when they were first married to be closer to his family. Then they had a baby, and he had a wandering eye, hence the Ex part. His family was wonderful and her Hospitality management degree was well regarded here so she stayed, mainly to keep her baby close to his grandparents.

She knocked on the door of the next room. It was late, but there was a problem with the smoke detectors on this floor. She needed to get folks to move to the next lower floor and luckily there were only 3 rooms with customers. The other two rooms had been irritated, but when she’d offered without asking to drastically discount their stay, there was little complaining and they moved quickly. There wasn’t a danger, it was just good practice and as the manager, she felt it was her duty.

She knocked again, but this time the door clicked open. She opened the door quietly and there silhouetted in the faint light of the outside lights was an impressively sexy looking man. She’d seen him check in and really liked what she saw. She was going to call out to him when she noticed where his hands were. Her breath caught for a second. She could just hear what he was listening to, and the combination made her instantly hot.

His wide naked back was toward her, cutting a muscled V into narrow hips and great looking thighs from what she could see in his shorts. The arm that was slowly working in the shorts was muscled and veiney. She was instantly moist. It likely had as much to do with how little action she’d been getting lately. Hard working, single moms just in their late 20’s attracted attention, but usually from guys that wanted another mom to take care of them. This was a man.

She slipped her shoes off and walked to the sliding glass door. The moaning was louder now and sexy as hell. She could see his face lifted to the night sky, his hand still slowly working. Quietly, she unbuttoned isveçbahis her blouse and unfastened the front clip to her bra. Her breasts were on the large size for her frame and still stuck out proudly. She brushed the shirt and bra to the side so it framed them and walked up to him.

Smoothly, she ran her hands from his waist to his chest and hugged him against her heaving breasts.

– – –

He jumped and started to turn around. She squeezed him hard against him, “Por favor, no se mueven,” she said. ‘Please don’t move.’

He didn’t speak Spanish but got the idea. His breath was coming in uneven deep breaths. He looked down at his chest where her hands were and all he could see was beautiful long fingers tipped with blue nail polish that had what looked like shooting stars on them.

“Si, or No.” Her words were breathy, he could feel her breath against his shoulder blade, her face against him, hot like fire.

He stood for a few long seconds. “Yess…Si,” he said finally.

“Mmm,” he could feel her throat rumble against his back.

Her hands began to move. Her left hand traced his left arm and placed his hand on the wall in front of him, then began running up and down his chest, like it was memorizing every muscle and curve. He’d frozen when she’d first touched him and now he was uncomfortably aware of where his right hand was.

She was aware too, and moved her hand onto his. She felt the lube and he could feel her smile against his back. He was both embarrassed and so incredibly turned on. She moved his other hand onto the wall as well and began running her hands similarly all over his chest. Kneading, stroking, rubbing, her hands tried every variation of human touch. They both enjoyed all that she did.

She moved her hands to his pecs and found his nipples. They were stiff in the cold air, and she made sure they were properly stimulated besides. Every thing she did, he moaned a little. Pinching and rolling seemed to work best, so her left hand continued that while her right hand made it’s way down.

Her strong hands rubbed his pubic area and was a little surprised at the lack of hair there. She smiled again. She rubbed from the top of his pubis onto where the impressively thick shaft met then continued down and gently cupped his hanging balls. They too were devoid of hair and similarly impressive. Spent several seconds paying attention to his pubis and scrotum, only occasionally encircling, just barely, the shaft.

She reached out and lifted his right hand from the wall and held her hand out. It took him a second to look down, but then he realized what she wanted. He grabbed the lube and squeezed another dollop into her petite hand. She worked her fingers together to warm it up and then half guided his hand back to the wall with a closed hand.

When her hand wrapped around him he groaned out loud. She just stayed there, one hand working on his nipple, the other just holding an impressively thick member. She could feel her juices running down her panties.

Slowly, she began to stroke up and down the shaft. The bulbous head got quite a lot of attention when she found it and his hips moved without his control. She used her index finger on the underside of the glans and rubbed there for a second, pulling a deep “Mmm,” from his lips. She continued stroking. He moved his left hand from the wall and onto hers, holding it there. She squeezed him to her and he intertwined his fingers in hers.

She continued to stroke him, gaining speed until his breathe came in ragged gasps. Right as he was about to cum, she stopped and massaged the area just above his cock. He thrust his hips forward lewdly and involuntarily at the loss, and chuckled a little.

