A Love Duet with the Piano Teacher

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A Love Duet With The Piano Teacher


Ryan whooped in delight on reading the letter.

A cherished ambition to find a job and put his chemistry Master’s degree to some use had been achieved and against the odds. The selection process had whittled the applicant numbers down to a handful; and both practical and presentational skills had to be displayed before a selection panel. The letter that he now held told him the outcome of that emotionally challenging process.

His mother, Emily Powell smiled. ‘Good news? Tell me in a moment. I’ll just see who it is at the door.’

He had failed to hear the bell but, as he looked at his mother, and then the visitor, he knew that this was a morning to be treasured. His former music tutor, Jenna Mayer, stood on the doorstep; his mother had not spoken of her calling by.

‘I told Jenna that you’d be here,’ his mother now said, happily, as they greeted each other. ‘She’s moved into her new home in Newlyn Street, so…not so far away.’

‘I know it. I did do a paper round…once.’ Ryan smiled at Jenna. He waved the letter at them. ‘I’ve got the job…start in two weeks…down in Bristol…almost everything has fallen into place.’

‘That’s wonderful! Congratulations darling!’ His mother put her arms about his neck and kissed his cheeks. He grinned sheepishly at Jenna, who smiled softly in response, as the scene between them played out. ‘I told Jenna that you were at home for a while…said that you might help with a few things to help her move in…properly.’

‘I got ‘volunteered’…’ he said on a teasing laugh for the benefit of them both.

He had already taken in the look of her; Jenna’s figure flattering white blouse with embroidered details to the billowy sleeves and neckline; the easy flow of her beige skirt that finished just above the knee; its patch pocket detail; her tan strappy sandals on slender, almost dainty, feet. Her shoulder length auburn hair, with blonde highlights, framed her face; he’d become unexpectedly hooked by the look of her once more.

‘It shouldn’t take long, Ryan…’ Jenna ventured on a soft smile that she hoped would persuade him to agree,

‘And I don’t mind if it does, on a day like today,’ he soon answered, ‘and it’s been quite a while since I saw you,’ he told Jenna directly. The woman that he had once fantasized over, in his teens, stood before him and he would go with it. He had lost his gawky youthful awkwardness; she remained the carefully tended and voluptuous woman he had last seen some five years ago and had often thought of.

University and a post grad course had brought him many shared experiences, but none had endured. He wondered how it was for the woman who stood before him, unsure where their reunion was to go.

‘I’ve…I’ve decided on where the piano is to stand but the removals people were in a rush, so it’s been left in an awkward place and would be in the way. I was too tired to complain….’

He held a finger to his lips to silence the torrent of excuses that she gave him. ‘I’ll be over to help you with that…with everything you need done…no worries.’

‘Take your keys, won’t you?’ Emily instructed, glad that he had agreed to go along with her plan and not come out with a feeble excuse as to why he couldn’t. ‘I’ll be gone for a while and your father wants to meet me for lunch…’

‘Okay,’ Ryan answered casually. ‘I’ll get my things…’

Jenna watched him leave her; took in once more his easy strides. She sensed what was more than idle curiosity in her; had seen again that appraising look in his eyes upon her, but she now recognised a difference in that; a more confident way with her and that the passing of the years and experiences had probably taught him. Ryan retained that engaging smile and there was still that mop of short brown hair swept back from his forehead; and there was his captivating nonchalance that she remembered of old.

She hoped that it would all merge into a deeper confidence in his ways with her, now.

How disconcerting to think that their time together, again, would unfold soon enough and, Jenna took to imagining that it would happen with little urging from either of them.

Her frustration of old, to be constrained by teacher and pupil protocol or standards of behaviour, could now be thrown to the winds if he sought to make real what she had only seen in his eyes some time ago.


What she now felt on seeing him again and meeting his glances upon her felt a little unreal. They had known each other well, as far as a pupil-teacher relationship had ever been allowed to go. They had been chatty, even as the music lessons became more serious, and his technique became accomplished. It was as much from an innate musical talent, that Ryan possessed, as from her teaching. All that had gone before had been grounded. It had been based on trust and a bounded friendship, even respect for each other.

Now, to have a young man walking beside her, and güvenilir bahis soon to be in her new place, had an air of unreality about it; an emotion that was driven on by different instincts now, crazy as it was to feel them and not to give voice to.

