A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 23

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Big Tits

I woke up with Alonso’s arm around me and snuggled closer into him. Gianna was curled up against his other side, and behind her, I could see Sonia, Marta and Kiera curled up in a pile. I couldn’t believe I was lying in a bed with five other people, all of us naked, and I was fine with it. Of course, I had done many things in the past few days that I never would have imagined a week ago.

This time last week, I was living out of my car. Yea, I had friends who let me crash on their couches, but I had lost my job and gotten kicked out of my apartment. Finding that ad for a live in maid position had seemed like the perfect opportunity, especially after I went to drop off my resume. The lawyer who was collecting them took one look at it and told me where to show up Monday for an interview.

I had been a bit surprised when the girls piled out of the car naked, but it was not really a problem. I had worked in a luxury hotel for five years, and changing out bedding while occupants were running around naked or seeing naked people in the halls looking for the ice machine were not as uncommon as you would think. It probably helped that they were all attractive females and I was a bit drawn to them.

Getting the job as easily as I did was a surprise, but most of the applicants had an issue with Kiera sitting naked across from them during the interview. I won’t say it wasn’t a bit distracting, but not in a negative way. It was far better money than I was making before when you added the room and board to my pay, and I couldn’t imagine any problems with the job. At least, not until I came down after taking my first load of clothing up to my room and heard the end of Gianna’s interview.

My first thought was he had hired me just to get me into bed. Then I figured he was using the other girls to try to seduce me. They made it clear that my choice to play with the girls had nothing to do with my employment, and I was free to enjoy their charms or not at my discretion as long as I had a clean blood test. Alonso made it clear over the next few days that he found me attractive, but he was almost trying to encourage me not to jump in bed with them. I could tell he was sincere, but it had the opposite effect.

Two days ago, Gianna had gotten her tests back and I was more than a little moody because I had to wait another day to relieve the arousal I had been building up. When Gianna had offered to wait an extra day, so I wouldn’t be left out, Felicia had dragged us off to my bedroom and gotten both of us off with her fingers, getting in trouble with her Master in the process. We all knew she could get in trouble for it, and still went along.

We demanded to be punished with her out of guilt, and we had all received forty lashes with a leather strap. It was the most painful experience of my life, but Alonso had turned around and been the gentlest caregiver you could imagine after punishing us. It had been a bit strange, but showed how much he cared for his pet’s safety.

That is how I ended up naked in bed with a man more than twice my age. He had punished me so severely that it hurt to sit down for two days, but I was still happy to be here. I had been more than a little in love with him before, enough to ask him to take my virginity, and the strapping had not changed my mind. If anything, it had made me love him more, because I knew he would take care of me as well as he did his other lovers.

“As much as I hate to disturb you lovely ladies, I do need to get up and use the bathroom.”

I smiled up at Alonso before stretching up to kiss him. “I think I need to go as well, but can you come back and check my bottom when you’re done? I am hoping I am healed up enough for that special request today.”

“We can do that if you like, but the bathroom comes first,” he replied with a smirk. “At my age you don’t want to put it off to long.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I scurried off the bathroom. Despite his joking, you would never guess he was over sixty. When I first met him, I would have guessed he was a prematurely gray forty year old. He certainly was in amazingly good shape for his age.

When we came out, Sonia and Marta were nursing on Kiera’s breasts, so we climbed up next to them and lay down on our stomachs. I felt Alonso’s hand on my bottom, lightly at first, the more firmly as he prodded my cheeks for any reaction. I was a bit sore, but it was more a muscle ache now than anything.

“Any soreness or pain when I do that,” he asked.

I looked back and shook my head. “I have a little soreness, like I overworked a muscle, but no pain now. Does that mean we can take care of that pesky virginity problem now?”

“We might want to wait until after lunch, in case you want a little more privacy,” he replied with a chuckle. “I would also hate for your first time to feel rushed my dear.”

“After lunch would be perfect,” I replied with a blush. “I want our other lovers being there, but I want kitten to be with us as well. I want to be surrounded by love when I become a woman.”

