A Lesson of Lust

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I saw a movie trailer about an older woman who sought the expertise of a young man, maybe an escort, to discover all the sexual aspects of her body and life. It was a cute concept and I wanted to play with it a bit. Hope this inspired work of fiction is well received!


My hands were shaking as I walked toward the door. The gentle knock sent me into overdrive. I looked around the room, heart pounding as I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. This wasn’t something I normally did. I tried to get a grip as I turned the knob, pulling the heavy door open.

“Cassidy?” he asked, my heart aching as my eyes took this man in. He was probably close to 6’0″ tall, his skin looking like honey-kissed chocolate. He had dark hair styled back with maybe some mousse? It didn’t look rough or anything. His smile was warm, his teeth straight and white. He had deep hazel-brown eyes and a cute freckle under his right eyebrow.

“J-Jeremy?” I could hardly speak. He nodded, offering out a bottle to me. I grabbed it, admiring the shape and size of his hands.

“This is for you,” he insisted, still smiling. I took a deep breath and nodded once.

“C-Come in,” I stepped back and he walked in. I wafted a subtle but delicious musky cologne. It smelt expensive and divine. I wanted to drown in it. The door shut as I followed him into the room, still feeling like I was going to be sick.

“How was your afternoon?” he asked, sliding his jacket off. He had on trousers and a nice button up. They shaped his body nicely. He started to roll his sleeves up, studying me with a tender gaze.

“Oh, um, it was hectic!” I choked out and he sighed.

“I’m sure that’s put a lot of stress on you,” why did his voice have to sound so smooth? I nodded, glancing at the bottle. “Would you like to open that now?” he gestured to it and I shook my head slowly, turning to set it down on the desk. I leaned back onto it, hugging myself as I felt the nerves eating me up. The silence festered for a moment, my eyes studying the carpet.

Then he cleared his throat.

“Are you uncomfortable?” he asked gently, easing up from the couch. I hesitated then shook my head. “You look uneasy,” he admitted softly and I sighed, rubbing my forehead.

“To be honesty with you Jeremy this is my first time ever doing something like this,” I insisted and he only smiled.

“Isn’t that why you reached out?” he still sounded so sweet, so sincere. I bit my lip and shrugged, not wanting to look at him. “Tell me Cassidy, what is it that you want from me?” he whispered, my stomach lurched as I realized he was getting closer to me.

“I-I just celebrated my 33rd birthday. Had a huge party and everything,” I started sheepishly, glancing at his legs as he shoved his hands into his pockets. He stood about a foot or two in front of me, smiling at me as I adjusted on the edge of the desk. “But it dawned on me when some of my friends went home to their partners that I’ve spent almost my whole life focusing on myself and my work. Not that I’m upset with that at all. Don’t get me wrong I love the work I do, I’m very successful,” I rambled on crossing my arms as I looked at him then. That same compassionate smile still on his face.

“I’m waiting for the but,” he chuckled and I felt myself smile a bit, sighing as I let out a nervous laugh.

“But the one thing I’ve never experienced was a relationship, or even romance of any kind,” I whispered, feeling embarrassed as I rubbed my forehead uncomfortably. “I’m still a virgin Jeremy. At 33!” I scoffed and he sighed stepping closer to me. His fingers slid up the tie to my robe, my heart racing. I had changed into my favorite silk nightie. It was a beige pink and a bit transparent so you could see my nipples and pubes through it.

I always felt sexy when I wore it and I was hoping it would help me feel more confident. “So what were you hoping for today, Cassidy?” he asked gently, untying my robe slowly. I could feel the tugs and shifting of the fabric around my waist, my body on fire as my thighs rubbed together while I squirmed.

“Anything? Everything? What does it feel like to orgasm? To be pleasured? To give pleasure?” I whispered, lost in the way his eyes studied my body. His smile looked a bit sultry now, our eyes meeting as he bit the corner of his mouth.

“I think I can help with that,” he offered. “Would you like to start with a kiss?” he asked quietly. I nodded once, my throat closing as he reached up and pulled the clip from my hair. It fell around my face and shoulders. He set it down, then grabbed my arms and pulled them gently. “I really like it when women touch my chest,” he whispered, placing my hands on his pecs.

They were so hot and firm through his shirt, my palms brushing against his nipples which were stiff. I felt his legs brush against mine, whimpering. He pressed his hands into the table, leaning over me as I leaned back into the wall behind me. My eyes stared at his lips as he neared, bahis şirketleri the heat emanating from his body. Then I felt his lips on mine.