Ryan’s taller than she remembered of him; good looking but not in a foppish and self-obsessed way. He’s dressed in chinos and a washed-out bottle green V-neck tee shirt that hangs loose over his trousers. He’s lean compared to her, and he is very much at ease in her company. She is quite uncertain how her request for some help will play out. She has never been the flirty sort, never thought she had the looks to carry that off, convincingly. Where it concerned Ryan she had felt repressed, her emotions and longings bottled up; the cap twisted on too tight.

Now he was with her, a strong and good-looking young man and she hoped they would play a duet, as they once did during a lesson, and she would feel his closeness and know again how the embers of a suppressed yearning for him could be fanned into a white-hot heat. She wanted to be consumed by it, to be transformed and satisfied.

‘I’ve lost count of the number of times I used to walk around these streets delivering newspapers before school…or at the weekends. Fitting that in with piano practice and the rest of it…swimming…going to the gym.’

He had used those times to wear away the flares of yearning for the woman who strode so easily beside him, her hair floating on the breeze, her blouse and skirt shaping her. Jenna’s face bore a few laughter lines, around her eyes, but she retained an oval-faced loveliness that required little or no make-up. He’d taken in her slender fingers, her nails unvarnished and neatly rounded. They were the hands of a pianist, strong and confident in their tended appearance. He’d wondered, often enough, how it would have felt to have them touch him.

Jenna had got an answer to her unspoken question; how he managed to look so fit, and that his easy stride along the pavements had alerted her to.

‘Did you visit this one?’ she smiled, tilting her head in enquiry. Ryan saw the soft tumble of her hair as she did that and as Jenna stepped onto the path that led up to her narrow fronted terraced house.

No, but I would have remembered if I’d known that you lived there…’

‘Come inside,’ she urged, unconcerned by how that would sound.

He did as Jenna asked of him; some embarrassment in her tone that he undertook the ‘heavy-lifting’ soon dispelled. She soon saw that he made it look only too easy.

The piano was left until the last, his suggestion that some thin plywood sheets, found in the under-stairs cupboard, were laid over the carpet, would make it easier to achieve and not ruck up the fitted carpet. In its chosen spot, light would stream over the player’s shoulder and onto the music stand and keyboard. The vertical slatted blinds to the window were soon turned to lessen the glare and to offer greater privacy.

‘May I?’ he asked, in that engaging way of his, as Ryan sat down and played a few notes before settling into playing a piece known to them both and only too well — Debussy’s ‘Claire de Lune.’

‘You’ve lost none of your finesse,’ Jenna told him, standing by his shoulder as she watched Ryan play. She saw his long, slender fingers move over the keys as if offering purposeful caresses; unceasing in their quest for a response. ‘You always had a lightness of touch on the keyboard. I’m so pleased that you’ve kept up your skill…’

‘You brought that on…encouraged that in me.’ He smiled on looking up at her yet continuing to play assuredly. ‘I just took it further at college…’

‘It helped you make friends easily, no doubt?’

‘Nothing that lasted,’ Ryan chose to confess, soon realising the intent behind the question that she had sought an answer to. He stopped in his playing. He met her fleeting look upon him before closing the lid over the keys, silently.

‘Not yet…we’re not finished yet,’ she murmured, and he felt a moment’s restraining touch to his shoulder and was surprised by its suddenness. He suppressed a sigh, The impetuous nature of the act as Jenna’s fingers touched his throat was something not shared before. ‘Play a duet with me…as we once did.’

‘Sure…they were special moments, weren’t they?’

She smiled softly, pouted her lips. ‘They were to me…I can tell you that now, Ryan. My students don’t have the gift that you have now…or what you brought to our lessons when I last taught you.’

He could not keep from casting an appraising glance her way. Jenna’s fulsome body was so very near to him, now, and he breathed in a soft floral scent. Her few words, her presence so close beside him, aroused a palpable sense of longing for this woman. He wanted to know of it differently; took to wondering if it could ever be with her.

‘Be close then,’ he asked, shifting on the wide piano stool as Jenna sat down beside him, güvenilir bahis siteleri their hips touching and arms so close that they brushed bare skin. He felt the press of her thigh to his leg, her feet close to his by the pedals.