He bostancı escort looked a bit surprised but nodded before checking Gianna’s bottom. I was a bit shocked how quickly the bruises had healed on both of us. They had not been bad, but they were basically gone after two days. “I have to ask, I know Aloe is good for the skin, but how did it heal the bruises that quickly?”

“The aloe gel we use for your bottoms is actually a blend of arnica and aloe,” he replied. “It helps heal any bruising faster that aloe alone could, but even straight aloe works wonders. The girls actually use regular aloe gel as a daily skin treatment. Well Gianna, any pain at all?”

“No Master, it actually feels kind of nice having you rub it now,” Gianna told him. “As your dutiful pet, I am more than happy to let you rush my first time if you want to use my body for your pleasure.”

“As tempting as that offer is, you are the only one of my pets I haven’t properly bathed yet,” he replied. “Since my kitten spent the night with Marian, and I usually have time for three showers in the mornings, I was hoping Vivianna would join us as well.”

Gianna jumped up as I nodded. “If the reality is even half as good as the rumors are, I would love to have you wash me.”

“I expect to see the three of you in the shower as soon as Kiera is taken care of,” Alonso said to the trio still on the bed as he followed us into the bathroom.

I was already moist between my legs as we got into the shower together, eager for whatever was about to happen. Showering with my exes was an annoyance that I put up with to make him happy. Five minutes of him groping my breasts under the pretense of washing, followed by a quick hand job as we tried to share the spray off the showerhead before we ran out of hot water. I had a strong feeling this would be a far different experience, and not just because of the rainfall showerheads and limitless hot water.

I watched as Alonso washed Gianna’s hair. She was almost purring at the attention and he didn’t appear to be in any hurry to finish. It was more like a massage than a shower as he worked his way down her back, over her pert little ass and down her smooth legs.

“Oh goody, we didn’t miss the good part,” Kiera said as her, Marta and Sonia stepped into the shower. “Once he hits the feet, it’s all over for her. Master, Marta and I were going to wash each other if that is okay. Sonia could use a little extra attention from you this morning.”

I saw his nod in response as he turned Gianna to face the back of the shower and had her hold the wall for balance. “Listen to the sounds she makes as he works on her feet,” Sonia whispered in my ear. “By the time he starts up her front side, she will be primed and ready to climax.”

He was massaging her feet as he washed them, but I couldn’t see anything special about it. Gianna’s erotic moans told me how wrong I was. When he started washing up the front of her legs, she was panting and moaning like an animal in heat, begging to be mounted. He completely skipped her pussy, moving his hands over her stomach and up to her breasts, again avoiding her hard nipples as he washed her.

With one hand stroking her stomach and the other lightly cupping her breast, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear for a moment. She whimpered loudly right before his hands shifted, squeezing her nipple and cupping her pussy at the same time. I had heard her scream in pleasure as she climaxed yesterday, but this was almost primal in comparison.

His hands were the only thing keeping her from collapsing as she shuddered in his arms through the longest climax I had ever witnessed. “Damn that looked intense,” Sonia murmured. “I can’t wait to see how she cums when Master binds her to the bed for a real play date.”

I looked back in shock to see her smiling, as if this were a normal occurrence. Hell, from what I heard from Kiera every morning, it might be a normal thing for them. “Don’t be nervous sweetie, I promise you will love every second of it. It’s a different experience, but it’s pure pleasure.”

Looking back, I saw Gianna had recovered from her climax and was kissing Alonso with a surprising amount of energy. I would have thought she was wiped out from that climax, but she turned to me with her eyes bright and a huge smile plastered on her face.

“You have seriously got to try that,” she said as she bounced into my arms and kissed me. The passion of her kiss was enough to leave me breathless before I even got to Alonso. When she finally released me, I found myself in Alonso’s arms. I could feel his arousal pressed between my cheeks as I turned my head to kiss him.

“You can use my bottom if you need a quick release,” I whispered, turned on even more by the thought of him taking my ass in the shower. “It’s not my first time doing that, and I am sure we would both love it.”

“I’m sure we would my dear,” her whispered back. “But I plan to spend a lot more time than we have when I do take your sancaktepe escort gorgeous ass. Something that fine deserves to be savored, just like the rest of your body. This morning is just a shower.”