I closed my eyes, my breath shaky between kisses. It was slow, gentle as he let his lips dance and press against mine. “How’s this?” he whispered, my lips parting slightly as he talked against them. I felt his lips close around and suck at mine gently with a few more kisses, my mind hazy as a warm fuzzy feeling burrowed its way under my skin.

“N-nice,” I sighed, pressing my hands against his chest. He leaned into my touch, his lips covering mine then. I tilted my head, opening my lips against his loving the way our mouths moved and molded against each other. This sensation was intoxicating.

“You can touch me if you want,” he whispered, pulling one of my hands up to the back of his head. My fingers brushed against his hair, enjoying how thick and soft it felt. I played with it and he sighed, pressing his face against mine. Our lips sucked and smacked quietly, my other hand sliding down to feel his stomach as I tugged on his hair.

“Y-you can touch me too!” I gasped, my hand gripping the front of his shirt by his belly button. He looked down at it, putting his hand on mine.

“Here,” he helped me tug it out of his pants, my hand gripping his hair as a new bundle of nerves filled my stomach. But I couldn’t deny how hungry my body felt in this moment. His smell and heat was overwhelming.

“Th-thanks?” I croaked, my head falling back as I panted. His lips ran along the side of my neck, his hips pressing against my knees. Without thinking I opened my legs up for him. He opened his mouth against my neck, kissing and sucking at it as his hands grabbed my hips. He pulled me closer, my thighs spreading around him more. Then his mouth was on mine again. I felt his lips open and followed, shocked when I felt his tongue tease me. My tongue slid against his, sparking a deep throbbing in my thighs. His hands slid up my back, grabbing my robe and tugging on it. It slid off my shoulders, opening up in the front as his arms locked around me.

His tongue filled my mouth, caressing and swirling all over. It sent jolts through me, the heat burning a new sensation into my lips and roof of my mouth. One of his hands pulled the robe down more, the fabric sliding down my arms. I felt his other hand push it off my leg and whimpered.

Then his palm touched my bare thigh. A scorching heat licked at my skin, my body melting at this first touch. We kissed tenderly, his tongue occasionally probing and caressing my mouth. His palm slid up my thigh and under my nightie, massaging and groping my thigh as he supported my back.

Feeling him touch my skin made me want to feel his body too. Daringly, I let my still trembling hands move to his collar and started working his buttons. He squeezed my thigh, his tongue toying with mine as he moaned quietly. It felt encouraging, like he was enjoying this too. When his shirt fell open, my hands pressed up against his stomach. Our mouths parted slightly as I gasped, loving how soft and firm he felt. His body was so warm, a subtle hint of hair trailing down his lower stomach had me unnerved.

My hands travelled up, both of us panting as his hand slid up to the cleft of my thigh. His thumb tucked up against my lips, teasing my hair slightly with gentle strokes. My head was swimming, our faces still pressed together, both of us breathing each other’s air as I caressed his chest.

It was hotter without his shirt in the way, his hair short and soft under my palms. I cupped and caressed his pecs, my thumbs teasing his nipples. Suddenly his mouth covered mine, his hand reaching up to hold my head. I felt his thumb slide against me, sending jolts through my body. It was like being zapped, my muscles twitching as I jerked at the abrupt sensation.

“Give in to me Cassidy,” he whispered against my lips, his thumb hesitating before discovering more of me. Soon enough he was tracing my shape, running his thumb along my lips and the entire length of my slit. Certain spots made my body tremble and tense up, others just feeling like a warm caressing touch.

He held onto me, our bodies close as he continued discovering me. My head fell back when he adjusted his hand, letting his fingers take over. He kissed the underside of my jaw, his arm supporting my back as my hands gripped his open shirt. Every caress, every flick and rub of his fingers were sending insane shots of unfathomable sensations through my body.

“Don’t hold it back,” he whispered when I bit my lip, whimpering through another gut trembling surge of pleasure. “Let it out,” he crooned, kissing and suckling at my neck and jaw gently as he continued his mind numbing ministrations.

“God Jeremy!” I exhaled, trembling as he caressed my lips.

“You’re so swollen and wet Cassidy,” he whispered, his voice sounding heavy. “It’s so sexy,” he muttered, sucking on my ear gently then. I pulled on his shirt then pushed on his chest when I felt his fingers prod bahis firmaları at my center. He let his face hover over mine, leaning into my body as he worked his fingers inside of me.