She gave no hint of the effect that it had upon her to feel and to do that.

His mind raced on seeing the smooth skin of her knees that were revealed to his gaze. Jenna had pulled up her skirt, just enough, to be more comfortable beside him. She leant forward to pick a sheet of favoured music from beneath others propped up on the stand before them.

‘That?’ he laughed out, looking her way as Jenna grinned. ‘Think I can manage it?’

‘You’ll have to let me be the judge of that, won’t you?’ Jenna replied on a teasing smile. ‘Wait! Not so fast…it’s a duet!’ she laughed shrilly, nudging him, as he began to play his part. They composed themselves and on a nod began; she taking the bass notes of ‘Heart and Soul;’ he the sharper, treble part.

‘Quicker…quicker…even quicker,’ he urged, and she soon toiled to keep up with him, their sudden laughter filling the space between them; a moment’s look exchanged and to gauge what the other thought of this sudden bond springing up between them…as if…as if from nothing and its intent only too purposeful.

‘This is a little crazy…being together like this,’ she whispered, as much to herself as for him to hear.

‘But it’s fun…and…we’re together again. We make it as never before…”

Jenna could only nod. Ryan had spoken out on what was now on her mind.

This musically gifted young man was seated next to her on the narrow piano stool. Warm flesh and blood was so achingly close to her touch, and she had felt his skin upon hers as they played, their arms brushing against each other; their shoulders touching and their thighs moving in harmony. She had met his soft smiles of pleasure; Ryan’s looks upon her and acknowledgment that they had fallen into these ways between them only too easily.

There had been a time, some years ago, when she had quelled a sense of longing to know of him, an impressionable and gifted young musician. But now, and after playing a short piece of her favourite music, and feeling the rush of pleasure, she met his wondering smile.

‘It’s different now, isn’t it…doing this together?’

Ryan could speak his mind now; he was totally focussed upon her now.

‘Yes,’ Jenna whispered, her fingers brushing the skin of his arm as Ryan’s hand brazenly touched her thigh and offering a slow and sliding caress to her skin. She did nothing to discourage his touch and her arm slid over Ryan’s back and they met the look of each other’s eyes for only a moment before they kissed; pressed eager lips to each other’s mouths for the first time, and like two adolescents discovering that something magical had erupted between them. ‘You should have said something…then.’

‘I didn’t know how to begin…’ he murmured, his eyes taking in every detail of her face then drifting down, knowing what she would bring to him. His fingers were tilled, for only a moment, on the soft and smooth skin of her thighs. What had once been forbidden could now be pursued between them, if they chose.

Jenna squirmed in response to the sudden rush of longing that his touches had aroused in her; twisted on the seat. Her breaths caught in her throat as she felt his fingers now brush the curved swell in her panties and press into her crack. Their gasping kisses deepened as his fingering of her began, she gripping his neck to meet his kisses and to stifle her snorted breaths of passionate release from what felt like years of bondage to her feelings for him.

‘I ache for you…for you,’ he kissed, each caress and press of his fingers arousing a shiver of longing; as they remained on the most achingly sensitive part of her body.

‘Go on…go on,’ she urged, un-bothered by the place that he had chosen to seduce these feelings of abject pleasure from her. She felt giddy with longing and responded to Ryan’s gentle, but insistent, strokes; his fingers sliding over and into moistened flesh, the rim of her panties digging into nervated skin. She had felt vulnerable to him when he was so much younger. Now she wanted to be taken and to be loved out by this lustful and accomplished young man.

‘A thong…’ he murmured appreciatively. ‘I took you to be someone else…’

‘You’ve…you’ve found me,’ she said on a soft moan.

She clamped his wrist to set the pace of his touches. She felt her body respond to his skillful strokes. His wet fingers caressed and slipped inside her, his fingers plumbing her wet folds and his thumb pressed to her clitoris. She had twisted on the seat and lay back in his arm as he supported and worked her at the same time.

Jenna lifted her hips to meet his claims, reached out and clutched the lid of the piano and submitted to his ways; felt his fingers caress and slide over and into her; each circling iddaa siteleri motion and probe heightening the tension she now felt and that would end in the tumble of a blissful and shuddering release.

‘Don’t stop…just bring it to me!’