God, why couldn’t he be closer to my own age? My parents were going to flip if they ever found I had a lover who was older than they were, but everything he did was perfect. He was going to ruin me from ever finding a man my own age, and I realized I didn’t care.

I almost melted as he started washing my hair. The last person to wash my hair was my mother, and I was six at the time. I never realized how relaxing that simple loving act could be. He took his time, massaging my scalp and neck as he worked the shampoo up to a thick lather. It was easy to understand why Gianna was purring by the time he started on her back, because I was too.

As he worked down my back, the twinkling of my arousal grew stronger, and by the time he hit my bottom I was moaning quietly. His strong fingers worked over my bottom, massaging and teasing along the crack for a few minutes before he moved down my legs. I almost asked him to finger my ass so I could cum, but realized this was exactly how he got Gianna so aroused. He knew exactly how aroused I was and was working me higher as he cleaned me.

When he finished my legs and had me turn to balance against the wall, I was a bit nervous. My feet had always been ticklish, and I didn’t want to fall over laughing. The surge of arousal as he started washing my feet was an even bigger shock. It was as if he was directly massaging my clit as he massaged my feet.

By the time he moved on, I had forgotten everything but the feeling of his hands on me and my need to climax. I started whimpering louder as me moved up my legs and groaned as his hands slid past my pussy to start caressing my stomach. My hands were clenched against the wall and I started to bring them down to relieve the maddening itch between my legs when I heard his voice.

“Keep your hands on the wall my love, it will be far better if you let me finish.” I whimpered again as I clawed at the wall. I wanted him to make me cum already. Hell, I wanted him to take that thick cock that was rubbing between my ass cheeks and shove it home. I didn’t even care where it ended up. He could take my cherry right here in the shower and I would scream and cream all over his cock while he did it.

My entire world was down to the hard cock against my ass, the throbbing in my clit and his two hands. One almost hitting my clit with each gentle stroke of my lower stomach and the other cupping my breast as his thumb stroked between them.

“I think you have waited long enough,” he murmured in my ear as I felt his fingers finally brush my clit. The wave of pleasure that rolled through my body stole my awareness of everything but his fingers on my clit and nipple. I could only shake in his strong arms as my climax washed through me before the strength returned to my limbs. It wasn’t the best orgasm of my life, but those had taken the better part of an hour of playing with my clit while a toy was buzzing away in my ass. It was certainly the best climax anyone else had ever given me.

Turning in his arms, I kissed him as the water washed over us, leaving me feeling revived and invigorated. His hard cock was trapped between us, pulsing against my stomach as our tongued dueled. “Are you sure you don’t want to use my ass now? I feel kind of bad that you haven’t gotten any satisfaction after that climax you just gave me.”

“I appreciate the offer my dear, but I still have one more shower to give,” he replied with a nod toward Sonia. “We will have ample opportunity for me to enjoy your body after you finish your work.”

I kissed him again before stepping out of his arms and letting Sonia take my place. “Is your back hurting you again my pet,” he asked as he gently took her in his arms. “Do we need to get you in to see your doctor next week?”

“I have an appointment next month Master, but everything is fine. John checked me out last week and said the baby was healthy, but bigger than average so I would probably start experiencing back pains soon,” she replied as he started washing her hair. “He also warned me to keep an eye out for early labor pains, because as big as the baby is it could come early. Of course, he also thinks they are two weeks off on my conception date and I am perfectly normal for his time table.”

“We will be ready when the baby arrives either way my dear,” he replied. “Marcello has already started repainting the nursery and I will be taking you ladies shopping next week to find furniture for it. We will have everything set up long before the babies arrive, although we will probably need at least three of everything with you, Kiera and Ari having children.”

I couldn’t help feeling a little envious as he washed her, knowing the pleasure she was about to be feeling. He surprised me when he washed her breasts and stomach first, then moved down to her zeytinburnu escort legs. He spent just as long washing her feet, but she didn’t seem to be burning with desire at the end as Gianna and I were. He spent a lot longer massaging her lower back before putting his arms around her again.

