A Interesting Night Out

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It was a Friday night; I was bored and lonely. After a long debate I decided to go out. I figure a night in a bar would get my mind of being without you for the next 6 month. Sitting at the bar and wishing you were here, I felt a hand slide up my back. I turned around ready to cuss out the guy that had the audacity to make a move on me.

Boy, was I in shock because there, in front of me, was a female. She sat down beside me and looked me up and down and said, “you look sad. Is everything ok?” I told her about my situation and she said that it must be hard to be all by myself. We sat at the bar for awhile and talked and then she asked me if I wanted to blow the joint and go out dancing. Now that was an idea. I haven’t been dancing in years. As we were walking out of the bar I had a good chance to look at her. She had a nice body, was about as tall as me. I don’t know what came over me but the way her ass was moving I wished I could have a piece of that ass. Brushing the thought out of my mind I followed her to her car.

She was going to drive. Since I had a few drinks already and was staying in a nearby hotel. She would drop me off after the Dance joint. The place was booming. The dance floor was packed with people but we found a way on there and began to dance. Was I dreaming or did she just do that. Maybe it was an accident but the way her hands brushed over my breasts it was impossible. My nipples became instantly hard and it was noticeable through the thin blouse.

I didn’t want to blush but I guess I did and she leaned towards me and said,” Did you like that? I have been thinking about your breasts all night and I really want to suck on your nipples right now!” I couldn’t say anything I was shocked and excited at the same time. Trying to get out of an awkward situation I excused myself and went to Üsküdar Escort the ladies room. I had to wait for awhile since all the stalls were taken. Taking a deep breath and trying to stop from shaking …I still couldn’t believe that I got so excited by those words. I been dreaming about sleeping with another woman but never acted out on it.

The bathroom door opened and she walked in. we both stood there and didn’t say much when it was my turn to go. She looked at me and asked me if it was cool if we could share the stall since she didn’t want to wait all that time. I hesitated but since there were a lot of people waiting I said ok. When we both were finished I was ready to head out of the stall but she said hang on a sec I want to see something. She looked at me and slid her hands under my blouse and lifted it.

My nipples where so hard and tingling when she pulled the cups down to expose them.. I felt her hot breath on my body when she took one of them into her mouth, sucking on it gently and tugging on it. I got excited and could feel my clit starting to throb… She covered them back up and looked at me my face all flushed from the heat inside of me. That’s when she kissed me and her hand slid in between my legs. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to taste me. If I ever had a woman before and if I would like to try it. I could only mumble and shake my head to the first question but hesitated to answer the other. She seems to know what I was going to answer. She opened the stall and we walked out. It was getting late and we started to head back towards the hotel I was staying at.

My body was still tingling from the caresses that she gave me. Sitting in the car I leaned my head back and was thinking of my man and how I wished you be here since I was horny and wanted to Üsküdar Escort Bayan get fucked. I took my toys with me tonight I figured since I couldn’t have the real thing I be satisfying myself with them, since I had bought a new one I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. She must have caught up on me being in dreamland or I sighed to loud when I felt her hand on my leg, sliding up my skirt. I knew how wet I was and that my pussy wanted some attention, her fingers were sliding over my panties as on of them went underneath. It slid over my clit, which made me shiver and moan.

I heard her moan and then I saw her take her finger back and lick of my juices. I don’t know what came over me ….maybe the alcohol or was it me just being to curious but I wanted to fell and taste hers. My hand slid up her leg and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was warm and moist down there and my fingers started to probe her cunt. I licked of my fingers and I loved the taste. I wanted more. We got to my Hotel and she asked if she could join me tonight. I knotted my head and we went to the room.

As soon as I closed the door, she started to undress me and I her, We lay down in bed and were kissing each other sucking each other’s nipples. She looked at me as her finger probed my cunt and said that it would have been nice if we had a dildo. I motioned towards the bag on the dresser and she got up and opened it. She had a smile on her face and pulled out the dildo with the suction cup…Now we can act like your husband is here and pretend he is fucking you while I suck your clit and you mine. We placed the dildo on the wall and she told me while she gets my cunt ready to be fucked that I should suck blow the dildo she wants to watch me.

I am so horny that I close my eyes and dream Escort Üsküdar you here. Imagining your cock in front of me. My lips sliding up and down the shaft, while her fingers probe my cunt and her tongue teases my clit. I get on my knees and suck on her nipples her breasts so nice and firm my finger sliding up her cunt as she slides underneath me her head facing my cunt and my face looking at hers…. I slide backward feeling the dildo sliding into my pussy, her tongue flicking my clit. I move my hips back and forth loving the sensation of a dick in my cunt and lips on my clit… I lean down between her legs and spread her open. My tongue sliding over her clit, sucking on it and biting it gently.

My hands spreading her cheeks so I can get deeper inside of her probing every inch of her. I here her moaning and her tongue and that cock feel so good inside of me. I start to get adventures and start playing with her anal area… I hear her telling me ..Yes, please fuck my ass. At first I slide my finger around it and than slowly let it disappear inside her ass… adding a finger every couple of strokes. I feel her sliding the dildo out of my cunt and instead placed it into my ass, while she slurps away at my juice. I am so wet and I feel I am never gonna cum …her hands are all over me. She grabs my hips and slams the dildo up my ass.

At that moment I have to stop eating her, I had to moan out loud. Telling her to fuck me harder. She grabbed another dildo and stuffed it up my cunt. I was laying on my back now her cunt over my face riding my tongue.. While she fucked my ass and pussy harder and harder… I felt her kneeling down towards my pussy and she started to flick my clit with every stroke …. I screamed with pleasure as I felt my body orgasm….my hands grabbed her hips and my tongue found her G-spot …as I felt her orgasm the juices flowing down my cheek as I try to get every drop. We both laid there exhausted from that great fuck. When she looked at me and said;” you don’t think you are done yet we got a whole night ahead of us.

As she kept fucking me…But that is another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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