Jenna turned on the seat, enough to embrace him, awkwardly, to kiss him and to stifle her cries of pleasure as she felt her climax approach with an overwhelming urgency, like the swell of the sea crashing onto the shore, her soft breaths sharpening and rising quickly. She was on the edge and stopped moving to meet his claims upon her, felt him bend down to press his face between her breasts.


‘Go on…go on!’ She dug her fingernails into his shoulder; looked down at what Ryan brought to her; the frenzied and sublime movement of his fingers as a climax overtook her; the rush of breath and her cries silenced by the resumption of his deepening open mouthed kisses, until she slumped forward; shivered on feeling his fingers withdraw from her after many tantalising moments, before…before he resumed in his caresses…but to a different part of her body.

‘In a moment,’ he told her on brushing Jenna’s questing hand away from the swell in his trousers.

‘How…how can you wait?’

Ryan seemed to be enjoying himself in seducing every concession to his touches as he reached across to caress and gently pinch the swell of her breasts through the fabric of her blouse; in the way that he moved the fabric over her erect nipples. They had grown achingly firm following the pleasure that Ryan had brought from his touches and fingering of her. They ached from the way they hardened and in response to the intense pleasure her orgasm had brought her.

Despite her efforts, she could not keep a soft moan escaping over her lips. ‘No more of that here…no more, Ryan…not here!’

Jenna broke free of his claims upon her. She felt the residual caress of his fingers as she rose from the piano stool and stumbled away. A backward glance was enough to persuade Ryan to follow her.


She felt his restraining hand to her arm as they reached the landing. Jenna’s knees were trembling as she felt him draw her to him with uncommon certainty and unashamed intent.

‘Who are you…who have you become?’ she asked on a whisper.

Ryan had taken off his T-shirt and she brushed her fingers slowly over his naked skin; felt his hands on the hem of her blouse as he sought to draw it up over her head. She languished before him and knew of the deft unfastening of her bra. Her clothes lay discarded at their feet.

‘Shhh…be still my lovely lady.’

Jenna heard a soft gasp of wonder as she was exposed to his gaze. She felt the tumble of her naked flesh met by Ryan’s urgent, nuzzled kisses upon them. She gloried in feeling her breasts being kissed, touched, slowly caressed, as they were pushed together and then his kisses and breaths to their swell. She caressed his face with them as he pressed his lips to her breastbone. Ryan took delight in her heat, and she shivered, pushed her hips forward and felt his erection press against her belly. She danced against him.

Jenna looked up at the ceiling then close her eyes in blissful surrender. ‘Am I that lovely….?’

‘Yes…you were always in my thoughts, but I didn’t dare let you know what I felt…wanted to do with you…take you to bed and love with you…learn different lessons with you.’

She had never heard anyone say those words to her. She felt his hands cup her face before Ryan kissed her; at first gently, then passionately; parting her lips to let him slide his tongue inside her mouth before she responded; before she shuddered on feeling him suck upon it; as her body seemed to burn with an unbearable and unrequited desire to know of him and all restraint forsaken. All inhibitions were falling away as Ryan again sought to offer lingering kisses to her body; to her shoulders and arms; then to her breasts once more. She held his head to guide him to wherever he sought to be.

‘Touch me…please do that, now,’ he urged on easing her claims upon him.

Jenna soon clamped upon the swell in his trousers; toiled to loosen his belt and to claim him. She’d forsake all reason. She wanted him in a way that she had never wanted anyone before. She needed him. She had to have him. The somewhat plain piano teacher would finally claim her star pupil, only they were but a man and a woman now and in pursuit of each other. They would soon to be naked in each other’s arms and sharing in everything that could be sought from this impetuous romp that…that he had begun, and that she had no wish to deny to him.

‘I’m…I’m here, she said gently sensing the continuing wonder in his touches upon her; how his lips pressed her flesh and Ryan breathed in her heat and scent; how her fingers trembled as she finally unbuckled his belt and pulled on his chinos and briefs; until he was fully exposed to her wondering gaze and questing touch. She felt nervous on seeing his bloated length, then when she touched it, raked her fingers over its veined sides and her his soft groans of pleasure,

‘I’ve thought of this…and with you,’ he murmured, looking into her eyes for a moment.

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