“Thank you for taking care of me Master,” Sonia purred as he held her. “That was exactly what I needed this morning. I may be asking for this a lot before the baby arrives. You know, we can take care of the rest if you like. I’m sure she is waiting for you now.”

“I’m sure she is, but she knows I am taking care of the rest of you right now,” he replied as he reached over to turn off the water. I was a bit confused but more than happy to let him dry me off and wrap a towel around me before drying my hair.

He took the time to personally dry each of us off, but I was surprised when Sonia, Marta and Kiera dropped their towels when he was finished and bent over the counter. After a whispered word from Kiera, Gianna joined them. “Umm, should I be bent over the counter too,” I asked finally.

“Not unless you have a butt plug you want me to put in for you,” Alonso replied with a grin. “They enjoy having me put their tails in after their showers are done.”

I hadn’t noticed their tails on the counter before, but I watched as he slowly worked his fingers into Sonia’s bottom, getting her warmed up and thoroughly lubed before he slipped the butt plug with her tail in to her. “Umm, I don’t have a tail, but I would love if you played with my bottom for a couple minutes.”

He just smiled and nodded toward the end of the counter as he started on Marta’s bottom. I walked down next to Gianna and bent over the counter, listening to Marta’s quiet moans as he played with her ass. “If you decide you want to try a plug later, I have extras in the chest,” Kiera whispered to me. “Just let me know and we can choose one for you.”

I nodded in reply, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go that far. As much as I would probably enjoy the constant stimulation, I was still a bit uncomfortable with the entire Master slave thing, and the plugs they wore were part of that for them.

Gianna’s soft moans punctuated by a quiet grunt as he slipped the plug in told me I was next and I wiggled my ass in anticipation. I let out a sigh as his fingertip stroked my anus, spreading the lube around before his finger slid inside of me. As he stroked it in and out, I felt more lube dribbled down my crack for him to work in. I was just getting used to the first finger when a second joined it, stretching me out and drawing a moan from my throat.

Letting my ex take my ass never felt this good, but it was usually over with after a dozen strokes. I was really getting into it and whimpered as his fingers slipped out of my ass. “You have a deliciously tight ass Vivianna, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to play with it again.”

“You can all go and get ready for breakfast now. Gianna, you can wear one of your work dresses during the day, but you are not allowed to wear any form of underwear. When you are not working, I expect you to be naked until I decide what to dress you in,” he told her. “Vivianna, you are of course free to dress as you wish, but I would still recommend something loose around your bottom for another day.”

We all left the bathroom, but I stopped and smiled when I saw Felicia lying on the bed. As soon as she saw Alonso, she let out her quiet little ‘raow’ and turned, getting up on her knees and elbows to present her bottom to him. He crawled up behind her, inspecting her bottom as she let out another inquisitive sounding ‘raow.’

“Yes little kitten, you’re healing wonderfully, and I have missed you as well.” She arched her back in pleasure as he moved her tail to the side and sank his cock into her willing depths. I couldn’t help the surge of jealousy as I watched him take her. They were beautiful together, and I knew she had more claim to him than I did, but I wanted him inside of me.

I stood there, seething inside until I felt Sonia’s stomach against my back as her arms went around me. “I understand how you feel,” she whispered in my ear. “I wanted him all to myself at one point too, but you can’t be jealous if he is with someone else. He loves all of us, and will come to love you if you let him, but you have to accept him having other lovers. If you need someone to hold and love you, you only have to ask. There are several other people who would be happy to hold you when he is busy.”

I turned, putting my arms around her as I lay my head on her shoulder. “Sorry, I’m not usually a jealous person, but I wanted him to take me so badly when we were in the shower. I guess seeing him with her, when he had me so worked up, just triggered something. I’m feeling a bit needy right now because I want him to take me so badly.”

“I know you said after lunch, but I am sure he assumed you had work to do before then. You just need to run a dust mop over the hardwood and vacuum the carpets today after making the beds. I am sure you and Gianna can finish your work a lot quicker than he thinks,” she said with a grin. “Once you’re done with your duties, I am sure you can convince him to come play. Of course, you have to get dressed and get started as soon as breakfast is done if you want to have time to really enjoy it.”

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