“Oh, haaa!” I locked up, my thighs squeezing his hips as a pressure and throbbing tore through my groin and stomach. He continued his gentle massage, his thumb rubbing against my lips as his fingers coaxed and massaged me from within.

“So hot and tight,” he whispered, kissing my cheek under my eye. I closed my eyes, panting and trembling as these new sensations filled me. I couldn’t catch my breath, tremors wracking my muscles as this indescribable knot formed in my gut. My hands pushed at his chest, sliding up over his shoulders, his shirt sliding off as I shook my head.

“J-Jeremy st-oooh, aaah, feels funny!” I cried out, light headed as I felt my stomach starting to heave and clench with my breaths. My nightie was up around his arm, my thighs and pussy completely exposed to him. He pressed his forehead to mine, looking down at my body.

“You look beautiful and sexy Cassidy,” he groaned, covering my mouth with his. I moaned around his tongue, my hands pressing against his chest. My fingers curled into his skin, clutching at him desperately as I swallowed and sucked on his tongue. We both pulled away gasping, his fingers working faster and rougher.

“Jeremy!” I felt my back arch on its own, my legs curling up as my head lolled. I felt my robe dangling off my arms, my breasts smashed between my arms. He kissed and sucked on the front of my neck, his thumb pressing up against me. With one push up he hit a spot that tore through my core with a branding iron of pleasure, my whole body trembling uncontrollably.

“Cum for me Cassidy,” he whispered against my jaw, his eyes studying my face. He worked his fingers and thumb against me, somehow stirring only the most absurd and overwhelming pleasure to have wracked me to my bones.

“D-don’t stop!” I cried out, pushing on his stomach as my body curled up and shook. He wedged himself between my legs, keeping them open. “Yes!” I yelped, pulling him against me as my body crested a torrent of pleasure. The heat exploded, tearing through me from head to toe as I gave in to it. I slumped after the waves of pleasure subsided, feeling exhausted.

“So beautiful,” he mumbled, kissing me again as he caressed my lips and pubes. He pulled me into his arms, hoisting me up. I slumped into him, holding on as he slowly walked toward the bed. He eased me down, my body hot and trembling as I panted. I noticed him moving and looked up to see him shrugging his shirt off.

“I’m sorry if I’m bad at any of this,” I whispered and he smiled, that same warm and assuring smile as he shook his head and leaned down over me. His hands pressed into the bed, his knee brushing against my thigh as he kissed me tenderly.

“You’re not, so don’t worry and just let yourself feel everything,” he whispered, kissing my jaw. I leaned back onto my elbows, letting him loom over me as he kissed my neck and down my chest. His lips were hot, pressing into my skin as he worked further down my body. I reached up, playing with his hair as he kissed and sucked at my nipple through the silk.

“God,” I felt his tongue and teeth, the gentle sucking not too rough but just enough to send tingles down my spine. He sighed, reaching up to massage the other breast as he looked up at me.

“Can you take your robe off for me?” he whispered. I swallowed hard, nodding once as I sat up. He stood upright, watching me as I shrugged the fabric off. I tossed it aside and he smiled, reaching down and undoing his belt. “Can you help me out?” he mumbled, my eyes drifting to the front of his trousers. I noticed a bulge and swallowed, uncertain.

“Uh, sure,” I croaked, reaching up to undo the button as he eased his belt off. The zipper came down easy enough and I was almost eager to pull the front of his briefs down. His skin was still hot and soft and as I tugged a trimmed mound of dark hair welcomed me. Then his thick, pulsing member. I felt a shudder as I looked up at him.

“What would you like to do?” he asked softly and I hesitated before looking at it again, touching it hesitantly. He grabbed my hand and eased it around his girth, his other hand sliding up into my hair. He gently squeezed and tugged, sliding our hands together along his length. It was so hot and soft, and a bit squishier than I imagined.

I noticed a drop on the tip and hesitated before pressing my lips to it. He sighed heavily, gripping my hair and letting my hand go. Understanding this as his gesture for me to take control I continued stroking him, kissing and sucking at the plump tip.

“That feels wonderful Cass,” he murmured, bunching my hair up and pulling it back into his hand. I felt him grab under my chin with his free hand, his thumb stroking my jaw softly. “Could you try taking more?” he whispered and I closed my eyes, easing him into my mouth. My lips curled and rubbed against him, the heat intoxicating against kaçak bahis siteleri my tongue. His hand caressed my cheek, his thumb brushing my lip. I looked up at him as I leaned back slightly, my lips sucking at his tip.