She smiled again against his back. He extracted his fingers from hers and moved his left hand behind his back, gently. He found her left breast, and softly kneaded it. He pinched and rolled the nipple as she had done for him and got a “Hsss,” sucking of breath sound for his efforts. He smiled to himself and moved his hand downward, across her slightly soft belly and into the waist band of her pants. He came back up and unbuttoned the top button before making it’s way into her panties.

His middle finger immediately found her drenched pearl and circled it a few times. Her legs got weak, and she held her self up by hanging onto him. She thrust her hips at him as he fingered and suddenly and unexpectedly, she came, convulsing against him with whimpering soft cries.

“Mmm, Very nice.” His voice was deep and sexy.

She hung against him, his member suddenly harder than it was even as he was about to cum and she resumed her stroking. This time, it wasn’t gentle, it wasn’t sensual. It was like she wanted his cum and he loved it. He thrust his hips and she stroked him hard. She held onto his other arm, still in her panties, and fucked her hips forward with her efforts as well, matching his thrusts.

He began isveçbahis giriş to cum, “Oh… oh shit…hungg…” It kept coming and coming. Rope after rope, stroke after stroke. When she’d had enough, she slowed to a stop. And he leaned forward holding onto the wall like he needed it to stay standing. He missed her warm breasts immediately. He took a few long deep breaths and leaned back up and turned. To find no one, and barely hearing a door click.

– – –

She ran to the next-door room that was empty and opened it with her card and closed it quietly. Suddenly she could hear him running across his room and open his door. After a few seconds, he closed it again. She washed her hands in the sink and sat on the bed for a second. She looked to the phone and dialed a number.

“Hello.” the voice was deep, sexy and a little out of breath.

“Hello sir, this is Amiee, the manager of the hotel. I am calling to tell you about a safety issue.”

– – –

He tossed on a white linen shirt over his khaki shorts and hiking boots and grabbed his backpack. The taxi was going to be here in a few minutes, but he needed to stop by the desk. The manager that he’d talked to last night said something about a discount certificate or something. Honestly, he couldn’t remember because he’d been a little drunk last night and because he’d had the most mind blowing sexual experience of his life.

He walked down the stairs, past the two love birds from last night who were still letting their hands roam free that weren’t carrying bags of snacks. Every woman he walked by, he looked at, wondering if they had visited him last night.

When he arrived at the front desk, he smiled at the chubby girl behind the computer.

“Good morning, señor. What can I do for you?” Her voice was heavily accented, but not the right one.

He smiled, “Hi, Someone called last night and said something about a gift certificate?”

The girl look genuinely confused. “I’m not sure what that would be about, but let me talk to the manager.”

The girl left, and Christian grabbed an apple from the basket on the counter. He took a bite and checked his phone.

– – –

There was a knock at her door before it opened, “Amiee,” Maria said. “There’s a customer at the desk asking about a Gift Certificate. I’m not sure what he’s talking about.”

Aimee, had been day dreaming about the man from last night and hadn’t been doing the payroll like she should have been, so she needed the break anyways.

When she got to the desk, she almost melted. Here he was, and damn was he even sexier than she remembered. He wasn’t looking at her when she saw him, so she was able to collect herself before she spoke.

An adorable Latina with a pixie bob and deep dimples was looking at him with a smile when he turned away from his phone. He’d never been one for deep dimples, but he could make an exception.”Hi, I’m Aimee, the manager.” She spoke perfect English. ‘Not the one either,’ he thought, slightly disappointed.

He smiled. “Yeah, I talked to you last night.” She ached inside at the thought of last night.

“So, I may have been a little distracted by some… particularly good rum last night. What was this about a certificate?”

She smiled wide. “Oh, It wasn’t a certificate, it was a discount for having you move. Thanks for doing that, by the way.”

“Oh, no problem. Well, thanks for the discount. The view of the ocean is better from this room anyways. Thanks for the upgrade.”

He reached his hand out and they shook hands.

She had beautiful fingers. With blue polish. And Shooting stars.

He smiled again, turned, and raised his cellphone to his ear like he was taking a call. He walked a short distance away and watched the manager talk to the girl behind the desk as he had a pretend conversation with no one. She left the desk and started walking down a hall. He gave her a few seconds and followed.

She disappeared into a door marked Manager. He stood outside the door and noticed it was opened a little with a box fan blowing from the room. He set his jaw and gently opened the door. Aimee was standing with her back to him, bending over the desk cleaning up a spilled soda with napkins. He carefully closed and locked the door, masked by the noise of the fan.

Her calves were amazing in her heels, accentuated by her bending over and he stared at her thick ass for ass for a second. She was shorter than he usually liked, but god damn she was sexy. He was instantly hard and walked to her and pressed himself into the cleft of her skirt clad ass, grabbing onto her hips.

