A Love Like No Other

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Hello, there. My name is Sally and although I’m a fifty-year-old woman, I’m nobody’s grandma! I stand six feet tall, with jet-black skin and I weigh two hundred and forty pounds. I am proud of myself. Always have been and always will be. In my time, I’ve been a lot of things. I’ve been a police officer, a nurse and a teacher. I’ve always been a very sexual person and now that I am retired, I see no reasons to change who and what I’ve always been. A lot of women fear their middle years. You hear a lot of crap about menopause, hot flashes and night sweats. All that fun stuff. I’ve decided not to let any of it interfere with my sexuality and my strong sense of self.

I am a bisexual woman who happens to be of African descent. It happens. It also happens that I spent two decades of my life living with a woman named Michelle. Michelle was my partner. A lovely gal with dark brown skin, a sexy smile, and a body that only seemed to get better with age. I loved her. Michelle came from Haiti and we wet during the 1980s when I was a rookie policewoman. We fell in love and remained together for decades. Everyone knew that she was the love of my life. We went to police barbecues together, and also social functions. I never hid this part of my life. Unfortunately, Michelle left me for a young white woman named Andrea. I should have seen it coming. I didn’t. Isn’t love grand?

I spent a long time by myself. I was lonely. I had a few discreet sexual encounters with both men and women but nothing worth mentioning. The only memorable lover I’ve had since Michelle’s betrayal and departure is a fascinating individual which I shall tell you about. There is a young man who lives not far from me. His name is Pierre and he is a rather good-looking İstanbul Escort guy. Six feet tall, slender, with light brown skin and curly black hair. Half Haitian and half Irish. This biracial stud currently attends the local community college and he’s also well-known in the local boxing circuit. I’ve always had a thing for boxers, especially black male boxers. Of all athletes, they’re the toughest. They’re so strong and masculine. I like my men to be strong. I put the moves on Pierre the day he came by my apartment building to visit his girlfriend, a skinny white broad named Leslie. He has since broken up with her but still remembers me.

Yeah, Pierre and I have had a lot of fun together. Once, I gave him a blowjob in the parking lot at night. I normally don’t do this but this young man is so fine and sexually attractive that he makes me want to do things. I sucked his cock and licked his balls right by the tree between a Lexus and a Toyota. He had a nice dick, eight inches long and uncircumcised, which is exactly the way I like my men. I think natural men fuck better and I dare anyone to prove me wrong. I don’t stay with them exclusively but being uncut gives a guy better chances with me regardless of his looks or status in the community. I’d like an uncircumcised cab driver over a circumcised senator any day. I love playing with natural cocks. I don’t know why.

Pierre and I continued this little session in my apartment. My favorite time of all is the time when both of us pushed the barriers. I don’t know how but we started having a bad argument and things got pretty intense but somehow, we ended up in the shower together. Pierre pulled down my shorts and caressed my booty. I pressed my Kadıköy Escort butt against his groin and felt him grow hard. Moments later, he did something I’ve never let anyone do before. He spread my cheeks, then pressed his cock against my back door, and waited. I did not say a word. Instead, I held his cock against my hole, and pushed back against it. My man’s cock impaled my asshole.

Pierre held me by the hips and began to fuck me. Just like that, the young man began to fuck me in the ass. I’m a large black woman who’s lived five decades on this planet without ever allowing anything up her back door, yet here I was, letting a man fuck me down there, without asking. Pierre fucked me, and I surrendered to him. He gently bit my neck, and nibbled on my ear while fucking my ass.

I felt his hard cock going up my back door. It hurt like hell, especially since we hadn’t used any lube. Not even spit, though I’m told it doesn’t help either. I felt his thrusts and I welcomed them. He was taking me and I must say, I loved being taken. Yes, now I admit it. I love having a young black man’s cock up my back door. Pierre said nothing as he fucked me and I didn’t say anything either. He put his arm under my belly and bent me over so that I was on all fours on the bathroom floor. I could see our reflections in the mirror. I hardly recognized myself.

I’ve always been a strong woman. As a police officer, I was among the Boston police department’s toughest. I’ve survived riots, arrested rough gangsters of both sexes and taken down the meanest freaks out there. I was always a fighter. I never yielded. I never surrendered. I never looked submissive. Yet here I was, on all fours on the floor, with a young man pounding Ataşehir Escort away inside me. How times had changed. Pierre kept drilling me for the next half hour, then he came. When his hot seed shot up inside me, I didn’t feel what I thought I should feel. I did not feel abased. I did not feel humiliated or dominated. Instead, I felt alive!

A few hours later, Pierre and I were in bed. He was asleep, I wasn’t. I got up and for some reason, took his clothes from the floor and looked at them. They smelled so good. Just like him. I ran my hands through the pockets and found his wallet. Out of curiosity, I peeked inside. I saw the usual suspects, his school ID card, his driver’s license, American Express and something that did not belong. A business card with the logo Black GLBT Union inscribed in it and below, Pierre’s full name. I looked at the card, turned it this way and that in my hand. Finally, I put it back where I found it and put the clothes back on a chair.

I looked at Pierre as he slept. He looked so handsome when he was asleep. Awake, he was a macho stud and a charming devil who could, and did, charm the pants off me on a regular basis. I just couldn’t say no to his smile, his loving arms, and his wonderful stick that made me scream with pleasure every night. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen in his wallet. Was Pierre bisexual? Pierre, the handsome biracial boxing champion? Could macho men like himself number among those men who swung both ways? The evidence was right in front of me. My boyfriend was bisexual.

I went back to bed and looked at Pierre. I gave him a kiss on the lips. He moved in his sleep, but did not wake up. I looked at the ceiling. Wow, what a small world! A bisexual black man and a bisexual black woman under one roof! I’ve looked for love among straight men and lesbian women all of my life yet none of them could ever satisfy me because in the end, none of them were like me! I looked at Pierre and grinned. I had finally found someone just like me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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