His eyes were glued to me, an erotic smirk on his face.

“You’re a goddess,” he mumbled and I trembled, closing my eyes and pushing him into me. He groaned, his hand gripping the back of my neck as the other still held my hair. I gripped his hip, really bobbing my head. I loved the way he felt against my lips, the way his tip squished and molded to my tongue and mouth as I sucked at him.

After some effort my jaw and neck started to ache. My hands rubbed his stomach as I slowed down, kissing and sucking at his tip again. He held my head, supporting the weight of it then as he slowly thrusted his hips toward me. I let my head relax into it, gripping the front of his pants as he pleased himself with my mouth.

A whimper from me made him slow down, easing away then. My lips felt swollen and raw, my tongue numb but my whole body was on fire. He leaned down, kissing me again, his lips soothing the sensitive tingles.

“W-was it ok?” I whispered and he smiled.

“It was great, especially for your first time. I just didn’t want to cum like that,” he muttered and my heart leapt at that admission. He glanced at the rest of the bed and smiled. “Why don’t you lie down for me?” he offered and I slid back, adjusting the pillows to get comfortable. He crawled up on the bed, admiring me as he ran his hands up my thighs.

“Why do you look at me like that?” I huffed, closing my eyes as my nightie pushed up under his hands. He was rubbing my hips gently, his lips sucking and kissing at my thigh.

“Because you’re beautiful and sexy,” he mumbled. “And your sex is swollen, dripping, practically begging for attention. I can’t help but stare,” he sighed, running his hand down my thigh. The way his palm and fingers curled around it, nudging up under my knee to hook my leg up onto his shoulder made me lose my breath. “Do you like how I look at you?” he asked softly, his eyes locking onto mine as he leaned down to kiss under my belly button. I gripped my nightie on my stomach, biting my lip as he continued kissing down more.

“I think so?” I gasped when his lips pressed at the top of my slit where my lips came together in a soft cleft.

“Don’t bite your lip so hard, you could hurt yourself,” he reached up, brushing his thumb against my chin. I opened my mouth, letting my tongue tease his fingers as he traced my lips. “Mmm, I love your tongue,” he whispered, kissing me again as his fingers caressed and massaged it. They slid into my mouth, teasing my tongue as I licked and sucked at them gently.

This felt so erotic. Me sucking and nibbling at his fingers as he did the same to my lips and folds. My hands reached down, gripping his hair as he pressed his mouth against me. I curled up, whimpering as I nibbled down on his fingers. He tugged on my jaw gently, my mouth opening to let out a moan. I felt his other hand press down on my stomach gently, his tongue and lips massaging and sucking at my flesh.

Soon enough that same gut churning sensation was burning its way through my stomach. I was heaving, my hips lurching occasionally with the jolts of pleasure. His hand slid down more, pressing on my mound as his thumb and fingers slid down to tug and spread me open. He was massaging me with his fingers and mouth. I could feel his tongue making long strokes, quick flicks, his lips closing and sucking or rubbing against me as he enjoyed himself between my thighs.

His eyes were closed, his hips rolling against the bed occasionally. He pulled his hand from my mouth, reaching down to push my nightie up further. My one breast was almost entirely exposed as he massaged it, teasing and tweaking my nipple and flesh. His arms were wrapped around my legs, his shoulders pressing into the backs of my thighs as he devoured my entire being.

I was possessed by him.

All of these sensations were driving me insane, the pleasure mounting. It threatened to crush me again, my body hot and trembling as I moaned and whimpered. I tugged on his hair before pushing at his head, my back arching as I jammed my head back into the pillow.

He groaned, spreading me open as his tongue lashed at me eagerly finding that same mystical spot. He gripped my breast, just pinching my nipple and tugging slightly as he focused all of his efforts on that one area. In a matter of seconds I went from mounting the peak to cresting and tumbling violently down the mountain of orgasmic bliss.

“Ah! Ahhh Jeremy!” I choked, clenching my teeth as my muscles tensed up. He sucked and licked at that spot, my body locking up and spasming as the torrent of heat consumed me. My back, stomach, and thighs throbbed as I cried out. My feet pushed into the bed, my hips lurching up against his face slightly as I bucked through my second orgasm ever.

He slowed down as my body came down from the high, his hand running over my stomach to my hip. He started kissing my thighs, hips and stomach. “How are you feeling?” he knelt over me, his lips swollen and glistening. I felt like jelly, my body still wracking with little tremors of stimulation.

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