“Yes, or no,” He asked, in a lusty whisper just over her right ear. She could feel just how hard he was and knew just how big he was. She stood up slowly and he embraced her from behind like a lover. He pressed his nose into her hair and breathed deep.

“Oh, yes” She said. “God yes.”

Softly, he drug her white isveçbahis yeni giriş blouse from her skirt and over her head. He remembered feeling the front opening bra and quickly found the clasp, undoing it with ease. His large slightly calloused hands found her breasts and kneaded her, every bit as much as she did him. She was firm and large enough and her nipples stood out proud like he liked. ‘My god,’ he thought.

She was so petite, her shoulders fit between his arms, and her arms reached back and held onto his thighs tightly. Her head leaned back and their mouths met in a passionate kiss. Their tongues darted and played and lips nipped. He kissed her deeply one last time and then his hands moved from her breasts, down her sides, over her curvy hips, and his thumbs traced the curve of her firm ass.

When he got to the hem of her dress, his hands traced their way back up, dragging the black cotton dress with it. He was very happy to see a thong and garters. Her thick hips kept the dress where it was and he put a hand in the middle of her back and pushed her forward so she caught herself on the desk, much like he was last night.

He reached to one of the garters and snapped against her thigh. “Ow,” she said as she startled. He kissed the area and rubbed it a little before taking her thong in his hands. He moved it around, tracing it’s hemmed edge. She could feel it against her skin, moving against where her legs hooked on and across her very excited sed. Suddenly he ripped it with a couple of pulls, dragging it from her.

He planted a kiss onto her butt cheek and she startled again. She wasn’t used to this kind of attention, or this kind of lusty need from men. Without warning, he buried his face between her cheeks, lapping at her exposed pussy and ass. He was like a starving man, pulling her thighs to him while he licked and suckled. He found her clit at times with his hot tongue and her legs got weak, then he’d move to her opening and lick there before moving to her little pucker and licking there. He loved every musky second of the torture he was creating. Abruptly, he stopped and stood.

She heard the course ripping sound of a zipper. “Yes or no?” His voice was full of need. There was an edge of concern, but to her it wasn’t necessary.

“Holy fuck, yes.” She backed her ass up a little toward him and wiggled it ever so slightly.

He spread some saliva onto his glans, though he knew she was so wet it wasn’t likely needed and placed himself at her entrance. The head was hot as it rested against her. He held it there for a few long seconds.

“Oh, please,” she begged, moving her ass up and down.

He grabbed it and drug it through her cleft. Just a bit entered before rubbing against her clit and making her jump. He stopped again and again she moved back against him, this time, he met her movement and sunk nearly all the way into her.

“Ooohhh…” moaned. He was way bigger than she was used to, but she was so turned on she accommodated him. She moved forward and he moved back.

She felt him pop out, the ridge on him catching on her clenching muscles. He aimed again at her center and she moved back again and he moved forward. She went fast and there was the intense pleasure of feeling his thighs against her ass and his girth way inside and the subtle slap as his balls hit the back of her legs.

His hands found those delicious hips and he began to fuck her slowly and deeply. He kneaded her soft flesh as he fucked her, her naked nipples dragging against the cool formica of the cheap desk with every hard fucking impact. The slap, slap sound his thighs made against her was so very erotic. Anyone who walked by would know exactly what was going on, but she could care less.

He looked down and marveled at the beauty before him. A luscious, womanly ass was leagues more sexy than some twig that lived in a gym. As he plowed her, he couldn’t help but notice the little pucker. He licked a thumb and gently rubbed it in a circle giving gentle pressure. She responded immediately, pushing back hard to meet his thrusts. His other hand reached in front and found her otherwise neglected clit and gently stroked it. He could feel himself heading toward the inevitable.

“Take care of your clit for me baby…” he said. “I’m gonna make you cum.”

He moved both hands to her hips and pulled her hard into him. With a smile, he watched her move a hand below and could occasionally feel it on his member as she stimulated herself.

He could feel her get even tighter somehow, and he began fucking her in earnest. Deep, hard slaps. His member plowing into her, dragging pleasure out of her where she didn’t know there was.

They could both feel the wave crest, and when it crashed down on them, they both cried out in ecstasy. He stayed buried in her as they came and she loved the feeling of being that full. She could actually feel him cum while she came herself, his pulses, melding with her contracting becoming one sweaty, out of breath mass as he rested himself on her.

When he’d composed himself a little, he stood up, but stayed buried in her. “Where have you been all my life?”

She smiled, “Seattle…”

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